nacle; and take refuge under the covert of thy wings.

5 For thou, O GOD! wilt hear my vows; and wilt give me, for an inheritance, the people who revere thy name.

6 Thou shalt give a long succession of days unto the king; and shalt extend his years from generation to generation : 7

He shall remain long in thy presence, O GOD! thy faithfulness and kindness shall be his guard.

8 Thus will I ever sing praise unto tby name, that I may daily perform my vows.


O my soul! trust thou in God alone ; for from him cometh my salvation.

2 He alone is my rock and my fortress; my safe-guard, so that I cannot be greatly cast down,

3 How long will ye conspire against a single man ? will all of you combine to slay me?

4 They only consult how to cast me down from mine eminence, like a tottering wall, or a broken fence : 5 They delight in falsehood; and while


they bless with their mouths, they curse in their hearts.

6 0 my soul! trust thou in GOD alone;

for from him is all mine expectation. 7 He alone is

rock and


fortress : my safe-guard, so that I cannot be cast dow.

8 God is my salvation and my glory; GOD is my strong rock and my refuge.

9 Place your trust in him, at all times, o ye people and pour forth your hearts before him ; for God is our only refuge.

10 Men of low degree are vain, and men of high degree are deceitful; when weighed in the balance, they are all together lighter than vanity itself.

11 Trust not to extortion ; be not elated with rapine: when riches increase, set not your hearts upon them.

12 GOD hath spoken once; yea, twice have I heard it said; “ that power belongeth unto thee, O GOD !

13 “ That thou, O JEHOVAH! art merci. ful, and that thou wilt render to every man, according to his deeds.”


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O JEHOVAH ! thou art my GOD ; I seck thee early.

2 My soul thirsteth after thee, my flesh longeth for thee, like a dry and droughty land, without water.

3 Hence I look toward thee in holiness of mind, to see thy strength and thy glory.

4 For thy loving-kindness is better than life; therefore, my lips shall praise thee.

5 Thus will I praise thee through life ; and lift up mine bands in thy name :

6 As though my soul were satisfied with fat and marrow, my mouth shall praise thee with joyful lips :

7 While on my bed, I call thee to mind; during the watches of the night, I meditate

on thee.

8 Because thou hast ever been mine helper, I will rejoice while I ain under the shadow of thy wings.

9 My soul cleaveth fast unto thee; thy right hand supporteth me:

10 While they, wbó seek to destroy my life, shall go down to the lower parts of the earth :

11 They shall fall by the sword; and become a portion for beasts of prey.

12 But the king shall rejoice in GOD : and every one who sweareth by him sball rejoice, while the mouths of those, who utter falsehood, shall be stopped.


HEAR my voice, O GOD! in my supplication

; preserve my life from the fear of mine enemies.

2 Hide me from the private conspiracy of the malignant; and from the public insurrection of the workers of iniquity :

3 Who whet their tongues like a sword; and aim, like arrows, their envenomed words;

4 To shoot, secretly, at the innocent man; they hit him when he is not aware, and while they are not seen.

5 They encourage themselves in this evil deed; they confer how to hide their snares; and say ; “ Who shall see us?”

6 They disguise their iniquities, and hide them with deep dissimulation ; they explore the mind of man, and the depth of bis heart.

7 But God will shoot an arrow at them; and suddenly shall they be smitten:

8 Their calumny shall recoil on themselves; and all who sec them shall avoid them.

9 Then shall all men behold, and proclaim the work of God; for they shall understand it to be his doing.

10 The righteous shall rejoice in JehoVAH, and trust in him; and all those who are upright of heart shall glory in him.


PRAISE awaiteth thee, O GOD! in Zion; and unto thee shall the vows be performed.

2 Othou who hearest prayer! unto thee shall all flesh come.

3. Great, indecd, were our iniquities ; but thou hast pardoned our transgressions.

4 Happy is he whom thou choosest to be near thee, and to dwell in thy courts : where he may be satisfied with the good things of thine house, and the holy things of thy temple.

5 Terribly, but justly, thou dealest with us, o thoni, the God of our salvation !


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