hedges ;»in lurking-holes he murdereth the innocent ; his eyes watch for the help

less :


9 He lurketh in secret places, like a lion in his den; be lieth in wait to seize on the distressed :

10 And when he hath drawn him into his snare, he crusheth him to pieces.

11 Thus the helpless are borne down, and fall by his great strength:

12 While he saith in his heart, hath forgotten; he hideth his face, and will never see.

13 Arise, O JEHOVAH! exert thy power, o GOD ! forget not the distressed.

14 Why should the wicked despise GOD? why should he think that thou wilt not make inquest ?

15 Thou providest for the protection of the forlorn; because thou hast seen his trouble and sorrow.

16 To thee the miserable committeth his cause : for thou art the helper of the helpless.

17 So break thou the power of the wicked and malignant; that, when he is sought for, he may not be found.

18 JEHOVAH 6 JEHOVAH approveth the rightcous man ; but the wicked and violent his soul abhorreth.

18 JEHOVAH is king for ever and ever; the nations shall perish out of his land.

19 l'hou, O JEHOVAH ! listenest to the request of the distressed; thou inclinest thine ear to their disposition of heart :

20 That thou mayest do justice to the helpless and oppresscd ; and that, henceforth, no man be expelled from the land.


IN JEHOVAH I place my trust : why then say ye to me ; “Escape like a bird unto the mountains."

2 For lo ! the wicked. bend their bow, and fit their arrow to the string ; to shoot in secret at the upright of heart !

3 And when the foundations of justice are subverted, what can the just man do ?

4 JEHOVAH is in his holy temple; JEHOVAH, whose throne is in the heavens :

5 His eyes behold, and his eye-lids examine, the dispositions of the children of men.


On the wicked he will shower flakes of sulphurous fire ; a tremendous tempest shall be the portion of their cup.

8. But, JEHOVAH, being just, delighteth in justice; his countenance will favour the righteous.


DELIVER me, O JEHOVAH! for the merciful man is no more ; and the sincere in heart cease to be among the children of men!

2 The wicked stalk about on every side: and the vilest of the sons of men are exalted.

3 Each one speaketh falschood to his neighbour; they flatter with their lips, and dissemble with a double heart.

4 May Jehovah cut off every deceitful lip; and every tongue that speaketh boastful things :

5 Even those who say ; vail by our tongues; our lips are our own; who is lord over us?"

6 “Because of the oppression of the afflicted, and the deep-sighing of the miserable;

- We will pre


7 “ I will

7 “I will arise,” saith JEHOVAH, and will place them in safety from those who would ensnare them."

8 The words of JEHOVAH are pure words : they are like silver refined in an earthen crucible, and purified seven times.

9 Therefore, thou, O JEHOVAH! wilt preserve them, and keep them safe from this racc of men for ever.


How long wilt thou forget me, O JEHJVAN ! for ever ? how long wilt thou hide thy countenance from me ?

2 How long shall I be uneasy in mind, and be grieved in mine heart ? how long shall mine enemy be exalted above me?

3 Be favourable unto and hear me, O JEHOVAH ! my "GOD! enlighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death ;

4. Lest mine enemy say, “ I have prevailed :" lest mine enemy rejoice when I am reinoved. 5

For I place my trust in thy mercy ; and mine heart will rejcice in thy salvation.

6 I will

6 I will sing unto JEHOVAH for his bounty toward me ; and praise the name of JEHOVAH, the most high.


WICKED men say in their heart; “ There is no GoD :" they are corrupted, and practise abominations ; there is not one of them who doeth good, not even one!

2. JEHOVAH looked down from heaven upon the sons of men, to see whether there were any who were so wise as to seek after


3 But they are all gone astray, they are all corrupted ; not one of them doeth good, not even one!

4 Are all the workers of iniquity without knowledge ? for they devour my people as they devour bread, and invoke not JE


5 They were seized with great fear, because JEHOVAH was among the generation of the righteous: they derided the counsel of the afflicted, because he placed his trust in JEHOVAH.

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