The Way of the Secret Path

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Xulon Press, 2008 - 352 oldal
Many people are struggling today - with life! The unseen forces of Society, Culture and the World dictate to humanity the unnatural demands and expectations for success and happiness. Millions are striving to achieve success and inwardly long for true happiness, only to be left in delusion. Christians get caught in the hypnotic illusion and end up in psychological prisons of despair and depression. In silent desperation, many look to Christian leaders for answers. Shockingly, they discover that the Christian leaders not only offer few solutions, but are equally lost on the road of life themselves! There is a way out! God is trying to get your attention and help you find the way back to true sanity - true spirituality. It is The Way of the Secret Path. He is waiting for you! Take the first step in the right direction and begin the journey back to your true spiritual home! Rick Walker is the President of International H.E.L.P.S., an interdenominational, non-profit missionary organization working with indigenous Christian Partners in twenty-eight foreign countries. International H.E.L.P.S. purchases Bibles and bicycles for church planters, implements feeding programs, develops and supports orphanages, and aids the poor in various humanitarian projects. Walker conducts Missions Conferences, Prayer and Fasting Conferences, Revival Meetings and once Chaired the Department of Religion at the Asian Institute of Theology in Bangalore, India. He is an ordained minister and has earned the Bachelor of Science in Missions and the Master of Arts in Evangelism and Church Growth from Columbia International University in S.C.; the Master of Science from Lacrosse University in Bay St. Louis, MS; the Master of Divinity from Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C.; the Doctor of Ministry in New Testament Theology and the Ph.D. in World Religions from Bethany Theological Seminary in Dothan, AL.

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