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on Enakee's people, who had killed has told them. To enumerate their Temmarangba's Brother some time cruel speeches and mockings would since. They killed and eat many; and be endles. The Natives who we brought away some heads, and many employ about the Settlement have prisoners. They made their attack done no work to-day, and have been in the night, when all were at rest; as troublesome as the rest. This is or, in all probability, Enakee's peo- the gratitude of these poor people ple, who are very numerous, would for the benefits which they have rehave been too many for them. ceived! God give us more patience

July 8, 1821, Sunday. Mr. Butler to bear with them; and grant that we preached this morning from Acts may not make any rash resolves ! viii. 21, and afterwards administered July 17.-Shunghee came to the the Sacrament; and, in the evening, Settlement to-day, for the first time commented the twenty-third since his return; drank some tea Psalm. Employed, at different parts with us, but eat nothing. He beof the day, in instructing the Na- haved with great reserve. It is clear tive Boys about us. During Di- that there is something working in vine Service in the morning, Capt. his mind against us: nay, he says Graham arrived, and brought the plainly, that unless we will deal in gratifying intelligence, that Mr. Ken- muskets and powder, we shall have dall and his Companions had arrived no pork, and had better go away. in New South Wales, all well, and July 31. -- Shunghee breakfasted may be daily expected here. Thanks with us this morning, and wasin pretty be to God that Ile bas heard our good humour. The Natives around prayers! Had Shunghee died in us are getting their arms and canoes England, I am not sure whether in order, for another expedition. either our persons or our property Aug. 2.-Shunghee and his Sonwould have been safe.

in-law busily employed in the July 11.- A large party of Natives Smith's Shop, getting their arms in arrived from Wyemaltee, to see order for a great fight of which they Shunghee; who received them with

are thinking a salute of many guns.

Aug. 5, Sunday. - We expected July 15, Sunday. — Shunghee is Shunghee at Church to-day, not vers sullen and disrespectful, since having attended since his return; but his arrival. He has pot been to the he did not come, being too busily Settlement yet; but remains at his employed in preparing for war. . hut, about a quarter of a inile distant, Aug. 10.–News has just arrived, telling over his stores which our that a Chief named Lalala has been friends in England have bountifully killed and eaten, together with his supplied him with. It is evident that Wife and several other Chiefs, by his inind is poisoned against us. lie the Kiperro people. The Natives in says we are all poor people (cooks), this quarter are all preparing to go and that we may go away as soon as

and seek revenge. we please. In consequence of his Aug. 12, Sunday. We are in acting in this manner, the Natives formed that eight Slaves, or Prisoaround us are very insolent and over ners-of-war, made their escape from bearing; and the Native Sawyers a Chief at some distance : seven of have left off work, and demand either them were soon caught again, and money or gunpowder in payment, or killed and eaten : the other was disthey will not proceed.

covered in a wood, not far distant; July 16.— This has been a day of and, this day, passed our Settlement, great vexation to us.

The Natives half starved. We fear that this poor are behaving in the most insulting creature will share the fate of the manner, owing to what Shunghee others, unless the small portion of

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flesh upon his bones may be the means axe in addition: it was thought right, of saving his life.

at this time of trouble, to give him Aug. 20, 1821.—Shunghee brought one. He must then have a hoe for his a relation of his who is troubled with Wife; this also was given him. He a pain in his breast and spitting of then demanded another hatchet for blood. He desired to have a blister his friend, which was refused'; and, applied, the effects of which he was well most likely, he will not return the acquainted with in England. When he spade. This man has, till now, been came to have the blister dressed, he very quiet. He had no just demand ; brought his own scissars(which are tab- the land and every thing on it having booed) to cut the skin, and a calabash been purchased by Mr. Marsden. to catch the water coming from the Aug. 23.- A party of Natives arblister: he is wrapped up in the super rived at the Settlement from Shukestitious notions of his country; and his hanga this morning, and we were voyage to the other side of the Globe under aların for Puckey's house, for seems to have done him no good, but a number of them, stark naked (their the contrary. He is averse to his Chil- usual way when about to do mischief dren being taught by us; and says that or to fight,) went to his door and were he wishes them to learn to fight, and about to have broken it open, if the not that which we wish to teach them. Chiefs of Kiddeekiddee had not inter

Aug. 21.-A Chief, named Wata- fered. We hear that it is reported by row, a near relation to Shunghee, a neighbouring Tribe, that Shunghee took a spade from our boy, who was has said, Mr. Butler shall not remain making charcoal; and demanded an at Kiddeekiddee, but that Mr. Kendall axe for the charcoal wood which we is to come up. Shungbec's conduct had cut, or he would not return the is not that which we could wish, so spade. The ground in question, with soon too after bis return from our nathe wood upon it, was purchased, tive land, where he was kindly treated some time since, by the Society; he and bountifully supplied. There is no had, therefore, no claim. But they gratitude, at present, in his bosom. seem determined to be awkward with

Another party of people arrived us. Another Chief went into Mr. from Shukeangha, to join the great Kemp's shop, and took away two expedition now fitting out for the easthoes. At Mr. Puckey's they took ward to revenge the death of Lalala the bread out of the pan, as it was and his Wife, who were killed and baking. After dark, a party of them eaten by the Mogoeah people lately. got over our fence, and came bluster

Aug. 24.-Shunghee having stated ing in; and said that they wanted it as one of his grievances, that he had food, and food they must have. They not a piece of scarlet-cloth, such as acted in the same manner at Mr. several other Chiefs bad, I gave bim Butler's and Mr. Bean's. What will a piece to-day; which seemed, for the be the end of these things, we know time, to set his mind at rest : he put not. Those Natives who work for it over bis shoulders, aod strutted us, take advantage of these events, about with the consequence of a Roand are insolent too. Our souls are

man Emperor. vexed from day to day. O Lord, be Aug. 26, Sunday.Blessed be God, with us, and teach us how to act !

we have spent a much more quiet SabAug. 29. – The Natives are still bath, than the preceding. I hope overbearing and troublesome. The every one derived benefit from the Chief, Watarow, who took the spade Word. Rewa, who has always acted from our charcoal-burner, came and as our friend on every trying occademanded a hatchet : one was given sion, came into the Church when I him, and he promised to return the was endeavouring to instruct the spade. He then wished to have an Boys; and made me to understand

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that he would take our parts no more, be proud and lazy ; and it is probable unless we gave him a gun.

that we should not have been able to Aug. 27, 1821.–This has been an. keep himn long, if his Master had not other day of noise and confusion. The taken him away, to provide and cook Sarah's boat arrived this morning: his food on the expedition. immediately that she came in contact A very valuable man of Mr. Butwith the shore, some of the fierce ler's, who has behaved uncommonly people by whom we are now surround- well, a very hard working man (who ed made a dash at her, and took the was not long since wounded by a man sailors' clothes and some new gar- jealous of him) is gone also ! ments which were in the boat for our Aug. 80.- Pakeeda, a brother of carpenters, and other things; and, in Tarreah, came and said that unless the evening, they made a similar at we sent his brother an axe, he would tack upon a ship's boat (the Vansit- bring his people and strip the Settletarts) at some little distance from us; ment: we thought it prudent to send and took from them a musket, some one, and to give a hatchet to the pigs, axes, &c. They are become fe- bearer. Other Chiefs came and derocious, and ripe for any evil; and, manded cartridge boxes to be made : as they hold us in contempt since we were obliged to comply. In this Sbunghee's return, it is not unlikely state things are at present: we are but that they may, ere long, lay hands vexed and harrassed by them almost on our property. Surrounded by such continually. men, our situation is as perilous as Sept. 1. - One of the Shukeanwas that of Daniel : but the same Al- gba Natives took Mr. Bean's hat mighty Saviour, who shut the mouths froin his head, and would not return of the lions, is our God; and, in Him, it without twelve fish-hooks: another do we trust.

stole Mr. Fairburn's rule out of his Shunghee breakfasted with us this pockel; and a third stole our housemorning : we mentioned the conduct door key. of the Natives toward the boats' crews Sept. 2, Sunday. - The morning on the preceding day: he only made of this Sabbath was interrupted by up a laugh at it; and said, it was com Moco, a Chief, getting over mon in his country.

fence, stark naked, to steal some Three canoes went down to the bags which hung to dry in the courtplace of rendezvous, this morning, yard : this was done in open day, well armed with muskets &c.: the when all eyes were upon him. They Jargest of them carries sixty men. climb over our fences, and come into More are to follow from this place, our houses; impudently insisting on and many will join, from different having food, when we have it not in Settlements in the Bay, and will as. our power to give them. They intersemble near Cape Brett, and will then rupt us in almost every thing that we proceed on the horrid work of killing do: they seein determined to make and eating their fellow-creatures. us miserable, if we do not give them

A Young Man, named Pabudu, muskets and powder; which I am dewho has been with us about eighteen termined never to do, not only bemonths, forms one of the number : cause I am commanded by the he possesses very good talents: be Society not to do so, but my concan write well, and would soon have science tells me that it is wrong to learnt to read. He has behaved well, furnish these men with means to kill till lately; but it being now the fashion one another. among his superiors (for he is only a The armament now going out will prisoner-of-war) to be insolent and consist, it is thought, of 2000 men; overbearing toward the Europeans, more formidably prepared for debe thought that he also bad a right to struction than any former expedition,

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by the means whicb Shunghee has dashed to pieces in a storm, and if le obtained : they intend to sweep every dreams the same dream again they thing before them. The Lord pre- will not go at present. We think vent them!

they will have at least a thousand Sepl. 3, 1821.- Another division of muskets in this armament, and plenty canoes leaves this place to-morrow, of powder and balla The heart to join the main body. The Natives sickens to hear of the destruction have been casting balls all day, in which they talk of making. Mr. Kemp's shop: they come in when Sept. 12.—This seems a climate they please, and do what they please, very favourable to horticulture : we and take away what they please, and have most European vegetables in it is vain to resist them : insult upon perfection – asparagus as thick as insult, we are obliged to bear from one's finger, planted about eighteen them; and when they return from months ago - peach trees, planted tbis fight, they will most probably be about the same time from stones, now more ferocious. The time for this five feet high, and some of them in people seems at a distance: the pros blossom. Oh, that the people were pect of being useful to them seems equally good with the climate! I cut off. O Lord, guide us with thine bave given to the Chiefs, peach trees, eye !

vines, seeds of different kinds, &c. Sept. 4.-- Four large beautiful and when these come to perfection, canoes manned with from sixty to they may perhaps remember with sevenly men each, rowed up and sorrow that they drove us away, down the river, for exercise and to which it seems likely they will do. show their skill. They move with Sept. 20. — 'The trees are in full wonderful swiftness, and are managed bloom: every thing looks luxuriant with great dexterity: Shunghee was and beautiful-the weather fine, simidressed in his scarlet uniform, and bar to April in England. Many of thought more of himself than any the Natives baving gone to the fight, Admiral of the Red ever did. There and the rest preparing the ground for is an old Priest on board, who goes koomeras, we enjoy a portion of rest with their : it is said that he has

and quietness which we have long dreamed that all the canoes were been unacquainted with.

Extract from the Communications of Mr. John King. I Have collected from the Natives for them. The Atua comes up the their notions respecting death and a ladder to the top of the Treaingha, separate state. They say, that, at at times; and sils, and looks toward the death of a Chief, his soul goes to the place where he died, to know if the Treaisgha, at the North Cape; his relations have performed the cusand sometimes comes to speak to the tomary ceremonies: if these have been relations left behind, in their dreams. neglected, the Atua is angry, Six or They ask the spirit if he has seen all seven months after the death of a their departed friends, and how it Chief, the body is taken up by his fares with them: he says-“ I have friends, and dressed in clean mats seen them, and they are all well.” The chis hair comhed-and his head spirits dispule and fight, plant koo- anointed with oil, and dressed up meras, have abundance of provisions, with while fealhers, when they lament &c. in the other world. When a over it: the body is moved, several Chief dies, he becomes an Atua: his times, from one place to another: at relations lament over the corpse, and last it is put into a cave, never more pray that he will make clear and to be moved; and then all their cry. straighit the road, and provide a place ing and ceremonics are over.

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SCHOOLS IN ANTIGUA. Feb. 8, 1821.-Went to Harman's, a very aged and pious Negro Woto elect Inspectors. We met in the man. One of her daughters informed house of a very aged pious slave. us, some days ago, that she called all His great-grand children are of the her family who were at home to her little group of our Scholars; and it bed-side, and told them that she felt seems to be among his few outward as if the Lord would soon call her comforts, to have the children with home, and she was much concerned him in the evening to sing, &c. We for their souls. She earnestly exfind the slaves so ready to comply horled them to secure the favour of with any thing that we propose, that God, and gave them much Christian it is our endeavour, on all occasions, advice, and then poured out her to use our influence to their benefit. heart in prayer with so much fervour After singing and prayer, we ad as greatly to affect all present. We dressed them concerning the busi- found her in the same happy frame of ness in band, and proceeded to clect mind. seven of the most eligible to the Under the same roof we assembled office of Inspectors.

as many of the Parents as could at. Feb. 27.- The work of God is pros- tend. In our usual way, we opened pering at English Harbour, particu- the Meeting with singing and prayer; larly among the young people and and proceeded to lay before them our children attached to the Sunday design in choosing Inspectors, with School. I was much pleased at hear the duly required of them. All ing an account of an African Girl seemed heartily to agree to our plan. belonging to the School. There is We appointed ten, one of whom is a deep work of conviction upon her William Waldron, a great-grandson mind. She says her little sins as well of the above-mentioned old woman, as big sins, and sins that she had com free and married, and about 36 years mitted while in her own country and of age. As he and his Wife are relihad forgotten, now trouble her. A gious people, we were glad that they Mahomedan also has lately been eniered into our views, and engaged brought to the knowledge of the truth: to teach the children at all convehis conversation has been remarka- nient opportunities. We left them ble: he once had a particular hatred to with every reason to expect that the Blessed Name of Jesus, but now much good will arise from such adthat Name is his delight: he had an vanlages. Arabic Bible given to him, some May 20, Sunday. – Mr. Whitney, time ago; one of those left here by one of the Overseers on Lynch's EsLient. Lugger.

tate, remarked that there was a wonMarch 8. At Belfast, admitted derful change throughout that estate thirty new Scholars; making, in all, that when he came from England, 217. There appears an encreasing he was shocked at the immorality desire after learning, both in old and which prevailed; fiddling and dancing young The young people begin to on Sunday Evenings, followed sing well: singing to them is a pleas- fighting and quarrelling; but that, of ing part of the duty.

late, ail this was done away, and Went from Belfast to Lower Wal- something better had taken place. dron's. Here lives Relia Governier, May 27, Sunday. — A pious old

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