HELD APRIL 30, 1822,


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In reporting the Proceedings of the Society during its Twenty-second Year, your Committee are thankful that they can state, both an increase in its Funds and an extension of its labours.

For the still steady growth of the

FUNDS, the Committee have again to express the obligations of the Society to many friends, to whose exertions their productive state is chiefly to be attributed.

EXERTIONS OF THE Society'S FRIENDS. The Secretary has attended various Meetings of Associations in and near the Metropolis : but the great pressure of the Society's business, and more particularly the charge of the different Publications connected with its proceedings, have prevented him from assisting, during the year, at the Anniversary of any Association distant from London, except that of Cambridge.

After attending the Cambridge Anniversary and Meetings at Harrow, Hackney, and Edmonton, in May and June, the Assistant Secretary proceeded, at the end of June, to the West of England, and spent a fortnight in visiting the Yeovil, Devon and Exeter, PlymouthDock and Stonehouse, Weymouth and Melcomb Regis, and Wellington Associations, and the formation of an Association at Taunton, for Taunton and West Somersetshire. He was present at the Anniversary of the Guildford Association in the middle of July; and preached in various Churches in Norfolk, from the


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30th of July to the 7th of August. From the middle
to the end of August, he attended the Anniversaries
at Worcester, Birmingham, Bewdley, Dudley, Yoxall,
Derby and its vicinity, and Tamworth. In Septem-
ber, he preached at and near Bridgnorth: and assisted
at the Anniversary of the Berkshire Association at
Reading, and at the formation at High Wycombe of an
Association for the Southern part of the County of
Bucks; and, in the beginning of October, at the Nor-
folk and Suffolk Anniversaries. In the present year,
after attending in February the formation of an Asso-
ciation for Bromley and Beckenham, and in March
the Anniversary of that of Clapham, the Assistant
Secretary spent about three weeks, from the latter
part of March to the middle of this month of
April, in attending the Anniversaries of the Bath,
Bristol, Hereford, Worcester, and Gloucestershire
Associations, and some of the Branches connected
with them-arrangements having been adopted, with
the present year, for bringing these Five Associations
within one journey.

The Associations in Lincoln-
shire, Yorkshire, Lancashire, and other parts of the
North, were visited, during the last year, by some
friends; the Assistant Secretary not being able to leave

In these Journeys, great assistance has been rendered, not only by the friends who are resident in and near the various places visited, but by others who have travelled, some of them very distant Journeys, in behalf of the Society.

The Rev. W. Jowett rendered every assistance herein which the state of his health and his engagements would permit: and your Committee have to regret that these circumstances did not allow of his visiting the Associations more extensively; as the representations of one who had been so conversant with interesting scenes, and could well convey to others the impressions which they made on his own mind, could not fail to be beneficial to the Members who heard him; as was felt at Cambridge, Lincoln, Hull, York, Leeds, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Manchester, and Norwich, at which places he assisted.

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On the same ground, the Committee, while they beg to thank the Rev. Marmaduke Thompson for the aid rendered by him on several occasions, greatly regret that his continued debility has deprived the Society of that extended assistance which his long-tried zeal for its objects inclined him most willingly to

and they trust that the efforts which they witnessed last evening, at St. Bride's Church, in the forcible statements and appeal to the large body of Members there assembled, will not arrest the progress of his recovery, while they cannot fail to confirm and extend, with the Divine Blessing, a sincere love to that Great Cause in which the Society is engaged.

To the Rev. Thomas Rock Garnsey, late First Chaplain of Sierra Leone, the Society is indebted for extensive assistance of this nature, in having visited, on its behalf, Manchester, Preston, Kirkby Lonsdale, Chester, Newcastle-under-Line, Liverpool, Weymouth, Guernsey, Jersey, Worcester, Birmingham, Bewdley, Dudley, Yoxall, Derby and its vicinity, and Tamworth.

They beg also to express their obligations to the Rev. Thomas Robertson, one of the Chaplains of the East-India Company on the Bengal Establishment, who has lately accompanied the Assistant Secretary, with other friends, to Bath and Bristol.

While the Committee feel peculiarly indebted to friends who thus bear their testimony, from personal knowledge, to the urgent necessity for Missionary Labours, and the measure of success which it pleases God to grant to them, they are ever grateful to those other Associates in the exertions of the Society's Officers, by whose means the Funds are so greatly supported. The thanks of the Meeting are due, on this ground, to the following friends, for the services respectively rendered by them, at the request of the Committee:The Rev. Edward Burn, at Lincoln, Gainsborough, Hull, York, Knaresborough, Leeds, Doncaster, and Sheffield--the Rev. Robert Cox, at Lincoln, Gainsborough, Hull, Doncaster, Retford, Rotheram, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Manchester, Preston, Lancaster, Kirkhy Lonsdale, Chester, Newcastle-under-Line,

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