that the Boys which have stayed have troduced the cards there. Br. Rhenius taken no harm. An objection has afterward catechized the Children, been started—that if the New System and preached outside to a crowd of obliged Children to come in close people, where he had to refute the obcontact with one another, it would be jections made to our religion by Heanecessary to abandon it in Schools thens, Roman Catholics, and Mahowhere Boys of different castes assem medans. I do not doubt but that bled : but this is chiefly the case with what they heard gave them plenty of the Lancasterian Plan, whereby Boys matter for after-thought. are obliged to stand close together Sept. 23.-Commenced holding : near one card, the letters on which Sunday afternoon Prayer Meeting. are perhaps printed close and small: Several of our people, with the three in Bell's, this inconvenience is avoided, Boys from the villages, who display by placing a small card in the hand a wish for Christian Instruction, of each Boy.

attended. I adopt my former plan, Sept. 17, 1821.–Attended the Pet- and repeat to them the Morning tah School with Br. Rhenius, and in Sermon.


(Ser Page 151.)


Extracls from the Report of the Madras Corresponding Committee, on the Trans

lations, Clergy, College, and Schools. Translations.

have in hand here; and I shall be very Tac Translation of the Scriptures glad to know the opinion of those (Mr. Bailey writes), which is of the learned Gentlemen and Natives, to first importance, occupies much of whom it is the intention of the Commy

time; and to which some things mittee to submit it. of less importance, such as the trans I have had six or seven copies of lation or composition of useful Tracts each of the Gospels written out and and Treatises, must, at present, give distributed, besides some small porway. I usually spend four or five hours tions of a Gospel. I hope we shall a day on the Translation ; except when soon realize the expectation of seeing my friends and I meet at the College, a press at Cotym, when the difficulty, or when I am from home. When as well as the delay and incorrectthat time is elapsed, I do not feel ness, which must necessarily occnr iu capable of attending to a great deal copying, will be obviated. Numbers miore. In the last nine months, I apply for copies of the Gospels; and bave gone through, with my assistant thankful should we be, were we able Waidya Nathoryen, another revision to supply them: but that cannot be, of the Four Gospels. The Gospel of until a large number of copies be St. Luke we have looked over twice. printed. May the blessing of God The first ten chapters of this Gospel attend the reading of those few which I have had the pleasure to forward to have been distributed ! the Madras Auxiliary Bible Society,

Clergy. at the request of the Committee, as a

Since our last Report (Mr. Bailey specimen of the translation wbich we

continues) Ten Students have been

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]

ordained Catanars, all of whom are The next Church which we visited, married : in addition to which five or was Chenganoor. Here all the Catasix Catanars bave been married. nars, and a great number of the peo

In the month of December last, Mr. ple belonging to the Church, were Baker and I accompanied the Rev. present. There had lately been a Mr. Hough to some of the Churches, dispute between the Catanars and the south of Cotym: viz. Neranum, Chen. Elders, which I believe had been ocganoor, Callucherri, Puttencave, and casioned by the former. These CaMavelicari ; but since Mr. Hough tanars, except one who is engaged at has given the Committee so full an Cotym as a writer, possess far less account of that journey, any remarks knowledge and information than any of mine would be superfluous.

of the Catanars whom I have yet seen. Toward the close of February, I The oppressions which the Christians had likewise the pleasure to accom- belonging to this Church had lately pany Major Mackworth to some of suffered, from the principal people the Syrian Churches, south of Cotym. belonging to the Pagoda near the

The first which we visitedwas Nera Church, had ceased, and we hope to num. We had some conversation with hear no more of them. the Catanars who were present, on re

We proceeded to Pullencave Church, ligious subjects: we pointed out to where we remained some hours. On them the necessity of reading and ex our arrival, we found all the Catanars pounding the Scriptures to the peo- present, and a number of the people. ple, every Sabbath ; particularly of The inhabitants, I am happy to say, preaching: and the good effects which are all Syrians. We visited the would, under the blessing of God, houses of two of the Catanars, with result from their labours in so im- which we were much pleased. portant a work ; for, so long as the From Puttencave we proceeded to Catanars neglect the duty of preach- Maramanna and Covencherri. We ing the blessed Gospel of Christ to went to the latter Church first, being the people, they would remain igno- a little farther than the former, and rant of its sacred and holy precepts, the farthest our time and the state of neglect the ordinances of God's House the river would permit us to see in on the Sabbath, and continue to lead this part: we reached Covencherri immoral lives, the result of not being carly in the morning, and found two told the duties of Christians as con of the Catanars performing Service in tained in the Bible: moreover, as the Church: we waited till the Serfaith cometh by hearing, the people vice was concluded, and then bad could not believe in the Lord Jesus some conversation with the Catanars. Christ as the Saviour of Sinners, un Al Maramanna Church, one of the less He was preached to them, and Catanars, named Abraham, is one of His character and offices as a Saviour the principal Malpans of the Syrian explained to them: coming to Church Church: we had a very interesting to see the Service, as the people in- conversation with him on religious variably term it, was not sufficient: subjects, the propagation of Chrisbesides, the Service being in Syriac, tianity, and the duty of Ministers : a language totally unknown to the he is a young man of talents, and anxiLaity, it could not be expected that ous to improve himself; and should they would derive any spiritual ad- it please God to work on his mind by vantage from it. To the truth of this the power of His Spirit, there is reastatement, the Catanars assented; and son to hope that he would be a useful promised, in future, to read and ex- character: he has an Uncle, who is pound the Word of God according one of the Catanars of this Church, to their ability: but, as it regards whom the Syrians consider a good preaching, they did not at present man and highly respect: he is now feel capable of attempting it. far advanced in years, and very

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

infirm, consequently incapable of negligence of others would not avail much exertion.

as their excuse for inattention to We left this Church for Mavelicari, what they were persuaded was a where we arrived on the Saturday duty. We then conversed on the Evening. Here we spent the Sabbath, subject of Christianity, in general: which was a pleasant and an interest- and strongly recommended to them ing one. Early in the morning, the a diligent study of the Bible, with Syriac Service was performed by earnest prayer to God, that they Thoma, Catanar; at which Major might be well acquainted with its Mackworth and I were present: we sacred and precious contents; and were much pleased to hear him read the great necessity of preaching and the principal part of it in Malayalim : expounding the Word of God to the we observed the people much more people, and of shewing to them that attentive, when he read Malayalim they were anxiously concerned for the than when he read Syriac. Imme salvation of their immortal souls : diately after this Service was con- they were appointed Stewards of the cluded, I had Divine Service and mysteries of the Gospel, must recolpreached, in Malayalim; the number lect the awful responsibility under of people present were about 300, which they were placed, and would all of whom appeared very attentive : one day have to give an account of from the conversation which I had their stewardship. The Catanars. with some of the people afterward, I appeared interested, and conversed was glad to find that they understood freely; and one of them, Thoma, the greater part of the Sermon: they manifested a tolerably good knowobserved, that they should be very ledge of the Scriptures, by his manner thankful if they had preaching every of quoting passages. They perfectly Sabbath. In the afternoon, there recollected Dr. Buchanan's visit to were two marriages: we witnessed them, and spoke of bim with great the ceremony ; after which we had a

respect: they repeated many things long conversation with Thoma and which he had told them; and observed another Catapar. We inquired if that what be said, respecting the as. they were accustomed to perform sistance which they would receive Service in Malayalim every Sabbath, from England, had all come to pass : as we had witnessed that morning : we told them that many Christians in they replied in the negative-it was England felt very much interested in merely done on account of our being their welfare ; and daily interceded present : we then remarked to them, for them, at the Throne of Grace, how much more attentive the people which interest had been first excited were to the Malayalim than to the by Dr. Buchanan's publishing an acSyriac part of the Service: “Yes,” count of his visit to their Churches. replied they, “ because the people From Mavelicari we went to understand Malayalim, but not Sy Munro Island, and from thence reriac:" we asked if it would not tend turned to Cotym. more to the edification of the people, I intend, if il please God, in a if their Services were always performed short time, to visit all or most of the in Malayalim: they answered, “ Un Syrian Churches, south of Cotym, doubtedly, and it ought to be done ; when I hope to give the Committee a but only a very small number of the fuller account. Catanars are able to translate from the Syriac when they perform Ser

College. vice, and those who are able neglect Since the last Report (Mr. Fena this important duty: it is not," said states) Eight Students have been adthey, “contrary to the Canons of our mitted to full Orders. Two of their Church to have the Service in Malay- had learned a little English, but not alim:" I told them the inability or su fhicient to induce them to continue

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the study of it: the others had de In manners, address, language, and
voted their attention exclusively to regard to truth, the Students improve
Syriac: none of them had gone greatly.
through the New Testament. Three The internal regulation of the Col-
other Students have also been ad- lege, except during the hours of study,
mitted to the Orders as far as “ Hypo- has been left to the Metropolitan, who
diaconus:” these Orders are inva- resides there; and perhaps the better
riably conferred at the same time, plan will be to frame a rule as it be-
and one Service answers for all. comes pecessary, rather than to draw

The number of Students now in the up a set of prospective regulations.
College is forty-two, of whom nine

Schools. have entered since the last Report.

The Grammar School at Cotym is Marcus, of Cotym, aged 19, is the nearly completed: it is a large room, first Student; and by far the most pro-. 50 feet by 30, with two small rooms mising of those, whom we found in and a veranda in front. The number the College at our coming: the Syriac of Boys on the foundation of the Bible he can read with great ease,

Grammar School, has been, during and is now reading Jeremiah: he can

the last month, only ten. We hope, also read English, with great propriety

in the course of a month or two, to and ease. He is the only Student who complete the number intended for this

School. has begun Latin : he is quite perfect in the Rudiments, and in the first four- allowance of fourteen rupees per

The Ten Seminarists, for whom an teen pages of the Syntax; and parses month is granted by the Committee, the few pages of his Delectus, wbich

have made some little progress in he has learnt, with great accuracy. Three other Students bave read the

English, Sanscrit, and Malayalim. New Testament and Psalms in Syriac,

List of Schools, in November 1821. and are now reading the Book of Ge 1 Accha Paramba. 1821 Maraghesa ... 15 desis. They are all older than Marcus. 2 Ancumali.... .1821 Maraghesa ...15 They are well acquainted with what

3 Cullata... .1819 Chandapilla. .31 4 Culluncatare... 1820

..14 they have learnt; and, if so disposed, 5 Cundanatt ..J820 Cunjatenna... 29 will have no difficulty in attaining 6 Curringacherri ..1820 Abraham ... J9

7 Cattamattam....1821

.12 considerable proficiency in the lan

8 Cayanculam... 1820 Thoman.. .30 guage. At present, they find great

9 Chenganoor..... 1820 Cochette ..48 difficulty in reading any book but the 10 Cheppatt...

..1820 Mattai Bible; a difficulty, which we hope

11 Calancheri.. .1821 Jacob .11

12 Cotamangalam ..1821 will be surmounted in another year,

13 Catayam School.1821 Kurrien .30 if we can persuade the Metropolitan 14 Cananculancari..1821

1821 to withhold Ordination from them so

15 Curigni.


16 Carupumppati...1821 Thoma.. ...20 long.

17 Etatott

.1821 Thoma. .22 Twenty-five of the Students are 18 Mamalacheri. .1821 Yacob 12

Six of

19 Manercatt...... learning English Grammar.

.]820 Nelando.... 16

20 Maramanda.....1821 Cocanda .....5 them have made some proficiency; 21 Mavelicari.. 1820 Shunkera....16 and are as perfect in all the inflexions 22 Malaculam .....821 Chresna

27 of the different parts of speech as can

23 Mulanduratte...]920 Abraham

24 Nechcbur ....... .1821 lttera .:13 be desired. The most proficient, ex 25 Neranum......

1820 Maraghesa...30 cluding Marcus, who devotes the 26 Omalleer .1821 Jacob ..25 greater portion of his time to Latin 27 Puttencave

. 1820

..14 28 Pallicari

1820 and Syriac, is Abraham, of Chenga

29 Paravur ...,

...,1821 Govinapilla..11 noor, aged 13: the next is Abraham,

30 Puttupalli.


..32 of Tutupalli, aged 14.

31 Paruam....

1821 Yohannam...12 32 Rani..

1821 Goveraghesa . 20 In Sanscrit, Joseph, of Cobranga

33 Terurvancatt 1821 Geveraghesa J4 Vanceri, aged 12, and Abraham, of 34 Tumbonum.. 1820 Thoma.......30 Chenganocr, are first.

35 Vatacari, 1821 Shugkarapilla 11





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In the above Schools (Mr. Baker are taught to the Children as soon as states) no alteration has been made in they are capable of learning them : the native mode of leaching. The in some Schools, a great part of them Catechisms translated by the Mission has been committed to memory. Translator have been introduced, and

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Extracls from the Journal of the Rev. Joseph Fenn, al Cotym. Feb. 7, 1821.-Heard of a cruel tor

was probable; but I could not deture used by the tax-gatherers: i. e. cide. He asked me,

Supposing two the placing of the two feet of the in- persons of equal holiness, one mardividual upon his two thighs, each ried the other unmarried, which foot upon bis opposite thigh; he can would have the greatest honour in not loosen them himself, and the pain Heaven ?” I said that St. Paul spoke is excruciating. Sometimes they place in favour of a single state, but that a large weight, besides, on each foot. regard should be had to the motive ;

Feb. 20. Accompanied Major and that, as we pray to God not to Mackworth to the Syrian Church, the lead us into temptation, we should not Commemoration Day of Gabriel Pa- needlessly run into it. On speaking triarch from Antioch, a Nestorian. of the great necessity of a holy imaInquired the reason of the honour gination for such a state, and alludpaid to him: the Metropolitan said ing to the case of David, where a that it was a custom, but not quite glance was the inlet of sin, he listened correct-that when he came from deeply ; and said, that, without the Antioch, they had no one to teach grace of Jesus Christ, it was imposthein. When we arrived at the sible; but added “He will uphold !" Church, three Masses had been per- I joined heartily in this feeling: and formed. The Church was crowded. said, that, on this point, it was our The Metropolitan, at our request, duty and safety to banish all distrust directed the Catanar to read the Go- and unbelief. spel in Malayalim.

In the evening, Moses Sarphaty said March 20. — Moses Sarphaty ex- that the only doubts remaining among pressed himself very strongly on the Jews were those relating to Cirthe speedy destruction of Idolatry cumcision and the Sabbath. On Cirand the propagation of Christianity. cumcision, I made him read Acts xv. He asked me to reconcile the two and Eph. ii. 11, &c. then the passage passages Lam. v. 21, and Mal. iii. 7. relating to the rending of the TempleHe made one remark, which leads vail, and then two or three passages me to think that there are feelings from the Hebrews. He seemed prevalent among the Jews, very dif- amazed. He said, “The time is ferent from those entertained by us; come! Idols will be abolished, all viz. that God must first return to will become of one faith!" them. His remark was, that, in a : April.-My charge have gone to quarrel between Husband and Wife, their bomes. It is a laborious task, the Husband says, She must sue to that of instructing them : some will me, and I will then receive her;” never learn, I mean of those who are and the Wife says, “If he call me, I jutended for the Priest's Office. All will come"_“and so,” he continued, their desire is, to obtain full Orders, “a middle one is needed between and to be sent to their Churches. I them."

tried some of them as to their real March 26.— The Metropolitan ar efficient knowledge of Syriac. I set gued strongly in favour of the celi- them passages of authors which they bacy of the Virgin Mary. I said, that had never seen, 10 translate into Mafrom the language of Scripture, it layalim : two of them had passages

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