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in the recent fruits of your labours and visits; which, by practice, will among the Heathen, and in your become established in the Mission ; prayer that the Lord may cherish the and which cannot fail, when conducted work of Grace in the converts of your with prudence and attention, to be Ministry, and manifest the permanent very conducive to the moral and reliinfuence of His Holy Spirit upon gious improvement of your people. them. It will be important, from this Your Catechist should be early commencement of a Church collected initiated into this necessary work, in from ainong the Heathen, to intro- order to supply your place when duce a system of Pastoral inspection requisite.


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Extracts from the Instructions of the Corresponding Committee to the Rev. Leaac

Wilson, on his proceeding to Tranquebar. On your arrival at Tranquebar, we peans and Natives, will be, in a great recommend you, Without delay, to measure, proportioned to the simset before yourself the great purposes plicity of your establishment and apof your abode at that place; and, pearance, in an avoidance of all the laying down your plans with resolu common indulgences and show of setion, to adhere to them, with sted. cular men. Before all men, be a simfastness and perseverance--suffering ple Man of God; and, be assured, the no secondary objects to divert your advantage of appearing so will not attention; but bending all your

be sinall. powers to the folfilment of those cx You will, we expect, soon find usepectations, upon which the Commit- ful occupation in the Seminary, tee have been induced to adopt the among the Youths under John's care; plan on which you are now entering. and, in familiar and ministerial inter(Here followed the passage ex

course with them, you will learn the tracted by the Committee of the important art of arriving at an early Society, in their Instructions to

habit of address and communication the Rev. Messrs. Sawyer, Maisch,

with the Natives. and Reichardt. See Appendix

We have told Dr. Caemmerer and III.]

John, that you go to Tranquebar as

a LEARNER ; and we are sure you will We wish you to take every oppor- gladly assume that character, until,by tunity of accompanying John Deva- the blessing of God on your studies sagayam

and Dr. Caemmerer, in their and their help, you shall be qualified occasional excursions into the coun

to act a more efficient part in Missiotry. Dr. Caemmerer will shew you nary Duties. Going with such views, the best mode of travelling for a Mis we cannot enter into any detail of sionary; and you cannot too early your occupations; but we doubt not accustom yourself, in this respect, to that you will readily form, by the the most simple and unostentatious aid of those friends and the general appearance: without it, the Natives hints now presented to you, a comcan never be induced to approach pendious and useful plan of study and you, in a way that you would wish occupation, for the attainment of our them to do. In all other respects wishes. affecting your way of living, you will Commending you, in conclusion, have better examples before you at with your work and all that concerns the Provincial Stations than in Ma- you, to God and the word of bis dras; and you will find, we doubt Grace, we intreat you to be assured pol, that your real estimation as a of the affectionate interest that we Missionary, both in the eyes of Euro- shall take in all your proceedings;

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and of the satisfaction which we shall whenever you have any thing intefeel in hearing from you, as often as resting to communicate to us on to you need our help in any way, or our revered Parent Society.

Estracts from the Journals of the Rev. G. Theophilus Bärenbruck.

Visit to the Distant Schools. afternoon, till seven o'clock, engaged March 13, 1821.–Arrived at Great as before, in explaining the CateConjeveram, at ten o'clock, and went chism. At Evening Prayer, many to the First School, where I found Heathen were present. I afterward the Children engaged. I fixed a spoke to them on Prayer. time for examination, and went to

March 16. — This morning, my the Second School, and thence to the palanquin was surrounded with Heachoultry. In the afternoon, but few then, who were waiting for me. I was Heathens came : they appeared very engaged with them till two o'clock. indifferent. I felt much oppressed, The greater part of my hearers were and thought that I should find but Soodras, with some Brahmins. In the little work here. In the evening I afternoon, they desired me to exwent into several of the streets : on plain more of the “New Shastram," my return, I had a fair opportunity as they call the New Testament. I to speak to several Heathens: I ex chose the part on the sufferings of plained to them the words of Christ our Lord: some of them expressed respecting true charity, prayer, and their surprise, that Europeans befasting : they had put several ques- lieved in a God who was crucified : tions in our conversation upon this others inquired more into the partisubject, thinking that by acts of cha- culars, which accompanied his death; rity they could pay off the debts of and some would not leave me till I sin. Several Heathen were present had given them a book of the death at our evening prayers.

of the Crucified Jesus. Oh! may March 14. - This morning, after His blessed Name and infinite love be prayer, at which several Heathen better known by these benighted peoand Schoolmasters were present. I ple! In the evening, when I had to I went to the First School, where I go to the next village, about twenty catechised the Boys; and examined of them followed me. them on the Catechisms, Command March 17: — I went early to Little ments, and their lessons from the New Conjeveram, and was occupied till Testament, which gave me much twelve o'clock in the School. There satisfaction. Many Heathen were were many Heathen present at the present.

cxamination. In the afternoon, I March 15. - This morning, from had a conversation with a learned six till twelve o'clock, I was sur Brahinin, who was a modest man, of rounded by Heathen, to whom I ex- deep understanding, and very serious plained the Commandments, consi- in the advances which he made to me dering them the Schoolmaster to relative to Christianity. In the evenbring them to Christ. One exclaimed, ing I had a great many people about « If that is true, what then are Brahma, Vishnoo, and Siva to us?” Seve March 18, Sunday. In the mornral of the people were discontented ing, we had our Divine Service as with the Brahmins, as they send well as circumstances would permit. their men to the villages to summon In the choultry, where we stayed, I the people to the feast, to which had a conversation with the Schoolevery family must send at least one masters. In the evening, I had some person for drawing the cars. In the Heathen round me, particularly


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pressed tans berudfied: e parti3 death; ne till I c death

Brahmins, to whom I explained the the Boys all engaged. At the ex-

amination many Heathen were pre-
** March 19, 1821, Early, at four sent: some expressed concern at their
o'clock, I left Little Conjeveram, and Boys learning too much from the
returned to Great Conjeveram to ex Christian Books-others seemed to
amine the Second School; which I approve of it. One of them said, so
had been obliged to put off so long,

loud that we could hoar it, “ Alas! on account of the great Heathenish in a short time all these Children will Feast which commenced on the 15th

be made Christians !" Another re-
in Great Conjeveram. I went at seven plied, “Be thankful that the Children
o'clock to the School, and was en learn more useful things here, than
gaged with the Boys till I left. they do in our Schools." In the

On my retorn, in the afternoon, I evening I instructed the Children from
stopped in a choultry, but a few miles the New Testament: several Hea-
from Coajeveram ; whither some of then were present.
the elder Boys, of fourteen and six March 22.–After Morning Prayer,
teen years of age, followed me, to I was engaged with the Heathen, in
express their thankfulness for having explaining the Word of God. One
received instruction, which would of the Headmen of the place received
render them useful men to their a Tract: he went aside, and read a
country and nation. I said, “Amen!" part of it; and, after some time, came
and dismissed them with exhortaand said, “That, which is written in
tions to seek, not only that which this book, is true ; and true it is, that
would improve and exercise their our ceremonies and adorations are
understandings, but that also which vain : I shall take the book home,
would fill their hearts with peace. and read it, and return it to you."

We left in the afternoon, and ar March 23.-I left Trivatoor, and,
rived late at a ruinous choultry. I at noon, arrived at a choultry, where
went to a village which was near, and I met with several Bra

mins: one collected some people about me; but of them asked me whether the MisI had no sooner begun to explain to sion School-master in Kannipootoor them the Word of God, than they all was not my disciple: I answered,

An Old Man, who walked “No: : he is a Heathen, and a Brahtoward his house, when I came up min, as you know;" but he would and spoke to bim, said, “ Do me the not believe me: he said, “I know kindness to permit me to go into my

better; for he has instructed me in
house." I went to another man, who your books, and recommended them
was sitting at his door, and spoke to to me as true." These people were
him; but he also turned aside. The very kind to us; and received the
other people, seeing this, seemed Words of the Redeemer's kingdom
quite to rejoice at my ill success. I with joy. One said, “ You are surely
did, indeed, hesitate, whether or not right: you have but one God, and
to shake off the dust from my shoes, one Shastram, and one way to hap-
as a witness ; yet I recollected-They piness; and we have so many, that
know not what they do!

we do not know which to choose,
March 21.- This morning, after and what to believe, because one dis-
my arrival at Trivatoor, I stop agrees with the other."
ped at the School-House, and found

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left me.

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Extracts from the Journal of the Rev. James Ridsdale.
Visit to the Schools near Madras. bruck, on a tour into the vicinity of
June 7, 1821.- This morning, at Madras, to the west and north ; for
five o'clock, set of, with Mr. Bären. the purpose of ascertaining what places

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are eligible for the establishment of plained the intention of our visit. Schools.

For some time, they seemed at a loss At seven o'clock arrived at Koo- what reply to make : our proposal was noor, a very pleasant and rural village, so novel, that they were rather afraid five miles west of Madras; where, to accept it; but, upon the whole, a few minutes after our arrival, they seemed to receive it favourably. we were joined by the Rev. James At length, about half of them shewed Hough. After breakfast and morn willingness to comply with our proing prayer, we were visited at the posal, and promised to consider the choultry by Brahmins and others. matter, to read our School Books We then walked into the village to which we left with them, and then to ascertain its extent, the number of give us a positive answer. inhabitants, and their feeling with re At half-past eight o'clock gard to the establishment of a Chris. left the village, for the choultry, tian School. We found two Schools, about a mile further.

Here we re. in which the Native Books are taught; mained during the heat of the day. but there were very few Scholars, and At four we left the choultry, and set the Master of one could scarcely read forward to the next village, called himself. Here are two pretty large Puzhal. By mistake, our bearers pagodas. In the afternoon, we col. passed Puzhal, and carried us on to lected about twelve of the inhabitants, Kootoor. Here we found a large who shewed a disposition favourable population. On entering the place, to our proposal : they received copies we were surrounded by about forty of our School Books and Regulations; Adults and twenty Children. We and promised, after consideration, to proposed a School to them; which scud us an answer.

they professed to approve, but were After Evening Prayer, about ten unwilling to decide. o'clock, we left for the next village Finding that we could effect named Koolatoor, three miles further. nothing, and our time being limited, Arrived at eleven o'clock, after a very we set off to a place, about two miles pleasantrun, the road being interspers distant, where we intended to sleep. ed with small groves of cocoa-nut and At seven we arrived at our quarters ; palmyra trees. This is the most rural where we had not been long, before and delightful spot, that I have seen we heard the procession of an idol in India :-the stillness of the hour, approaching. It soon came near, and the bright shining moon, the beautiful stopped at the door of a house, near foliage of cocoa-nut and other trees the lodging place, to which we diwith which the village abounds, form. rectly proceeded. After witnessing ed a most striking and delightful some most disgusting ceremonies, association'; but numerous idolatrous Mr. Hough requested audience, and altars and temples seemed to spread began to interrogate them respecting the shades of death all around us, and the meaning of their Service. Soon to mark the place as Salan's seal.after he began, Christian, the Native Here is one small pagoda, in front of Reader, took the matter up, and spoke which we pitched our quarters for the in terins not a little dishonourable to night.

their Goddess. He had not spoken long, June 8,1821.--After gracious protec- before one of the torch-bearers feeltion and refreshment, arose this morn- ing his gain to he in danger, made such ing in good health. Our first object

an uproar that no more could be said: was to assemble the people, and to and so the procession moved off. We ascertain what disposition they had found the idol to be the Goddess for toward our object. About twenty the Cholcra Morbus. There were two persons collected round us, under images, finely dressed, fixed upon some cocoa-nut trees, where we cx- boards,and carried on men's shoulders;

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and also a little one, carried by to our last place of call, oamed Maone man upon the end of a stick. dabaram. On our arrival, we took These were attended by tom-toms, up our quarters in a Mango Grove, cymbals, and singing boys with and spread our table for breakfast torches, and about fifty people. Ob under the shade of some tamarind that British Christians could have wit- trees. After Morning Prayer, Mr. nessed this affecting scene! It could Bärenbruck went into the village, to not have failed to stimulate their pray- speak with the people, who seemed ers and animate their exertions, for more favourable than any with whom the advancement of Christ's kingdom! we had previously spoken. In the even

June 9, 1821. -With day-light this ing, we bad another conference with morning, we left our lodging-place for them when they pointed out an old Puzhal; where we arrived about sun- house, which they would give for a rise, and spoke with several of the in School Room. We left this place habitants respecting a School. They about five o'clock for Madras, where seemed to approve of our proposal; we arrived safely about seven. Praised and promised, after consideration and be the Lord for the gracious protecconsultation with their Ileadmen, to tion afforded during our absence, and send us an answer.

for the gleams of hope which have In less than an hour, we proceeded brightened our undertaking!



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arers on to large place, forty

We which



(See Page 140.)

effect lited,


sleep. ters; fore dol and

acar d dising

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THE SCHOOL ESTABLISHMENTÀ, AT TRANQUEBAR, FOR THE YEAR 1821. Jan. 2, 1821.-We had the usual ceeding years. We beg leave to express morning prayer in the School. About our thankfulness to your Reverence, for ten o'clock almost all our School. what we have hitherto enjoyed, under your masters, Seminarists, and English cerely promise to rejoice your paternal

indulgent Superintendence; and we sinSchool-Children, went to congratu. heart, by our good conduct and progress in late Dr. Caermerer; when the Semi

our learning narists presented the following Ad Recommending ourselves and our Pa. dress, signed by eight Christian and rents to your Reverence's blessing and eight Heathen Youths.


We remain with profound respect, &c. Rev. and Worthy FatherWe consider it as a great mercy of the This bas affected Dr. Caemmerer Lord to us, that your Reverence's valuable very much, especially the rememlife is preserved to the beginning of this brance of the loss of his faithful BroNew Year. We sincerely rejoice and praise God for the same, while we lament

ther and our late worthy Superinthe loss of our late worthy Superintendant,

tendent, Mr. Schnarré. Dr. C. after. the Rev. Mr. Schnarré. Heartily do we ward seriously and affectionately expray, Reverend Father, that your valuable horted us, to be faithful and diligent life and health may be long preserved for

in our respective duties. our happiness; that your Reverence's fa

Jan, 15.--Received a Letter from mily comfort may be long continued; and that we and many hundred Children more

Ayyavoo, a Roman-Catholic Youth, may enjoy the benefit of your pious instruc

who has received some favourable imtions and care, in this and in many suc. pressions on his beart, which, through

ve ke to


ch 1:

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