nish you with a copy of the Trea- laterally, to the advancement of the
surer's Minute on the subject, which primary objects of the Mission.
will explain the grounds of this Reso With the general charge of the Na-
Jution, and, we doubt not, excite your tive Departinent of the Mission, the
endeavours to keep within the smallest Schools necessarily fall under Mr.
practicable limits, consistent with the Bärenbruck's superintendence; but,
due efficiency of the Mission, every as Mr. Ridsdale's earliest colloquial
ilem of its disbursemnents.

efforts in the Native Language will
The Committee, in conclusion, beg probably be most advantageously
you to be persuaded of the lively in- made in the Schools, it is desirable
terest which they feel in your labours that he should begin early to familia-
-of their sympathy in all your diffi- rize himself with the detail of their ar-
culties and discouragements of their rangements, and accompany and assist
joy in whatever tends to your joy and Mr. Bäreņbruck in the stated inspec-
comfort, in your persons, families, tion of them.
and ininistry—and of their prayers op In giving to each of you a separate
your behalf, to Him, who alone can portion of the duties of the Mission,
prosper your measures for the benefit the Committee have in view the relief
of the objects of your Ministry, and of Mr. Bärenbruck, and the syste-
impart all needful grace for the sancti- matic arrangement of the increasing
fication and peace of your own souls. work of the Mission : and with those

views it will be desirable that the Re. To the Missionaries al Madras.

ports of the different departments of The Committee have stated in their the Mission should be prepared by the Report, the sense which they enter. Superintendant of each. tain of the benefits to be derived from The Committee have before them, the erection of the Church now at at this time, plans for the buildings tached to your Mission. The duties required for the Seminary, which it of the Church as divided into the Eng- has so long been their wish to esta: lish and Tamul Services, have been blish within the Mission Ground; and already apportioned between you; they hope to commence upoa them and until Mr. Ridsdale's proficiency shortly. In the mean while, it is their in the Taixul Language shall enable desire, that you should seek for prohim to take part in the Native Ser- per Youths to be placed in the Instivice, it seems desirable, that the divi- iution, when the Establishment can sion of duties should continue on the be formed ; and to begin to prepare same footing as at present. But the them for the more enlarged course of Committee are anxious to keep con- instruction, which will be pursued in slantly before you the understanding the Seminary. The Central Mission that the Church was chiefly designed School and the Printing Office will for the use of Christian natives, and form parts of the same buildings; and that its paramount employment must will thus afford the most convenient always be for them. The English opportunity for due superintendence Service, accordingly, must always be and inspection, considered as a secondary, though cer Circumstances have led the Comtainly important, branch of duty: and mittee to consider of the System of we wish Mr. Ridsdale to keep this Native Schools lately established in consideration much in view { while, this Mission; and their experience so far as is consistent with its due ob- leads them to believe, that the Native servance, we rejoice in the institution Schools in respect to the paramount of the Service committed to him, and object of their institution-which is trust that the Ordinances will be the instruction of the Children in the blessed of the Lord to the essential elements of Christianity as well as in benefit of the Congregation, and, col- learning-are nearly useless, unless

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they ate within the regular and fre- they recommend earsėstly the regu-
quent inspection of the Missionary: lar observance of these visits, so far
and, under this impression, they would as circumstances may permit. Of
wish you to consider, whether the be- the utility of the practice in every
nefits of the distant Schools of the country, every Christian Minister,
Mission are equivalent to their ex who duly estimates the responsibility
pense; and whether the same expense of bis office, is fully sensible ; but it
might not be more advantageously seems especially needful in this coun-
employed, in extending the number try, for a Missionary to extend the
of Schools within the town and en influence of his office, from the
virons of Madras on the North side, Church to the Dwellings of his hum-
which is the quarter least occupied, ble flock. It is the anxious wish of
the Committee believe, by the Mis- the Committee, that, in every place
sionaries of other Societies in this where the Society has a footing, the
place, and where, consequently, it poor depressed Christian Natives may
would seem advisable to concentrate have a principal share in the labours
the operations of your Mission.

of the Missionaries; and especially
Another point is deserving of no-

that their Children should be the obtice. You will find in the Report on jects of your tender regard. If, by the the Tinnevelly Mission, the Rules favour of their Heavenly Father, which the Rev. Mr. Hough has adopt blessing the endeavours of the Mised, in concurrence with his School- sionaries, the rising generation of masters, to insure a certain number Christian Natives shall prove more of Scholars in every School. The ex- worthy of the Holy Name which they penses of the Schools in Madras ex- bear, the distribution of such a class of Ceed those of the Society's Schools at persons in the country may be attendevery other Station, with the ex- ed with very important effects. It is ception of those at Allepie ; while sufficient thus to advert to a subject, the average number of Children in that has, no doubt, occupied your then is less than in any other. thoughts, in order to evince the in

I am further requested to intimate terest which the Committee take in t'ie wish of the Committee, that this important branch of your duties. stated Half-yearly Public Examina The Committee trust, that you tions of the Children of the Mission will find increasing assistance, in these Schools may be established ; from and other offices of your Ministry, the due observance of which the Com- from the services of the Catechist mittee expect much good; and at and Readers of the Mission. They which the Members of the Com- would suggest to you the importance mittee would, of course, attend. of the most domestic communication,

The Committee would wish you to which it may be in your power to consider the different matters relating maintain with these Native Assis. to the Schools: and they will be happy tants: for the purpose of rendering afterward, at your convenience, to them familiar with your views toconfer personally with you on the ward the people; and of endeavoursubject of them; with the view, if ing to impart to them the animating approved by you, of having the mea- principles which govern your labours, sures carried into effect, or of in place of the mere formal observadapting them to your views. ance of customary dutics, which the

The Conimittee are aware of the business of their situation prescribes,
attention which Mr. Bärenbruck

very and to which the habitual inertness of
early paid to the important duty of the native character bas so unhappy
Pastoral Visits among the Members a tendency.
of the Tamul Congregation ; and Tbc Committee hope that it will

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eventually be in your power to esta work, cannot fail to excite on the part blish a plan of Public Preaching of the Society and all its Members ! abroad, in addition to the stated per For the efficient management of the formance of Divine Service at Church business of so extensive a Station, it and at the Koorookapetah School. seems desirable to make a division of In the mean while, it is desirable that the duties of the Mission; and these the Catechist and Readers should be class themselves naturally under thọ employed, according to their qualifi- two heads of cations and under your direction, in Ist. The Congregation and Preachthis duty.

ing; and, The Committee hope that the Mis 2d. Schools and Seminary. sion Printing-Office will, in the Your respective qualifications obcourse of this year, become an in- viously point out the proper distribucreasingly efficient help to all their tion of the duties of these two divi. Missions; by supplying Editions of sions. It is the wish of the Committee, the various useful Tracts possessed that the first be placed under Mr. by the Committee, and the publica. Rhenius, and the second under Mr. tion of School Books: and the Com- Schmid. The Committee request, mittee will be happy to receive any

that in all reports and communicaaddition which you can make, from tions to them and to the Society, this time to time, to their collection of division of subjects be attended to, such Works.

and that the Superintendant of each

shall compile the parts relating to his To the Missionaries in Tinnevelly.

department of the work. The District in which you are sla We need not impress upon you, at tioned presents the singular and en this period of your experience in all couraging view, of Heathen Natives the details of a Mission in this counseeking the benefits of Christianity, try, the necessity of each of you exerand entreating for Christian Instruc- cising A CONTINUAL PERSONAL INSPECTION tors; and of a wide door voluntarily

over your respective branches of the opened for the utterance of the Go- affairs of the Mission. spel, in a language with which you It is the wish of the Committee have made yourselves familiarly ac that Mr. Rhenius should employ biinquainted. A Native Congregation self much in PREACHING, wherever the already attends your Ministry. Nu. people manifesta disposition to listen; merous Schools have been formed by and especially to make frequent visits the zealous and judicious Friend, to those places, where the people whom you succeed in so interesting a would seem to be favourably inclined scene of Missionary exertion and suc

to receive the Gospel. Those visits cess : and a Seminary is in progress, should not be hastily performed ; for for training up more suitable Native from such visits no solid results can Instruments for the different depart- be expected : but as much time as is ments of your work, than can be ob- possible should be given to them. tained elsewhere. A more hopeful Thus visiting frequently the places and pleasing scene for Missionary which lift up their hands, as it were, Exertion cannot be found in any other crying, Come over and help us, and quarter of India. May a double por- giving himself heartily to this chief tion of the Spirit, which guided the labour of the Christian Ministry, it measures and conduct of your esteem- may be expected, from all the circumed Predecessor, rest upon you; and stances of the people, as hitherto as. qualify you perfectly to fulfil the certained, that the effects of Mr. high expectation which a review of Rhenius's exertions, with the Divine the labours of a solitary and very in- blessing, will abundantly recompense firm Minister, fully given to the great his toil on their behalf.

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The continual personal inspection College, and the completion of the of the schools, the Committee doubt Translation of the Holy Scriptores not will be Mr. Schmid's happy em into the Vernacular Dialect-promise, ployment. The Printing Press here with the Divine Blessing, to be poweris about to be actively employed in ful Auxiliaries of the favourable disthe preparation, among other works, positions of the Rulers of the Church, of School Publications; and supplies and toward the fulfilment of the hopes will be speedily forwarded, tó aid Mr. excited by the additional testimony Schmid's useful labours in bis depart

borne, in the Documents now before ment of work.

us, as to the aptitude of the people for
To the Missionaries in Travancore. religious instruction. May those bopes

The Committee have received great be largely realized, through the tonder
pleasure, from a Letter addressed to mercy of God our Saviour !
them by their valued Friend, the Rev. There are a few points, connocted
Mr. Hough, containing an account of with the duties of the Mission and the
his visit to the Syrian Christians, to state of the people, upon which I am
your Mission, and to that of Allepie. requested to state the wishes of the
Persuaded that this Document will

be acceptable, and that it is calculated The Committeo highly approve of
to be useful to you, I have been re the arrangement which you adopted,
quested to forward the accompanying sometime ago, for the more systematic
copy of it; and to express the satis- distribution of the labours of your
faction which the Committee feel at united work;and they think that it will
the representation that it conveys of tend to the efficiency of the plan, as it
your beneficial labours of your de- certainly will to the developement of
votedness to the Cause, for which you its results, if, in the stated reports to
are engaged-and of the prospect, the Committee, each Missionary shall
with which the measures of the So- compile the parts belonging to his
ciety are favoured, of realizing, in own department of labour. We de
due time, the hopes, entertained by sire to acknowledge, what we very
its Members of the benefits to be con sensibly feel, the obligation which
ferred, by their Institutions, on the we owe to you for the valuable gene-
depressed Church of Malabar. ral Reports hitherto addressed to us:

The Committee contemplate these but it will be but reasonable for each
interesting proceedings, with thank to take his share, in the duty of pre-
fulness toward the Great Head of the paring such statements of your pro-
Church ; and unite with the devout ceedings; and they will probably ad-
Members of the Society at large, in mit of more particular detail on cach
prayer to Him, for the more abundant branch of your interesting occupa-
supply of His grace, to qualify you tions, when compiled by each for the
for all the arduous duties of your portion belonging especially to him-
situation ; and for the effusion of the self, than the most comprehensive but
Holy Spirit upon the whole Church, general representations' admit.
to render your endeavours, on behalf The Committee, both on general
of its Members, conducive to the Di principles and on such experience as
vine Glory, and their present and is applicable to the point, aro led
everlasting welfare.

to lay much stress on the importance
The measures lately sanctioned by of each Missionary, in his propor de-
the Committee, at your suggestion, partment of labour, exercising, to the
for extending the system of education utmost possible extent, personal in-
and the increased efficiency of the tercourse and inspection of the people
College at Cotym, seconded, as they with whom his duty brings him into
trust they will shortly be, by the estas connection, and as frequent visits
blishment of a Printing Office at the as may be practicable among the

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Churches and Schools, which, from tants, however limited they may netheir distance, are beyond the reach cessarily be at present. of immediate superintendence from There are also some points of Ofyour head Station.

ficial Detail, which I am requested to The remarkable improvement in take the opportunity of mentioning. the instance of the Catanar of Nera The first is, to beg that you will num, noticed by Mr. Hough, and at forward to the Committee a copy of tributed to the Catanar's former inti- every Tract, hitherto circulated by macy with Mr. Norlon, is a proof of you, and that, henceforth, none may the beneficial effect of such near be distributed, until their sanction communication : and thesuccess, that has been obtained, when the Tract attended Mr. Bailey's visit to consists of any matter except extracts Church, which had before resolutely from the Sacred Scriptures : of such, refused to contribute to the main- also, a specimen should be forwarded tenance of its Parish School, is an for the information of the Comimportant instance of the favourable mittee; to be lodged in the Central influence which may be exerted by Library, and to be entered in its Lists. personal address, where even the au The Committee also request, that thority of Official Power had failed. the progress made in the Malayalim And, in respect of Schools, our ex

Translation of the Scriptures, may perience in other places leads us to be occasionally noticed in your Refear, that they will not be found really ports while the detail of that work useful in view to the paramount ob- will continue to be communicated, ject of Christian Instruction, until of course, to the Auxiliary Bible suitable Native Superintendence can Society. be depended on, only while under the I am also to request, that you will regular inspection of a Missionary. forward, for deposit here, all the

The Committee may mistake, but Grants of Land or other property there is something liko an intimation, held by the Society in your Mission, in some instances, of the Heads of copies being preserved by you ; it the Syrian Church entertainiog the being desirable, that all original dosupposition of the measures of our cuments of that pature sbould be derevered Society toward them being posited here. those of the Church of England. It would answer many useful ends, Should such an impression exist, you if you would make a practice of taking will, of course, correct it; and con- Geographical and Statistical Notes of vey a right understanding of the con, the Country, upon all occasions of stitution of the Church Missionary visiting the various parts of it, and Society, and of its motives and would send the substance of them, as views, as a Benevolent but Unofti- your leisure permits, to the Commitcial Associacion, toward the Syrian tee. With the exception of the Church.

Writings of some of the Romish The Committee have noticed, with Missionaries, scarcely any thing is attention, Mr. Hough's remarks re known, in detail, of the country inspecting Cochin: and it is among habited by the Syrian Christians, or the chief places, which they wish to of the present slate of their villages, be enabled to provide with a resident occupations, and numbers. Mr. BaiMissionary; but, till they can do so, ley's account of his tour last year was, they consider it important to possess in this respect also, very acceptable. the hold upon the Station, which If it were possible to furnish a Sketch your regular visits thit

maintain ; Map of the country, it would be a independently of the actual benefit, most interesting document. which, they trust, is conferred by To the Rev. T. Norton, al Allepie. your ministrations among the inhabi. The Committee rejoice with you

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