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me." I asked, “ Will your Children whose disciples we are, forbids us to
save you also from Hell?" I shook receive or read those books." I said,
the dust off my feet, and departed “ You people are endowed, through
from them; and coming to the boat, God's goodness, with understanding.
had family worship: four or five peo- When you go into the market to buy
ple came with me to the boat, and re bread, are you deterred from pur.
mained till after worship.

chasing the best, because a shopkeeper,
Dec. 19, 1820.- The boat reached who wishes to sell you his own, speaks
Ghazeepore. I went to the house ill of that which you approve ?" One
where I had formerly held a long con of them said,

By no means." I
versation, and found not one of the then, taking occasion from this con-
people at the door of the house. I cession, said, “This is all I mean. I
said to my servant, “Set down the tell you truly, that God has given
chair.” He set it down. A conjuror information, in the Law, and in the
was sbewing tricks, and many people Psalms, and in the Gospel, that Jesus
were collected. I directed Suadut Christ is God over all blessed for ever,
Messeeh to ask me questions aloud, and all the Prophets bear witness to
and I would answer them; if perhaps, his Godhead and bis Divine Glory:
in this way, good might come to any and you also acknowledge him to be
soul. Suadut asked, “ Aged Brother, a Prophet, and the authority of all
why sit you here?" I answered, I the books of the Pentateuch, the Law,
wish to shew these people the true and the Gospel. Your leaders neither
way. I have pity on miserable igno- read themselves, nor let you read
rant souls, who know not the True them; and do not give Jesus the
God.” Several questions, after this honour due to him : so what answer
manner, I answered in easy language, will they give to God? The Lord
such as common people speak; and a Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all, and
great crowd collected, and began to through faith in whom forgiveness is
listen, and to say to one another in a alone to be found-what sentence
scoffing way,

If you become Chris- will He pass upon you!" One began
Lians, the English will shew you much

" What! is there no mention

of our Prophet in the Law and in the Sunday.--Arrived at Benares. I

Gospel ?” I said to him, “ It is on had mistaken the date, and supposed this account that I say to you, read or that Christmas Day would fall on hear for yourselves, and judge for Sunday. After worsbip, rode to Se. yourselves; or believe my words: I erole. On arriving there, I learnt say troly, that no mention is made of that Christmas Day would be on Mon. bim ;" when several of them becoming day. I was happy to meet Messrs.

angry said, “What I do our ReligiGreenwood, Adlington, and Dutton : ous and Learned Men teach us lies?" they shewed me much love.

I answered, “You say the truth yourIn my way to the city, I met with selves I need not repeat it.” Another several Mabomedan Weavers. When said, in anger, “What! are you people I told them my history, they were at mad? This person owns himself, that first very angry. I asked them if he was a Mussulman, and has become they believed in the Lord Jesus Christ.

a Christian--to hear the words of such
They said, We believe in bim." I

an one is sin. Is be worthy to be at-
then said, “Do you then deny the tended to, or thought of? Go to your
Pentateuch, and Gospel, and Psalms?" own homes.” They all went away.
One of them, who could read a little,
said, “ We believe that these books

After staying at Benares and in
are true and certain." I said, Well,

the neighbourhood for sonte time,
why do you not read the books?"

Abdool proceeded on his voyage.
They said, “Our Spiritual Guide, Feb. 1.-At Lucknow. Called OR


to say,

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Mirza Juzee, who was in company Testamedl, a Prayer Book, and two with the Dorogat of the Ordnance copies of the Catechisms. He said, Department and several Moguls, &c. - You are much talked of in the marHe received me with great kindness. kets and lanes; and, yesterday, you When those who were present heard were mentioned to Nawob Aitmad ud me speak of subjects referring to Dawlah.” From hence I went to the Christianity, they appeared surprized; College of Ramzaun Allce Khan: and some of them said to Mirza Ju- afterward called on the Son of Mohu zee, “We know this man's relations, Dildar Ullo. and that he was in the service of the How shall I express my gratitude late Nowaul: what a strange thing it to Christ! Those I feared most, are is, that he should have renounced Is. intimate with me, and visit me i They lam, and now become a deceiver of now usually call me by the name of others! God preserve us from his Padre! The maimed, blind, &c. society !” Mirza Juzee smiled ; and usually come to me; and I endeaon my coming away, asked for an vour to aid and benefit them, by give Oordoo Testament, which I gave him, ing medicines: my house is generally together with a Book of Common filled with guests. In the morning, Prayer.

Worship is generally conducted with Feb. 2, 1821... While in the act of the Men: and, in the evening, with Family Prayer, three or four Molwees, the Females; at which time, many disciples of Molwee Dildar Allee, Pemales attend as spectators. called; and, with them, several of Feb. 4, Sunday.--Mr. Saladar was their pupils: and entered the room desirous that worship should be conthough the door was closed. They ducted at his house ; which accordstood observing the manner in which ingly took place: a number of people Service was conducted: several of assembled. them laughed ; and others said, “Here Feb. 5.-Thrée Pataps came, with there is nothing to excite laughter, the intent of doing me some injury. for the prayers are excellent.” After Brother Joseph gåve notice to Fakeer prayer, I begged them to be seated, Mahomed Khan, a Risaldar (Captajn and entered into conversation with of a Troop) with whom he is intithem until noon, respecting the reli- mate; upon which he sent two of his gious rights observed by Christians: Peons to my place, saying, “If any they appeared pleased, and two of the person should insult hiin, I will take Molwees expressed their intention of notice of it.” By the blessing of God, remaining with me: after partaking on account of the interference of Maof refreshment, they retired.

homed Khan, they were prevented Feb. 3.--Having conducted wor. accomplishing their purposes. ship and partaken of refreshment, I By the favour of God, such is the went to the Horse Market, in order influence that Europeans have obto purchase a horse to ride on, and a tained here, that not one of them, poney to carry my baggage. There, however low, is injured. All the a number of people had assembled to- Nobles are anxious to be acquainted gether. When they saw me, they with Europeans. God grant that allbegan to say to one another, “This is may kuow Christ as the Mediator! I he!" " This is ħe !” and wherever I am convinced that soon there will be went, a crowd surrounded me.

one fold and one Shepherd. Several of Having purchased a poney, I went the Begums dress as European Feto the Cantonments, and saw Mr. Sa- males; and read, with much attention, ladar, who was formerly a Major in the Oordoo Testament: and the time John Baptist's Army, and is aow em is approaching when they will put on. ployed by the King of Oude; be re. Christ. ceived me kindly, and took an Oordoo Feb. 6.–Prayer being ended, I set

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out for Mahumdabad, which is 12 coss vinced that his Majesty recognised from Lucknow, and is the village of you, but you need not suppose Musbahib Ullee Khan: at night I that he will send for you: he is remained in Kursee, and had much no longer of the same mind, por conversation with several individuals. does he manifest any animosity to May God grant that the conversation Christians as formerly.” On hearing may prove beneficial !

this, I praised God; and, leaving Feb. 7, 1821.- Arrived at Mabum- him, I went to several of the Courdabad. Masabib Ullah Khan died tiers wbom I knew, and made kuown without issue; but his adopted Son, the glad tidings of Salvation: some who was formerly a Hindoo, has be- ridiculed ; and others said, “We hate come a Mahomedan, and is now the the very sight of you !" others again proprietor of Mahumdabad. With said, " Jews will be saved by Moses, him I remained until twelve at night. and Christians by Christ;” implying I found him well inclined to Christi- that all would be saved in every peranity. I gave him an Oordoo Testa. suasion. I answered, “O friends! mentand inquired after Molwee Enau- Moses was one of the elect servants of yet. He said that Enauyet was 40 miles Christ.” When they heard of the distant, with his father-in-law; so Divinity of Christ and his office as that an interview would be attended Mediator, they appeared in doubl. not only with difficulty, but with Feb. 11, Sunday. -- Worship was much personal danger.

conducted in the morning, at Nise Feb. 8.--Prager being concluded, Khanum's house. The Native Wives I set out, on horseback, at sunrise ; of several of the Europeans were preand arrived at midnight at Lucknow, sent; and cried much, during the baving travelled (wo stages.

singiog of the Hymn of the IncarnaFeb. 9.-I was riding out, by the tion, and several of them shewed Horse-Market, being anxious to call great attention. I stayed here the on Fakeer Mahomed Khan, in order whole day; and, conducting Service to thank him for his kindness men in the evening, returned home, and tioned on the 5th; but, while on the had prayers with the family. way, I saw Seeb Deen galloping to Feb. 12. - Called on several Euroward me: he recognised me, and pean Gentlemen, in His Majesty's congratulations took place. Shortly Service. They were very kind, und after, his Majesty, with a carriage and expressed themselves much displeasEuropean Coachmen, together with ed with the customs of the Romish a number of his Nobles and 200 Priests. They, and some Christiaus horsemen, came near us. Several of who were assembled, said, with great his retinue called out, “Padre Sabib, affection, “ We are all pleased with go on one side :" I got off; and with you: if you will build a Church here, the greatest reverence, as is the cus We promise you, and will give you the tom to the Monarchs of the East, paid promise in writing, that we will not my, respects. His Majesty turned go near the Romish Church.” tound, and viewed me for a long Feb. 13.- A person came, and time: the people began to say, “His told me that Lallbage, the Disciple Majesty eyed this man with attention; of Sahabut Ulle, had gathered toperhaps he may send for him.”

gether a number of Patans, and that Feb. 10. Called on Rajah Seeb they were coming to quarrel. My Deen. Before I could relale my Brother Joseph went to the Bagam's history, he began to mention what Son-in-Law, who sent a Chobedar lo he knew respecting me. I said that Molwce Sahabut Ulle's Disciple, and I had seen his Majesty, and asked bim said, “ Formerly your Master caused If his Majesty had said any thing re much unpleasavtness in this cily be specting me: he said, “ I am con tween the Shuabs, agd Soomes, 2014

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men were murdered ; and vow you The Christiaps here have shewn
wish to injure a stranger: this cir much affection, and desired to re-
cumstance I shall make known to my ceive Christian instruction and to
Mother, who will acquaint the Resi- have an English Church erected.
sident, and you will be dismissed the Feb. 18. Sunday. - Conducted Di.
King's Service; and if you are elated vine Service, morning and evening,
with martial power, know that my at a friend's house : between 200 and
Mother's female slaves will remove 300 people were present,
it.” On the arrival of the Chobedar, Feb. 19. - After prayer with the
they were prevented carrying their family, I went to Amatee, where I
design into execution. How shall I remained the whole day conversing
describe the Bagam, who is the sister with the Molwees. Some sided with
of Nawab Saadut Ullah-She is of a me, and some manifested a spirit
heroic disposition. His Majesty and quite hostile; so that there was a
the people of the city are all afraid great division among them. I remain-
of her; for her female slaves occa. ed there all night, and returned to
sionally clothe themselves in armour, Lucknow the next day; and had
and have pul to dealb several per much conversation on the road with
sons, and at times have plundered the a Brahmin, whom I found attentive
market. By the grace of God, these to what was said, and who promised
people are kind to this Sinner ; and to come to me to know the truth.
there is a great friendship between her Feb. 23.--Mirza Morum Beg sent
Son-in-Law and my Brother Joseph. me word that several people, in order

Feb. 14, 1821.--Mirza Bunda Ullu, to see me, would attend at his house;
Son-in-Law to the Bagam, sent for and desired me to take the New Tes-
me; and, by the blessing of God, my tament with me, and pass the day at
interview with him was the occasion his house : which I accordingly did,
of the Bagam's accepting an Oordoo and had much conversation with the
Testament, with which she appeared people who came.
much pleased. She spake to me from Feb. 24. Shake Mohummud
behind a curtain, and said, “ Como Buksb and Hukum Kulloo gave me
to Lucknow, whenever you please, an invitation to a feast. I passed the
as do man shall be permitted to in. day with them and their guests, with
jure you: and if any person shall much profitable discourse.
insult you, give my Son-io-Law no Feb. 25, Sunday. · Had Worship
tice, and he will protect you; and twice at home. At the time of Even-
should you find it uncomfortable at ing Prayer, near 200 people, men and
your own abode, I will order apart- women, were present; many of whom
ments here for you, and will give my were only spectators.
Son-in-Law notice." I expressed my Feb. 26. — I took leave of my
thankfulness, and took my leave, and friends at Lucknow, purposing to
called on Meer Shaw Ulla, the Son proceed to Furmokabaud. Came to
of a Mahomedan Peer, and continued Kursee, and sent my baggage on.
arguing with him and his Disciples Feb. 27.- Came to Mahumdabad,
until evening,

We passed the day in discoursing on Feb. 15. — A disciple of Zahbit the nature and peculiarities of the Ulla came alonc, and remained ar Christian Religion. They received guing respecting the Divinity of six copies of the New Testament and Christ, till he became quite displeased. ten of the Catechisms, and manifested While we were arguing, a Peon of great attention. I learned tbat MolMirza Bunda Ullu carried an account wee Epauyet had gone to Lucknow: of what was going on to his Master, being desirous to see Molwee Enauyet, as he was apprehensive I might be I returned to Lucknow, where i jesulted on account af my principles, sought for him.

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600 and to rected docled Di d evening

, 20 200 and

Feb. 28, 1821. -Saw the Molwee, Feb. 29, 1821. - I came to day to and was much disappointed. His case Nowl Guoge, there I saw Hukum reminded me of the Lord Jesus Sackumlah Khaum, and Meer Ullah Christ's Parable of the seed being Bukhsh, with whom I had much con. sown among thorns. His former love versation. The Hukum received two for serious things bad left him: not copies of the Psalms in Persian, and only so, but I discovered much ava two of the Persian Testament, for rice. I was much grieved: he was himselfand his Master, who is Nowaul like a drum, the sound of which is of Hydraubaud. He left in the well at a distance.

morning, shewing much attachment.


with the

where I moversing sided with

a spirit ere was a

I remaia. turned to

and had ad with attentive promised cruth.

(See Pages 132 8 138.)


Beg sent -, in order

his bouse;

New Tes he day at ngly did

, with the

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Letters of the Corresponding Commitlee to the Missionaries.
Some topics in these Letters which bear generally on the Mission are first

noticed, and are followed by extracts which refer to the respective Stations.
Tåg Committee trust that you will do not contemplate the separate pro-
have derived, from the perusal of the secution of them; on the contrary,
last Report, encouragement to pur- while each regulates the affairs of his
sue, with renewed diligence and hope, own department, we doubt not that
the important labours in which you the most free and cordial consultation
are engaged. At every Station of the and communication one with another,
Society in the South of India, as else- will be attended to: and, to insure this
where, the Committee see, with satis- concurrence, it is the request of the
faction and thankfulness, some pro- Committee, that all your communica-
gress making toward the accomplish- tions to them and the Society, on the
ment of the benevolent designs of the general affairs of the Mission, be signed
Society for the moral and religious in common: except when a different
improvement of the people within the judgment prevails, when each party
sphere of the several Missions: and will, of course, be free to state bis
the Committee unite with the devout
Members of the Society at large, in After having recently taken mea-
supplicating an increased measure of sures, in reference to the state ofall the
Divine Influence on all their Mission- Missions of the Society connected with
aries and their Native Assistants; that them, to render them as efficient in
each, in his proper place, may be en- point of establishment as the circum-
dowed with the wisdom that is pro- stances of each seemed to require, the
fitable to direct, and, the love which Committee have found it necessary,
is required to constrain each to give in consequence of their greatly in-
himself, with full purpose of heart, to creased expenditure, to resolve upon
the prosecution of the great and ar- undertaking no new measures involv-
duous work to which the Providence ing any expense, till the wishes of the
of God has called him.

Society shall be known. I am reIn making any division of duties quested to state this circumstance for between Missionaries, the Committee your general guidance; and to fur

of whom


[blocks in formation]
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