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love God. if not, you are wandering sandal perfume, and are anxiously in error. Obey the commands of Je- watching the progress of the skies, and sus, and bate thou all sin. If thou continually asking one another how hast a true love of religion, be not much of the day remains. As soon as thou indifferent to baptism."

the sun is down, they fill themselves I feel it necessary to advert to the with all kinds of food, fat and lean, principles of the Mussulman Reli- and vegetables and fruit; so that it gion, in which I was brought up. I would be no wonder if they were not also shall notice some of the errors of hungry for two or three days to come. the Hindoo and Portuguese.

And again, when two or three gurries These all place dependance on their of the night remain, they take what external worship; and err in similar they call the night meal; and eat so ways: more especially, the Faith of immoderately, that often some of the Mussulmans is entirely on works; them die of the Cholera Morbus: but and they believe, that, by their works, whoever die in Ramazan, they conthey shall be saved. They depend on sider sure of Heaven ; for they fancy, their fasting and their prayers; which, that during the fasting-month, the in fact, are altogether hypocrisy, and door of heaven stands open, and whopride, and enmity: and also they de ever dies goes in straightway. pend on pilgrimages, and wars against The Hindoos call that kind of fastinfidels. If you attend to their man ing Britu ; and neither eat nor drink ner of going on pilgrimage, it is not the whole day and night, except at different from Hindoo Idolatry; and sun-rising: and if clouds prevent their their religious wars are full of violence seeing the sun rise, they do not eat and murder, and their purifications for two or three days: their food at deserve the name only of superstition that time consists of vegetables, and and ill-will toward others; and they buttermilk, and sweetmeats; but to seek the accomplishment of their de- eat rice or pulse would destroy the sires from vows and visits to tombs virtue of the month's fast. and the bones of dead men, which is I often also feel great concern for altogether contrary to the Word of the Portuguese. They are called God: many of those dead men were, Christians : but they too are in the in their life-time, cheats and robbers.

On fasting-days, they With respect to their Fastings, and will not eat meat and butter ; but they Prayers, and Pilgrimages, and Reli- eat fish and eggs in abundance, pregious Wars, and Purifications, which pared with oil. they consider means of salvation, I The Saviour of all the servants of would observe, that, in pasting, they God is our Lord Jesus Christ; whom eat nothing from morning till night, all Mahomedans acknowledge sinless, and all day long are out of humour and free from all faults both mortal with their children and servants; so and venial. He has said-When ye that it is become common to say of a fast, be not as the hypocrites, of a sad man, when he is out of temper, “He countenance ; for they disfigure their is keeping fast:" and they complain faces that they may appear unto men to one to another, of the debility, and fast: Verily I say unto you, they have thirst, and afliction wbich they en their reward; but thou, when thou faslest, dure. In short, according to this anoint thine head, and wash thy face ; Faith, they pass the whole day pre that thou appear not unto men to fast, paring syrups, and juices of fruit, but unto thy Father which is in secret : and walking in shady gardens; and, and thy Father which seeth in secret, if asked where they are coming from, shall reward thee openly. From this they answer from beguiling their fast: account, every wise man may underand, on whomsoever you look, they stand which is spiritual instruction bave their forehead anointed with and which is carnal.



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Let us now attend to their PRAYERS. sitting naked, repeat the names of

This is one of their meritorious their gods: often, aged men and wo. works : and they have five appointed men die of cold, in these exercises : times for daily prayer—at day-break, in this they fancy the deceased is gone after mid-day, evening, and dusk, and to heaven; they have invented such when night is set in: if the time goes modes of worship as render life a tör. by, then the prayer cannot be offered. ment; as, for instance, the “ ChuThere are thousands among them, ruck Poojah,” of which it is not newho, in all their life; never prayed to cessary here to speak. The MahomeGod. Many of inferior rank, as dans have also invented a mode of weavers, and hard-ware sellers, and

praying, with the heels suspended upsellers of vegetables, who are noted ward and the head down ; which, in as the inferior race of Mahomedans, fact, is a kind of “Churuck Poojah." prepare themselves for prayer in Ra. I have heard that the Portuguese mazan ; and, after Ramazan, leave Priests also often scourge their own off again, till the following year: on backs, and put thorns into their beds ; which account this proverb bas be so that, in short, error is of the same come current—"A Ramazan Prayer, nature in them all. It seems that and a Mohurrum Soldier ;" for, in the these people, who thus torment their month of Mohurrum, these inferior

own bodies, suppose that God is now classes, who never in their life take a inflicting by their own hands, that sword in hand, arm theniselves with a punishment which they know is to sword and shield, and pass themselves

come upon them. off as soldiers.

Thousands of Mahomedans know In prayer, the people for the most

merely how to read the letters of the part repeat passages from the Koran Koran, but know nothing of its meanin Arabic, and know not what they ing ; and, throughout it all, there is babble out. Their worship is alto no mention of teaching the heart, or gether erroneous.

of forgiving sins, except by good I once saw a person in Agra, on the works. banks of the Junina, with a long string All these keep up the custom of of beads in his hands, repeating prayers saying prayers that they may be seen in silence with his eyes shut: I asked of men. Our Lord Jesus Christ, him what he was saying: he began then who came into the world to make to repeat aloud a verse in the Koran, of known the Word of God, sayswhich he said this was the translation

When ye pray, be not as the hypocrites ; _“ Poh! your debt is a trifle : I will for they love lo pray standing in the pay it, wilh the interest.” I was asto Synagogues, and in the corners of the nished on hearing this, and supposed streets, that they may be seen of men. he was deranged. I asked him who Verily, I say unto you, they have their taught him this daily prayer : he an reward. But thou, when thou prayest, swered, “ My Spiritual Guide." I enter into thy closel ; and pray to thy asked, “ Of what class are you?” he Father, which is in secret ; and thy answered, "A master butcher: I have Father, which seeth in secret, shall relost a great sum in play; and I told ward thee openly. In fine, whoever my Spiritual Guide of it, who wrote has this spiritual taste will certainly

for me, and told me if I forsake such praying, as is full of hywould repeat it morning and evening pocrisy and carnality. for forty days, the Khwaja Khijor (the In respect of the pilgrimages of the Lord of the Waters) would pay my Mahomedans, they undertake long debt."

and distant journeys; and when the In like manner, the Hindoos make pilgrims approach the Caaba, which “poojahs,” as the Mahomedans pray ; was formerly an idol temple, they put and bathe in the river in the cold; and, on clothes without seam, but wrappod

this prayer

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round them--they do not cut nor great and good work to attack the comb their hair, nor clean themselves Jews, or Christians, or Hindoos; and -and call this custom Honouring to force them to become Mahomedans. the Caaba. On arriving there on the If they will by any means agree to day of pilgrims, they sacrifice camels become Mahomedans, so much the and oxen, and sheep with large tails. better: if not, they cut them off with In the Caaba, is a large stone, which the sword; and, whatever they posthey call “ Ilugar uswud,” literally sess, plunder and take away: and these * Black Stone:” that, they kiss. And, sentiments they consider lawful, and perhaps from that custom, the Hin a part of such property they give doos have adopted the Calee Poo. to the descendants of the Prophet. jab,” when they sacrifice oxen and Alas for such! Our Lord Jesus Christ goats on a black stone. When a Ma- has said-He, that taketh the sword, homedan bas returned from a pilgri- shall perish by the sword. Altend well mage, he fancies himself freed from to the history of the founders of these sin. From their custom of sacrificiog, practices. They, for the most part, it seems very clear, that they have perished by the sword: and, even now, adopted the instruction contained in in Lucknow, in religious contentions, the Law of Moses, and which had re they often resort to the sword; and spect to the sacrifice of the Lord many, in their evil tempers, are slain. Jesus Christ.

Our Lord Jesus Christ has comThe Hindoos, instead of Pilgri- manded--Let your conversation be yea, mage to Mecca, have adopted Pilgri- yea, and nay, nay; for whatever is mages to Holy Places. They also more than these is of evil. undertake long journeys; and endure Another rule of their faith is exmuch hardship, in visiting Gyah, and TERNAL PURIFICATION, and many kinds Juggernaut, and Budrenaut, and many of wasbing. other places : and this, not for once ; In like manner, the Hindoos are but, often in their life, they under- obliged by their religion to many take these journeys. It is evident, kinds of bathing: some are held in from their frequent repetitions of such bondage, that, after those pilgrimages, that they derive no of nature, they must wash in the certainty of salvation from them. river; and it is altogether to be la

And it is a lamenlable circum- mented, that they take no pains aster stance, that an Armenian Priest has the purification of the heart, Our lately come to this country from a

Lord Jesus Christ has said-Ye hypopilgrimage to Jerusalem; and told, in criles ! first make the inside of the cup my hearing, such stories about the and platter clean, that the outside may tomb where the Lord Jesus lay for be clean also: and again-Woe unto three days, as I never heard from any you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! religious person: and the Armenians ye are like whiled sepulchres, which are consider him true and worthy of fair without, but wilhin are full of dead credit.

men's bones and all uncleanness: in I have thought it right to point out like manner, ye appear righteous lo men, the errors of these various sects, to but inwardly are full of deceit and sin. shew how all those who walk contrary I have, for brevity's sake, omitted to the Gospel agree as to their reli- noticing many foolish practices curgion : but those, who agree in the rent in these rcligions, which, were I faith of the Gospel, walk in one spi- to describe separately, would amount ritual maoner, and they have one to a volume. Thus the Hindoos dedoctrine.

pend on their good works, their pilLet us now attend to the RELIGIOUS grimages, for salvation and forgiveWARS of the Mahomedans.

ness. And the Portuguese depend According to their faith, it is a much on the intercessions of the Vir


every call

gin Mary, and the Apostles, and others soever believes in the Lord Jesus whom they call Saints, for accept- Christ, bis sins are washed away in ance with the Lord Jesus Christ. All the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, these improper customs are contrary and he has received the gift of the to the true faith of those, who have Holy Ghost: then bis spirit bears washed away their sins by faith only witness that he has obtained a spiin the Lord Jesus Christ; and, by ritual taste; for, as he who takes faith, producing works, are accounted sugar into his mouth tastes its sweet. righteous.

ness, while he who only cries “ Sugar, According to this statement we sugar," will still know nothing of its find the history of the Apostle Paul. taste, so it is not sufficient to call The Jews called him beside himself: ourselves Christians. But when a but he cared not for tbeir reproach, person loves the Lord Jesus with all nor for any one's praise or dispraise: the heart, and obeys His commandbut, for the joy set before him, he ments, and strives against Satan, and pressed forward to preach the Holy repels his fiery javelins, and contends Gospel in a spiritual manner, in the day and night with his own heart, service of the Lord Jesus Cbrist, as and seeks the grace of God and the is stated in the 16th verse-Hence- Holy Spirit, by whose help all these forth know we no man after the flesh : enemies may be overcome, then his yea, though we have known Christ after spirit can witness that now the old the flesh, yet now henceforth know we nature is changed ; and that he, Him no more. From this we derive

through the grace of the Lord Jesus this spiritual instruction—that the Christ and the help of the Holy Apostle Paul, through the grace of Spirit, is become a new creature : the Holy Spirit was so filled with the and then he finds that old things are faith and love of our Lord Jesus passed away, and that all things are Christ, that, being absorbed in the become new. And such an one will same, he cared not for any one's desire with all his heart, that, as his praise or ill name, or for shame or

sins are forgiven through faith in the trouble. Should any praise him, or blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, so speak ill of him, or persecute him, or the sins of others may be forgiven : comfort bim, still, as the devoted as when the Lord Jesus was in the servant of Christ, he went forward world, and healed sick persons of the labouring in the cause of God. In most dangerous disorders, those who like manner, whatever person would were healed, through joy could not glory in the faith and love of the

restrain themselves, so that others Lord Jesus, it becomes him not to

getting intelligence obtained relief trust in his own strength, but day and from their respective necessities ; so night to seek the assistance the he, who has freely obtained the inHoly Spirit, that he may pass his struction of the Gospel, desires that time without anxiety. If any speak he may impart it freely to others, well or ill of him, let him manfully and that others may taste of the spi, go on, endeavouring to teach and ritual good things he has tasted of. preach the Holy Gospel with all his

And whosoever through God's grace heart; and fear not those who hurt

has this desire, is as a good swimmer, the body, but fear Him wbo is able

who through the help of the Holy to cast his body and soul into hell.

Spirit can escape out of the whirl. In the 17th verse, the Apostle pool of this world, and dives that he says-If any man be in Christ, he is a

may draw out those who are drownnew creature : old things are passed ing; and this power of diving to away; behold, all things are become draw others out, he derives from the now. From this verse we collect grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. this spirilaal instruction--that who In the 18th verse, the Apostle Paul

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proceeds And all things are of God, hid: and having lighted a candle,
who hath reconciled us to Himself by they place it upon a candlestick that
Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the it may give light to others. So ought
ministry of reconciliation. From this a preacher of the Gospel, as a faith-
verse, we learn that God so loved the ful steward of God, to endeavour
world, that He sent His Son into the faithfully to make known the word
world ; so that we, who were as re of reconciliation to rebellious people,
bellious subjects and deserving of the and not be heedless or idle; that,
wrath of God, through the Lord when his Lord comes, He may find
Jesus Christ making us obedient sub- him engaged in his work; and lest he
jects and deserving of protection are be proved unfaithful in his Lord's
saved from the divine wrath. And presence, and what was entrusted to
the Lord Jesus Christ,' at the time of him be taken away, and he proved
His ascension into heaven, com- unworthy of trust.
manded-Go ye into all the world, and In the 20th verse, the Apostle Paul
preach the Gospel to every creature; makes known-Now then we are am-
and teach them to observe all things bassadors for Christ: 18 though God
whatsoever I have commanded you. did beseech you by us, we pray you, in
Those who obeythis command, and en Christ's stead, be ye reconciled to God.
deavour to teach all nations with this From which we are instructed in what
design, that, through the Lord Jesus our Lord Jesus said in respect of his
and by the grace of the Holy Spirit, Apostles, Ye are the salt of the earth,
they may reconcile all creatures to viz. as, by salt, the earth is preserved
the true God, who is Father, Son, from corruption; so through those,
and Holy Ghost, three persons and who have the work of the ambassa-
one God, and that all may obtain the dors of Christ committed to them by
knowledge of these three, such are the grace of the Holy Spirit, such
worthy of this service.

spiritual instruction is imparted, that
In the 19th verse, the Apostle Paul all, who embrace that instruction and
affirms that God hath reconciled the believe on the Lord, receive the adop-
world unto Himself, not impuling their tion of children, and, their souls be-
trespasses unto them; and hath com- ing delivered from a death in sin, gain
mitted unto us the word of reconcilia. everlasting life.
tion; from which we learn, that who Those who obtain this blessing will,
ever believes in the Lord Jesus Christ, with all entreaty and gentleness, ex-
his sips are forgiven, and he is ac cite in others a desire after the Chris
counted righteous before God through tian Religion. Therefore, whoso.
faith ; and, through the grace of the ever will fulfil the work of preaching
Holy Spirit, and from intercourse the Gospel, it behoves him, that, with
with thosewho have obtained the grace all gentleness and tenderness, he teach
of the Holy Spirit, attains to those all nations: as an Ambassador, with
views of thedignity of the Lord Jesus wisdom he will reduce" to obedience
Christ and of the peculiarities of the rebellious subjects, so that his Prince's
Gospel, from which alone the know. glory and great mercy may appear to
ledge of Christ can be learned as it those rebels--that, hearing ofbisglory
ought to be: as from one lamp an and greatness, they may fear : and,
other can be lighted, and from a se- being made acquainted with his inercy,
cond, a third, and from a third, a they may, through his Son, return to
fourth, till light may be afforded obedience. Those holy persons who
to many before sitting in darkness. embrace the work of Ambassadors of
And the Lord Jesus Christ has said, Jesus Christ, what comparison is thero
'in respect 'of those who believe in between them and the ambassadors of
Him-Ye are the light of the world. earthly kings ?
@city set upon a ' hill cannot be It appears from the Gospel, that

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