dence, even circunstances, which the Gospel has made in these wide most painfully affect your feelings, and populous regions, it is unneceswill not check your exertions, or sary to expatiate. We know, at suggest one thought of despondency least, that the attention of Christians or distrust.

has now, for a series of years, been While expressing the sense which powerfully directed to that portion we entertain of your services, and of the Globe: we have the happiness, the confidence which we repose in as a Society, of being immediately you, I should satisfy neither my own connected with many valuable Mifeelings nor those of the Committee, 'nisters, who are zealously engaged if I did not advert, however briefly, there in the propagation of the Goto the valuable assistance afforded by spel : the Holy Scriptures, which, you, Mrs. Jowett, in proinoting our within the memory of every one of important cause. 'The pains which us, were unknown in the chief Lanyou have so cheerfully taken in the guages of India, have since been quiet and unostentatious work of in- translated, or are in the course of structing, at Malta, those females who translation, into all the leading diacould profit by your attention, call lects of that exsensive country; and for our warmest acknowledgments. a spirit has been awakened, in various If only one of these Young Persons parts of our Eastern Empire, which should, by your means, be brought to affords a reasonable ground of hope, a saving knowledge of the Truth, how that the Word of God shall, ere ample would be the recompense! long, even in that Continent, run and But the benefit will, in that event, be be glorificd. probably still more extensive: a re The advantages which you thus en ligious Mother will be careful to train joy, Reverend Brethren, above many up her Children in the knowledge of of your predecessors, consist not their Redeemer; and as the unfeigned simply in the partial awakening of faith, which dwelt in Lois and Eunice the Native Mind, or in the means shone forth in Timothy, who had and facilities which have been afforded (doubtless through their instruction) by the Translation of the Holy Scripknown the Holy Scriptures from a tures for the future progress of Cbrischild, why may we not indulge the t ianity, but also in the benefit dehope, that you too have thus been rived from their knowledge and contributing to the bappiness of fu- experience as to the best mode of ture ages? Who shall say, that some prosecuting your important work. It of these Children may not deserve the will not, I trust, be considered as same commendation with Lois and foreign to the object of our Meeting, Eunice, and that some future Timo- if I advert, on this occasion, to two thy shall not bave cause to bless God or three particulars, which the expefor your charitable labours?

rience and observation of others seem If I have ventured, in any degree, to render worthy of your attention. to use to one Reverend Brother who is You have already heard a passage again proceeding to the MEDITER- quoted from the Instructions given RANEAN, the language of congra- by the Madras Committee to the Rev. tulation on the improved prospects Isaac Wilson. In recalling your atand facilities, which, notwithstanding tention to that document, I would many discouraging circumstances, le particularly press the importance of now seems to possess, I may be al- your mixing, as much as possible, lowed to turn with a somewhat simi- with the different classes of the Nalar feeling to our other friends, who tives in habits of the kindest interare destined to the INDIAN CON- course. Humau Nature is, in all TINENT.

countries, substantially the same: Concerning the real progress which and the voice of kindness is intelli

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gible in every language ; and ap- able assurance, that the Applicant has peals, with some effect, to almost relinquished hisHeathen Practices,and every heart. It is here, perhaps, that believes with his heart unto righteMrs. Sawyer may find her most use ousness. Mr. Martyn's caution in ful occupation : a Female will bave this respect, well deserves imitation. ready access to persons of her own While availing myself of several of sex ; and will have many opportuni- the ideas, and partly of the very words ties of gaining their attention, which of persons, who, from long residence can scarcely fall to the lot of a regu in India, are entitled to be heard, it lar Missionary. In following the may be allowed me further to recom. plan here suggested, you will doubt- mend a considerate and respectful atless meet with many things to grieve tention, at all times, to the opinion and distress you: but you will, in of men thus qualified by actual exthis way, be best enabled to adapt perience to offer their advice. Ciryour discourse to the various exigen- cumstances will probably arise, where cies of the people, and to the charac- the judgment of such persons may be ter and habits of their minds; and, peculiarly important. In some cases, as Ministers of Jesus Christ, you will your own views will be coNFIRMED ; in probably find, in their moral and others, they will be CORRECTED : but religious improvement, an ample re in all cases, you will be preserved compense for all your trouble and all from the painful reflection of injuring, your anxieties.

by precipitate measures, that sacred Endeavour to make yourselves ac cause which you desire to promote. quainted with the peculiar doctrines of the principal Hindoo Lawgivers I would now, my Reverend Broand Expounders of their Religious thren,address a few words collectively System : you will thus know what to you all : and I doubt not that you have to combat ; and, whether they will be received with the same in Tracts or by Conversation with spirit of affectionate kindness, from the Natives, can, with certainty, ex- which, I trust, they proceed. pose the errors of their Creed.

Different as are the Stations to In attempting to weaken the at which Providence has called you, tachment of Hindoos to their System you are engaged in the same holy of Religion, employ not such wea- profession ; and the same should be pons as Ridicule and Sarcasm. Let your dispositions, your principles, it be seen rather, that you are asto- and your general practice. pished at their blindness, and view Be careful, then, to cultivate, PERthem with Pity and Compassion.

In your endeavours to convert the Without the love of God in your Heathen, hold out no temporal ad. hearts and the obedience of the Go. vantages or temporal inducements, spel exemplified in your lives, how of any kind. Preach the Truth, in little, either to yourselves or to others, its simplicity: and disguise none of will be the benefit of your ministrathe hardships and tribulations, by tions! In a country like England, which they must enter into the king- where all around us make a profesdom of God.

sion of the Truth, where we have the Never intermeddle with the civil weekly recurrence of a Holy Day disputes or civil affairs of the people: and the society of Christian Friends you cannot be too carefulon this head, and the Ordinances and Sacraments with respect even to your Converts. of the Christian Church, a man of

Use great caution in administering real piety has many securities for the to Adults the Rite of Baptism. Benot stability of his principles and the basatisfied with a slight Profession of bitual correctness of his life. It is in Christianity : but obtain all reason countries, where there is no Sabbath


de of ok. It red as eting,



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Bell to call men to the House of if any Minister of Religion would
Prayer, where there are few kindred

secure personal regard, or would
spirits to provoke us to love and to produce a salutary effect upon others,
good works, where the Christian Sa-, he must respect his own character-
craments and Christian Ordinances he must learn to be consistent — he
are generally unknown, and the de- must shew that the seriousness, which
mons of idolatry or superstition brood accompanies him into the pulpit, and
with benumbing influence over the which in words he recommends, is
minds of the people it is there, that the constant habit of his mind ; and
the disciple of Christ is bound ESPE that he feels, on all occasions, as an
CIALLY to be upon his guard. If in Ambassador of Christ to an alienated
ALL conditions, it beloves us to look and guilty world.
diligently lest any man fail of the grace Be ZEALOUS. Behold the earnest-
of God, with what vigilance should ness of your predecessors in the Mis-
the Missionary be armed !-with what sionary Office, the Apostles of the
care should he give himself to the Lord Jesus Christ ! how deeply they
study of the Holy Scriptures |—with felt the magnitude of their cause, and
what earnestness should be watch how ardent they were in the prosecu-
unto prayer! entreating continually tion of it. But mistake not the qua-
the assistance of that Spirit, which LITY of your zeal: Christian Zeal is
can alone preserve him from danger, not a mere animal feeling—a sudden
and establish him in the grace of the warmth and perturbation of spirit,
Gospel. If you do indeed adorn the which impels Men to TEMPORARY ex-
doctrine of your Redeemer, you shall ertion-not an overpowering attach-
be as the salt of the earth, as the lights ment to notions and opinions, how-
of the world—the insipid inass around ever correct; and a determination to
you will be seasoned —your splen- bring others to the same mind—not
dour shall be seen from afar : but if an unhallowed ebullition of violent
the light should be hid under a passions, as intolerant in their nature
bushel, what will be its value :-if as they are worldly in their origin:
the salt of the earth should lose its but it is a holy and heavenly princi-
savour, wherewith shall it be salted ? ple, a principle which would seek to
If we would kindle in other hearts SAVE men, not to DESTROY them;
the flame of Christian Piety, it must called into exercise by love to the
burn upon the altar of our own: we souls of our fellow-creatures, and
inay then hope that the Divine Bless- anxious for the glory of God; a prin-
ing shall be with us, and that our la- ciple pure in its origin, blameless in
bour shall not be in vain in the Lord. its operation, and blessed in its con-

Although, under the name of Per- sequences. It is good to be zealously sonal Religion, I may be supposed' affected alway in a good thing ; and to include, in some measure, all the what cause can be more excellent, ornaments and graces of the Chris- than that of extending throughout the tian Character, it might be useful, if world the knowledge of salvation? the time would permit, to dwell,

Be HUMBLE. I know pot whether more at large, upon the nature of the high veneration in which Misthat Spirit and Conduct, which your sionaries are usually held by their appointment seems especially to re Heathen Converts, and the publicity quire.

now given to all Missionary ProceedRemember, AT ALL TIMES TO MAIN ings, do not render this injunction TÁIN A SERIOUS DEPORTMENT. A light peculiarly seasonable. Alas! how and frivolous conversation will infal- little would it avail, that even Paul libly expose a Missionary to the con- should plant or Apollos water, unless tempt and derision of the very per- God should give the increase! The sons, who appear most to applaud it: most laborious and useful Minister is

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cligioa would d, or would Et upon others, a character asistent - he usness, which e pulpit

, and ommends, is

mind; and sions, as an an alienated


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only an humble instrument in the hand if the love of controversy in early of God: and what is the language life do not sometimes lead to that that becomes him, after the most hopeless and incorrigible state of successful ministrations, but an ac- mind, which impels the disputer of knowledgment of the Divine Good- this world to find little in Divine ness and an ascription of all the Truth but aliment for contention. honour and praise to the great Source Instances, however, are not wantof every blessing! Not I, but the ing, both in antient and modern grace of God which was with me! times wbich demonstrate how posTo shew the value of this Christian sible it is to assert and defend the Grace to men under all circumstances doctrines and precepts of Christiaof life, Bishop Jewell gives us an in- nity in the spirit of Christianity; and, structive Fable of a Saint, who,“ so long as the name of Martyn shall a time, lay in a trance; and, as he so be remembered among us, we have lay, he looked down from Heaven one illustrious example, immediately (as he thought), and saw the whole at hand, of the happy union of genearth so thick covered with snares, tleness and zeal-a combination of that possible it was pot, for any man those affectionate dispositions, which to tread upon the earth and not be become the disciples of a meek and entangled therewithal ; and this when lowly Master; with a readiness to he beheld, suddenly he cried outattack superstition in its strong bolds, and said, O Lord, and who then can and, in circumstances the most unwalk on the earth and not be en favourable, to contend earnestly for trapped ?" With that he heard a the faith once delivered to the Saints. Voice, that answered him, and said, Finally, my Reverend Brethren, . Only Humility it is,' said that Voice, let me exhort you ever to bear in

that may go and not be entangled- mind, how great are your consola-' only humility, and nothing else. tions and how sure the promises. Whoso is humble, he may walk with In the service to which you are out danger-he may go, and not be devoted, you will probably meet taken !''

with a more than ordinary share of Be FOLLOWERS OF PEACE. It is difficulties and trials; and will have one thing to declare war against the occasion to lament the perverseness Empire of Satan, and a thing totally and even declension of some of your different to indulge a temper of ani- bearers, who perhaps had embraced mosity. The Spirit of Peace is much the Truth with the fairest promise better suited to the Religion of of abiding in it. But have not the Christ, than the Spirit of Contro sa me afilictions been the portion of versy ; and although, in the vindica. those that have gone before you? tion of your faith and in order to and is there not to you, as well as to exhibit the folly and falsehood of su- others, the unfailing assurance of perstition and idolatry, you will per- your Lord

- Lo! I am with you haps necessarily be engaged in dispu- alway, even unto the end of the world! tation, carry on the arguments like a True it is, that you may be deprived lover of Tautu and not of victORY ! of the benefit of religious society. Beware of the habit of mind, which there may be no friends with whom the strife of words so often and so you can take sweet counsel together, fatally creates. Be assured, that po or to whom you can pour out the man can be improved in his religious sorrows of your hearts: but what a character, by the indulgence of a comfort is it to reflect, that Christ controversial spirit: it has a ten- is ever with you that your gradency to destroy, not only every cious Redeemer, for whose sake Christian Feeling, but every candid you have sacrificed so many tempoand generous principle; and it is well ral enjoyments, is Himself the con

ures, and

d; a priaameless in o ils conzealously -ng; and Excellent, hout the tion? whether Ch MisPY their aublicity roceedviction ! how

Paul unless


ter is

stant witness of all that you do and those, who are now assembled to bid all that you saffer—that he watches you farewell ; and it will be repeated over your toils, and sympathizes in by numbers, who never have seen your afflictions! His presence is the your faces in the flesh. However pledge of every blessing; and, while distant may be the countries to which looking to Jesus, you will find your duty shall call you, in England you selves comforted and sustained by the will not be forgotten : many a prayer sure conviction of His unchanging will be made for your success-many love.

a blessing will be invoked upon your And why should you ever despond heads. The cords of Christian Symabout the effect of your ministra- pathy and Christian Love can bind, tions? Do the work of an Evangelist, in the most sacred and intimate conand God will not be wanting to His nection, those who are the most own Cause: Before the march of widely dissevered. Nor will the your Redeemer, the valleys shall be feeling of which I speak be confined exalted, and the hills made low : to this land: there are multitudes, in prejudice, passions, ignorance, hosti- other countries, both to the east and lity, formidable as they may appear the west, who will follow your steps to creatures like ourselves, what are with affectionate regard; who will they when opposed to Him, who has rejoice with you when you rejoice, the hearts of all men in His hands ? and weep with you when you weep: Faithful Missionaries may be taken the Throne of Grace will be addressed away, in the very midst of their useful in many languages, for yoor happiness: but there never will be wanting ness and welfare; and every instance a succession of men, duly qualified of your suceessful exertion will be to carry on the great purposes of welcomed with the voice of gratitude mercy, and to proclaim the message and praise to the Author of all our of grace and salvation. There may Mercies. May His Spirit dwell richly be a long intervening period which is in your hearts ! May you continue dark and cloudy; but it will certainly to love and to adorn your profession ! end: the Sun of Righteousness will And if we never meet again, till we assuredly rise upon the whole earth, stand at the Great Tribunal, may we and all pations shall walk in bis light. all be found at the right-hand of the

That you, my Reverend Brethren, Judge !-and may it be your lot to may be abundantly blessed, both in be numbered with those, who have yourselves and in the work of the Lurned many to righteousness and Ministry, is the earnest prayer of who shine as the stars forever and ever!


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The American Missionaries in habits of industry and virtue. The Ceylon proposed, soon after they sum, at which the Missionaries supbecame settled in the District of posed that they could maintain a Jaffna, to maintain Heathen Chile Child, was fixed at TWELVE DOLLARS dren in the Mission Families ; giving a year. This small stipend, it was them the advantages of a Christian thought, would support a Child after Education, and training them up to the manner of the country; that is,

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