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the great objects which the Society affectionate regard toward these their has in view.

fellow-Christians, and in a desire by, In the assistance rendered to the cir. wise and gentle measures to lead them. culation of the Scriptures,by the jour. back to the purity and vigour of their neyings and labours of the Society's former days. The Volume of your Representatives in the Mediterranean Researches, now about to be come the Committee acknowledge, with mitted to the press,


to the
thankfulness to God, that the Mission Members of the Society, and to
has been rendered subservient to His Christians at large, in a manner which
glory. Not only have friendly con has never before been done, the vast
nections been formed with many per extent of the field of labour wbich
sons of influence, by your visits to the Mediterranean offers, and the pe-
different quarters; but new channels culiar character of that field.
have been opened for the circulation That you are returning thither
of the Scriptures: and preparations without companions of your toil, is a
have been made for communicating cause of serious regret to yourself
them to the ancient Christian Empire and to the Committee: they cannot
of Abyssinia, to the Natives of the but hope, however, that some will be
Isl where you have taken up your excited by the appeals already made,
abode, and to the inhabitants of the and about to be renewed from the
whole coast of Northeru Africa, in press, to consecrate their learning and
their respective vernacular tongues. talents to the service of their Heavenly

The Committee cannot but take Master in this most interesting field. this occasion of thanking you, in the Under the circumstances which name of the Society, for that accu have been stated, it will not be exmulation of remarks with which you pected that the Committee have much have furnished them- the result of to add to the Instructions first advigilant observation of all that passed dressed to you. Your own Volume, under your notice, likely to contri. indeed, will at once throw light on bute to the object of your Mission, those Instructions and will enlarge In this course of proceeding, you the sphere of your future Researches, have made them comparatively fami A steady perseverance in this course liar with the scenes which you have of observation, is the point which visited ; and have thereby the better the Committee would cbiefly press enabled them to judge of the various upon you. You have constantly had questions, which, in the progress of it in view, the Committee are satisthe Mission, will probably come be- fied, to state nothing on slight and fore them. You bave excited, more insufficient grounds: yet the same over, a warmer interest in the revival things will appear in new lights, as of those Ancient Churches, which occasions vary; and they will look, long preceded us in the enjoyment of therefore, to your future communiChristian Privileges, and which now cations, not only for further intelliseem mournfully to solicit at our

gence respecting the countries bor hands a kind remembrance of their dering on the great internal Seas near fallen condition. Considering the you, but for confirmation or modifi: Sermon which you addressed to the calion, as the case may be, of the inSociety at its last Anniversary as an formation which may have resulled epitome of your own views and feel from your first visit to the Mediterings, acquired by your experience in the midst of the ruins of these Ancient The efficient application of the Churebes, the Committee are per- Press, in the variety of ways by which suaded that they speak

the sentiments that powerful engine may be rendered of the whole body of the Society, subservient, all round the Mediterwhen they say that they cordially ranean, to the Cause of Truth and participate with you in the most Righteousness, bas been a subject of

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frequent and serious deliberation with tians, for obtaining the colloquial use of you. You will proceed herein, as it the language; while your Moonshee and shall please God to give you oppor.

Books must be depended on for a classical tunity-assured that the Committee knowledge of it. You must learn to will count it their duty to employ study the language, to write, and to think, every means in their power, for the

as with the learned; while, in conversadiffusion of Christian Knowledge tion, you acquire a habit of conforming among the vast reading population

yourself, by turns, to all classes of Natives, within the sphere of your lahours.

to the poorest and most ignorant, as well In most cordially praying that the

as to the highest and most learned. The blessing of God may be with you in gradations of language in this country

would seem to be as inconsiderable as the your return to these lahours, the Com

differences of caste and civil station. Atmittee cannot but advert to the inte

tention to this circumstance must be imrest which has been awakened in the public mind by the events that have portant, in order to attain a discriminating

knowledge of the use of the Vernacular occurred since you left the Mediter

* Tongue. ranean, The ultimate issue of these

Above all, familiarize yourselves with events is in the hands of the Great all descriptions of Natives, early: let no Head of the Church; but the duty of exertion be thought too much to place availing ourselves of times of afflic. yourself where you will see, hear, and, so tion and distress to direct the sufferers far as it may be practicable, mix with the to the admonitions and consolations

people themselves, of the Divine Word, is not only ob

Among the Native Christians especially, vious, but the faithful and affec- let it be known in what capacity and light tionate discharge of it will prove a you desire to be viewed. Penetrate into blessing both to him that gives and

every particular of their situation and to him that receives.

character. Let no circunstance conThe Committee would refer those of nected with them, which may throw light you who are proceeding toINDIA,not on their modes of thinking, speaking, or only to the Addresses and Instructions action, be deemed too inconsiderable for delivered to your predecessors in that your attention. Impress upon the Catefield of labour, but to the counsels of chists and principal Christian Natives, the the Corresponding Committee at consideration, that you wish to see and Calcutta, in connection with which know every thing as it really is, not as Committee you will be stationed. they may suppose you would wish things The Corresponding Committees in

to be shewn; for it is a characteristic of India deliver Instructions to the So- all Natives, to represent every thing to ciety's Missionaries, when circum- Europeans as they suppose the European stances may call for them. These wishes, rather than as the things are. You Instructions are grounded on their will, in such pursuits find, no doubt, very

much to distress and disappoint you: but, local knowledge and experience, and become invaluable guides in the without such a correct knowledge of all la bours of the Missions. The Com- things within the scope of a Missionary's

office, you can never labour intelligently, mittee quote, with much pleasure, from an Address of the Madras Cor

nor apply the remedies really suited to the

disorders which prevail among the people, responding Committee to the Rev.

Toward the Heathen, also, endeavour lo Isaac Wilson, some suggestions re

establish an equal degree of fainiliarity of lative to his views and proceedings acquaintance and intercourse. Study every anjong the Natives, which may be of thing relating to them, their modes of the utmost service to yourselves : life, in all their details—the divisions and

The first and paramount object, must be distinctions of their castéstbe full extent the attainment of a competent knowledge of the influence of caste-the essentials of the Language: make every thing sub- and non-essentials of it. servient to this object. You will have ex. Study, especially, to counternet the im cellent help in the principal Native Chris- pression, which always prevails ul tirse and

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which sometimes never leaves even down as a Regulation never to be deMissionary, of your being what is under- parted from, that you send, by the stood by the term a EUROPEAN GENTLEMAN same conveyance, to the Society, -one, who necessarily is of a station, through the Corresponding Commitviews, and manners, infinitely distant tee, a translation, in English, of from and above the people—one, whom all Missionary Intelligence communievery Native endeavours, in some shape or

cated to your friends. It is not meant other, to cajole and deceive. Establish by this Regulation, in any measure early and maintain invariably the imprese to restrain you from communicating, sion of your being, what you really wish in the fullest manner, your Viewsand to be, an humble, simple Missionary, or Feelings confidentially to your relaTeacher of Religion-living above the tives and friends: it is only in referworld and at a visible distance from it, in

ence to Intelligence connected with your habits of life, purposes, and desireshaving few things in common with the

your Mission, that this Regulation is

adopted. Gentry of India; but desirous earnestly

The subject of Caste is one of the and sincerely to spend yourself and be

most difficult connected with India. spent, in humble efforts to make known You will be less affected by it in Bento every one, who comes within the sphere of your labours or intercourse, the blessed gal, than the Missionaries are in the tidings of Salvation with which you are

southern part of India. It begins, charged. Thus making yourself all things and it may be hoped that Christian

however, to attract much attention ; to those around you; and labouring, in earnestness and singleness of heart as

Societies and Labourers will be enthough all the work were your own, while abled to agree on the most promising inwardly all your hope and strength and mode of treating this matter, in resuccess is fervently sought of the Lord, in ference to the Native Christians and dependence on His promised influence ac

Native Schools. companying the obedient endeavours of In addressing you, Mr. SAWYER, His Messengers, you cannot fail to find among those who are proceeding to present comfort in your work, and in duo India, the Committee refer, with much time receive the fruit of your labours. pleasure, to the manner in which you

The Committee must impress one have received their intimation of a consideration, in reference to cor- change in your destination. Though respondence, more particularly on originally designed for India, circumtheir German Missionaries. They stances had led to your appointment wish you, and all your countrymen, to another quarter ; and, on this apever to retain a grateful regard to pointment you had dwelt, from seyour friends at Båsle and in other veral considerations, with much saquarters, under whom you have been tisfaction. But, as a change of cirprepared for the work of the Lord; cumstances has led the Committee to but they must claim for the Society wish you to proceed to your first desunder which you are sent forth, a tination, they notice, with thankfulwarm interest in your affections and ness, the readiness of mind with wbich prayers, and a regular communication you and Mrs. Sawyer have followed of whatever is important in reference what appeared to be the path of your to your Mission. They take this op duty; and they trust that they may portunity of explaining to you, and consider the Christian Spirit mani. to all your Brethren who are al fested on this occasion, as an earnest, ready engaged, or may be hereafter

that, by the grace of God, the same engaged in the service of Christ under spirit will prevail throughout your the Society, that, while they do not lives. ohjeet to your direct communication You, Mr. MAJSCH and Mr. REIof occasional Missionary Intelligence Chardt, are following into the field of to the Institution at Basle or to your labour, some who had received, fike friends elsewhere, they must lay it yourselves, the benefits of Christian

o be de

br the sociels, Commitclish, of mmuni -t meant peasure Ecating, ews and ar relaa refered with lation is

Instruction, which the Båsle Institu- you all to your respective destina.
tipn affords to its Students. Mr. La tions, with assuring you of their cor-
Roche is, indeed, no more in this dial affection and of their earnest
world; but bas departed to his Rest prayers. The Kingdom of Christ is
before he could well set his foot on manifestly advancing in the world: to
the soil of India. It is a call to you, be rendered instruments in the esta-
to carry your lives in your hand; and blishment of that Kingdom is a high
to seek for grace, that whether you bonour conferred on the servants of
live you may live unto the Lord, or God. Such honour will you all have,
whether you die you may die unto the if looking for the grace of the Holy
Lord. Your countrymen, Mr. Jetter Spirit, you labour, in every way and
and Mr. Deerr, are labouring with as the work of your lives, to call the
meekness and with zeal; and the Com- perishing Heathen to a participation
mittee doubt not, from the reports in that Mercy of God which is dis-
which they have received of your played through Christ Jesus our Lord
spirit and character during your re-

to a sinful world.
sidence in the Society's House, thal By Order of the Committee,
you are going forth with a single eye

to the glory of your Heavenly Master.
They would, in conclusion, dismiss

London, March 7, 1822.

of the lodia. in Benin the

Church Missionary House,

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Replies of the Missionaries to the Instructions of the Committee.
Rev. William Jowett.

the domestic blessings, which He has In reference to the past, the Com- conferred upon me—for every meamiltee will allow me, on this occasion,

sure of usefulness, which He has to say but little. The result of my granted to us in our respective spheres former employments will shortly ap- —and especially for that kindness and pear in the Volume now ready for indulgence, which we have expethe Press. The Public will perceive rienced on all sides, during our preall the imperfections of my work; sent visit to our country: to this yet I am not greatly anxious on this we attribute, under the Divine blessaccount, because, from what I have ing, that degree of restoration to already experienced in various quar- health and strength, which we now ters, I am persuaded that a candid enjoy. and friendly spirit is ready to receive With respect to the FUTURE, I most this fruit of much toil and of some thankfully receive the suggestions suffering; and it will lead, I trust, to which have been nowaddressed to me. a more complete system of Research I am fully persuaded, that the and Labour.

public mind is excited, and will be Looking back, however, upon the yet further excited, to a very high last six years of my life, I am con degree of interest, with regard to the strained to acknowledge, so far as I countries bordering on the shores of am personally concerned, the Good the Mediterranean. But, looking to Providence and Grace of Him, who practical results, there are two conhas preserved and blessed me to this siderations which press very deeply hour. Most truly can I say, I am upon my feelings. not worthy of the least of all the mercies 1. The first of these is, when, or in and of all the Iruth, which the Lord has

what manner,

or at what part, that shewed unto His servant !

great door, and effectual, will be opened, To this all-gracious Father, I desire at which the pure Gospel of Christ to return thanks, for the care which

may make its triumpbant entry. He has had of me all my lifelong-for Glancing on the one side, we perceive

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be ti fully call high

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that there are indeed great convul- may feel with respect to these things, sions, both moral and political, as it would be in me, who have been an though the breaker had gone up before eye-witness of the guilty, wretched,

On the other side, we see none and degraded state of many parts of that move: all, in Africa, seems still the Levant, most unpardonable, could to lie buried in the slumber of ages. I feel cold or lukewarm in this work. It is to the broken and contrite heart, I know that it is a blessed service! that the righteousness of God by faith Oftentimes, even when bowed down in Christ Jesus is revealed—where with anguish and pity at the state of then, alas ! shall we find individuals, those whom I was visiting, I have families, households, communities, or yet experienced such strong and susnations, ready to embrace and to pro- taining consolation, in contemplating pagate the true spirit of the Gospel ? and pleading and acting upon the Those only, who enter upon this promises of a Faithful God, that niy Research, know the pang of looking spirit has been ready to say, “ It is around among millions of immortal enough!-One or another may sink : beings, and counting but here and yet this work will not fail.” there one single known, tried, in But I desire to feel yet more than telligent, and zealous Christian Bro- this. Feelings of delight are, indeed, ther. Where, in all this ample sphere, through infirmity and sinfulness of is the spot on which there rests the ful- the heart, not always at hand to impel ness of the blessings of the Gospel or to support the spirit: may I, then, of Christ-or where is there even the and all united with me, feel—in every door wide-opened for its reception ? circumstance, in every emergency,

2. The second consideration is at every turn-that necessity is luid When, or in what manner, Evangelists upon us—that, if our hearts could may be found, to meet the spiritual betray us into a reluctance to lay wants of these regions - either them- ourselves out to alleviate those miselves to preach, or to excite others series which we have witnessed, there to preach, the truth as it is in Jesus. meets us a woe, far more tremendous To what quarter must we look for than all the ills which we either feel this supply? When, or in what or fear-and that it were better for manner, my Brethren in the Ministry, us to die, than to suffer others to or our younger friends of the rising perish in ignorance and sin. What generation in our Universities, may others may feel I know not: for be brought to meet the claims of the myself, both the love of Christ to countries of this Mission on their constrain, and the terrors of the Lord devoted services, is a question which to compel me, are most necessary. we respectfully ask of this Christian Pray for us, then, Brethren, that Nation; while we shall not cease the might and mercy of our Saviour importunately to implore, that the may keep us faithful in His service, Lord Himself would stir up the hearts You know that no real progress can of His faithful people to this holy work. be made, nor can we even stand our

On these subjects, however, which ground, without the aid of the prayers might lead me to a length not suited of the Church of God. Without to the present occasion, I forbear to these, your labours and ours will dwell." I would rather now retire to utterly fail. We are not sufficient of my destination, entreating your fer, ourselves to think any thing as of aurvent and effectual prayers for the selves ; but our sufficiency is of God. success of our efforts, and for our May He make us alle Ministers of the own personal growth in grace, in every New Testament! May He, through necessary gift, and in all things per us, give life to all those who are now taining to the Kingdom of God., sitting in darkness and in the shadow

However others, occupied at home, of death! And, especially, when

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