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The following Circular will explain the benevolent object of this Society.

It having been ascertained, by re- happy objeets of Christian Philancent communications from abroad, thropy. that very considerable benefit would

List of Articles. accrue to the cause of Missions, by Infants' Checked or Cambric Muslin affording a supply of Child-bed Linen

Caps. and other articles of Wearing Ap

Calico or Cambrie Muslin parel to the Missionaries for distribu

Shirts. tion among the Heathen ; it is pro

Flapnel Blanket Robes. posed to form a Society for the pur

Coloured printed Cotton or pose of carrying this design into

Gingham Bedgowos. effect, to be designated the “ British

Diaper Napkins, 12 to form Ladies' Church Missionary Maternal

a set. Society, for the Western-Africa and Women's Printed Cotton or White West-Indies Missions.

Calico Bedgowns. Such Ladies as may feel inclined to

Housewife or Calico Shifts. patronize this Society, are requested

Coloured printed Cotton to forward their pames to Mrs. Wil

Shawls and Handkerchiefs, liam Williams, 37, Portland Place,

of all sorts. under cover to W.Williams, Esq. m.p. and they are respectfully informed, Boys' Smock Frocks, Housewife that any of the articles of clothing

Cloth. which they might wish to select from

Rewards for Schools. the List here with furnished, either to Girls' White Cloth Aprons with bibs. make or purchase, should be for

Coloured printed Cotton warded in a parcel, to the Chureh

Frocks, various sizes. Missionary House, Salisbury Square,

Pockets. Fleet Street, (carriage paid), super

Pocket Handkerchiefs. scribed -" To the Rev. Josiah Pratt,

Work Bags. from the British Ladies' Church Names of Subscribers and Contributors. Missionary Maternal Society, from Mrs.

-, &c.” • The Ladies whose names are marked

have contributed Articles of Clothing. Those Ladies who feel indisposed to the trouble of making-up the articles Mrs. Aubery, Rectory, Long-breddy. themselves, may promote the good of * Mrs.T.Fowell Buxton, Cromer-hall. another Charitable Institution, by Mrs. Charles Buxton, jun. Hampstd. purchasing sets of baby-linen ready Miss Bristed, Dorchester. made, of the Female Convicts in * Mrs. Margaret Barclay, London. Newgate, under the direction of Mrs. Francis Cunningham, PakeMrs. Fry and the Ladies' Committee; field. thus affording employment to, and Misses Cunningham, Harrow. encouraging industry in, these un * Mrs. Cooper, Dorchester.

or Miss

* Miss Donkin, Bath.

* Mrs. Piers, Weyniouth. Misses Dalby, Ladies' Seminary, Mrs. Morton Pitt, Kingston-house, Weymouth.

Dorset. * Mrs. Earle, Ladies' Sem. Harrow. Miss Paget, Exeter.

Miss Frampton, Dorchester. * Misses Pratt, Doughty Street. * Mrs. Fry, Plashet.

Mrs. Richman, Dorchester. Mrs. S. Gurney, Norfolk.

Miss Samler, Harrow. Miss Gale, Leytonstone.

Miss Simpson, Ladies' Seminary, * Mrs. S. Hoare, Hampstead.

Stanmore. * Miss Hope, Harefield.

Miss M. Strachan, Weymouth. Miss Hands, London.

* Mrs. Wilberforce, Marden-park. Miss Jane Haydon, Guildford. • Mrs. Williams, sen. Moor-house, Mrs. Mansell, Caine-house, Dorset. Herts. Miss Mullion, Harrow.

Mrs. Williams, 36, Grosvenor-sq. Mrs. Money, Neasden-house, * Mrs. William Williams, Treasurer,

Hon. Mrs. Gerrard Noel, Harrow. 37, Portland-place. * Mrs. Omey, Weymouth.

Mrs. Colonel Young, Exeter. Mrs. Onslow, Dorset.

• Miss Vausittart, Blackheath,


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sions, to the Society's Missionaries ; The earnest applications for as

and to those, more particularly, who sistance which the Committee have were proceeding to the same quarter received from the Missionaries in as yourselves. In these Instructions, Ceylon, and the encreasing prospects and in the Addresses of different of usefulness opening in that Island, Friends of the Society to the respechave determined them to render fur. tive Missionaries, which are all printed ther assistance to that Mission, by in the Annual Publications, you will sending you thither. As two Mis- find a series of Christian Counsels, sionaries are stationed at Kandy in growing out of actual knowledge and the Interior, and two at Baddagamme experience, which it will be your in the South, Mr. Knight alone being duty to read with attention and with left without a fellow-labourer while prayer. he greatly needs assistance, the Com.

On some points respecting your mittee wish that you, Mr. Bailey, Spirit and Temper, the Committee with Mrs. Bailey, should labour in wish to address to you a few words. conjunction with him; while the So

It is our earnest prayer, on your ciety and assistance of his Sister will behalf, that you may go forth to your both encourage him in his own la- labours in a truly humble, self-denybours, and will enable you all to ing, and devoted spirit. You are yet enter on some efficient plans for the but little acquainted with the diffigood, it may be hoped, of the Fe- culty of the great work before you ; male Children of the Heathen. and with the manifold temptations

The Committee refer you to the lo an indolent, careless, and selfish lustructions given, op former orca course of conduct, by which you will


be surrounded. You feel, the Com- in others, what the grace of His mittee doubt not, much of your own Holy Spirit can effect, in conforming weakness, and are going forth in the Servant to his Lord.

Such men dependence on Divine strength; but, as Martyn and Brainerd will rise up if God spare you faithfully to labour in judgment against those, who live for Him, you will attain, a few years in the indulgence of their own will. hence, far deeper views of your own Your chief enemy is within. Selfinsufficiency, and a far more lively indulgence, love of ease, desire of sense of your entire dependence on independence, and pride-these are God both to strengthen you to labour our constant enemies, and such as are and to bless you in your labours, most difficult to be overcome. But than you can possibly now feel. the grace of Christ is sufficient for

It can never be too strongly im- you ! pressed on your liearts, that Devotion, The maintenance, toward all men, Diligence, Self-denial, and Charity, must of the TRUE

CHARITY, shine forth in your characters and must be a ground of daily watchfullives, if you would glorify your ness and prayer. Heavenly Master.

Cheerfulness and kindness will By a SPIRIT OP DEVOTION, cultivated greatly conciliate all around you : by regular habits of private, social, and not that you are, in any degree, to public prayer, you must call down countenance others in sin ; but, in light and strength from Him whom your testimony against sin and folly, you serve. All will go on ill, if you and particularly as you will witness fail here ; but if you walk with God, them in blinded and deceived neain the habitual intercourse of a lively THENS, there should be a wise and faith and fervent prayer, all will be tender charity-no needless austerity well..

of behaviour-no gloom of counteGreat dilIGENCE is needful to the nance--no forbidding distance; but success of your work, Carefully the considerate spirit which the guard and earnestly pray against a Apostle meant when he said, Be pitisluggish and indolent way of going ful, be courteous. through your work. Let it rather With the MISSIONARIES OF OTHER be your constant aim—TO DO AS MUCH COMMUNIONS, you will cultivate, as

Mr. Knight and your other Brethren

have done, a spirit of harmony and

This love ; while, in all your proceedings, rule kept steadily in view, will rouse you will maintain that consistency you from that listlessness, which is of conduct which arises out of your the snare of relaxing climates, while relation to the United Church, and it will allow you all needful repose

which is best calculated to cherish and relaxation. Not slothful in busi- permanent good-will between yourness, but fervent in spirit-serving the selves and Christians of other ComLord. Seek to have a busy head, an

munions. active hand, a cbeerful mind, and an Mucha advantage may arise from humble and affectionate heart; and cultivating a friendly intercourse you will, under the blessing of God, with EUROPEAN Gentlemen near you; be doing good wherever you go.

and, if they are disposed to enter A spirit of self-DENIAL must be into the Society's views, freely comwrought into your habitual frame. It municating with them on the objects was the spirit of your Heavenly Mas- and circumstances of the Mission. ter; and He declares all those not to If you shall be found, through the be worthy of Him, who do not deny grace of the Holy Spirit, to live in theinselves, and take up their cross, this Devout, Diligent, Self-denying, and follow Hinn, Aud He hath shewn, and Charitable Temper, your light






will not shine around you in vain. Sooner or later, some, and perhaps CIETY. There are many persons in this not a few, will be led thereby to country, and their number is encreasglorify your Father which is in ing, who have sufficient acquainHeaven.

tance, by personal observation, with Having offered these suggestions the state of things in the East, to on your CHARACTER and spirit as

detect misrepresentations and exagChristian Missionaries, the Commit- gerations; and the detection of any tee wish to call your attention to statement which should prove to be some circumstances of importance, actually of this nature, would throw in reference to the staTE OF THE MIS discredit on Missionary Reports, and SI0N.

thereby injure that cause in which They would press strongly on your we are engaged. It is a great advanminds the IMPORTANCE AND DOTY OF tage of a regular Diary, in which

Mr. conversations and facts and feelings Knight has given the Committee are faithfully recorded, that it will great satisfaction, by the constancy very much serve to secure accurato and fulness of his communications. and just statements; by correcting The Committee wish you, Mr. Bailey, and enlarging the views of the Misto co-operate with him, in this, as sionary himself, and by shewing him in all other parts of his proceed. the nece:sity of not adopting first ings; and they desire that a Journal impressions ; and will be often, theremay be kept at each Station, from fore, a fairer representation of his which extracts may be made of all actual circumstances and prospects, those parts which may be likely to than his own conclusions and expecinterest the Society; and that those tations. extracts may be sent home, signed by The ACQUISITION OF THE NATIVE the Missionaries of such Station, by LANGUAGE must engage your early every practicable opportunity. and determined attention. Mr.

In this Journal they wish you to Knight has earnestly laboured hererecord any conversations wbich may in, and will be able to render you between


and the Natives, if efficient aid; not only, indeed, in calculated to discover their state of this point, but in advising you, in mind, their views,or their character general, how to proceed in your laany incidents which may convey a bours. You will pay all due defeknowledge of the actual condition of

rence to his judgment, as the Senior the Heathen-any facts illustrative of Missionary on the Station. The the tendency of Idolatry and Super- Committee trust that they shall never stition ; and of the nature, difficul- be pained by hearing of any diffeties, progress, and success of your rences in your plans and wishes. Jabours. Details of this nature, You have, the Committee are taken down from day to day, while persuaded, a lively view of those the impression of them is fresh and

MOTIVES, which may well stimulate vivid on your minds, cannot fail the heart of the Christian Missionary greatly to interest the Society and to aim at the highest excellence. to enlarge its views. And let us re But, imagine the case that you were

that t your success depends, to go through your work in an innot only on your labours among the dolent and self-indulgent spirit; or Heathen, but on the way in which in seeking your own glory, and purChristians here are excited to give, suing your own ends—what, at the and intercede, and interest themselves end of a few years, would be the reto promote our great and holy cause. sult? You would become a burden

In connection with this subject, it to the Society—the hopes of your is important to urge STRICT FIDELITY friends would be disappointed-you


mind you,

th to

would lie down in sorrow, and rise be our joy and crown of rejoicing-
in shame. But, on the contrary, if and, above all, you will enjoy the
you labour in the name and strength favour of Him whom you serve.
of Christ, from day to day, in a dili- You go far away from us, but you
gent discharge of all the duties to go not from Him! His eye will be
which He calls you, giving to every on you–His grace will uphold you-
hour its allotted work, and in un in the hour of death, He will console
wearied patience and love persevere you ; and will receive you to dwell
in seeking to bring the perishing with Himself for ever in His eternal
Heathen to the only Saviour, con- kingdoin and glory.
solatory reflections will fill your own

By Order of the Committee,
breast-you will have gained a deep
interest in the affections of the Chris-

tian Church — you will be remem- Church Missionary House,
bered in their intercessions-you will

London, June 1, 1821.

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Instructions of the Committee.

tination, whether any and what part of On the general subject of your

those Instructions could be acted Duties and Encouragements, as Ser upon: he has assured us that he found vants of Christ among the Heathen, them well adapted to guide him into the Committee refer you to the practicable and promising fields of Friend who has undertaken to address labour; and, though he feels that he you on this occasion; and to the va has entered as yet but a little way rious suggestions, now become nu into his work, the Committee are merous and important, which you will witness and the whole Society is witfind in the published records of the ness, that it has pleased God to give Society. Such circumstances as may him an abundant reward for all his be new in the respective Missions to labours, under much weakness of which you are proceeding, they will body and many privations, during the now briefly touch upon, that you may years of his absence from his friends be the better prepared, with the and country. That, with the proDivine Blessing, to enter on the work spect' still of future weakness and which lies before you.

privations, you are returning, Dear To one of your number, indeed, Brother, with your Partner and your that work is become familiar. Mr. Children, to the renewal of your Jowett has not now, as when ad- labours, is the best pledge to the dressed upward of Six Years since, Society, that your heart is given to to take the body of Instructions then the work in which you have engaged, committed to him in his hand; and and that you entertain an assured to inquire, on his arrival at his des hope of its still further promoting

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