Medicine, Healing and Performance

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Effie Gemi-Iordanou, Stephen Gordon, Robert Matthew, Ellen McInnes
Oxbow Books, 2014. febr. 13. - 176 oldal
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Whether it is the binding of shattered bones or the creation of herbal remedies, human agency is a central feature of the healing process. Both archaeological and anthropological research has contributed much to our understanding of the performative aspects of medicine. The papers contained in this volume, based on a session conducted at the 2010 Theoretical Archaeology Conference, take a multi-disciplinary approach to the topic, addressing such issues as the cultural conception of disease; the impact of gender roles on healing strategies; the possibilities afforded by syncretism; the relationship between material culture and the body; and the role played by the active agency of the sick.

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Early Neolithic Shamans? Performance Healing and the Power of Skulls at Hambledon Hill Dorset
Before Hippocrates Healing Practices in Ancient Egypt
Who is Performing What and for Whom? The Dedication Construction and Maintenance of a Healing Shrine in Roman Egypt
Disease Sin and the Walking Dead in Medieval England c 11001350 A Note on the Documentary and Archaeological Evidence
Pilgrimage Performance and Miracle Cures in the TwelfthCentury Miracula of St Æbbe
Gendered Attitudes Towards Physical Tending Amongst the Piously Religious of Late Medieval Sweden
The Rattlesnake and the Otter Anthropology Gender and Contraception among the Niitsítapi Blackfoot in the 1930s
Recovering the Hiroshima Maidens
Writing Stones and Secret Shrines An Exploration of the Materialisation of Indigenous and Islamic Belief within West African Spiritual Medicine
A Note on the Ethnomedical Universe of the Asante an Indigenous People in Ghana
Spirituality in Knowledge Production and the Practice of Traditional Herbal Medicine among the Yoruba People in Southwest Nigeria

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