To His Excellency Mohammed Ali Effendi, Gusn Akbar (the Mightiest Branch), who was chosen after Abbas Effendi as the Chief Head of the Behai movement in the last Will of Beha 'U'llah entitled the "Book of My Covenant,” this work is dedicated by the author.


Having introduced the Behai Religion into Christendom through my verbal teachings and writings, there is nothing more pleasing to me than to see learned people and theologians taking up and investigating the Behai faith in a spirit of justice and impartiality. I am certain that if such a step should be taken, it would result in finding that all which was taught and foretold by the prophets of yore and the Lord Jesus Christ concerning the Kingdom of God, was fulfilled in Huseyn Ali, the appearance of Beha ’U’llah, the Everlasting Father.

For more than nineteen hundred years we and our forefathers knelt down and prayed as our Lord commanded: "Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” But alas! When the appointed time was completed and the Father came, we did not recognize Him. People from the East and West came and joined Abraham, Jacob and other Saints of the ten thousand who were promised to come with Him, but we remained outside His glorious Kingdom. I beg and appeal to your high sense of goodness and love for humanity, to look to this momentous question with the eye of impartiality for your own sake and for that of your fellow-creatures, who depend mostly upon your judgment.

This is a reply to the attacks of Robert P. Richardson, the late H. H. Jessup, D. D., and especially to those of Samuel Graham Wilson, D. D., in his work entitled "Bahaism and Its Claims," for it is practically a repetition of the writings of Robert P. Richardson and the others. By careful study I found their attacks were not written in the spirit of justice and righteousness, but rather in a vindictive spirit, and their purpose is to put down Behaism by all means right or wrong.

Besides this their works contain misrepresentations, twisted information, lack of scientific understanding and spirituality.

I regret to say this, for I liked the personality of Dr. Wilson when he visited me in Evanston, and I tried to make him a good Behai. He called on me several days during which time I gave him valuable information. I asked him time and again concerning his profession which he concealed from me and to which I received no answer. On the last day when I was showing him the many volumes and manuscripts I have of the Utterances of Beha 'U'llah, I gazed at him and said: "I will have more respect for you,

you will disclose your identity." Then he informed me that he had been a missionary in Persia for thirtytwo years, and that he was writing a history on Behaism. At once I asked him to read a part of a manuscript in his hand, but to my great astonishment he answered, that he did not know either the Arabic or the Persian language.


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