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HE Writer of the following

Letter, it served, is not so studious to obtain a Character for Elegance of Composition, as for the Honesty of his

Heart and Intentions. He folemn.

ly declares that the main Motive by which he is induced to publish it

Is a Zeal for the Honour of an Univerfity, which, notwithstanding the


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repeated Stabs she has lately re-
ceived from some of her own Sons
even now in her Bosom, is still in a
fairer Way than she is generally
thought to be. All Party-Spirit he
utterly disavows and abhors; and,
if he has expressed himself rather
warmly in one or two Pallages, he
desires it may be attributed to the
above Motive; which it is hoped will
not yet be thought to have carried
him beyond the Bounds of Decen-
cy, much less beyond those of
Truth. It may perhaps with some
Justice be objected to him,
Non tali Auxilio, nec Defenforibus

Tempus eget :

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That the present Circumstances of the University are such as seem to demand a publick Vindication of its Character from some authoritative Pen. But this, it is pre® fumed, has been delay'd for pruidential Reasons: And therefore, with a view to gratify, in fome Measure, the general Impatience of seeing something from these Parts, the following Letter is published. To a candid Reader, the Hurry in which it was drawn up, will be a dufficient Apology for the Inaccuracies he will meet with in it. Af. ter the Writer had waited so long in Expectation of seeing the Cause undertaken by a more able Advocate, the Time would admit of no


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formal and methodical Defence. If what he has here written shall answer the Purpose of stopping for a while the Voice of the Slanderer and Blasphemer, the Enemy and Avenger, he will think himself richly rewarded for the small Pains lie has taken.


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