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57. oldal - Fortune, &c.), so the top of the profession were then mere players, not gentlemen of the stage. They were led into the buttery by the steward, not placed at the lord's table, or lady's toilette...
14. oldal - Methinks it should be now a huge eclipse Of sun and moon, and that the affrighted globe Should yawn at alteration.
27. oldal - If your Majesty places any faith in those books, by distinction called divine, you will there be instructed, that God is the God of all mankind, not the God of Mahomedana alone.
166. oldal - Come listen to my mournful tale, Ye tender hearts and lovers dear ; Nor will you scorn to heave a sigh, Nor need you blush to shed a tear. And thou, dear Kitty, peerless maid, Do thou a pensive ear incline ; For thou canst weep at every woe, And pity every plaint — but mine. Young Dawson was a gallant...
27. oldal - Akbar, whose throne is now in heaven, conducted the affairs of this empire in equity and firm security for the space of fifty -two years, preserving every tribe of men in ease and happiness...
30. oldal - Propertius, Ausonius, or any of the writers in his way, except Ovid, and not at all inferior to him. I love him too with a love of partiality, because he was usher of the fifth form at Westminster, when I passed through it. He was so good-natured, and so indolent, that I lost more than I got by him ; for he made me as idle as himself.
267. oldal - Their clasp was on the empty air: A funeral pall — her long black hair Fell over her ; herself the tomb Of her own youth, and breath, and bloom. Alas ! that man should ever win So sweet a shrine to shame and sin % As woman's heart ! — and deeper woe For her fond weakness, not to know That yielding all but breaks the chain That never reunites again...
111. oldal - Perhaps you may ask if the man was a miser? I answer no, no, for he always was wiser. Too courteous, perhaps, or obligingly flat? His very worst foe can't accuse him of that. Perhaps he confided in men as they go, And so was too foolishly honest? ah, no ! Then what was his failing? come tell it, and burn ye : He was, could he help it? a special attorney.
28. oldal - Distinctions of colours are of his ordination. It is he who gives existence. In your temples, to his Name, the voice is raised in prayer; in a house of images, where the bell is shaken, still He is the object of adoration. To vilify the religion and customs of other men, is to set at nought the pleasure of the Almighty.
351. oldal - Are done and said i' the world, and many worms And beasts and men live on, and mighty Earth From sea and mountain, city and wilderness...

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