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, and having to pass trong ceristy prompted me to pep into the school w Wiha Wal bea educated

. It was silent and berlakon fi

, va reted high mungu appureally lost in Iron study

, and boked as much beat be bors themselves ud ll probably news, ts, to the same method de i made a loved fapping noise

, and hosted with a Hide ans, said I, pou cunot frighten me, but I retu fals de wake of the feathered tribe, for inst the bad gin me; other commentadors difuse in their explanations

, that the writings of

Apparent rasi nantes in gurgite vasto, yo kuwe briely explained to me the full force and Homer's pro celoperpo; if we ever return to this u 15, and you are then a teacher at six lessons for a certainly take a course of you; I have often hear bede i tom, but was not aware that you help at the miversity. The mention of my departure kas el ay misfortunes; shrieking with agony, 1 of my child, and the wall literally mimicking the returned the name of William: alas! he was n Discosolutely towards the library. Here the nivus opinions of mankind had survived, in beads that dictated, and the hands that

pe reliques had been carefully preserved to perpet the learned dead, and fix indelibly on the jumene a debt of gratitude we owe them, tirom upa

literature, the arts, and scie respect is due to their transcendant merits. i small piece of wood, which had been trea ktepalas attention; it was cased with g) were bound with gold, the lid turned u material, and was profusely ornamented dis be? thought I; how absurd to throw

trife. But my surprise was soon diss

shed, when, upon examination, I found it to be part of
which Dryden had sat, and on which his autograph was

w waxing late, so that, although the very " antipodes"
es, I was obliged to quit the place, whence many of the
ngland rose, and bid adieu to this seat of learning and
vship. I spied my watch hanging up in the pocket at
zd, and, having pressed my lips most cordially to a flask
le, precipitately followed the emigrants. Just as I gained

of a hiil, I was alarmed by the sudden appearance of a
ring its white form above the trees, and poisimmg alaka
art, which it aimed at my devoted body, I falter
di the gate of the turnpike seemed equally un

whether it were safe to advance; but having at las urage beyond the sticking point, I hurried forward, wl lat hat created so great a panic, turned out to be the ge church, and its terrific weapon, the weathercock. s, I came up with my party, and we all reached the co

Whilst walking along the shore, about noon, to ma ions upon the weather, a dark orb ascended the heavens irely overshadowed the sun ; the birds of the air were

and fell in every direction, whilst the bats, taking advan

their situation, descended to give them battle. It was ly suspected, by men of undoubted science, that the moon

resumed its pristine form, (a green cheese according to prs, was being served up to Apollo, who, whilst he played

was particularly fond of it, and to whom it musta
proved a great source of attraction. This clean

the setting sun approached the sentiree oil
ifferent quarters of the sky, equu
ninary, with which, having made so
i velocity, they eventually became inco
endum, ingens—not much unlike the two si

By the bye, this said Phebus is as
pur merchants of the present day, though his bal
east, he takes good care to sleep at the west
had chiefly rested apon the probable advantage o
te; this however proved a mistaken notion, for as tu





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