The Law Reports: Equity cases, before the Master of Rolls and the vice-chancellors, 10. kötet

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T. & J. W. Johnson & Company, 1870

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633. oldal - Ireland; when registered, they shall bind the company and the members thereof to the same extent as if each member had subscribed his name and affixed his seal thereto, and there were in such...
203. oldal - The third way is that of imitation, where the translator (if now he has not lost that name) assumes the liberty, not only to vary from the words and sense, but to forsake them both as he sees occasion; and taking only some general hints from the original, to run division on the groundwork, as he pleases.
652. oldal - Every conveyance or transfer of property, or charge thereon made, every payment made, every obligation incurred, and every judicial proceeding taken or suffered by any person unable to pay his debts as they become due from his own moneys in favour of any creditor, or any person in trust for any creditor, with a view of giving such creditor a preference over the other creditors...
513. oldal - ... provided always, that, until such entry shall have been made, the grantee or grantees of the letters patent shall be deemed and taken to be the sole and exclusive proprietor or proprietors of such letters patent, and of all the licences and privileges thereby given and granted...
146. oldal - If a man, under a verbal agreement with a landlord for a certain interest in land, or, what amounts to the same thing, under an expectation, created or encouraged by the landlord, that he shall have a certain interest, takes possession of such land, with the consent of the landlord, and upon the faith of such promise or expectation...
203. oldal - The second way is that of paraphrase, or translation with latitude, where the author is kept in view by the translator, so as never to be lost, but his words are not so strictly followed as his sense ; and that too is admitted to be amplified, but not altered.
615. oldal - Kingdom shall be paid into the receipt of Her Majesty's exchequer in such manner as the treasury may direct, and shall be carried to and form part of the consolidated fund of the United Kingdom...
55. oldal - Subject to the provisions herein-after mentioned, and to the prescribed rules, any court may commit to prison for a term not exceeding six weeks, or until payment of the sum due, any person who makes default in payment of any debt or instalment of any debt due from him in pursuance of any order or judgment of that or any other competent court.
421. oldal - ... if the person on whose account such execution or attachment was issued had not at the time of the same being so executed by seizure, notice of any act of bankruptcy committed by the bankrupt and available against him for adjudication...
198. oldal - ... 4. Such translation must be registered and a copy thereof deposited in the United Kingdom within a time to be mentioned in that behalf in the order by which it is protected, and in the manner provided by the said International Copyright Act for the registration and deposit of original works : 5.

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