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Illustrated Household Edition. Fifty volumes of portable size, printed in 16mo form. Price, 75 cents per volume, in handsome cloth binding, stamped with appropriate designs. Sets of the Waverley Novels can also be obtained in various library bindings, from a plain, simple style, to the highest qualities of calf and morocco work.

The paper is of fine quality; the stereotype plates are not old ones repaired, the type having been cast expressly for this edition. The Novels are illustrated ■with capital steel plates, engraved in the best manner, by Joseph Andrews, H. Wright Smith, and Freeman, after drawings and paintings by the most eminent artists, among whom are Birket Foster, Darley, Billings, Landseer, Harvey, and Faed. This Edition contains all the latest notes and corrections of the Author, an ample Glossary, and a complete Index of all the personages and incidents of the various tales; and some curious additions, especially in ': Guy Mannering" and the " Bride of Lammermoor "; being the fullest edition of the Novels ever published. The notes are at the foot of the page, — a great convenience to the reader.

No works of the imagination, of the same extent, have ever been received with so great favor as the Waverley Novels. Since their first publication, not fewer than a Hundred and Thirty Thousand copies have been sold in Great Britain, and a very large number in the United States. These have been printed in a variety of forms, to suit the taste of the public; but there has long been wanted an edition of portable size, combining the advantages of a clear, readable type, and uniformity with other standard English authors. This want the publishers of the "Household Edition" have labored to supply; and they feel warranted in saying that they have succeeded in their endeavors, by the fact that they have already sold more than Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand volumes of this edition, while the demand for complete sets seems to be steadily increasing.

The following is the arrangement of the Novels, any of which will be sold separately, if desired.

Waverley, 2 vols.

Guy Mannering, 2 vols.

The Antiquary, 2 vols.

Rob Roy, 2 vols.

Old Mortality, 2 vols.

Black Dwarf, ) 2 voi<,

Legend Of Montrose, }

Heart Of Mid-lothian, 2 vols.

Bride Of Lammermoor, 2 vols.

Ivanhoe, 2 vols.

The Monastery, 2 vols.

The Abbot, 2 vols.

Kenilworth, 2 vols.

The Pirate, 2 vols.

The Fortunes Of Nigel, 2 vols.

Peveril Of The Peak, 2 vols.

Quentin Durward, 2 vols.

St. Ronan's Well, 2 vols.

Redgauntlet, 2 vols.

The Betrothed, ) 9 .

The Highland Widow, J * V01S'

The Talisman, *)

Two Drovers, I

My Aunt Margaret's Mirror, }2 vols.

The Tapestried Chamber,

The Laird's Jock,

Woodstock, 2 vols.

The Fair Maid Of Perth, 2 vols.

Anne Of Geierstein, 2 vols.

Count Robert Of Paris, 2 vols.

The Surgeon's Daughter, ^

Castle Dangerous, '> 2 vols

Index And Glossary, )

O3* Sets of the "Household Edition," or any of the separate Novels, sent free of expense to any part of the country, on receipt of the price.


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