The Collectors' Monthly, 1-3. kötet

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C.H. Prince, 1890

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25. oldal - B careful of conduct, of money, of time. B cheerful, B grateful, B hopeful, B firm ; B peaceful, benevolent, willing to learn ; B courageous, B gentle, B liberal, B just, B aspiring, B humble, because thou art dust ; B penitent, circumspect, sound in the faith, B active, devoted, B faithful till death ; B honest, B holy, transparent and pure, B dependent, B Christlike, and you'll B secure.
47. oldal - ... make a few leisurely strokes, as if to ease its wings, after which it literally sails upon the air. In walking, the wings trail on the ground, and the head takes a crouching position. It has a very awkward, almost painful gait. From its inability to rise without running, a narrow pen is sufficient to imprison it. Though a carrion bird, it breathes the purest air, spending much of its time soaring three miles above the sea. Humboldt saw one fly over Chimborazo. We have seen them sailing at least...
3. oldal - He comes amidst the pomp and fragrance of the season ; his life seems all sensibility and enjoyment, all song and sunshine. He is to be found in the soft bosoms of the freshest and sweetest meadows, and is most in song when the clover is in blossom. He perches on the topmost twig of a tree, or on some long...
23. oldal - If you wish to get on, you must do as you would to get in through a crowd to a gate all are equally anxious to reach. Hold your ground and push hard. To stand still is to give up your hope.
24. oldal - There's music in the forest leaves When summer winds are there, And in the laugh of forest girls That braid their sunny hair. The first wild bird that drinks the dew From violets of the spring, Has music in his song, and in The fluttering of his wing.
22. oldal - the race of life has become intense ; the runners are treading upon each other's heels ; woe be to him who stops to tie his shoestrings...
23. oldal - Thus will he gradually rise superior to ill-fortune, and, becoming daily more and more impassive to its attacks, will learn to force his way in spite of it, till at last he will be able to fashion his luck to his will.
25. oldal - B patient, B prayerful, B humble, B mild, B wise as a Solon, B meek as a child; B studious, B thoughtful, B loving. B kind; B sure you make matter subservient to mind. B cautious, B prudent, B trustful, B true, B courteous to all men, B friendly with few.
22. oldal - Greek while walking to and from a lawyer's office. Hugh Miller found time while pursuing his trade as a stone-mason, not only to read, but to write, cultivating his style till he became one of the most facile and brilliant authors of the day. Elihu Burritt acquired a mastery of eighteen languages and twenty-two dialects, not by rare...

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