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save them: his legs and arms, by his awkw management of them, seem to have underg the Question extraordinaire; and his head, ways hanging upon one or other of his sho ders, seems to have received the first stro upon a block. I sincerely value and estee him for his parts, learning, and virtue ; but, f the soul of me, I cannot love him in compan

INDISPENSABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. I here subjoin a list of all those necessary, ornamental accomplishments (without which no man living can either please, or rise in the world), which hitherto I fear you want, and which only require your care and attention to possess.

To speak elegantly, whatever language you speak ini without which nobody will hear you with pleasure, and consequently you will speak to very little purpose.

An agreeable and distinct elocution ; without which nobody will hear you with patience. This every body may acquire, who is not born with some imperfection in the organs of speech. You are not; and therefore it is wholly in your power. You need take much less pains for it than Demosthenes did.

A distinguished politeness of manners and address; which common sense, observation, good company, and imitation, vill infallibly give you, if you will accept of it.


m : his legs and arms. by his awit A genteel carriage and gaceful motions, nent of them. seem to have under with the air of a man of fashion. A good cantion extraordinaire ; and his heal cing-master, with some care on your part, and

his oh some imitation of those who excel, will soon is to have received the first so bring this about. ick. I sincerely value and este

este To be extremely clean in your person, and

to be extremely clean in y perfectly well dressed, according to the fash

ion, be that what it will. Your negligence of me, I cannot love him in compe

dress, while you were a school-boy, was par

donable, but would not be so now. ENSABLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

Upon the whole, take it for granted, that,

without these accomplishments, all you know, vjoin a list of all those necessar ccomplishments without which and all you can do, will avail ve in either please, or rise in t hitherto I fear you want, as

AFFECTATION IN THE MALE SEX. quire your care and attention

Monsieur de la Rochefoucault very justly

observes, that people are never ridiculous from rantly, whatever language sa

their real, but from their affected characters : it which nobody will hear ya

they cannot help being what they are, but they i consequently you will speel

can help attempting to appear what they are 352.

not. A hump-back is by no means ridiculous, nd distinct elocution; with

unless it be under a fine coat; nor a weak unvill hear you with patience

derstanding, unless it assumes the lustre and

ornaments of a bright one. Good nature conon in the organs of speech

ceals and pities the inevitable defects of body rrefore it is ivholly in you

or mind, but is not obliged to treat acquired ke much less pains for it

ones with the least indulgence. Those who

would pass upon the world talents which teness of manners and

they have not, are as guilty, in the common on sense, observation

course of society, as those who, in the way of tion, will infallibly give

trade, would put off false money, knowing it to

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