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The Battle of Shiloh. Military operations for the past month have been of a very important character, and on the 6th of April one of the severest battles of the war was fought at Pittsburg Landing. The particulars of this fight have been laid before the public through the columns of the weekly press, we therefore will not attempt a description of it. We must, however, take the liberty of saying a word in regard to one part of the affair. All accounts agree that our troops were taken by surprise—that our outposts were not sufficiently guarded, and that the usual precautions of an army in an enemy's country

were so neglected, that the rebels were imThe Picket Guard.

pressed with the idea, that a trap was laid for

them, and that our pickets had been withdrawn [This beautiful-and it is to us, very beautiful—little

in order to draw them into ambush. A want poem was sent by a member of the 49th (N.Y., Regiment

of generalship was displayed in throwing an to his wife.Buffalo Express.

inferior force across a stream in the face of "All quiet along the Potomac," they say,

double the number of the foe, and still less ex“Except, now and then, a stray picket

cusable was it that that inferior force should Is shot as he walks on his beat to and fro, By a rifleman hid in a thicket.

be left unprotected by intrenchments or artil"T is nothing--a private or two, now and then,

lery. It has been stated, on good. authority, Will not count in the news of the battle; Not an officer lost-only one of the men

that Gen. Grant was at his quarters at Savanna, Moaning out, all alone, the death rattle.”

12 miles from the scene of the fight, and that

he was so overcome by liquor on the Saturday All quiet along the Potomac to-night, Where the soldiers lie peacefully dreaming;

evening previous, that he was unable to attend Their tents in the rays of the clear autumn moon, to his duties. If such was the case, the pub

Or the light of the watch fire gleaming.
A tremulous sigh, as the gentle night winds

lic voice should demand that he be courtmarThrough the forest leaves softly is creeping; While stars up above, with their glittering eyes

tialed and cashiered. No general should be Keep guard for the army is sleeping.

tolerated, who is guilty of such excess. WisThere's only the sound of the lone sentry's tread,

consin has a special interest in this matter. By As he tramps from the rock to the fountain;

this criminal negligence on the part of the And he thinks of the two in the low trundle bed Far away in the cot on the mountain.

commanding general, our brave sons have been His musket falls slack-his face, dark and grim, Grows gentle with memories tender,

mercilessly slaughtered, and many a fireside As he mutters a prayer for the children asleepFor their mother-may Heaven defend her!

has been desolated. The people of our State

should demand an investigation into the causes The moon seems to shine just as brightly as thenThat night when the love, yet unspoken,

which led to the surprise and sacrifice of our Leaped up to her lips-when low murmered vows Were pledged to be ever unbroken.

troops at Shiloh, and we hope the Legislature Then drawing his sleeves roughly over his eyes, He dashes off tears that are welling,

in June will deem it advisable to express the And gathers his gun closer up to his place, As if to keep down the heart swelling.

feelings of their constituents upon the subject.

Considering the list of killed, wounded and He passes the fountain, the blasted pine treeThe footstep is lagging and weary;

missing, at the battle of Pittsburg Landing, of Yet onward he goes, through the broad belt of light, Toward the shade of the forest as dreary.

our Wisconsin regiments, will be of interest Hatkl was it the night wind that rustled the leaves ! Was it moonlight so wondrously flashing?

to the readers of the FARMER, many of whom It looked like a rifle—"Ah! Mary, good-bye!"

have friends or relatives in the army, we have And the life blood is ebbing and plashing.

copied from the Wisconsin the list entire, to the All quiet along the Potomac to-night! No sound save the rush of the river:

exclusion of some of the usual departments of While soft falls the dew on the face of the dead The picket's off duty forever!

our paper.



Losses in Each Regiment at Pittsburg


[From the Daily Wisconsin.] List of Killed, Wounded, and Missing in

14th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteers.

Coi, D. A. Wood. FIELD OFFICERS-Col. E. Wood, Lieut, Col. J. E.

Messinore, wounded.


Wounded-Private James B. Titus, in ankle, badly: do E. G. Magcraft, slightly in leg; do Adam Slidell, slightly in shoulder. 1 killed, 3 wounded.

COMPANY B-WAUPACCA AND UNION RIFLES. Killed- Private John Eastwood. Wounded--Lieut. J. D Post, bip, not bad; bergeant Obarles Drake, left arm and side, mortal; corporal Gottlieb Stanly, in the left shoulder, badly, private Ezra L. Whittaker, left leg, bad flesh wound; Thos. Morgan, left thigh, badly; John Barker, in left leg, slightly. One killed, 6 wounded.


Wounded-Lieut. A. S. Smith, wounded in side by shell; sergeant Wm. Dittey, dangerously in throat; corporal Alonzo B. Miller, in shoulder: privates Sol, Stateler, badly in left shoulder; Nelson T, Hammond, badly below knee; Jas. Stateler, badly left thigh; James Alley, dangerous through breast; James K. Bishop, slightly in foot; James E, Williamson, finger shot off; George E. Stuntz, slightly in face, None killed, 10 wounded,

COMPANY D-MESSMORE GUARDS. Killed- Private John B Glenn.

Wounded-Sergeant Gallagher, slight, through hand; corporal Guerrin, do in right toot; corporal Harris, severely in left leg below knee; private Oweng, Bevere, left leg above knee; Alfred Collins pot dangerous, back of neck: Wm. Reed, slight, through left forearm. Louis Amiot, not badly, left jaw


Killed Capt. Waldo.

Wounded-Privates, Ezra Austin, through right breast and right leg, dangerous; Wm. Baruth, through left leg, badly; Julius Wintermeyer, slight in back of Deck; Wm. Flinn, flesh wound in left arm, slight; A, 0. Tufts, flesh wound in right arm; Samuel Gokie, badly, by faliing of tree; (rescued by rebel captain who gave him water) John Lorell, bruised by ball; Robert Loe, slight in right thumb; Willett C. Wheeler, right fore finger shot off. Killed one, wounded pine.


Wounded-Second sergeant Charles Vincent, severely througb right thigh; fourth corporal Hudson J. Cronk, right forearm and middle of left hand; private llenry Wescott, severely through right thigh, lodging in left; Gregory Milquict pot dan. gerous, through neck; James N. Howard, not dan. gerous, in right leg just above ankle; four others

Wounded-Corp. Theodore Josch, through bow. els, very dangerously; Bugler Henry Seerists, heel, slightly, Private John Kiel, face badly. Killed 4, wounded 3.

COMPANY I-FOREST UXION RIFLES. Killed-Private Henry Peder. Wounded-Corp. Henry Voss, slightly; Spencer A. Hamblin, slightly; private Edward Gilman, dangerously; Peter Cuttell, slightly: David Carr, slightly; George B. Clark, slightly; Andrew Winegarden, slightly.

Missing -Amos Cripper.
One killed, seven wounded, one missing.

Kulled--Private Thos. Raison; Fred Cullen:
Harvey Frost; Gottlieb Schlinsog.

Wounded-Corporall G. S. Travis, leg, slightly: 8. D. Parker, in thigh, slightly; Wm. Stenesky, in arpi, slightly; Waterman Lichness, in leg, slightly; private Charles Bacon, shoulder, slightly; Henry Ross, severely; George Rutherton, lek, slightly; G. W. Reeder, bip, slightly; Joseph Wilson, arm, slightly; Harrison Maxon, arm, finger off; J. W. Rockwood, wounded and missing: Elisha Stock. wood. ebonlder and arm, not badly; N. M. Olapp. thigh, slightly; llenry Lincoln, leg, slightly.

Four killed, 14 wouoded, one wounded and mis. sing COMPANY E-NOBLE GUARDS.-(DAXL AND COLUMBIA

COUNTIES.)) Killed--none.

Wounded.--2d Lieut. M. W. Hulbert, bip, badly ; Corporal Horace D. Lyman, hip, badly ; Irwin Un: derwood, leg. flesh wound; private Anthony Kor. neah, groin, badly ; Chas, A. Brice, knee, badly : Hiram Filking, not very badly ; Aug. W. Kirby, forearm, slightly ; Chas. Larcher, shoulder and skull, not dangerous. None killed, 8 wounded.

Company A-1 Non-commissioned officer.

B-1 Private.
D-1 Private.
E--1 Commissioned officer.
F-1 Private.
G-4 Privates.
H-1 Private.
I-4 Privates.
K-None.-Total 14.

Company A-S Privatts.

Company B-1 Commissioned officer, 2 Non-com. missioned officers and 3 Privates.

Company C-1 Commissioned officer, ? Non-commiseioned officers and 7 Privates.

Company D-3 Non-commissioned officers and 4 Privates.

Company E--9 Privates. Company F-2 Non-commissioned officers and 3 Privates.

Company G-1 Non-commissioned officer and 2 Privates.

Company H-2 Non-commissioned officers and 5 Privates.

Company 1–4 Non-commissioned officers and 10 Privates.

Company K-1 Commissioned officer, 2 Non-com. missioned officers and 5 Privates.

Total killed, wounded and missing-93.
List of Killed, Wounded and Missing in

Tóth Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers,
Col. Allen,

Field Officers-Col. B. Allep slightly, and Lieut.
Col. L. Fairchild, badly wounded.

Killed-Capt. Edward Saxo; 2d Serg't John H. Williams; Private Cyrus B. Howe; George M. Camp died from his wounds.

Wounded-gone down the river-First Sergeant

Missing-Frank Silver.

Killed one, wounded five, missing one. COMPANY G-CALUMET AND MANITOWOC UNION RIFLES.

Killed_Private Lucius D. Barker: Newton. wounded, since died; Samuel Bump, Jobn Moseier.

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Cooley Smith, in shoulder; Privates Reuben Billings, thigh; Peter Bird, head: James 0. Champlin, hand; Josbus Eldridge, lege; Truman Hall, foot; John Lurch, legs; John Micbaels, leg amputsted Wm. P. Walbridge, in foot; James Patterson, in groin; John A. Smith, arm amputated; Newton Whitman, leg; J. H, Kellogg, thigh.

Wounded in camp-Corp. J. L. Vidal, slightly in leg.

Missing-Corp. J. M. Marshall; Private George Cronk, wounded ; Private Bordine llawley, woun. ded.

Killed, 4; Wounded, 16; Missing, 3; twice countej, 2; Total, 19.

Compani B-OCoxoxoWOC RIFLES. Killed-Corp. J. H. Morris.

Wounded-ist Serg't E. G Wheeler, in bath legs severely; Private J. Brobst, in leg severely; T. W. Cross, in les severely; E. W. El lis, in foot severely; J. Jargenson, in leg slightly; H. Yoncaron: H. Powers, in knee seriously; J.C. Quiner, in arm se. riously; H. J. Hanes, in head severely.

Missing-Fifer W. W. Drum, Private Eli Cough-
deu, J. R. Dexter, E. S Evenson, Cbas. Farncrook,
Jessie Hill, Aaron Hollenbeck, L. Peabody.
Killed, 1; Wounded, 9; Missing, 8.

Killed -4th serg't James P. Wilson; private Ger.
rit E. Post; Henry Holton.

Wounded-Capt. H. D. Pateh in shoulder, slightly: 24 Lieut. E. M, Hovey, in right hand slightly; 3d sergt., in right hand slightly; corp. A. H. Turn. er, in left arm twice, severely; corp. F. Rix, in right side, sligbtly; private August Fil kin, received five wounds, seriously; do C. H. McGould, in right leg, severely; do I. H. Hampton, in right thigh, severely; do Wm. I. Kruskje, slightly; do M. Mešal. len, right thigh, severely; do W. H Stevens, right arm, severely; do F. Graham, right arm severely; do Max Morts, wounded and missing.

Killed, three; wounded, thirteen; missing, onetotal, 15.

COMPANY D-UXION GUARDS, LANCHETTVILLE. Killed-Capt. Oliver D. Pease, corp. Wm. Taylor, private Alphonso Harrington, do August Wollem, do Louis Pettis, do Chester W. Haskins.

Wounded-Sergeant John S Bean, in arm, seriously; corp. Chas. N. Virgin, slightly, corp. Michael Walrod, slightiy; private O'Brien E. Cook, slightly; Herman Gerrick slightly; Joseph Edwards, slightly; James M. Lyons, slightly; Dennis Delanty, seriously; Josiah W. Fie ds, seriously; Burton R. Towsley slightly; Chas. H. Tracy, slightly; Wm. Hamilton, slightiy: Daniel Kallahan, slightly; Harrison Ful. ler, slightly; Hilo Harrington, seriously-leg amputated.

Missing-Lieut. Louis Flashbim.
Killed 6; wounded 14; missing 1. Total 21.


ious; sergeant E. W. Piersons, in thigh, seriously; corporal A. Dean, do do; corporal Stephen, do, do; corporal Joseph McMurts, in shoulder, bad. ly; corporal George Speed, face, slightly; private J. F. Bennet, in leg, badly; Wm. O. Bassett, flesh wound in arm; Ebenezer Bonelsu, in shoulder: F. E. Brink, hip, badly, Geo. Birdsall, leg: John Dockwork, hip; L. S. Clofilir, face, slightly; Hiram Iliggins, elbow; Archibald McCall, shoulder: John MeIntyre, face; Sam Monroe, arm; Charles Moore, leg: Ole Nelson, leg; Sam'i Pluman, head: Edward Trimble, thigh, severely; Chas. Ellsworth, arm, slightly; Jonathaa Ellsworth, wounded and missing

Missing-Freeman Peacol; John Ferguson.
Killed 4, wounded 24, missing 2. Total 30.

KilledJames N. Walker; privates Oliver H.
Browning, Lewis R. Belknap, William Archer, John
D. Francisco, John L. Henigan.

Severely Wounded-sergeant Michael E. O'Con. nel, in the thigh; Andrew Chambers, through both legs; James Crawford, through the neck; John M. Jones, through the thigh; James Smitb, corporal, tbrough tbe wrist; Jackman P. Long, in the knee; W. H. H. Beebe, slightly wounded; Noah Barnum, slightly wounded; privates, John J. Pearsons, through both legs; Thomas McGillon, through both legs, Charles Francisco and Peter Francisco, slightly wounded; Sanders Cochran, through both shoulders: George Ritter, Wm. Smith and Geo. Odel), slightly wounded; John Tomlinson, in the leg; A. Loomis, slightly wounded; James 0. Hatch do; J. B. Van Vlack, do; James A. Swan, do, My. ron D. Bradway, do; Willard W. Bartlett, S. L. Benjamin, de.

Missing-Valentine Stock, Chas. Mauck, James
Killed 6, wounded 24, missing 3.

Killed-Henry Babcock, sergeant; privates Ornil
Herrick, George Haskins, Geo. Lincoln, Charles

Wounded.--David Dalrymple, sergeant; Asa D. Thompson, do ; John Lamb, corporal ; Richard Leigh, do ; George J. Kasbaw, do : Hezakiah White, do : David Collier, private : Lireous Raymond, do : Levi S. Bennett, do; John Blair, do: Hiram Bell. do ; Joba W. Haskine, do ; Edgar Weed, do ; Wil. liam Suring, do ; Robert Sanders, do ; Géo. Skeels, do : Frank E. Wicks, do ; Chas. Bump, do ; Hiram Nicbols, do; Leander Boberts, do ; Geo. M. Porter, do; William H. Rice, do; Robert R, Parks.

Missing.-Mills Redfield, Wm. B. Parks, Benj.
Dean, Henry Parks.
Killed 5, wounded 23, missing 4.

COMPANY 1.-DARLINGTON LIGHT INPASTBY. Killed.-1st Lieut. Vail, shot through the breast: private S. Austin, shot in bead ; do A. Clifford, bead and breast; do M.J. Wooding, shot in breast.

Wounded.-21 Lieut. D. Gray Purman, badly,
side and arm; 2d Sergeant W. H H. Townsend,
flesh wound in leg; 3d do Hausbawout, in leg; 1st
Corporal P. H. Dumply, spent ball, stomach ; 7th
do J. C. Long, flesh wound, leg ; 8h do W. V.
Turck, shoulder and foot; privates-Wm. Brewer,
spent ball, arm; Geo Burchill, small of the body;
F. A. Cherry, in breast; c. S. French, in band:
Jacob Fawcett, in shoulder; Michael Hanley, in
side : H. C Hall, in the shoulder; H. C. Howard,
shoulder; George Long, shoulder and leg ; G. W.
Pease, leg ; M. J. Smith, shoulder; Thos. Pender.
grass, wounded in the head ; Lemuel Phelps, leg.

Missing.-John Weigli.
Killed 4, wounded 19, missing 1.

Killed_Corporals Epbraim Cooper. W. A. Clark.
Privates John Hennesy, Stod. Tousley, W. H.
Tousley, Toos. Mannings, Gregory Janish.

Severely wounded-Lieut. D. P. Vail, in thigh;
Serg't E. D. Bradford, in shoulder: Corp. 0. G.Vol.
lentine, arm and leg; Corp. 8. Trumbul, in leg;
Privates E. M. O'Neil, in leg and shoulder; B.

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geant Joseph L. Holcomb, Privates Louis E. Knight, Irwin L. Rider, Philo Perry, Henry L. Thomas; died of wounds, April 15th, Augustus Caldwell.

Wounded-Corroral Almon Webster, shoulder, severely; Oorporal Robert D. Sparks, shoulder, severely; Private Aaron Newcount, arm, severely; Albert Gates, band, severely; Oscar R. Brownson, both hips, severely; Jesse Crouch, hand, severely: Hosen Hugoboon, shoulder, severely; Henry Lininger, arm, severely; Jaines McPhutus, thigb, severe. by : Daniel O'Milciman. side, severely; Perry T. Stivers, neck and shoulder, severely. Frank Stow. ell, neck, slightly: H. D. Ely, knee, slightly; Joha R. Hammond, leg, slightly; George Williamson, chest, slightly.

Miesiog-Thomas B. Smith, Samuel B. Smith, 01iver U. Waite, Michael Kennedy. Killed, 7; wounded, 15; missing, 4; Total, 26.

COMPANY P-NORTHERN LIGHTS Killed-H.E. Cary, John McNowo, Franklin Prevay, Antbony Morse.

Wounded-Captain H. T. Train, in tace, not ser.

Missing aged in the head.


Killed-Otis A. Colton, R. N. McWilliam, Hartley Onderdcak.

Wounded-Geo. Dew, Andrew Feltop, EII R. Wor. than, Jos. W. Lawplina, D. M. Wilson, Henry Jen. king.

Missing-Lt. Geo. R. Stokes, Lewis Shery, J. M. Stanton, Richard Trexell, M. H Tenney, Henry Todd, Jas. Wolcott, Amasa Dille, A. J. Frost, J. S. Frank, Millard Felton, Gilbert Fisk, J. N. Hough. lin, Mathias llart, Frank Hanton, J. P. Honecker, Eern Hull, Stephen Hartwell, Levi Minkler, Homer Nichols, Richard Noble, A, B. Osgood, John Pearson, C. T. Rexford, J. H. Stiver.

Killed 3, wounded 6, missing 26-35.

Walker, in breast; James Keever, in leg; J. Murpby, in head; J. Clark, in head; A. Collins, in head and breast; L. Neleon, in head; Corp. 8. Gunther, in thigh.

Slightly wounded-Capt. G. O. Williams, on duty; Corporal G. W. Hedding, on duty; Private Wm. Cooper. Killek, 7; wounded, 13; missing,

RECAPITULATION. Killed, 47; wounded, 174; missing, 27. List of Killed, Wounded and Missing in

18th Regiment Wisconsin Volunteers,

COMPANY A-TAYCHEEDAU UNION GUARDS. Killed-McManus Garnee, C. A. Whitman. Wounded--Lieut. Edward Coleman, Corp. C. C. Whitney: Privates D. C. Bailey, R. L. Hart, Marshal Cottin, Leander Depuy, Ludwig Holsu, J. Koehn, Alf. Losey, 0. K. Norris, G. W. Sparles, Adam Wbiting.

Missing-Captain Millard, Sergeant John Farrell, Theron Mack, P. J. Alexander, J. B. Abbe, P. A. llont, James Hallett, Beyou Kelley, Theod. Lemon, C. F. Scott, B. F. Smith, J. I. Shoemaker, Eli Higa ging, H. D. Whitney. Killed 2, wounded 13, missing 14. Total 29.


Wounded-E. Combs, W. H. Spencer, F. M. Bai. ley.

Missing-Lieut, T. A. Jackson, s. 8. Frowe, J. L Show, M. H. B. Cunningham, M. J. Bassy, C. E. Cottle, J. Davis, A. Grsen, H. 1. Ashcock, A. J. Lucia, R. Maguin, H. M. Wright, W.J. Wilder.

Killed, none; wounded, 3; missing 13. Toial 16, Number in muster roll, 93-ot for uuty, 64; sick 28.

Killed Private Win. Kettle; do N. M. Saxton.

Wounded-1. (lary, W. W. Dielsemad, Samuel Fisk, John Kirkpatrick, Hiram Moody, Patrick Nooney, Laughlin Vuiam, Benj Kapts, J. J. Swain, Samuel Sager, Augustus Singer.

Missing-Capt. M. Layne, Sergeant Tritwell, do. Dickson, Corporal Ilickox, do McMicbael, privates Campbell, Lander, Gray, James, Loucks, Metcalf, Merrill, McLelland, Mills, Powell, R-88, Taylor, Tooker. Killed, 2; wounded, 11; missing, 19. Total, 32.


Supposed Killed--Sergeant L. H Farr; Privates Eli P. Swert, Select Freeman.

Wounded-Corp John Williams, Privates Ephraim Crocker, Henry Beach, Hugh C. Wilson, Jack Jewell, A. Stephenson, C. N. Sprout, Byron Carey, Joon Gary, Charles Morley, Ezra Hankabout.

Missing-Capt. G. H. Fisk, Lieut. D. W.0. Wil. son, Sergeant Charles Claude; Privates Anthony Lamb, Andrew Alexson, Henry McGruff, J. G. Hun. ter, Milton Stewart, Gilbert Tuttle, Stephen Tay. lor, William Robinson, Amasa Smith, Ziba Hurd, A. Currier, James Osburn, Sen., James Osburn, Jr.

Killed, 1; Supposed dead, 3; Wounded, 11; Missing, 16; Total, 31.

COMPANY I-PORTAGE LIGHT INFANTRY. Killed-Clifton S. Merrill, John Fields. Wounded--Lieut, George R. Walbridge, Albert Taylor, George W. Evans, Walter Whittaker, Jos. Baker, 9. R. Hayoer, George S. Martin, Jr., Wm. H. Sberwin, John Harris, John Kinney, Isaac Levi. BOD, Reuben Edininster, Ed. L Kent

Missing-Joel S. Reedle, William S Blair, Thos. G. Bacon, s. W. Butterfield, John Dark, A. B. Doolittle, August Fant, Edward Hugo, Philip Marx, Truman Ri e, Robert Richards, Chas. H. Tucker, William Ward, Adam J Spawn,

Killed 2, wounded 13, missing 20-35.


Wounded-John Snyder, A. C. Loomis, Joseph Bullock, Alvin M. Coon, John S. Eaton.

Missing-Henry Jackson, W'm. Granger, Orville Hall, Henry M. Jackson, Mhxim La Binglep, died; Edwin McDougal, Augustus Otto, D. Wilcox, Mit: chell Anquette, Joseph Gill, Peter Whitman, John J. Sherman, Dennis Murphy, died..

, 1. wounded, 3; missing, 15. Total 22; sick, 32; fit for duty, 38.

COMPANY H-GREEX LAKE COUNTY RIPLES Killed-E. H. Ballou, Clark, Walker, Joseph A. Gulash, Solomon Mapsfield.

Wounded-First Lieut S. D. Woodwork, ser. geant Albert Later, John H. Hinton, Eugene Gay, E. F. Chamberlin, Edwjo Potts, Samuel Bixley, Thos. Carey, BW. Coats, F. Deselle, Gideon F. Dens, A. F. Dond, G. W. Dond, Za idock Malloy.

Missing-Captain D. H. Baxter; James Berry, G. Colingser, Jobo Carey, W $. Cotrel, John Devord, Wm. Reed; Alvin M. Smith, Elias Sexton, Franklin S. Stevens, wounded, Chas. Si encer, Chas. Welles, D. B, White, James Winans, 0. C. Blakely, J. Han. shaw, Abram A. Devose, wounded, Stephen Field, Enoch Foster, Orlando J. Harstraw, Ilugh Hannab A. Ilickman, Collin Leach, Daniel Leach, Edward P. Osborn. Killed 4, wounded 14, missing 25; total 43.

COMPANY I-LEVIS RANGERS. Killed-R. Cronk, Benj. W. Shaver, Geo. W. Hillman, Morris C. Cook, John Louth.

Woundeu-Peter McIntyre, Cornelius C Devon, T Luskey, mortally, S, W M. Smith, E. M. Haight, W Miller, Duncan McCloud, Peter Calahan, Jas. Li. tel, Oliver Guiduse, Albert Turck, Frank Everson, Alfred 0. Eilson, Adrastus Cross, Ferdinand Ben. ton.

Missing-Lieut, Ira I. Pord, Lieut. O. A. Southmerd, 8. C, Alban, Peter Mead, Geo, M. Dexter, Allen Church.

Wounded --Ole Leverson, Wm. Smith, Daniel E. Newton, Samuel E Dale, Jobo Cook, Jos, Brown.

Killed, 5, mortally wounded 2, wounded 15, missing 12; total 31.

COMPANY K-UNION GUARD8. Killed-James Flyn.

Wounded-Fernando Councilman, Wm. P.Green, Wm. Lowe.

Missing-John Stumpf, Willis T. Sage, Jas. S. W. Pardee, Robert Baed, Benj. Colwell, H. Oummins, Jefferson Cummins.

Killed 1, wounded 3, missing 11; total 15.

RECAPITULATION FOR REGIMENT. of field officers, Col. Alban, killed; Major Crain, killed; Lt Col. Beall, badly wouuded; Acting Adjutant Coleman, wounded.

Total in the regiment of killed and supposed dead, 24; wounded, 82; missing, 174.

RECAPITULATION FOR TIREE BEGIMENTS. Total of Killed, 85; Wounded, 339; Missing, 203. Total loss of the three Regiments engaged, 627.

NEWS SUMMARY. Locations of Wis. Regiments, May

1st. -As some changes have taken place in the Dodge Co. Agricultural Society. At locations of our Regiments recently, we have the annual meeting of the Dodge County Agri

collected the following information of their cultural Society, held pursuant to notice Janu

whereabouts at last accounts:

1st Regiment is at Pittsburg Landing. ary 24th, 1862. Geo. H. Stewart, President

20, 6th and 7th, are in King's Div, with Gen. McDowell. of the Society in the chair. 0. F. Jones was

3d is in the advance of Gen. Bank's Division, last at Secretary of the meeting.

Edinburg, Virginia.

4th is at this time undoubtedly with the Federal forces The following officers were elected for the

at New Orleans. present year:

5th is in Smith's Division, Hancock's Brigade, now enPresident-Thomas Marshall, of Oak Grove.

gaged in the seige of Yorktown under Gen. McClellan. Vice Presidents-John C. Ross, of Trenton; Miles Burn- | Sth is in Pope's Division, which recently reinforced Gen. ham, of Elba; Prof. Wm. Lehmann, of Hustisford.

Recording and Corresponding Secretary-Charles Bil. Halleck, at Savanna. linghurst, of Juneau.

9th was at Fort Scott at last accounts. The following named persons were appointed 10th is with Gen. Mitchell near Florence, Alabarna. the General Committee for the county:

11th is on Black River, Arkansas, in Gen. Stool's Div. David J. Pulling, Fox Lake: Stoddard Judd, Fox Lake

12th and 13th at this date, are at Fort Riley, enroute Village; G. W. Stanton, Trenton; C. S. Kneeland, Chester; for New Mexico. Wm. Hobkirk, S. W. Waupun; 0. Terry, Le Roy; J. G.

6: 14th is at Pittsburg Landing-Col. Wood appointed as Meyers, Lomira; F. W.DeLorme, Theresa; I. D. Phelps, Williamstown; M. S. Barrett, Burnett ; Oliver Ashley, Provost Marshal and the Reg't acting as Provost Guard. Westford; G. W. Henderson, Calamus; M. E. Babcock,

il 15th, Col. Heg is still at Island No. 10, where Col. Heg Beaver Dam; H. Hawley, Beaver Dam City; F. II. Roper,

Hub is left in command by Gen. bard; John R. Merrill, Ierman: Dennison Baker, Rubi

16th, 17th and 18th, are still at Pittsborg Landing. con; D. Fletcher, Hustisford; Wm. Christie, Clyman; A. Shipman, Lowell; J. W. Hartley, Elba; B. B. Chad 19th is guarding "gecesh" prisoners at Camp Randall. wick, Portland; J. Higgins, Shields; H. C. Crandell, Emmett; S. M. Randall, Lebanon; Wm. M. Dennis, Wat.

Our Cavalry Regiments are all at St. Louis yet, waiting ertown; R. Hassell, Ashippun.

for horses and equipments. 1st Reg't is now fully mounted. The following resolution was adopted :

Van Deutsch's Cavalry are with Curtis' army in northResolved, that the Corresponding Secretary invite fruit west Arkansas. growers and other persons engaged in enterprises of in- Badger Sharpshooters, Co. G, are with Berdan's Regiterest to the Society, to attend the Annual Fairs of the Society, and exhibit such fruits, productions, and articles, I

ment at the seige of Yorktown, doing good service. as they may see fit.

Our 1st Battery, Capt. Foster, is by this time, at PittsA meeting of the officers and General Com- burg Landing; the 3d, Capt. Drury, arrived there some mittee of the Society is appointed to be held time since; 2d, Capt. IIerztberg, is at Fortress Monrooi

4th, Capt. Vallee, is supposed to be at the same place; 5th, at the Court House, in Juneau, May 10th, 1862,

Capt. Pinney, recently went up the river to Pittsburg at 1 o'clock, P. M. A full attendance is ear

Landing; 6th, Capt. Dillon, was at last accounts, about nestly requested. C. BILLINGHURST, starting for the same placo; 7th, Capt. Griffin, was at Corresponding and Rec. Secretary.

New Madrid waiting for equipments and horses; 8th,
Capt. Carpenter, and 9th, Capt. Johnson, at Fort Riley,

enroute to New Mexico; 10th, Capt. Bebee, is still at St. The Wis. Ag. and Mechanical Asso

Louis filling up; 11th, Wisconsin Battery, (late Oconto ciation will hold their Annual Fair in Mil

Guards) Capt. O'Rourke, is attached to Mulligan's Brigade, waukee, commencing on the second Monday of doing duty at Camp Douglas, Chicago; 12th Wisconsin September next. It is to be general in its

Battory, Capt. Pile, is at Benton Barracks, St. Louis.

1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, Capt. Langworthy, is character, such as is usual at State Fairs, in

doing garrison duty at Fort Cass, near Washington city. cluding a horse show and trial of speed.

E. B. QUINER. Liberal premiums will be offered, and every

The Markets. exertion made to make it the Fair of the season.

CHICAGO, SATURDAY, APRIL 26TH. Premium lists will be prepared by the middle

Flour market quiet-buyers and sellers apart. White of May, and any person desiring one will Winter extra, 5.10; good white winter, 4.90. Spring, explease write to the Secretary, at Milwaukee, tra, 4.30; other grades spring 3.00 to 3.90. Wheat market and one will be forwarded immediately.

buoyant and advanced 14. No. 1 spring, sales at 7972

to 81 ; No. 2 spring, 74 to 7574. Corn 29a30. Oats 2234. By order of the Executive Committee.

Rye 4414 Barley 46. Potatoes, Neshannock, 44. ButM. L. SKINNER, Secretary. ter, choice, new dairy, 1la13. Eggs 674.


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