Race, William McFee 48

Reason, The: A Reply, Donald Grey

Barnhouse 484

Recreation, Edward Yeomans 492

Relativity and the Absurdities of Alice,

Alexander McAdie 811

Religio Magistri, Henry Noble MacCracken 76
Religion in China, The Future of, Paul

Hutchinson 119

Religious Outlook in China, The, Chang

Hsin-Hai 840

Return of a Native, The, Signe Toksvig . . 749

SOS — Europe to America, G. Lowes Dick-
inson 244

Sales Tax, The, Samuel Spring 846

Schoolma'am of Sandy Ridge, The, Irene
Hudson 11

Secret Letters from a Bolshevist Prison,
Waldemar von Mengden 623

Star-Dust, Christina Krysto 315

Teachers, The Mind as Misrepresented to,

George M. Stratton 366

Thy Kingdom Come, Florence Converse 352
'To Counsel the Doubtful,' Agnes Repplier 154
'To Will to Go,' Margaret Prescott Mon-
tague 650

Uncommon Prayer-Book, The, Montague
Rhodes James 756

Unworthy Coopers, The, Mr. and Mrs.
Haldeman-Julius 614

Utopia, A Little Boy's, Margaret Wilson . 669

Waste, Anonymous 180

What Do College Students Know? Paul V.

West 391

What Constitutes an Educated Person

To-day? Katharine Fullerton Gerould . 744
What Do Teachers Know? George Boas . 666
What's the Matter with New York?

Charles M. Sheldon 162

What Is the Reason? S. Miles Bouton . . 40
What the War Did to the Dictionary,

Simeon Strunsky 448

Whistler, James McNeill, Gamaliel Brad-
ford 513

Women and Machines, Mary Van KUeck 250

Zionism, Political, Albert T. Clay

[ocr errors]

Industry in Undeveloped Countries, Ber-

trand Russell 787

'Intellectual America,' Eugene S. Bagger . 200

Is a Pig a Person? Robert M. Gay ... 58

Japan, The False Pride of, James D.

Phelan 395

Japanese, California and the, Payson J.

Treat 537

Jew-Baiting in America, Ralph Philip Boas 658

Jungle Beach, A, William Beebe 607

Juvenile Court Sketches, Grace E. Polk 237,375,


Kristoffer, Hans, The Garden of, Elizabeth

Taylor 639

Lasting Things, The, Frances Lester

Warner 470

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Literature in the Grades, Edward Yeo-

mans 328

Lloyd George, Mr., The Future of, E. T.

Raymond 433

Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen,

The, Ralph Philip Boas 221

Menace of New Privilege, The, George W.

Alger 145

Mihintale — A Pilgrimage, L. Adams Beck 98
Mind, The, as Misrepresented to Teachers,

George M. Stratton 366

Moscow Nowadays, Harold V. V. Fay . . 555

National Genius, The, Stuart P. Sherman 1
Nationalist Spirit of India, The, L. F.

Rushbrook-Williams 547

'New England,' Fannie Stearns Gifford . . 505

1920, Henry W. Bunn 126

Old Age, Anonymous 23

On Duty, Harriet A. Smith 64

Parish Minister's Declaration of Independ-
ence, A, Willard L. Sperry 32

Peace and Pessimism, Hugh Black . . . 261
Pepys, Mrs Elizth; A Portion of the Diur-
nal of, E. Barrington 440

Plantation Pictures, Howard Snyder . 168,338
Prohibition, Relative Values in, Louis

Grates 524

Adventure, Grace Fallow Norton ....
After the Game, Olive Tilford Dargan . .

Children's Garland, Elizabeth M. Roberts


469 Concerning Brownie, Nancy Byrd Turner 394

'Duovir,' JohnFinley 235

44 Elan Vital, Viola C. White 75
Prayer of Thanksgiving, A, Flora Shufelt

Guiney, Louise Imogen, Alice Brown . . 378

H »me-Bound, Joseph Auslander .... 593

Horace, An Echo from, Richard Le Gallienne 189

Hypotenuse, The, Francis Bardwell . . . 624

Lyrics, Jean Kenyan Mackenzie 326

Index Bt Authors

Alger, George W.

Behind the Double Doors 84

The Menace of New Privilege .... 145

Anderson, Elizabeth, Hunting Trouble in

Armenia 695


Old Age 23

Waste 180

Archer, William, The Great Stupidity . . 819

Auslander, Joseph, Home-Bound .... 593

Bagger, Eugene S., 'Intellectual America' 200

Baldwin, Margaret, A Hermit Thrush . . 631

Bardwell, Francis, The Hypotenuse . . . 624

Barnhouse, Donald Grey, The Reason: A

Reply 484

Barrington, E.

A Portion of the Diurnal of Mrs Elizth

Pepys 440

Fair Rosemonde 799

Beck, L. Adams

Mihintale — A Pilgrimage 98

The Building of the Taj Mahal .... 301

Beebc, William

Guinevere the Mysterious 306

A Jungle Beach 607

Black, Hugh, Peace and Pessimism ... 261

Boas, George

The Better Recipe 379

What Do Teachers Know? 666

Boas, Ralph Philip

The Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lum-

bermen 221

Jew-Baiting in America 658

Bouton, S. Miles, What Is the Reason? . 40
Bradford, Gamaliel

American Portraits, 1875-1900

James McNeill Whistler 513

Brett, George P., Golfing versus Farming . 93
Brigham, Henry R., How to Meet the

Housing Situation 404

Brown, Alice, Louise Imogen Guiney . . 378

Bunn, Henry W., 1920 126

Cabot, Philip, Judge Gary's Opportunity . 599

Chadbourn, Philip Hemenway, Doing Busi-
ness with the Bolsheviki 831

Chang Hsin-Hai, The Religious Outlook in

China 840

Ckanler, Alida, Unexplored Harmonies 363

Rivola 498

Tahiti, Lisa Stillman 649

To Every Woman, Margery Swett .... 798

Clark, Francis Edward, Our Dearest An-

tipathies 239

Clay, Albert T., Political Zionism .... 268

Cobb, Stanwood, A New Movement in Edu-

cation 227

Converse, Florence, Thy Kingdom Come . 352

Dargan, Olive Tilford, After the Game . . 754

Day, Wilhelmine, Some Dogs, and a Cat or

Two 766

Dickinson, G. Lowes, SOS — Europe to

America 244

Eaton, Walter Prichard, Cellar-Holes . . 384

Fay, Harold V. V., Moscow Nowadays . . 555

Ferrero, Guglielmo, The Great Political

Crisis in Europe 414

Finley, John, Duovir 235

Gay, Robert M., Is a Pig a Person? ... 58

Gerould, Katharine FuUerton, What Con-

stitutes an Educated Person To-day? . 744

Gifford, Fannie Stearns, 'New England' . 505

Gilkyson, T. Walter, The Dlumined Mo-

ment 458

Graves, Louis, Relative Values in Prohibi-

tion 524

Haldeman-Julius, Mr. and Mrs., The Un-

worthy Coopers 614

Huddleston, Sisley, A Conscience for the

World 476

Hudson, Irene, The Schoolma'am of Sandy

Ridge 11

Hutchinson, Paul, The Future of Religion

in China 119

James, Montague Rhodes, The Uncommon

Prayer-Book 756

Kellogg, Vernon

The Biologist Speaks of Life 583

The Biologist Speaks of Death .... 774

Kilman, Julian, The Bookman 214

Kinross, Albert, England, My England! . 684

Krysto, Christina, Star-Dust 315

Kuprin, Alexander, Lenin 114

Le Gallienne, Richard, An Echo from Horace 189

Little, Arthur D., The Fuel Problem ... 190

Lowndes, Cary Gamble, The Courier of

Spring 488

Sperry, Willard L., A Parish Minister's

Declaration of Independence 32

Spring, Samuel, Adventures in Taxation —
The Sales Tax 846

Stewart, Charles D., Belling a Fox .... 738

Stillman, Lisa, Tahiti 649

Stratum, George M., The Mind as Misrepre-
sented to Teachers 366

Strunsky, Simeon, What the War Did to

the Dictionary 448

Swett, Margery, To Every Woman .... 798

Taylor, Elizabeth, The Garden of Hans
Kristoffer 639

Taylor, James Spotiiswoode, The Whole
Art of Dish-washing 626

Tinker, Chauncey B., A New Chapter of

Boswell 577

Toksvig, Signe, The Return of a Native . 749

Treat, Payson J., California and the Jap-
anese 537

Turner, Nancy Byrd, Concerning Brownie 394

Van Kleeck, Mary, Women and Machines 250

Wagenen, Jared Van, Jr., A Farmer on

His Own Business 594

Warner, Frances Lester, The Lasting

Things 470

West, Paul V., What Do College Students

Know? 391

White, Viola C, Elan Vital 75

Willard, John D., How About the Farmer? 814

Wilson, Margaret, A Little Boy's Utopia . 669

Woodbridge, Frederick J. E., After Thirty-

Five Years 721

X. X. X. The Fourteen Points and the

World 529

Yeomans, Edward

Literature in the Grades 328

Recreation 492

Zelie, John Sheridan (translator), Amiel in

Nebraska 289

Zimmerman, W. Carbys, The Basis of Beauty 206

MacCracken, Henry Noble, Religio Magistri 70

Mackenzie, Jean Kenyan, Lyrics .... 326

McAdie, Attxander, Relativity and the Ab-

surdities of Alice 811

McFee, William, Race 48

McKim, John Cole, Some Reflections on the

Ideogram 499

Mengden, Waldemar von. Secret Letters

from a Bolshevist Prison 673

Montague, Margaret Prescott, 'To Will to

Go' 650

Nolan, J. Bennett, Germany Revisited . . 106
Norton, Grace Fallow, Adventure .... 469

Phelan, James D., The False Pride of

Japan 395

Polk, Grace E.

Juvenile Court Sketches

I. The Bully 237

II. The Thief 375

III. TheForger 490

IV. The Lover 796

Porter, II. C, Amenities of Bookselling 176

Raymond, E. T., The Future of Mr. Lloyd

George 433

Read, Marion Pugh, Everlasting Grace . 343

Repplier, Agnes,'To Counsel the Doubtful' 154

Rivola, Flora Shufelt, A Prayer of

Thanksgiving 498

Roberto, Elizabeth Madox, Children's Gar-

land 44

Rushbrook-Williams, L. F., The National-

ist Spirit of India 547

Russell, Bertrand, Industry in Undevel-
oped Countries 787

Sheldon, Charles M., What's the Matter

with New York? 162

Sherman, Stuart P., The National Genius 1

Smith, Harriet A., On Duty 64

Snyder, Howard
Plantation Pictures
I. Certain Northern Notions .... 168
II. The Ordination of Charlie .... 338

The Contributors' Club

About Tools 715 Not Bunting, Silk 708

Animal Spirits 282

Atlantic Material 569 On Being a Landlord 279

On Meeting the Beloved 855

Old School-Books 422

Baby, Baby 556

Broken Bow, The 137

Discontented Engine, The 713

From a Sister of Martha 424

Harvard Calm and Henry Adams .... 140

Kismet 572

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