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Adventures in Taxation — The Sales Tax,

Samuel Spring 846

After Thirty-Five Years, Frederick J. E.

Woodbridge 721

American Portraits, 1875-1900, Gamaliel


James McNeill Whistler 513

Amiel in Nebraska, John Sheridan Zelie

(translator) . . . 289

Armenia, Hunting Trouble in, Elizabeth

Anderson 695

Basis of Beauty, The, W.Carbys Zimmerman 206

Belling a Fox, Charles D. Stewart .... 732

Better Recipe, The, George Boas .... 379

Biologist, The, Speaks of Life, Vernon

Kellogg 583

Biologist, The, Speaks of Death, Vernon

Kellogg 774

Bolsheviki, Doing Business with the,

Philip Hemenway Chadbourn 831

Bolshevist Prison, Secret Letters from a,

Waldemar ton Mengden 673

Bookman, The, Julian Kilman 214

Bookselling, Amenities of, H. C. Porter . . 176

Boswell, A New Chapter of, Chauncey B.

Tinker 577

Building of the Taj Mahal, The, L.

Adams Beck 301

California and the Japanese, Payson J.

Treat 537

Cellar-Holes, Walter Prichard Eaton ... 384

China, The Future of Religion in, Paul

Hutchinson 119

China, The Religious Outlook in, Chang

Bsin-Hai 840

Conscience for the World, A, Sisley Hud-

dlesion 476

Contributors' Column, The . 141,285,428, 573,

716, 861

Courier of Spring, The, Cary Gamble

Lowndes 488

Dearest Antipathies, Our, Francis Edward
Clark 238

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