Trunslation from the French of a Treatise on Nursing, Weaning, and the general treatment of young Children. By Dr. Al. Donne. 12mo., cloth,

.$1. In France this work enjoys a wide-spread popularity, being accepted by the medical profession, consulted even, and recommended by them to their patients.

It is manifestly impossible for a physician to watch over every step taken in a child's rearing, and to be always at hand, with advice for all young mothers. It is, besides, somewhat out of the province of ordinary physicians, for whom it is far easier to refer mothers to some judicious and minute Treatise on the subject. The translator ventures to hope, that when the medical profession in America shall understand the character of this work they will make the same use of it that French physicians do.

We should endeavor in every way to render our infants not only healthy, in the ordinary acceptation of the term, but we should not rest easy, so long as their cheeks are pale, their natures torpid, or their flesh wanting in firm. ness, as those of many children are.

The healthy infant should be firm in flesh, ruddy in color, strong, and very active; and mothers who find that their children are not so, however interestirg they may seem from the apparent delicacy of their organization, ought to leave no means untried to secure for them all the characteristics.

At this age, air, exercise, and appropriate food are everything

With unremitting and judicious attention to all of them, a weakly child may become a strong one ; without them, the strongest will, before he is a year old, already begin to lose his strength, plumpness, and color.

If we would see our children improving day by day, in physical strength, which is no more than nature intends, some method of uniformity must be adopted in rearing them, and for giving these valuable hints, the book is intended.





Large 12mo. 425 Pages, $1. A BOOK of wonderful and intense interest, containing thrilling and stirring narratives of Battles, Captivities, Escapes, Ambuscades, Assaults, Massacres and Depredations of the Indians. The Habits, Customs, and Traits of Character peculiar to the Indian race. The life and exploits of Capt. MILES STANDISH–The history of King Philip's War-An interesting account of the coalition of Indian Tribes in New England, to exterminate the English Settlers—The gallant deeds of Capt. Church, Major Waldron, Captains Stone, Lovewell, and Wainwright. The youthful adventures of General Putnam, and historical incidents in the Revolutionary War, containing many interesting items of local and historical interest never before published.

The talented compiler in his preface says: “It is ex ceedingly desirable that these incidents should be extensively read—hitherto they have been confined to a few rare works, so that to most persons they have been inaccessible, and to a great degree unknown. The design of this volume is, to embody these incidents, and present them to the reader in one view, and if it assists to influence the patriotism, strengthen the faith, interest and instruct the mind, and promote the morality and religion of the community, the object of the author is attained.”

MOST NOTED PIRATES. The history of the Lives and bloody Exploits of the most noted pirates, their trial and executions, including a correct account of the late piracies in the West Indies, including the remarkable adventures of Capt. Kidd.

Fully Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, $1.






12MO., CLOTH. $1.

We may

The following review by Evert M. Duyckinck, author of the Cyclopedia of American Literature, will give an idea of its merits. “ When we open the book and enter upon its thirty-nine discourses, following the heart-stirring deductions of the spiritual life, the fine thoughted improvements of Scriptural narratives and apologues, the cheerful words throwing light upon the darker paths of daily life, we recognize the words of one who, by sympathy and the best knowledge of mankind, is eminently fitted to be a teacher of men. These sermons are animated, yet not rhetorical ; full of subtle perceptions of truth, yet not obscure ; indeed, the subtlety fulfills its proper work in upriddling what is dark before us. take, as an instance of this apt subtlety, one which we have alighted upon at the opening of the book, an elucidation of the text, ' Take no thought for the morrow,' which might be very easily misconceived as a plea for neglect of labor. Mr. KINGSLEY takes the difficulty in hand at the outset. It is not prudence or effort, he tells us, that we are taught to avoid or be indifferent about, but anxiety and troublesome fears which are to be shunned--for the very reason that they are foes to prudence. “Let me say a few words to you on this text,' is his language. Be not anxious, it tells you. And why? Because you have to be prudent. In practice, fretting and anxiety help no man toward prudence. On the contrary, I know nothing which cripples a man more, and hinders him working manfully, than anxiety. The wholesome truth is enforced by many familiar illustrations."



The Triumph of Love and Faity.


Author of “Madelon Hawley,” &c., &c. 12mo. Beautifully Illustrated from designs by Orr, executed

in the highest style of the art, $1.

Viola is not merely a work of fiction for which we claim the attention of the public, nor do its highest merits rest in creating a sensation. The high moral tone infused through its pages, sustained by irresistible logic, without detracting from its interest, claims for it a place by every fireside.

The sensation seeker, and intellectual epicure will read it—the one for its startling plot and inexpressible interest, the other for its constant warnings to the right path, and beautiful delineation of every-day life. Nothing has been spared to render this book attractive in every form. The Illustrations present some of the most thrilling scenes to the eye of the reader, and are executed in effective style from designs by Orr, the well known artist.




Embracing the career of Claude Duval, Jack Shepherd, Dick Turpin, Eugene Aram, the Golden Farmer, Tom Jones and the German Princess, and more than thirty other celebrated highwaymen aud robbers.

Fully Illustrated. 12mo., cloth, $1.00.






The fate of Sir John Franklin has not ceased to be a theme of deep interest throughout the world. The narrative of the expedition, the first in 1816, the second a few years later, and the thir'd in 1825, is here given in his own words. Of the fourth and last, undertaken in 1845, we have the final solution, his fate being the great problem which has awakened more interest than that of the discovery of the North-West passage itself. All the information that has been acquired respecting his last expedition is here given, together with a sketch of McClintock's expedition sent out in search of him, and the final success attending it.

The chief merit of this volume of nearly 500 pages, is, that it gives for the first time, in a cheap and readable form, Sir John Franklin's own account of his early voyages-condensed, of course, but containing all the pith of his relations. No inconsiderable amount of labor must have been expended in making this compilation, the material for which could not have been very easy of access. The investment of labor, however, was a safe one, for the Arctic Regions have long held an inscrutable hold on the public mind,-a hold rendered a thousand times firmer by the sad fate of Franklin. In the sad loss of the brave navigator has nearly been swallowed up the memory of his successful voyages ; and only a small body of general readers remember the important aids to geographical science which he rendered during his thirty years of occasional effort in Arctic exploration. The popular publication of this book will do a good office in imparting a more general knowledge of these facts ; and for the mere pleasure reader it has the strange interest of all Arctic narratives. Large 12mo. cloth, $1,25.

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