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519. oldal - Truly he was exceedingly beloved in the Army, of all that knew him. But few knew him; for he was a precious young man, fit for God. You have cause to bless the Lord. He is a glorious Saint in Heaven; wherein you ought exceedingly to rejoice. Let this drink up your sorrow; seeing these are not feigned words to comfort you, but the thing is so real and undoubted a truth.
69. oldal - ... which grace has prepared and beautified shall be gathered and selected from the ruins of the world to adorn that eternal city which hath no need of the sun neither of the moon to shine in it, for the glory of God doth enlighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. Let us obey the voice that calls us thither ; let us seek the things that are above, and no longer cleave to a world which must shortly perish, and which we must shortly quit, while we neglect to prepare for that in which we are invited...
518. oldal - Sir, God hath taken away your eldest son by a cannonshot. It brake his leg. We were necessitated to have it cut off, whereof he died.
2. oldal - The work is performed, first by railing at the stupidity, negligence, ignorance, and asinine tastelessness of the former editors, and shewing, from all that goes before and all that follows, the inelegance and absurdity of the old reading; then by proposing something, which to superficial readers would seem specious, but which the editor rejects with...
350. oldal - Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.
518. oldal - Ives : how he saluted men on the streets ; read Bibles ; sold cattle ; and walked, with heavy footfall and many thoughts, through the Market Green or old narrow lanes in St. Ives, by the shore of the black Ouse River, — shall be left to the reader's imagination. There is in this man talent for farming ; there are thoughts enough, thoughts bounded by the Ouse River, thoughts that go beyond Eternity, — and a great black sea of things that he has never yet been able to think.
517. oldal - ... spiritual temples, they are the men truly charitable, truly pious. Such a work as this was your erecting the Lecture in our Country ; in the which you placed Dr. Wells, a man of goodness and industry, and ability to do good every way ; not short of any I know in England : and I am persuaded that, sithence his coming, the Lord hath by him wrought much good among us.
44. oldal - I have served in spirit, in the Gospel of his Son, that I have taught nothing but the true and solid doctrine of the Gospel of the Son of God, and have had it for my only object to instruct the ignorant, to confirm the faithful, to comfort the weak, the fearful, and the distressed by -the promises of grace, and to fight against the proud and rebellious by the divine threatcnings.
69. oldal - Meanwhile, heaven is attracting to itself whatever is congenial to its nature, is enriching itself by the spoils of earth, and collecting within its capacious bosom whatever is pure, permanent, and divine, leaving nothing for the last fire to consume but the...
127. oldal - Not a track remains of a single foot, or a single hoof, of all the countless millions of men and beasts whose progress spread desolation over the earth ; but the reptiles, that crawled upon the half-finished surface of our infant planet, have left memorials of their passage, enduring and indelible.

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