The mistakes of a life, 1. kötet

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195. oldal - Our faces faded from the sight, Our voices only broke the gloom. We spake of many a vanished scene, Of what we once had thought and said, Of what had been, and might have been, And who was changed, and who was dead; And all that fills the hearts of friends, When first they feel, with secret pain, Their lives thenceforth have separate ends, And never can be one again...
107. oldal - Why should I live ? Do I not know The life of woman is full of woe ? Toiling on and on and on, With breaking heart, and tearful eyes, And silent lips, and in the soul The secret longings that arise, Which this world never satisfies M-' Some more, some less, but of the whole Not one quite happy, no, not one ! URSULA.
133. oldal - Poor soul," whispered Lady Penelope to Tyrrel ; " we know what we are, we know not what we may be. — And now, Mr. Tyrrel, I have been your sibyl to guide you through this Elysium of ours, I think, in reward, I deserve a little confidence in return.
270. oldal - ... be also a duty to study to the best of our ability to understand in what their good consists, and how it is to be promoted. To represent therefore any branch of such study as inconsistent with Christianity is to make Christianity inconsistent with itself. He who should acknowledge himself bound to feed the hungry and clothe the naked, and visit the sick and prisoners, would not be acting consistently with his profession, if he should through inattention or prejudice, or any other cause, sanction...
141. oldal - I fear they will continue to prefer respectable slavery, to despised independence ; and attribute these wise books to the pens of disappointed old maids, whose conduct would contradict their theories if the power were given them. I never hear women talk of their independence, without suspecting that they have escaped all temptation to surrender it.
140. oldal - I believe all the books now written to persuade women of their innate dignity, their mission, their rights, and their powers, will have but little influence on them. I fear they will continue to prefer respectable slavery, to despised independence ; and attribute these...

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