Christ's sermon

on the mount. brought unto him all| A. D. 31. merciful: & for they sick people that were

shall obtain mercy.

у Mar. 3. 7. taken with divers dis

8 h Blessed are the

a Mar. 3. 13. eases and torments, 20. pure in heart: for and those which were b Lu. 6. 20. theyi shall see God. possessed with devils,

Ps.51. 17, 9 Blessed are the and those which were Pr. 16. 19. peacemakers :

for lunatick, and those

Is. 57. 15. they shall be called that had the palsy ;

8 66. 2, the children of God. and he healed them. c Is.61.2, 3. 10 k Blessed

are 25 y And there fol

Lu. 6. 21. they which are perselowed him great mul.

Jno. 16.20. cuted for righteoustitudes of people from

Re 21.4. pess' sake: for their's Galilee, and from a Ps. 37. 1. is the kingdom of Decapolis, and from e Ro. 4. 13. heaven. Jerusalem, and from

fls. 55. 1. 11 I Blessed are ye

& 65. 13. Judæa, and from be

when men shall revile

Ps. 41. 1. yond Jordan.

ch. 6. 14. you, and persecute CHAP. V. Mar. 11.25. you, and shall say all 1 AND seeing the

2 Ti. l. 16. manner


m evil multitudes, ahe went

Ho. 6. 10. against you + falsely,

Ja. 2. 13. up into a mountain : h Ps. 15. 2.

for my sake. and when he was set, & 24. 4. 12 n Rejoice, and his disciples came

He. 12. 14. be exceeding glad : unto him:

i 1Co.13. 12. for great is your re2 And he opened his

1 Jno. 3. ward in heaven : for mouth, and taught k 2C0.4. 1;. soo persecuted they them, saying,

2 Ti. 2. 12. the prophets which 3 b Blessed are the 1 Pe. 3.14. were before you. poor in spirit : for 1 Lu. 6. 22. 13 Ye are the salt their's is the kingdom # Gr.lying the salt have lost bis

ml Pe.4.14. of the earth: p but if of heaven.

Lu. 6. 23. 4 e Blessed are they Ac. 5.41.


wherewith that mourn: for they R0. 5. 3. shall it be salted? it shall be comforted.

Ja. 1.2. is thenceforth good 5 Blessed are the one.9: 26 for nothing, but to be meek : for ethey shall

2 Chr. 36. cast out, and to be inherit the earth.

Ac. 7. 62. trodden under foot of 6 Blessed are they 1 Th.2. 15. men. which do hunger and p Mar. 9. 60. 14 9 Ye are the light thirst after righteous.

Lu. 14. 34. of the world. A city

35, ness : f for they shall

that is set on an hill be filled.

Phil. 2. 15. cannot be hid. 7 Blessed are the

15 Neither do men

q Pr. 4.18.

shall say,

Christ's sermon

on the mount. light: a candle, and A. D.31. no case enter into the put it t under a bush

kingdom of heaven.

r Mar. 4. 21. el, but on a candle

Lu. 8. 16.

21 Ye have heard stick; and it giveth & Il. 33

that it was said I by light unto all that. The word them of old z time, are in the house. in the origi- Thou shalt not kill; 16 Let your light|nal

signifieth and whosoever shall so shine before men, containing kill shall be in danger thats they may see about a pint of the judgment : your good works, and less than a 22 But I say unto glorify t your Father peck. you, That a whoso

SI Pe 2. 12. which is in heaven.

t Jno. 15.8.

ever is angry with 17 uThink not that

1 Co. 14.25

his brother without a I am come to destroy u Ro. 3.31. cause shall be in dan. the law, or the pro

& 10. 4. ger of the judgment : phets: I am not come

Ga. 3. 24.

and whosoever shall

w Lu. 16. 17. to estroy, but to

x Ja. 2. 10.

say to his brother, fulfil.

y Ro. 9. 31. Raca, b shall be in 18 For verily I say & 10. 3. danger of the * coununto you, w Till hea- 1 Or, to cil: but whosoever

them. ven and earth pass,

Thou *fool, z Ex. 20. 13. one jot or one tittle

De. 5. 17.

shall be in danger of shall in no wise pass a 1 Jno. 3.15. hell fire. from the law, till all That is, 23 Therefore o if be fulfilled.

vain fellow. thou bring thy gift

2 Sa. 6. 20. 19 x Whosoever

to the altar, and there

b Ja. 2. 20. therefore shall break

och. 8. 4.

rememberest that thy one of these least & 23. 19.

brother hath ought commandments, and a Job 42. 8. against thee; shall teach men so,

ch. 18. 19. 24 d Leave there thy

1 Ti. 2. 8. he shall be called the

gift before the altar, least in the kingdom . Pr. 25.8.

1 Pe. 3. 7. and go thy way; first of heaven: but who- Lu. 12.58, be reconciled to thy soever shall do and 59. brother, and then teach them, the same f Ps. 32. 6. come and offer thy shall be called great in the kingdom of ver. 22– 25 • Agree

with heaven.

# The San- thine adversary 20 l'or I say unto bedrim, the quickly, fwhiles thou you, That except your the Jews.

chief court of art in the way with righteousness shall

him ; lest at any time

ver. 22exceed ythe righteous, *A graceless the adversary deliver ness of the Scribes and wicked rebel thee to the judge, Pharisees, ye shall in

and the judge deli

Is. 55. 6. gift.

Christ's sermon


on the mount. ver thee to the officer, A. D. 31. wife, let him give her and thou be cast into

a writing of divorce

g Ex. 20. 14. prison.

De, 5. 18.

ment: 26 Verily I say Job 31.1. 32 But I say unto unto thee, Thou shalt Pr. 6. 25. you, That mwhosoever by no means come

Ge. 31. 2. shall put away his out thence, till thou ich. 13. 8,3: wife, saving for the last paid the utter. Mar. 9. 43. cause of fornication, most farthing.

47. causeth her to commit 27 Ye have heard + Or, do adultery: and whothat it was said by cause thee to soever shall marry thein of old & time, offend. her that is divorced, Thou shalt not com- k ch. 19. 12. committeth adultery. mit adultery :

Ro. 8. 13.

33 Again, ye have

1 Co. 9. 27. 28 But I say unto

heard that nit hath

Col. 3. 5. you, That whosoever De 24. i. been said by them hlooketh on a woman

Jer. 3. 1. of old time, Thou to lust after her batlı ch. 19. 3. shalt not forswear committed adultery


Mar. 10. 2. thyself, but p shalt with her already in mich, 19.9. perform untothe Lord his heart.*

Lu. 16. 18. thine oaths: 29 i And if thy right Ro. 7. 3. 34 But I say unto eye 1 offend thee, 1 Cor. 7. you,9Swear not at all; pluck it out, and cast

10, 11. neither by heaven; it from thee: for it is n ch. 23. 16. for it is r God's profitable for thee that Ex. 20. 7. throne: one of thy members

Le. 19. 12.

35 Norby the earth;

Nu. 30. 2. should perish, and not

for it is his footstool:

De..5. 11. that thy whole body

p De, 23. 23.

neither by Jerusa. should be cast into

; for it is the hell,

q ch. 23. 16.
19. 22.

city of the great King. 30 And if thy right Ja, 5. 12.

36 Neither shalt hand offend thee, cutr Is. 66. 1.

thou swear by thy it off, and cast it from Ps. 48. 2. head, because thou thee: for it is profit

& 87. 3. canst not make one able for thee that Çol. 4. 6. hair white or black.

Ja. 5. 12. one of thy members

37 But let your should perish, and

ver. 30 communication be, not that thy whole In all these Yea, yea ; Nay, nay: body should be cast cases, our for whatsoever is into hell.

Lord points

more than these com31 lt hath been out the

eth of evil. said, 1 Whosoever of the law.


38 Ye have heard shall put away his


it hath been


Christ's sermon MATT. VI. on the mount. said, An eye for an A. D. 31. the good, and sendeth eye, and a tooth for a

rain on the just and tooth:

u Ex. 21. 24.

Le. 24. 20: on the unjust. 39 But I say unto De. 19. 21. 46 & For if ye love you, 1 That ye re- * Pr. 20. 22. them which love you, sist not evil : y but & 24. 29.

what reward have ye? whosoever shall smite

Lu. 6. 29.
do not even

the thee

Ro. 12. 17, on thy right 19. Publicans the same? cheek, turn to him the 1 Co. 6. 7. 47 And if ye salute other also.

1 Th. 5.15. your brethren only, 40 And if any man

I Pe. 3. 9. what do ye more than will sue thee at the y ls. 50. 6.

others? do not even

La. 3. 30. law, and take away

the Publicans so?

z ch. 27. 32. thy coat, let him have

Mar. 15.21.

48 Be ye therefore thy cloke also.

perfect, even ias your 41 And whosoever a De. 15:08. Father' which is in zshall compel thee to Lu. 6. 30. heaven is perfect. go a mile, go with

35. CHAP. VI. him twain.

b Le, 19. 18. 1 TAKE heed that 42 Give to him that c Ps. 41. 10. ye do not your talms asketh thee, a and a Lu. 6. 27, before men, to be seen from him that would 35. of them : otherwise borrow of thee, turn

Ro. 12. 14.

ye have no I reward

20. not thou away.

of your Father which 43 Ye have heard e Lu. 23. 34.

Ac. 7. 60.

is in heaven. that it hath been said,

1 Co. 4. 12.

2 Therefore a when Thoub shalt love thy 1 Pe. 2.23. thou doest thine alms, neighbour, cand hate + Job 25. 3. dog not sound a trumthine enemy.

8 Lu. 6. 32. pet before thee, as 44 But I say unto Ge, 17. 1. the hypocrites do in you, d Love your ene- 1 Epb. 5.1. the synagogues and mies, bless them that + Or, righ in the streets, that curse you, do good to teousness. they may have glory them that hate you,

De. 24. 13. of men. Verily I say and pray for them Ps. 112. 9. unto you, They have which despitefully Da. 4. their reward. use you, and perse

2 Co. 9. 9, 3 But when thou

10. cute you;

10r, with. doest alms, let not 45 That ye may be the cbildren of your

. Ro. 12. 8. thy left hand know

what thy right hand Father which is in

9 Or, cause

doeth : beaven: for 1 he pet to be

4 That thine alms maketh his sun to rise sounded. may be in secret : on the evil and on

and thy Father which

not a trum

Re, 3. 10. you:

Christ's sermon

on the mount. seeth in secret him-| A. D. 31. lcome. 8Thy will be self b shall reward thee openly.

b Lu. 14. 14. is in heaven.

done in earth, has it 5 *And when thou : 2 Ki. 4. 33.

11 Give us this day

d Ee. 5. 2. prayest, thou shalt

our idaily bread. not be as the hypo-e 1 Ki. 18.

12 And forgive us

26, 29. crites are: for they Lu. 11. 2.

our debts, as we forlove to pray standing

8 ch. 26. 39. give our debtors. in the synagogues


13 ! And lead us and in the corners of Ac. 21. 14. not into temptation, the streets, that they h Ps. 103. but mdeliver us from may be seen of men. i Job 23. 12. the kingdom, and the

20, 21.

* evil: n For thine is Verily I say unto

Pr. 30. 8. you, They have their

k ch. 18. 21,

power, and the glory, reward.

for ever. Amen.

ch. 26. 41. 6 But thou, when

14 °For if ye forgive

Lu, 22. 40. thou prayest, center 46. men their trespasses, into thy closet, and 1 Co.10.13. your heavenly Fa: when thou hast shut 2 Pe. 2. 9. ther will also forgive thy door, pray to thy Father which is in mJno. 17.15.

15 But p if ye forsecret; and thy Fa. n 1 Chr. 29. give not men their

11. ther which seeth in

o Ec. 29. 1.

trespasses, neither secret shall reward Mar. 11.

will your Father forthee openly.

25, 26. give your trespasses. 7 But when ye pray,

Eph. 4.32. 16 Moreover when used not vain repeti

Col. 3. 13.

ye fast, be not, as tions, as the heathen P sh18, 35. the hypocrites, of a do : e for they think q Is. 58. 5. sad countenance : for that they shall be

Ru. 3. 3.

they disfigure their heard for their much Da. 10. 3. faces, that they may speaking.

appear unto men to 8 Be not ye there-rer. 5– fast.

Verily I say fore like unto them : *Christ does unto you, They have for your Father know. not forbid their reward.

public eth what things ye prayer, but

17 But thou, when have need of, before praying to thou fastest, ranoint ye ask him.

be seen of thine head, and wash 9 After this manner men. thy face; therefore pray ye: f ver. 13– 18 That thou appear Our Father which art

not unto men to fast, in heaven, Hallowed Forpor, from but unto thy Father be thy name.


which is in secret : 10 Thy kingdom

and thy Father,which 12

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