Christ heals

the sick. among themselves, A. D. 31. of divers diseases, What thing

and cast out many deis this? what new

f Ma, 8. 14.

La: 1. 38. vils; and li guffered doctrine is this? for

not the devils + to Ma. 8. 16.

5 with authority com- Lu. 4. 40. speak, because they mandeth he even thelh ch. 3. 12. knew him. unclean spirits, and Lu. 4. 41. 35 And i in the they do obey him. Ac. 16, 17, morning, rising up a 28 And immediate

18. great while before ly his fame spread 1 Or, to say day, he went out, and abroad throughout all that they the

departed into a solita.

knew him. region round

ry place, and there abont Galilee.* i Lu. 4. 42. prayed.

29 ? And forthwith, k Lu. 4. 43. 36 And Simon and wlien they were come 1 Is, 61. 1. they that were with out of the synagogue,

Juo. 16.28. him followed after they entered into the

& 17. 4.

him. house of Simon and m Ma. 4. 23. 37 And when they Andrew, with James Lu. 4. 44. had found him, they and John.

Ma. 8.2. said unto him, All 30 But Simon's Lu. 5. 12. men seek for thee. wife's mother lay

38 And he said un.

ver. sick of a fever, and "A large and to them, \ Let us go anon they tell him of fertile pro- into the next towns, her.

vince of the that I may preach 31 And he came land of Ca- there also: for thereand took her by the baan. There fore came I forth. hand, and lifted her

was Upper

and Lower 39 mAnd he preachup; and immediately Galilee, the ed in their synathe fever left her, and former of gogues throughout all she ministered 'unto which is call: Galilee, and cast out them.

ed Galilee of


the Gentiles, 32 & And at even, Ma.4.15. Our

40 nAnd there came when the sun did set, Saviour, and a leper to him, he. they brought unto most of his seeching him, and him all that were dis disciples

kneeling. down to eased, and them that were

brought him, and saying un were possessed with lee; hence to him, If thou wilt devils.

they were thou canst make me 33 And all the city sometimes clean. was gathered together called Gali- 41 And Jesus, mov

leans. See at the door.

ed with compassion,

Lu. 23. 6. 34 And he healed Ac: 2.7. put forth his hand, many that were sick

and touched him, and


The palsy

healed. saith unto him, I will; A. D. 31.

no, not so much as be thou clean.

about the door and 42 And as soon as • Lu. 5. 14. he preached the word he had spoken, im- p Lu. 5. 15. unto them. mediately the leprosy q ch. 2, 13.

3 And they come departed from him, a Ma. 9. I. unto him: , bringing and he was cleansed. Lu. 5. 18. one sick of the palsy,

43 And he straitly b Job 14.4. which was borne of charged him, and Ps.130.4. four. forthwith sent him

Is. 43. 25. 4 And when they

Da.9.9. away ;

could not come nigh

Mi.7.19. 44 Ånd saith unto


unto him for the him, See thou say no- Jno. 20.28. press, they uncovered thing to any man: Ma. 9, 4.

the roof * where he but go thy way, shewa Ma. 9. 5.

was: and when they thyself to the priest, Lu.5.22.

had broken it up, they and offer for thy

let down the bed cleansing those things According the palsy lay.

wherein the sick of which • Moses com- to the law manded, for a testi-instituted

5 When Jesus saw mony unto them. Le. 14.1. &c. their faith, he said

45 p But he went a cleansed le- unto the sick of the out, and began to per might

shew himself be forgiven thee.

palsy, Son, thy sins publish it much, and to blaze abroad the in the neigh

to any priest

6 But there were matter, insomuch that bourhood; but certain of the Scribes Jesns could no more the offerings sitting there, and reaopenly enter into the were to be soning in their hearts,

presented in city, but was without

7 Why doth this

the sanctuain desert places: 9 and ry.

man thus speak blasthey came to him

phemies? bwho can

ver. 4from every quarter. Houses in forgive sins but God

the East were only ! CHAP. II.

generally 8 And immediately 1 AND again a he built with flat when Jesus perceiventered into Caperna roofs, and a

ed in his spirit that um after some days; this aperture they 80 reasoned and it was poised that not being within themselves, he was in the house. suficient to he said unto them,

2 And straightway admit the le- Why reason ye these many were gathered broke part of things in your hearts? together, insomuch the roof

9 # Whether is it that there was no Away. easier to say to the room to receive them,

sick of the palsy, The

Christ eateth

MARK II. with publicans. sins be forgiven thee A. D. 31.

for there were many, or to say, Arise, and


they followed take up thy bed, and le Ma. 9. 9. him. walk?"

16 And when the 10 But that ye may

f Ma. 4. 19; Scribes and Phari

20. 22. know that the Son of & 9. 9. sees saw him eat with man hath power on Lu. 5. 27. Publicans and sinearth to forgive sins, Ac. 1. 13. pers, they said unto Che saith to the sick of + Or, at the his disciples, How is the palsy,)

place where it that he eateth and 11 I say unto thee, the custom drinketh with PubliArise, and take up thy was receiv- cans and sinners ?

led. bed, and go thy way

17 When

Jesus into thine house.

6 Ma. 9. 10. heard it, he saith un12 And immediate

Ju 5. 29. to them, hThey that ly he arose, took up & 15. 1. are whole have no the bed, and went

need of the physician,

b Ma. 9. 12, forth before them all; * 13. but they

that are insomach that they & 18. 11. sick: I came not to were all amazed, and Lu. 5. 31. call the righteous, glorified God, saying,

& 15. 10. but sinners to repent. We never saw it on

& 19. 10. ino. 9. 39.

ance. this fashion.

Ac. 20. 21.

18 i And the disci13 e And he went & 26. 20. ples of John and of forth again by the sea i Ti. 1.15. the Pharisees used to side; and all the

Tit. 2. 14. fast: and they come

& 3. 5. multitude resorted

and say

unto him, unto him, and he i Ma. 2. 14. Why do the disciples

. 5. 33 taught them.

of John and of the 14 f And as he pass- ver. 14- Pharisees fast, but ed by, he saw Levi* * The same thy disciples fast not? the son of Alphæus as Matthew.

19 And Jesus said sitting t at the receipt ver. 19– unto them, Can the of custom, and said * The per children of the brideunto him, Follow me. sons who at. chamber fast, while And he


the bridegroom is followed him.

when receiv- with them as long as 15 SAod it came to ing bis bride they have the bridepass, that, as Jesus from her fa- groom with them, sat at meat in his ther, and

they cannot fast. house, many Publi- when con

20 But the days cans and sinners sat to his own

ducting her

will come, when the also together with Je-house. bridegroom shall be sus and his disciples :

taken away


arose and tended the

man - Ma. 12. 9.

Jesus justifies MARK III.

his disciples. them, and then shall A. D. 31. in the days of * Abiathey fast in those

thar the High Priest, days.

+ Or,raw,or, and did eat the shew

unwrougat. 21. No man also

bread, n which is not

k Ma, 12. 1. seweth a piece of

Lu, 6.1.

lawful to eat but for new cloth on an old 1 Do. 23.25. the Priests, and gave garment: else the

also to them which new piece that filled - 1 Sa. 21.6.

were with him? it up taketh away

n Ex. 29.32.

27 And he said un

Le. 24. 9. from the old, and the

to them, The sabbath rent is made worse.

o Ma. 12. 8.

was made for man, 22 And no

and not man for the

Lu. 6. 6. putteth new wine in

sabbath : to old bottles : else 1 Gr. Arist,

28 Therefore stand forth

o the the new wine doth

in the midst. Son of man is Lord burst the bottles, and

also of the sabbath. the wine is spilled, "Beza ob

ver. 22 and the bottles will serves, that

CHAP. III. be marred: but new superstitious

1 AND a he entered wine must be put in- and hypocri. again into the syna. to new bottles. *

tical persons gogue; and there was 23 k And it came to the sum of

rashly place

a man there which pass, that he went piety in

had a withered hand. throngh the corn fields things of an 2 And they watch. on the sabbath day; indifferent ed him, whether he and his disciples be- nature; not would heal him

on gan, as they went, to what the

the sabbath day; that pluck the ears of corn, strength of they

might accuse 24 And the Phari- each person him. sees said unto him, san bear,

3 And he saith un

thley rashly Behold, why do they

to the man which had

enact any on the sabbath day kind of laws


withered hand, that which is not law-about these I Stand forth.

things, with

4 And he saith unto 25 And he said un-out disere

them, Is it lawful to

tion. to them, Have ye ne

do good on the sabVer read mwhat David ver. 26

bath days, or to do

• Ahimnelech did, when he had is mentioned evil? to save life, or peed, and was an by Samuel as to kill ? hungred,

and being in this held their peace. they that were with ulice at this

5 And when he had him?

time, but both looked round about 26 How he went officiated.

may have

on them with anger, into the house of God

being grieved for the


But they


10r, rush-charged

Ma. 12.16. twelve,


Great multitudes MARK III.

follow Jesus. hardness +

of their A. D. 31. 11 e And unclean hearts, he saith unto

spirits, when they the man, Stretch forth + Or, blind saw him, fell down thine hand. And he ness. before him, and cried, stretched it out: and b Ma. 12.14. saying, Thou art the his hand was restored. Ma. 22.16. Son of God. whole as the other.

d Lu. 6. 17.

12 And & he straitly 6 b And the Pha

them that risees went forth, ed.

they should not make and straightway took

e ch. 1. 23, bim known. counsel with cthe

24. 13 h And he goeth Herodians * against Lu. 4. 41. up into a mountain, him, how they might r Ma. 14.33. and calleth unto him destroy him.

ch. 1. 1. whom he would : and 7 But Jesus with-sch. 1. 25. they came unto him. drew himself with his

34. 14 And he ordained disciples to the sea:


they and a great multitude - Ma. 10... should be with him, from Galilee followed

Lu. 6. 12. and that he might

& 9. 1. him, d and from Ju

send them forth to i Jno. 1. 42.

preach, 8 And from Jeru

15 And to have

ver. 6salem, and from Idu-The learn-power to heal sickmæa, and from be- ed are not nesses, and to cast yond Jordan; and agreed as to

out devils : they abont Tyre and

the opinions

16 And Simon i he

of this sect. Sidon, a great multi

They deriv

surnamed Peter; tude, when they had ed their daine 17 And James the heard what great from Herod

son of Zebedee, and things he did, came the Great. John the brother of

Some bave unto him.

James ;

and he surthought they 9 And he spake to were blended named them Boaner. his disciples, that a with the ges, which is, The small ship

should Saddacees : sons of thunder: wait on him because for what oor 18 And Andrew, of the multitude, lest one place the and Philip and Barthey should throng leaven of He-tholomew, and Mat

rod, is in an-thew, and Thomas, 10 For he had heal- other the and James the son of ed many; insomuch leaven of the Alphæus, and Thadthat tbey I pressed compare

dæus, and Simon the upon him for to touch ch.8.15. with Canaanite. him, as many as had Ma. 16. 6. 19 And Judas Is. plagues.

cariot, which also be


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