lle is laid MATT. XXVIII.

in the tomb. centurion, and they, A. D. 33. pulchre, and departthat were with him,

ed. watching Jesus, saw + Lu.8.2.3.

61 And there was

& 23. 27. the earthquake, and

Mary Magdalene, and

Jno. 19 25. those things that were

the other Mary, sit

ach. 28. 1. done, they feared

Mar, 15.40.ting over against the greatly,saying, I ruly La. 24. 10. sepulchre. this was the Son of Jno. 20. 1. 62 Now the next God.

Mar.15.42. day, that followed 55 And many wo

Lu. 23. 50. the day of the premen were there be- Jno. 19.38. paration, * the Chief holding afar off, y ls, 53. 9. Priests and Phariwhich i followed Je z ch. 16. 21. sees came together sus from Galilee mi

& 17. 23. unto Pilate,

& 20. 19. nistering unto him :

63 Saying, Sir, we

& 26. 61. 56 u Among which Mar. 8. 3i. remember that that was Mary Magda- & 10. 34. deceiver said, while lepe, and Mary the Lu. 9. 22. he was yet alive, Af. mother of James and

& 18. 33. ter three days I will

& 24. 6, 7. Joses, and the mo

rise again.

Jno. 2. 19. ther of Zebedee's

61 Command there

* Da. 6. 17. fore that the sepulchildren.

2 Ti. 2. 19. 57x When the even*

chre be

made sure a Mar. 16.1. was come, there came Lu. 23. 56. until the third day a rich man of Arima- & 24 1.

lest his disciples thæa, named Joseph, Jno. 20. 1. come by night, and who also himself was

steal him away, and

ver. 54Jesus' disciple : # One who

say unto the people, 58 He went to Pi- bad the com

He is risen from the late, and begged the mand of a

dead: so the last erbody of Jesus. Then hundred men, ror shall be worse Pilate commanded and who was than the first.

the officer of the body to be deli- the guard.

65 Pilate said unto vered.

i hem, Ye

have a ver. 57 59 And when Jo- * From three

watch : go your way, seph had taken the to six o'clock make it as sure as ye body, he wrapped it was called can. in a clean linen cloth, the evening.

66 So they went, 60 And y laid it in ver. 62- and made the sepulhis own new tomb, * The day of chre sure, a sealing which he had hewn preparation the stone, and setting out in the rock: and before the a watch. he rolled a great stone sabbath. CHAP. XXVIII. the door of the se

1. the a end of


He rises on MATT. XXVIII.

the third day. the sabbath, as it be- A. D. 33 8 And they departgan to dawn toward

ed quickly from the the first day of the b ch. 27.56. sepulchre with fear Week, came

and great joy; and

Or, kad Magdalene, b and the been.

did run to bring his other Mary to see the

disciples word. sepulcbre,

e Mar. 16. 5.

9 And as they went 2 And, behold,

Lu. 24. 4.
Jno. 20.12.

to tell his disciples, there + was a great d Da, 10.6. behold, 5 Jesus met earthquake : for the

Re. 10. 1. them, saying, All angel of the Lord de- & 18. 1. hail. And they came scended from heaven, le ch. 12. 40. and held him by the and came and rolled & 16. 21. feet, and worshipped back the stone from & 17. 23. him.

& 20. 19. the door, and sat up

10 Then said Jesus

Mar. 8. 31. on it.

Lu. 24. 6. unto them, Be not 3 His countenance Jno. 2. 19. afraid : go tell h my was like lightning, & 10. 17.

brethren that they go and his raiment white 1 ch.26 32. into Galilee,

and as snow:

Mar. 16.7. there shall they see 4 And for fear of 8 Mar.16. 9. me. him the keepers did

Jao.20.14. 11 Now when they shake, and became as h Jno.20. 17. were going, behold, dead men.

Ro. 8. 29. some of the watch 5 And the angel Hc. 2. 11. came into the city, answered and said un

and shewed unto the to the women, Fear ver. 9– Chief Priests all the not ye: for I know. kail! things that were that ye seek Jesus, The old En- done. which was crucified glish forin of 19 And when they 6 He is not here : salutation is

here used,

were assembled with for he is risen, e as wishing all

the elders, and had he said. Come, see health, as taken counsel, they the place where the the express gave large money Lord lay.

sion signifies to the soldiers,

13 Saying, Say ye,

χαίρετε, and tell bis disciples is literally,


His disciples came that he is risen from Rejoice ; and by night, and stole the dead; and, be- answers to him aray while we bold, fhé goeth be- the form


used by the ore you into Galilee ; Hebrews,

14 And if this come there shall ye Seel. Peace be to the govertor's ears, him: lo, I have told uutu ywu.' we will persuade him, you.

and s.cure you.

7 And go quickly. The Greek


He sends forth MATT. XXVIII. his disciples. 15 So they took the

A.D. 33. saying, k All power money, and did as

ch. 26, 32

is given upto me in they were taught : k Da. 7. 13. heaven and in earth. and this saying is ch. 11. 27. 19 I Go ye therecommonly reported Lu. 1. 32. fore, and m+ teach all among the Jews un

Jno. 3. 35. nations, baptizing til this day.

Ac. 2. 36. them in the name of

Ro. 14. 9. 16 Then the eleven 1 Co.15.27. the Father, and of disciples went away 1 Mar.16.15. the Son, and of the into Galilee, into a m Is. 52. 10. Holy Ghost : mountain i where Je- Lu. 24. 47. 20 nTeaching them sus had appointed

Ac. 2. 38. to observe all things them.

Col. 1. 23. whatsoever I have 17 And when they + Or, make commanded you: saw him, they wor- disciples,or, and, lo, I am with shipped him: but Christians, you alway, even unsome doubted.

of all na

to the end of the

tions. 18 And Jesus camen Ac: 2. 42. world. Amen. and spake unto them,

Matthew, the Author of this book, was a native of Galilee, and by birth a Jew. Before he became a disciple of Christ, he followed the occapation of a publican, or tax-gatherer to the Roman state : he was called by Christ while sitting at the receipt of custom, and afterwards was chosen one of his twelve apostles. He accompanied him during the whole period of his public ministry, till the day on which he ascended in to heaven. He was, therefore, a competent witness of what he has here recorded. There is no certain information when, where, or how he died.

This Gospel is generally allowed to be the most ancient of the writings of the New Testament, and is distinguished by its frequent reference to the Jewish prophecies. The most eminent critics bavo been divided in their opinion, whether it was first written in Hebrew, or in Greek; others have supposed it to be quite possible that the Author wrote one in Hebrew, for the Jews, and another in Greek, for the Gentiles.

This Gospel begins with Christ's genealogy, birth, and flight into Egypt: proceeds to his baptism, temptations, and calling of his disciples : relates at large bis sermons, disputes, and parables, with the interpretation of them : records many of his famous works and miraeles : and concludes with a large account of his passion, death, and resurrection, and his solemn commission to his Apostles.


The GOSPEL according to ST. MARK.



A. D. 29. leat & locusts and wild 1 The beginning

honey ; of the gospel of Jesus

a Ma. 14.33.
Lu. 1. 35.

7 And

preached, Christ, a the Son of Jno. 1. 34. saying, hThere com

b Mal. 3. 1. eth one mightier than 2 As it is written Ma. 11. 10. I after me, the latchin the prophets, b Be

La. 7. 27.

et of whose shoes I am hold, I send my mes

c Is. 40. 3.

Ma. 3. 3. not worthy to stoop senger before thy Lu. 3. 4. down and unloose. face, which shall pre

Jno. 1, 15. 8 il indeed have pare thy way before a Ma: 3.1; baptized you with thee. 3 The voice of one

Jno. 3. 23. water : but he shall

baptize you k with the crying in the wilder

† Or, unto.

Ma. 3. 5. Holy Ghost. ness, Prepare ye the Ma. 3. 4.

9 And it came to way of the Lord, $ Le. 11. 22. pass in those days, make his paths 6 Ma. 3. 11, that Jesus came from straight.

Jno. 1. 27. Nazareth of Galilee. 4 d John did baptize i Ac. 1.6.

Ac. 13. 25.

and was baptized of in the wilderness, and & 11. 16. John in Jordan. preach the baptism of & 19. 4. 10 m And straight repentance + for the k Is. 44. 3. way coming up out remission of sins.

Joel 2.28. of the water, he saw 5e And there went & 10.45. the heavens fopened, out to him all the & 11.15,16, and the Spirit like a land of Judæa, and 1 C0.12.13. dove descending upthey of Jerusalem,

Ma. 3. 13.
Lu. 3. 21.

on him: and were all baptized

11 And there came

m Ma. 3. 16. of him in the river of Jno. 1. 32. a voice from heaven, Jordan,

confessing + Or, cloven, saying, " Thou art my their sins.

or, rent.

beloved Son, in whom 6 And John

was n Ps. 2. 7. I am well pleased. clothed f with camel's

Ma. 3. 17.

12 And immediate

ch. 9. 7. hair, and with a gir

ly the Spirit driveth

o Ma. 4. I. dle of a skin about

him into the wilderhis loins; and he did

Lu. 4. 1.


Peter, Andrew, MARK I. James, John, called. 13 And he


A. D. 30. 20 And straight there in the wilder

way he called them : ness

p 1 Ki. 19.5. forty days,

Ma. 4. 11.

and they left their fa. tempted of Satan; & 26.53.

ther Zebedee in the and was

with the 1 Ti. 3.16. ship with the hired wild beasts; pand q Ma. 4. 12. servants, and went the angels ministered & 11.2. after him.

& 14. 2. unto him.

21 2 And they went

Lu. 3. 20. 14 9 Now after that

into Capernaum; and

Jno. 3. 22. John was put in pri

straightway on r Ma. 4. 23.

the son, Jesus came into Lu. 4.17. sabbath day he

enGalilee, r preaching & 8.1.

tered into the syna. the gospel of the king- Ac. 20.25. gogue, and taught.

& 28. 23. dom of God,

22 a And they were 15 And saying,

Ep. 2. 17. astonished at his docThe time is fulfilled,

s Da. 9. 25. trine: for he taught

Ga. 4. 4. and the kingdom of

Ep. 1. 10.

them as one that had God is at hand : re-t Ma. 3. 2.

authority, and not as pent ye, and believe

& 4. 17.

the Scribes. the gospel

u Ma. 4. 18.

23 bAnd there was 16 u Now as he

Lu. 5. 4.

in their synagogue a walked by the sea of x Ma. 19.27. man with an unclean Galilee, he saw Si. Lu. 5. U. spirit; and he cried mon and Andrew his

Ma. 4. 21. out, brother casting a net z Ma. 4. 13.

24 Saying, Let us into the sea : for they Lu. 4. 31. alone;

c what have were fishers.

a Je. 22. 29. we to do with thee, 17 And Jesus said Ma. 7. 28. thou Jesus of Naza. unto them, Come ye

Lu. 4. 32. reth? art thou come after me, and I will

Ac. 6. 10. to destroy us? I know

He. 4. 12. Ithee who thou art, make you to become tishers of men.

b Lu. 4. 33. the Holy One of God. 18 And

25 And Jesus dreway they forsook a ver. 34.

buked him, saying; their nets, and fol- e ch. 9. 20. Hold thy peace, and lowed him

come out of him. 19 y And when he rer. 15

26 And when the had gone a little far signifies good unclean spirt e had ther thence, he saw news. Gos-torn him, and cried James the son of Ze-pel, in the with a loud voice, he bedee, and John his Saxon, has

came out of him. brother, who

27 And they were were in the ship mend-Johnson'.

meaning. See

all amazed, insomuch ing their neta.

that they questioned

straight-c Ma. 8. 29.

also the same

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