Christ accused MATT. XXVI, and condemned. unto the High Priest's A. D. 33. in the clouds of palace, and went in,

heaven, and sat with the ser

c Ps. 27. 12.
& 35. I].

65 i Then the High Tants, to see the end. Mar.14.55. Priest renthis clothes,

59 Now the Chief Ac. 6. 13. saying, He hath spoPriests, and elders, a De. 19.15. ken blasphemy; what and all the council, e ch, 27. 40. further need have we sought false witness

Jno. 2. 19.

of witnesses ? behold, against Jesus, to put

f Mar, 14.60.

now ye have heard him to death ;

his blasphemy. 60 But found none:

g ch. 27. 12.

66 What think ye?

14, yea, though many

They answered and false witnesses came,

Is. 53. 7.

said, mHe is guilty yet found they none.

h Le. 5. 1.

of death. At the last came dtwo 1 Sa.14.24.

67 n Then did they false witnesses,

26. spit in his face, and 61 And said, This i ch. 16. 27. buffeted him ; and fellow said, el am able & 24. 30. others smote him to destroy the tem- & 25, 31. with + the palms of ple of God, and to Da. 7. 13. their hands, build it in three days.

Lu. 21. 27.

68 Saying, p Pro62 And the High

Jno. 1. 51. phesy unto us, thou Priest arose, and said

Christ, who is he that

Ro. 14. 10. unto him, Answer

smote thee?

1 Th. 4.16 est thou nothing?

69 9 Now Peter sat what is it which these Re. 1. 7.

without in the palace; witness against thee? * Ps. 110.1. and a damsel came

63 But Jesus held Ac. 7. 55. unto him, saying, his peace. And the 12 Ki.18.37. Thou also wast with High Priest answered & 19. 1. Jesus of Galilee. and said unto him, Le. 24.16. 70 But he denied Il adjure thee by Jno. 19. 7. before them all, say. the living God, that n Is. 50. 6. ing, I know not what thou tell us whether & 53. 3. thou sayest. thou be the Christ,

ch. 27. 30.

71 And when he the Son of God. O LA. 22. 63. was gone out into the

Jno. 19. 3. 64 Jesus saith unto

porch, another maid him, Thou hast said : Or, rods. saw him, and said Nevertheless 1 say p Mar.14.65. unto them that were unto you, i Hereafter

La. 22. 64. there, This fellow was shall ye see the Son 9 Mar.14.66. also with Jesus of

Lu. 22. 55. of man k sitting on


Jno. 19.16, the right hand of 17. 25.

72 And again he power, and coming!

denied with an oath,


Judas confesses

his guilt. I do not know the A. D. 33. himself, and brought man.

again the thirty

r Lu. 22. 59. 73 And after

pieces of silver to while came unto him

s Mar, 14.71. the Chief Priests and

Ac 23. 12. they that stood by, Ro.9. 3.

elders, and said to Peter, Co.16.22. 4 Saying, I have surely thou also art t ver. 34.

sinned in that I have one of them; for thy Mar. 14.30. betrayed the innocent speech" bewrayeth

Lu. 22. 51, blood. Audthey said, thee.

62. What is that to us!

Jno. 13.38. 74 Then s began he

see thou to that. to curse and to swear,

a Ps. 2. 2.

5 And he cast down

Mar. 15.1. saying, I know not Lu. 22. 66.

the pieces of silver the man.

And im- & 23. 1. in the temple, d and mediately the cock Ino. 18.28. departed, and went crew.

b ch. 20. 19. and hanged himself, 75 And Peter re.

Ac. 3. 13. 6 And the Chief membered the word c ch. 26. 14. Priests took the silver of Jesus, which said Mar. 14.10. pieces, and said, It is unto him, Before the Lu. 22. 2. not lawful for to put cock crow, thou shalt Jno. 13. 2. them into the treadeny me thrice. And & 18. 3. sury, because it is he went out,


2 Sa.17.23. the price of blood.

Ac, 1. 18. wept bitterly.

7. And they took . Ac. 1.19.

i Ze. 11. 12. counsel, and bonght CHAP. XXVII. Le. 27.2. with them the potter's

1 When the morn- 3, 4, &c. field, to bury stran. ing was come, * all

+ Or, whom

gers in. the Chief Priests and of the chil

they bought

8 Wherefore that elders of the people dren af 18-field was called. The took council against rael. field of blood, unto Jesus to put him to ver. 3— this day. death :

About 31. 9 Then was fulfilled 2 And when they 150. English that which was spohad bound him, they money, the ken by Jeremy the led him away, and price of a

prophet, saying, fAnd delivered b him to slavo.

See they took the thirty Pontius Pilate the Ex. 21. 32 pieces of silver, the governor

ver. 9

price of him that was 3. Then Judas, See Z..11. valued, + whom they which had betrayed 10. 12. In of the children of lshim, when he saw

some MSS.

rael did value;

Jeremy is that he was

10 And gave them demned. repented

for the potter's field,

con- wanting.

Christ at

MATT. XXVII. Pilate's bar. as the Lord appointed A. D. 33.

that for envy they me.

had delivered him. 11 And Jesus stood

g Mar. 15. 2.

19 When he was set before the governor :

Lu. 23. 3. down on the judg. and : the governor

Joo, 18.33. ment seat, his wife asked him, saying. - Jno.18.37. sent unto him, saying, Art thou the King of

1 11.6. 13. Have thou nothing to the Jews? And Jesus i ch. 26. 63. do with

that just

Ps. 38. 13. said unto him, bThou

Mar. 15. 3.

man : for I have suf. sayest.

Jno. 19. 9.


many things 12 And when he Ac. 8. 32. this day in a dream was accused of the 1 Pe. 2.23. because of him. Chief Priests and k ch. 26. 62. 20 in But the Chief elders, i he answered Jno, 19.10. Priests and

elders nothing.

1 Mar. 15. 6. persuaded the multi13 Then said Pilate Lu. 23. 17. tude that they should unto him, k Hearest Jno. 18.39. ask Barabhas, and thon not how many

Ac. 24. 27. destroy Jesus.

& 25.9. things they witness

21 The governor

m Mar.15.11. answered against thee?

and said 14 And he answered

La. 23. 18. unto them, Whether him to never a word; Ao. 3. 14. of the twain will ye insomuch that the

that I release unto

n Do. 21. 6. governor marvelled Job 9. 30. you? They said, Bagreatly.

rabbas. 15 I Now at that ver. 11

22 Pilate saith into feast the governor

* According them, What shall I was wont to release

to the He

do then with Jesus

brew idiom, unto the people a pri i.e. It is as

which is called soner, whom they thou sayest. Christ? They all say would.

See Jno.18. unto him, Let him be 16 And they had

33. crucified. then a notable pri ver. 24– 23 And the govesoner, called Barab-custom very evil hath he dove?

nor said, Why, what

frequently 17 Therefore when

ased among

But they cried out they were gathered the Jews and the more, saying, Let together, Pilate said also the Gen- him be crucified. unto them, Whom tiles, to wash

24 When Pilate saw

their hands will ye that I release in token of

that he could prevail unto you? Barabbas, their inno- nothing, but that raor Jesus which is cency. Sc. ther a tumult was called Christ?

Ps. 26. 6.

made, hen took wa18 For he knew

ter, and washed * his


He is delivered MATT, XXVI). to be crucified. hands before the mnl. A. D. 33. |and put his own rai titude, saying, I am

o De. 19.10. ment on him, u and innocent of the blood Jos: 2. 19. led him away to cruof this just person :

2 Sa. 1. 16. cify him, see ye to it.

I ki. 2.32. 32 x And as they 25 Then answered

Ac. 5. 28. came

out, y they all the people, and p Is. 53. 5.

found a man of Cy.

Mar, 15.15. said, . His blood be

Lu.23. 16. rene, Simon by name: on us, and on our 24, 25. him they compelled children.

Jno. 19. 1. to bear his cross. 26 Then released he


33 2 And when Barabbas unto them:

q Mar.15.16.

they were come upto

Jno. 19. 2. and when p he had

a place called Gol

+ Or gover- gotha, that is to say, scourged Jesus, he

nor's house. delivered him to be

r Lu. 23. 11.

a place of a skull, crucified.

34 a They gave him 27 4 Then the sol. s Ps. 69. 19.



drink Is. 53. 3. diers of the governor

mingled with gall: took Jesus into the t Is. 50. 6.

cb. 26. 67. and when he had common + hall, and

tasted thereof;

he u Is. 53. 7. gathered unto him

would not drink.

Nu. 15. 35. the whole band of

35 b And they cru

1 Ki.21.13. soldiers.

Ac. 7.58. cified him, and part28 And they strip- He. 13.12. ed his garments, castped him, and put on y Mar.15.21. ing lots : that it him a scarlet robe. Lu.23.20. might be fulfilled

29 - And when they z Mar.15.22. which was spoken by had platted a crown Lu. 23.33. the prophet, • They of thorns, they put it Jno. 19.17. parted my garments upon his head, and a a Ps. 69. 21. among them, and upreed in his right

ver. 48.

on my vesture did hand: and they bow-b Mar.15.24. they cast lots. ed the knee before

Lu. 23. 34.
Jno. 19. 24.

36 d And sitting and mocked him, saying, Hail,

down they watched

c Ps. 22. 18. him there; king of the Jews!

d ver. 54.

37 And e set up 30 And t they spit e Mar. 15.26. over his head his acupon him, and took

Lu. 23. 35. cusation
Jno. 19. 19.

written, the reed, and smote


IS JESUS him on the head.


KING OF 31 And after that

Lu. 23. 32,

THE JEWS. they had mocked

33. 38 f Then were him, they took the Jpo. 19.18. there two thieves crurobe off from him,

Icified with him, one 76


f Is. 53. 12. THE

He expires

MATT. XXVII. on the cross. on the right hand,! A. D. 33.

Eli, lama sabachthaandanother on the left. 39 And & they thai s Ps. 22. 7. vix that is to say,

& 109. 25.

• My God, my God passed by reviled Mar,15.29. why hast thou forhim, wagging their Lu. 23. 35. saken me? heads,

ch.26.61. 47 Some of them 40 And saying, Jno. 2. 19. that


there, Thonk that destroy: i ch. 4. 3. when they heard that, est the temple, and 6. said, This man callbuildest it in three

& 26.63.

eth for Elias. days, save thyself. k Ps. 22. 8.

48 And straightway Ifi thou be the Son Mar.15,32. one of them ran, and of God, come down

Lu. 23.39. took a spunge, Pand from the cross.

m Amo. 8. 9. filled it with vinegar 41 Likewise also the

Mar. 15.33.
Lu. 23. 44.

and put it on a reed Chief Priests mocking

and gave him n He. 5. 7.

to him, with the Scribes

drink. and elders, said,

o Ps. 22. 1.
& 71. 11.

49 The rest said, 42 Hesaved others;

Let be, let us see himself he


P P3. 69. 21.
Mar.15.36. whether Elias

will save.

If he be the Lu. 23. 36. come to save him. king of Israel, let Jno. 19.29. 50 9Jesus, when he him now come down q Mar.15.37. had cried again with from the cross, and Lu. 23.46. a loud voice, yielded we will believe him. r Ex. 26.31. up the glost.*

43 k He trusted in 2 Ch. 3.14. 51 And, behold, God; let him de.

Mar.15.35. ther veil of the tem

Lu 23. 45. liver him now, if he

ple was rent in twain will have him : for

5 ver. 36.

from the top to the he said, I am the

Lu. 23. 47 | bottom ; * and the Son of God.

ver. 50

earth did quake, and 41 1 The thieves al-Dismissed the rocks rent; so, which were cruci- his spirit. 52 And the graves fied with him, cast ver. 51– were opened ; and the same in his teeth. The car- many bodies of the

45 m Now from the tain which saints which slept sixth hour there was parted the

holy place

arose, darkness over all the

from the holy

53 And came out land unto the ninth of holies, of the graves after hour.

wherein was his resurrection, and 46 And about the the ark of the went into the holy ninth hour

n Jesus coreuant

and the mer

city, and appeared cried with a loud

unto many voice, saying, Eli,

54 Now when the

cy seat.

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