and ye

The last

judgment. 34 Then shall the A. D.33. brethren, ye have King say unto them

done it unto me.

x Lu. 12. 32. on his right hand,

Ro. 8. 17.

41 Then shall he Come, ye blessed of 1 Co. 6. 9. say also unto them my Father, inherit

Ga. 5. 21. on the left hand, the kingdom y pre

Ep. 5. 5.

Departe from me, ye

2 Ti. 2. 12. pared for you from

cursed, f into ever

& 4. 8. the foundation of the

Ja. 2. 5.

lasting fire, prepared world :

I Pe.1.4.9. for & the devil and 35 z For I was an

& 3. 9,

his angels :

Re. 21. 7, hungred, and ye gave

42 For I

was an me meat :

I was y ch. 20. 23. hungred, and ye gave

Mar. 10.40. thirsty, and ye gave

me no meat: I was

2. me drink : al was a Heu. 16. thirsty, and ye gave stranger, and ye took z ls. 58. 7. me no drink : me in:

Ez. 18. 7.

43 I was a stranger, 36 b Naked, and ye

Ja. 1. 27. and ye took me not clothed me; I was

a He. 13. 2.

in : naked, and ye

3 Jno. 5. sick, and ye visited b Ja. 2. 15, clothed me not : sick, me: I was in prison,

16.' and in prison, and ye came unto c 2 Ti. 1. 16. visited me not. me.

a Pr. 14. 31.

44 Then shall they 37 Then shall the

& 19. 17. also answer him, say

ch. 10. 42. righteous answer him,

Mar. 9.41.

ing, Lord, when saw saying, Lord, when He. 6. 10. we thee an hungred, saw we thee an hun

e Ps. 6.8.

or athirst, or a strangred, and fed thee? ch. 7. 23. ger, or naked, or sick, or thirsty, and gave

Lu 13. 27. or in prison, and did thee drink?

fch. 13. 40. not minister unto

42. 38 When saw we


Mar. 9.43. thee a stranger, and 2 Th. 1. 9.

45 Then shall he took thee in? or na- Re. 14. 10. answer them, saying, ked, and clothed thee? & 20. 10. Verily I say unto 39 Or when saw we g 2 Pe. 2. 4. you, h Inasmuch

as thee sick, or in pri

Ju. 6.

ye did it not to one son, and came unto - Pr., 14:31. of the least of these, thee?

& 17. 5

ye did it not to me.

Ze. 2. 8. 40. And the King

46 And ithese shall

Ac. 9. 5. shall answer and say i Da. 12. 2. go away into everunto them, Verily I Mar. 9.44. lasting punishment: say unto you, dinas

Lu. 16. 26. but the righteous into much as


Jno. 5. 29. life eternal.

Ro. 2. 7, jone it into one of


1 Th. 1.9. the least of these my

1 AND it came to unleavened bread the


Conspiracy to MATT. XXVI. murder Christ. pass, when Jesus had A. D. 33. might have been sold finished all these say

for much, and given ings, he said unto his a Mar. 14. 1. to the poor. disciples,

Lu, 22. 1.

10 When Jesus un

Jno. 13. 1. 9 a Ye know that

derstood it, he said after two days is the b Ps. 2. 2.

Jno. 11.47.

unto them, Why troufeast of the *passover, Ac. 4. 25.

ble ye the woman ? and the Son of man

c Mar. 14.3.

for she hath wrought is betrayed to be cru- Jno. 11. 1. a good work upon me. cified.

& 12. 3. 11 f For ye have 3 b Then assembled a ch. 21.37. the poor always with together the Chief Mar. 11.12. you; but 8 me ye Priests, and the

Jno. 11. 1. have not always. Scribes, and the el

& 12. 1.

12 For in that she ders of the people, e Mar. 14.4. hath poured this oint

Jno. 12.4. unto the palace of the

ment on my body, high priest, who was i De. 15, 11. she did it for my

. called Caiaphas,

burial. 4 And consulted & ch.

18. 20.

13 Verily I

& 28. 20. that they might take Jno. 13.33. unto you, WheresoJesus by subtilty, and & 14. 19. ever this gospel shall kill him.

& 16.5. 28. be preached in the 5 But they said, & 17. 11. whole world, there Not on the feast day, h Mar.14.10. shall also this, that lest there be an up

La. 22. 3. this

woman hath

Jno. 13. 2. roar among the peo


done, be told for a ple.

memorial of her. 6 Now when Jesus i ch. 10.4.

Jno. 6. 70.

14 hlhen one of the was in a Bethany, in

twelve, icalled Judas the house of Simon

k Ze. 11. 12. Iscariot, went unto

ch. 27. 3. the leper,

the Chief Priests,

1 Ex. 12. 6. 7 There came unto

15 And said unto

19. him a woman having

Mar,14.12. thein, kWhat will ye an alabaster box of La. 22.7. give me, and I will very precious oint.

deliver him unto you? ment, and poured it ver. 2-.

And they covenanted on his head, as he sat

* This feast with him for thirty

lasted only di meat. 8 e But when his was followed

one day, hat pieces of silver.

16 And from that disciples saw it, they by the days time he sought opporhad indignation, say- of unearen- tunity to betray him. ing, To what purpose which were

17 1 Now the first is this waste !

day of the feast of 9 For this ointment


Jesus cats

the passode disciples came to Je- A. D. 33. good for that man if sus, saying unto him,

he had not been born. Where wilt thou that m Mar.14.17. 25 Then

Judas, we prepare for thee 21. which betrayed him, to eat the passover? La. 22. 14. answered and said, 18 And he said, Go

Jno. 13.21. Master, is it I? He into the city to such n Ps. 41.9; said unto him, Thou a man, and say unto

Lu. 22. 21. hast said.

Jno. 13.18. him, The Master

26 9 And as they saith, My time is at

o Ps. 22,
Is. 53.

were eating, ' Jesus hand; I will keep the

Da. 9. 26. took

bread, and passover at thy house Mar. 9. 12. blessedt it, and brake with my disciples. Lu. 24. 25, it, and gave it to the 19 And the disci- 26. 46. disciples, and said,

Ac. 17.2,3. ples did as Jesus had

& 26. 22,

Take, eat ; this is appointed them; and 23. my body. they made ready the 1 Co. 15.3. 27 And he took the passover.

p Jno. 17. 12. cup, and gave thanks, 20 m Now when the 9 Mar.14.22 and gave it to them. even was come, he Lu. 22. 19. saying, Drink ye all sat down with the ri Co.11.23, of it; twelve.

24, 25.

98 For uthis is my 21 And as they did + Many Gr. blood s of the new eat, he said, Verily 1 copies have, testament, which is say unto you, that gave thanks. shed y for many for one of you shall be- Mar. 6.11. the remission of sins. tray me.

si Co, 10.16. 29 But :( say unto 92 And they were Mar.14.23. you, I will not drink exceeding sorrowful, a Ez. 24. 8. henceforth of this and began every one

Le. 17. 11. fruit of the vine, of them to say unto - Je. 31. 31. until a that day when him, Lord, is it I ? y ch. 20. 28. I drink it new with

23 And he answered Ro. 5. 15. you in my Father's and said, nHe that

He. 9. 22. kingdom.

z Mar.14.25. cippeth his hand with

30 bAnd when they

Lu. 22. 18. me in the dish, the

had sung an fhymn, same shall betray

a Ac. 10. 11. they went out into ne.

b Mar.14.26. the mount of Olives. 24 The Son of man

for, psalm. 31 Then saith Jesus goeth as it is written c Mar. 14.27. unto them, • All ye of him: but pwoe on

Jno. 16.32

shall d be offended to that man by whom a ch. 11, 6. because of me this the Son of man is o Zo. 13. 7. night: for it is writ. betrayed! it had been

I will smite the


Peter's denial of MATT. XXVI. Christ foretold. shepherd, and the1 A. D. 33. starry ye here, and sheep or the flock

watch with me. shall be scattered fch. 28. 7. 39 And he went a abroad.

10. 16. little farther, and fell 32 But after I am

Mar. 14.28.

on his face, and

& 16. 7. risen again, I will

prayed, saying, m() go before you into & Mar.14.30.

my Father, if it be Galilee. Jn0.13.38. possible, olet this

cup 33 Peter answered

h Mar.14.32.

pass from me: neverand said unto him, 35. theless not as I will, Though all men shall La. 22.39. but as thou wilt. be offended because Jno. 18. 1. 40 And he cometh of thee,

yet will ich. 4. 21. unto the disciples, I never be offend-k Jno. 12.27. and findeth thein ed.

1 Mar.14.36. asleep, and saith unto 31 Jesus said unto Lu. 22.42. Peter, What, could him, & Verily I say He. 5. 7. ye not watch with me unto thee, 'That this m Jno. 12.27. one hour? night, before the cock a ch. 20. 22. 41 P Watch and crow, thou shalt deny o Jno. 5. 30. pray, that ye enter me thrice.

& 6. 39.

not into temptation : 35 Peter said unto

Ph. 2. 8.

the spirit indeed is him, Though I should P Mar;13.33. willing, but the flesh die with thee, yet

Lu. 22. 40.

is weak. will I pot deny thee.


42 He went away Likewise also said all Ep. 6. 18. again the second time, the disciples.

and prayed, saying, 36 h Tben cometh ver. 36

O my Father, if this Jesus with them into

• A garden

cup may not pass a place called Geth- seems, at the away from me, except

lying, it semane, * and saith foot of the I drink it, thy will into the disciples, Sit mount of be done. ye here, while I

Olives. go

43 And he canie and pray yonder. ver. 37

and found them a37 And he took with

Gr. Ave πεισθαι και

sleep again : for their bim Peter and the windore.v, to eyes were heavy. two sons of Zebedee, be penetrat

41 And he left and began to be sored with the them, and went away towful and very most exqui- again, and prayed the

site sorrow, heavy.

third time, saying the 38 Then saith he and over

same words. onto them, kMy soul with deep 45 Then cometh he is exceeding sorrow- anguish. to his disciples, and ful, even unto death :

saith unto them,

Christ betrayed MATT. XXVI.

by Judas. Sleep on now, and A. D. 33. 52 Then said Jesus take your rest : be


him, Put up hold, the hour is at q Mar.14.43. again thy sword into hand, and the Son of Lu. 22. 47. his place : 11 for all man is betrayed into Jno. 18. 3. they that take

the the hands of sinners.

Ac. 1. 16.

sword shall perisb 46 Rise, let us ber2 Sa. 20. 9. with the sword. going : behold, he is Mar.15.18.

53 Thinkest thou at hand that' doth

Lu. 7. 45. that I cannot now

Jno. 19. 3. betray me.

ITh. 6.26. pray, to my Father, 47 And I while he

and he shall presentyet spake, lo, Judas, Ps. 41. 9.

& 55. 13.

ly give me more one of the twelve,

than twelve legions

t Mar.14.47. came, and with him a

Lu. 9.55.

of angels ?* great multitude with

& 22. 36. 54 But how then swords and staves, Jpo. 18.10. shall the Scriptures from the Chief Priests

2 Co. 10.4.be

fulfilled, y that and elders of the peo- u Ge. 9. 6. thus it must be ? ple.

Ez. 35. 5. 55 In that same 48 Now he that Re. 13. 10. hour said Jesus to betrayed him gave

& 16. 6.

the multitudes, Are them a sign, saying,

x 2 Ki. 6.17.

ye come out as Whomsoever I shall

Da. 7. 10.

against a thief with

2 Th. 1. 7. kiss, that same is he:

Jude 14.

swords and staves for hold him fast.

to take me? I sat daily 49 And forth with y Is. 53. 7.

with you teaching in he came to Jesus, and Lu. 24. 25. the temple, and ye said, Hail, master; 44.46. laid no hold on me. and kissed him.

2 La. 4. 20, 56 But all this was 50 And Jesus said

ver, 54.

done that the Scripunito him, . Friend, a Mar. 14.53. tures of the prophets wherefore art thou La. 22. 51. might be fulfilled. come ? Then came

Jno. 18. 12,

Then all the disci

13, 24. they, and laid hands

ples forsook him, and

bJno. 18. 15. on Jesus, and took

fled. him.

57 a And they that

ver. 53 51 And, behold, * The namhad laid hold on Jeonet of them which ber in a le- sus led him away to were with Jesus gion varied

Caiaphas the High stretched out his hand, at different

Priest, where the and drew his sword,

times ; but

Scribes and the elders and struck a servantmonly rated were assembled. of the High Priest's, at 6000. 58 But b Peter fol. and smote off his ear.

lowed him afar off

WAS com

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