Fall of


Babylon. naked, and shall eat A. D.96. and the merchants her flesh, and · burn

of the earth are wax. her with fire.

och. 18. 8. ed rich through the 17 p For God hath p 2 Th.2.11. abundance of her put in their hearts to 9 ch. 10. 7. delicacies. fulfil his will, and to r ch. 16. 19. 4 And I heard anoagree, and give their . ch. 12. 4. ther voice from heakingdom unto the a ch. 17. 1. ven, saying, b Come beast,

q until the b Eze. 43.2. out of her, my people, words of God shall

e ch. 14. 8. that ye be not parta' be fulfilled.

Is. 13. 19. kers of her sins, and 18 And the woman

& 21. 9. that ye receive not of which thou sawest ris

Je. 51.8. her plagues, that great city, swhich a ls. 13. 21. 5 i For her sins have reigneth over the

& 21.8. reached unto heaven, kings of the earth.

& 34. 14. and k God hath re

Je. 50. 39.

& 51. 37. membered her iniqui


. Is. 14. 23. 1 AND a after these

& 34. 11.

6 1 Reward her ethings I saw another ch. 14. 8.

Mar.5.2,3. ven as she rewarded

you, and double unto angel come down

& 17. 2. her double according from heaven, having & ver. 11. 15. to her works : m in the great power ; b and Is. 47. 15.

cup which she hath the earth was lighten- + Or, power. filled o fill to her ed with his glory.

h Is. 48. 20. double. 2 And he cried

& 52. 11.

7. How much she mightily with a strong Je. 50. 8, hath glorified herself, voice, saying, Baby

2 Co. 6. 17.

and lived deliciously, lon the great is fallen,

i Ge. 18. 20.

so much torment and is fallen, and d is belk ch.16. 19. sorrow give her : for come the habitation of devils, and

she saith in her heart, 1 Ps. 137. 8.

the hold of every foul

Je. 50. 15. I sit a p queen, and & 51. 24. am

Do widow, and spirit, and a cage

2 Ti. 4. 14. shall see no sorrow. of every unclean and mch. 14. 10. 8 Therefore shall hateful bird. 3 For all nations

a ch, 16. 19. her plagues come 9 in have drunk of the

. 2. one day, death, and wine of the wrath of

and fap Is. 47. 7.

mourning, her fornication, and g Is. 47.9.

Ze. 2. 15. mine; and she shall

be utterly burned the kings of the earthrch. 17. 16. with fire: for strong have committed for- s Je. 60. 84. is the Lord God who nication with her,

ljudgeth her. 618

o Eze.


Lamentations REV. XVIII. for Babylon. 9 And t the kings A. D. 96. | beasts, and

sheep, of the earth, who

and horses, and chahave committed for- + Eze.26.16. riots, and I slaves, nication and lived u Ps. 58. 10. and souls of men. deliciously with her,

Jo. 50. 46.

14 And the fruits shall u bewail

Da. 4. 14.
Ze. 11. 2,

that thy soul lusted and lament for her,

3. after are departed when they shall see ver. 18.

from thee, and all the smoke of her ch. 19. 3. things which were burning,

y ch. 14. 8. dainty and goodly are 10 Standing

Is. 21. 9. departed from thee, off for the fear of her Je, 30. 7. and thou shalt find torment, saying, y A

Joel 1. 15. them no more at all. las, alas that great

Am. 5. 16.

15 The merchants city Babylon, that 2 ver. 17. 19. of these things, which

Je. 51.8, mighty city! for in


were made rich by one hour is thy judg- la ver. 3. her, shall stand afar ment come.

Eze.27.27. off for the fear of her 11 And the mer

36. torment, weeping and chants of the earth b ch. 17. 4. wailing, shall weep and mournt Or, sweet. 16 And saying, A. over her; for no man

las, alas that great

1 Or, bodies. buyeth their mer

city, . that was clothchandise any more : c Eze. 27. 13. ed in fine linen, and

12 b The merchan- 2 Pe. 2.3. purple, and scarlet, dise of gold, and sil- a ver. 3. 11. and decked with gold, ver,

precious e ch. 17. 4. and precious stones, stones, and of pearls,

La. 16.19. and pearls. and fine linen, and i ver. 10. 17 f For in one hour purple, and silk, and Is. 47.9.

great riches is scarlet, and all Je, 51. 8.

La. 4. 6.

come to nought. And thyine + wood, and

every 6 shipmaster, all

"vessels & ls, 23, 24and all the company manner

Eze. of ivory, and

in ships, and sailors, manner vessels

Eze 21.30,

and as many as trade most precious wood, 31! | by sea, stood afar off, and of brass, and i ch. 13. 4. 18 bAnd cried when iron, and marble, Is. 23.8,

they saw the smoke 13 And cinnamon, 9:, of her burning, say

Ez, 27. 32. and odours, and oint

ing, i What city is ments, and frankin. Jos. 7. 6. like unto this great

1 Sa. 4. 12. cense, and wine, and oil, and fine four,

Ezo.27.30. 19 And they cast and wheat, and

Idust on their heads,


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of b ver. 9.

Job 2. 12. city!


God's judgments REV. XIX.

praised and cried, weeping) A. D. 96. no more at all in and wailing, saying,

thee: for thy mer Alas, alas that great 1 ver. 8. chants were the great city, wherein were m Is. 41.23. men of the earth; for made rich all that had

& 49. 13.

by thy sorceries were

Je, 51, 48. ships in the sea by

all nations deceived. reason of her costli- nch, 19. 2.

94 And xin her

Lu. 11. 49, ness! I for in one hour

was found the blood

50. is she made desolate. o Je. 61. 64. of prophets, and of 20 m Rejoice over cb. 12. 8.

saints, and of all that her, thou heaven, and & 16. 20. were y slain upon the ye holy apostles and , Is. 24. 8. earth.

Je 7. 34. prophets; for n God

& 16. 9. hath avenged you on


& 25. 10. her.


1 AND after these 21 And a mighty r Je. 25. 10. things a I heard a angel took up a stone

great voice of much

s Je. 7. 34. like a great millstone, & 16. 9.


in heaven, and cast it into the & 25. 10. saying,

Alleluia ; sea, saying, • Thus & 33. 11. Salvation, and glory, with violence shall t Is. 23. 8. and honour, and that great city Baby- u ch.17.2.5. power, unto the Lord lon be thrown down, 2 Ki.9.22. our God: and P shall be found

Na. 3. 4. 2 For c true and no more at all. x ch. 17. 6. righteous


his 22 9 And the voice y Je. 51. 49. judgments: for he of harpers, and mu- la ch. 11. 15. hath judged the great sicians, and of pipers, -b. 4. 11. whore, which did and trumpeters, shall & 7.10.12. corrupt the earth be heard no more at & 12. 10. with her fornication, all in thee; and no cch. 15. 3. and d hath avenged craftsman, of whatso- & 16. 7. the blood of his serever craft he be, shall I ch. 6. 10.

vants at her hand.

& 18. 20. be found any more De. 32.43.

3 And again they in thee; and the e ch, 14. 11. said, Alleluia. And sound of a millstone & 18.9.18. her • smoke rose up shall be heard no

Is. 34. 10. for ever and ever. more at all in thee; fch. 4. 4.6. 4 And fthe four 23 r And the light

10. and

twenty elders of a candle shall shine

& 5. 14.

and the four beasts no more at all in thee;& ch.5. 14. fell down and worand the voice of thé

Ne.5.13. shipped God that sat bridegroom and of the

& 8. 6.

on the throne, saying, bride shall be heard

Amen ;& Alleluia.

The marriage REV. XIX.

of the Lamh. 5 And a voice came A. D. 96. it not: I am thy felout of the throne,

lowservant, and of saying, h Praise our b Ps. 134. 1. thy brethren t that God, all ye his ser- i cb. 11. 18. have the testimony vants, and ye that k Eze. 1.24. of Jesus : worship fear him, i both small & 43. 2.

God : for the testi. and great.

I ch.11. 15. mony of Jesus is the 6 k And I heard as

& 12. 10.

spirit of prophecy. it were the voice of a m Ma. 22. 2. 11 u And 1 saw

& 25. 10. great multitude, and as the voice of many

heaven opened, and 2 Co. 11.2. Ep. 5. 32.

behold ха white waters, and as the

Ps. 45. 13.

horse ; and be that voice of mighty thun- Eze. 16.10. sat upon him was derings, saying, Al.

+ Or, bright.

called y Faithful and leluia : for the Lord

o Ps. 132. 9.

True, and z in righGod omnipotent

teousness he

doth reigneth.

p Ma. 22. 2.

Lu. 14. 15. judge and make war. 7 Let us be glad

12 a His eyes were and rejoice, and give 9 ch. 21. 5.

as a flame of fire, honour to him : for r ch. 22. 8.

and b on his head were the m marriage of the Ac. 10:26. many crowns; o and Lambig come, and


he had a name writhis wife hath made 1 Jno.5.10. ten, that

mau herself ready. u ch. 15. 5. knew, but he himself.

8 And n to her was x ch. 6. 2. 13 d And he was granted that she y ch. 3. 14. clothed with a vesture should be arrayed in a Is. 11. 4. dipped in blood : and fine linen, clean and

a ch. 1. 14.

his name is called white : + o for the & 2. 18. The Word of God. fine linen is the righ-bch. 6. 2. 14 fAnd the arinies teousness of saints.

c eh. 2. 17. which were in heaven 9 And he saith unto

followed him upon me, Write, p Plessed

a Is. 63.2, 3. white horses, & clothare they which are

e Jno. 1, 1,, ed in fine linen, white

1 Jno. 5. 7. called unto the mar

and clean.

fch. 14. 20. riage supper of the

15 And h out of his Lamb. And he saith 6 ch. 4.4.

mouth goeth a sharp

& 7. 9. unto me, 9 These are

Ma. 28. 3. sword, that with it the true sayings of

h Is. 11. 4.

he should smite the God.

2 Tb. 2. 3. nations: and i he shall 10 And I fell atlich. 2. 27. rule them with a rod his feet to worship Ps. 2. 9.

of iron : and the him. And he said k Is. 63. 3. treadeth the wineunto me, .See thou dol

press of the fierceness


Satan is

borond, and wrath of Almigh- A. D. 96. led the mark of the ty God.

beast, and them that 16 And 1 he hath on

1 ver. 12.

worshipped his image. his vesture and on

mch. 17. 14.

These t both
Da. 2. 47.

were his thigh

a name 1 Ti. 6.15. cast alive into a lake written, m KING vor, 21. of fire u burning with OF KINGS, AND . Eze.39.17. brimstone. LORD OF LORDS.

p Eze 39.18.

21 And the rem17 And I saw an

20. nant
X were

slain ai gel standing ip the 9 ch. 16. 16. with the sword of sun;* and he cried with

& 17. 13, him that sat upon the a loud voice, saying

r ch. 16. 13. horse, which sword to n all the fowls that: cb. 13. 12. proceeded out of his fly in the midst of 15. mouth : and all the heaven, Come and t ch. 20. 10. fowls

z were

filled gather yourselves to

Da. 7. II. with their flesh.

uch. 14. 10. gether unto the sup- & 21. 8. per of the great God; x ver. 15.

CHAP. XX. 18 p That ye may y ver. 17, 18.

1 AND I saw an eat the flesh of kings, z ch. 17. 16. angel come

down and the flesh of cap

from heaven, ahaving

a ch. 1. 18. tains, and the flesh & 9. 1. the key of the botof mighty men, and b ch. 12. 9. tomless pit and a the flesh of horses, 2 Pe. 2. 4. great chain in his and of them that sit

Jude 6.

hand. on them, and the flesh • Tobit 8.3.

2 And he laid hold of all men, both free a Da. 6. 17.

on b the dragon, that and bond, both smalle vor. 8

old serpent, which is

oh. 16. 14. and great.

f Da. 7. 9.

the Devil, and Satan, 19 9 And I saw the 22. 27. and e bound him a beast, and the kings Ma. 19.28. thousand years, of the earth, and their

Lo. 22.30. 3 And cast him into armies, gathered to

the bottomless pit,

ver. 17 gether to make war iThis em- and shut him up, and against him that sat blematically set a a seal upon him, on the horse, and denoted, that e he should de against his army.

hat the

ceive the nations no 20 r And the beast judgments


more, till the thouwas taken, and with

would be sand years should be him the false prophet rendered fulfilled : and after that wrought miracles conspicuous that he must be loosbefore him.

ed a little season. which he deceived Scott.


4 And I saw them that had receiv

thrones, f and they

with to all the

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