The great


red dragon, ple of God was opened A. D. 96. devour her child as in heaven, and there

soon as it was born.

ch. S. 5. was seen in his tem

5 And she brought

& 16. 18. ple the ark of his b ch. 16. 21. whok was to rule all

forth a man child. testament: and a there

+ Or, sign. nations with a rod of were lightnings, and voices, and thunder - Is. 66. 7.

iron : and her child

Ga. 4. 19. ings, and an earth

was caught up unto

10r, sign. God, and quake, b and great


his hail.

b ch. 17. 3. throne.
c ch. lĩ. 9.

6 And I the woman CHAP. XII.

a ch. 13. 1. fled into the wilder

e ch. 9. 10. ness, where she hath 1 AND there ap-lich. 17, 18. a place prepared of peared a great + won- Da. 8. 10. God, that they should der in heaven; a wo-h ver, 2.

feed her there ma man clothed with the

thousand two hunsun,* and the moon

i Ex. J. 16. dred and threescore under her feet, and k ch. 2. 27. days.

& 19. 15. upon her head a crown

7 And there was

Ps. 2. 9. of twelve stars :

war in heaven: - Mi

1 ver. 4. 2 And she being

chael and his angels with child cried, a tra

mch. 11. 3. fought • against the vailing in birth, and " Da. 10, 13. dragon; and the dra

& 12. . pained to be deli

gon fought and his vered.


ch. 20. 2. 3 And there ar

8 And prevailed

p Lu. 10.18. peared another I won;

Jno. 12.31. not; neither was their der in heaven; and

place found any more behold b a great red 9 ch. 20.2.

in heaven.

Ge. 3. 1. 4. dragon, • having se

9 And p the great

r ch. 20. 3. ven heads and ten

dragon was cast out, horns, d and seven

sch. 9.).

that a old serpent, crowus upon

his I ch. 11. 15. called the Devil, heads.

& 19. 1.

and Satan, I which 4 And e his tail

deceiveth the whole

ver. 1drew the third part. Most com- world :- he was cast off the stars of hea- mentators out into the earth, ven, 6 and did cast agree, that and his angels were them to the earth

the woman

cast out with him. and the dragon stood sents the

here repre

10 And I heard a before b the woman true church loud voice saying in which was ready to of Christ. heaven, Now

is be delivered, i for to

come salration, and

o rer. 3.


cast h

A beast riseth REV. XIIJ. out of the sea strength, and the A. D. 96. the face of the serkingdom of our God,

pent. and the power

u Job 1. 9.
& 2. 5.

15 And the serpent his Christ : for the

Ze. 3. 1.


of his accuser of our bre. Lu. 22.31. mouth water as

a thren is cast down,

Tit. 2. 3.

flood after the wowhich waccused them Jno.16.33. man, that he might before our God day

Ro. 8. 33, cause her to be carand night.

34. 37. & 16. 20.


away of the 11 And - they over

1 Co.15.57. flood. came him by the 2 Co. 10.3. 16 And the earth blood of the Lamb, Ep. 6. 13. helped the woman, and by the word of 2T1;?;A and the earth opened

He.2. 14. their testimony ;

her mouth, and swaland y they loved noi y Lu. 14. 26.

lowed up the flood their lives unto the 2 ch. 18. 20. which the dragon cast death.

Is. 49. 13. ou

of his mouth. 12 Therefore z re.

17 And the dragon

a ch. 8. 13. joice, ye heavens, and

& 11. 10. was wroth with th ye that dwellin them. He. 10.37. woman, i and went to Woe a to the inha- 2 Pe. 3. 8. make war with the biters of the earth and b ch. 10. 6. remnant of her seed of the sea! for the de-c ver. 5.

which k keep the com vil is come down unto

Ex. 19. 4. mandments of God you, having great

and have I the testi'

e ver. 6. wrath, b because he knoweth that he hath

feb. 17. 3.

mony of Jesus Christ but a short time. 8 Da. 7. 25.


& 12. 7. 13 And when the

1 AND I stood up

b Is. 59. 19. dragon saw that he

on the sand of the sea, was cast unto the i ch. 11. 7.

and saw a a beast rise

& 13. 7. earth, he persecuted

up out of the sea, the c woman which k ch. 14. 12.

seven heads brought forth

the ch. 1.2 .. and ten borns, and

i Jno.5.10. upon his horns ten 14 d And to the wo

crowns, and upon bis

a Da.7.2.7. man were given two

heads the t name of wings of a great eagle, 1 ch. 12. 3.

blasphemy. that e she might fly+ Or, names. 2

And the beast into f the wilderness,

ch. 17. 3. which I saw was like into her place, where c Da. 7. 6.

unto a leopard, d and she is nourished & ford Da. 7. 5. his feet were as the a time, and times, e Da. 7. 4. feet of a bear, e and and half a time, from

This mouth as the

having b

man child.

Another beast REV. XIII.

cometh up mouth of a lion : A. D. 96. 8 And all tha and f the dragon gave

dwell upon the earth

fch. 12. 9. him his power, 6 and

shall worship

him. his seat, and great s ch. 16. 10. whoser Dames are not authority.

b ch. 12. 4. written in the book 3 And I saw one of i ver. 12. 14. of life of the Lamb his heads i as it were + Gr. slain. slain from the founwounded + to death; k ch. 17. 8. dation of the world. and his deadly wound 1 ch. 18. 18. 9tIf any man have was healed: and kall

m Da. 7. 8. an ear, let him hear. the world wondered

& 11. 36. 10 u He that lead. after the beast.

* Or, to

eth into captivity 4 And they wor- make war.

shall go into capti shipped the dragon o ch. 11. 2. vity: * he that killeth which gave power

& 12. 6. with the Sword must unto the beast and o Jno. 1. 14. be killed with the they worshipped the Col. 2.9. sword. y Here is the beast, saying, ! Whop cb. 11. 7. patience and the faith is like unto the beast? & 12. 17. of the saints. who is able to make

Da, 7. 21.

11 And I beheld war with him ? q ch. 11. 18. another beast z com5 And there was

& 17. 15.

ing up out of the given unto him ma

rch. 3. 5.

earth; and he had

& 20. 12. mouth speaking great & 21. 27.

two hords like a lamb, things and blasphe- Ex. 32. 32.

and he spake as a mies; and power was Da. 12. 1. dragon. given unto him I to Ph. 4. 3. 12 And he exerciscontinue n forty and s ch. 17. 8. eth all the power of two months.

t ch. 2. 7. the first beast before 6 And he opened u Is. 33. 1.

him, and causeth the his mouth in blas- a Ge. 9. 6. earth and them which phemy against God, Ma. 26.52. dwell therein to worto blaspheme his

y ch. 14. 12. ship the first beast, name, o and his taber

z ch. 11. 7.

whose a deadly wound Dacle, and them that

was healed.

a ver. 3. dwell in heaven.

13 And b he doeth 7 And it was given th18. 14

SO De. 13. 1. great wonders, anto him p to make Ma. 24.24. that he maketh fire war with the saints, 2 Th. 2. 9. come down from heaand to

overcome . 1 Ki.18.38. ven on the earth in them : q and power

2 Ki. 1.10. the sight of men, was given him over d ch. 12. 9.

14 And d deceiveth all kindreds, and

e 2 Th. 2. 9.

them that dwell on ongues, and nations.

the earth by the

had give them.

The Lamb on

morint Sion. means of those mira-| A. D. 96. CHAP. XIV. cles which he had power to do in the f 2 Ki. 20.7. 1 AND I looked, sight of the beast ; + Gr. oreath. and, lo, a a Lamb saying to them that gch. 16. 2.

stood on the mount dwell on the earth, & 19. 20. Sion, and with him that they should make

& 20. 4. an bhundred forty an image to the beast, b ch. 14.9. and four thousand, which had the wound

& 19. 20.

having his Father's

& 20. 4. by a sword, f and

name written in their did live.

1 Gr. to foreheads. 15 And he

2 And I heard a power to give + life i ch. 14. 11. voice from heaven, unto the image of the Ma. 8. 19. as d the voice of many beast, that the image

Lu. 9. 57. waters, and as the of the beast should

Jno. 8. 12. voice of a great thun

& 10. 27. both speak, 8 and

der : and I heard the

& 12. 26. cause that as many k ch. 15. 2.

voice of harpers as would not worship

harping with their

I ch. 17.9. the image of the beast

harps : sbould be killed.

mch. 15. 2.

3 And f they sung 16 And he caused v cb. 21. 17. as it were a new song all, both small and a ch.5.5. before the throne, and great, rich and poor, b ch. 7. 4.

before the four beasts, free and bond, bi to c ch. 7. 3.

and the elders : and receive a mark" in & 13. 16. no man could learn their right hand, or a cb. 1. 15. that song 6 but the in their foreheads : & 19 6.

hundred and forty and 17 And that no man e ch. 5. 8.

four thousand, which might buy or sell, fch. 5. 9.

were redeemed from save he that had the & 15. 3.

the earth. mark, or i the name & ver. 1.

4 These are they of the beast, k or the h 2 Co. 11.2. which were not denumber of his name.

filed with women ;

i cb. 3. 4. 18 ! Here is wis

for b they are virgins.

& 7.15. 17 dom. Let him that & 17. 14.

These are they i which th understanding

follow the Lamb whi

6 Gr. were count m the number bought.

thersoever he goeth. of tbe beast : for

These were

reit is the number of a

koh, 5. 9. deemed from among man; and his num

1 Ja. 1. 18.

men, I being the firstber is Six hundred m Ps. 32. 2. fruits unto God and threescore and six.

Ze. 3. 13. to the Lamb.

5 And m in their

The fall of

Babylon. mouth was found no A. D. 96. the wrath of God, guile : for they are

which is ? poured out without fault before n Ep. 5. 27. without mixture into

Jade 24. the throne of God.

the a cup of his indig6 And I saw ano- och. 6. 13. nation; and b he shall ther angel o fly in p Ep. 3. 9. be tormented with the midst of heaven,

Tit. 1. 2.

fire cand brimstone having p the everlast- q ch. 13. 7. in the presence of the ing gospel to preach r ch. 11. 19. holy angels, and in unto them that dwell & 15. 4.

the presence of the on the earth, 9 and to Ne. 9. 6.


Ps. 33. 6. every nation, and kin

11 And d the smoke

& 124. 8. dred, and tongue, and

of their torment as

Ac. 14. 15. people,

cendeth up for ever

t cb. 18. 2. 7 Saying with a

and ever: and they

Is. 21. 9. loud voice, r Fear Jo. 51. 9. have no rest day nor God, and give glory u Je. 51. 7. night, who worship to him; for the hour

the beast and his

x ch. 13. 14, of his judgment is 15, 16 image, and whosocome: sand worship

ever receiveth the

y Ps. 75. 8. him that made hea- Is. 61. 17. mark of his name. ven, and earth, and Je, 25. 15. 12 - Here is the pathe sea, and the foun- z ch. 18. 6. tience of the saints: tains of waters.

a ch. 16. 19. heref are they that 8 And there fol

b ch. 20. 10. keep the commandlowed another angel,

ments of God, and

och. 19. 20. saying, Babylon is

the faith of Jesus. fallen, is fallen, u that d ch. 19. 3.

13 And I heard a great city, because

Is. 34. 10. voice from heaven she made all nations e ch. 13. 10.

saying unto me, drink of the wine of fch. 12. 17. Write, & Blessed are the wrath of her for- 8 ch. 20. 6. the dead h which die nication.

Ec. 4.1, 2. in the Lord + from 9 And the third an- h 1 Co.15.18. henceforth : gel followed them,

1 Th.4.16. saith the Spirit, i that saying with a loud or from they may rest from voice, » If any man waith the

their labours ; and worship the beast and Spirit, Yea. their works do follow his image, and re- ich. 6. 11.

them. ceive his mark in his

2 Th. 1. 7.

14 And I looked. forehead, or in his He. 4. 9. and behold a white hand,

k Ez. 1. 26. cloud, and upon the 10 The same y shall Da. 7. 13. cloud one sat k like drink of the wine of

unto the Son of man,


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