The fifth

trumpet. midst of heaven, say

A. D. 96. not h the seal of God ing with a loud voice,

in their foreheads. Woe, y woe, woe, to

y ch. 9. 12.
& 11. 14.

5 And to them it the inhabiters of the

was given that they

a ch. 8. 10. earth by reason of Lu. 10. 18. should not kill them, the other voices of b ver. 2. u. but i that they should the trumpet of the ch. 17. 8.

be tormented five three angels, which & 20. 1.

months : and their

La, 8. 31 are yet to sound !

torment was as the c Joel 2. 2. torment of a scorpion,

10. when he striketh a CHAP. IX.

d Ex. 10. 4. man. 1 AND the fifth

Ju. 7. 12. 6 And in those days angel sounded, a and e ver. 10. shall k

men geek I saw a star fall from f ch. 6. 6. death, and shall not heaven unto the

& 7. 3.

find it; and shall deearth: and to him g ch. 8. 7. sire to die, and death was given the key of h eh. 7. 3. shall flee from them. the b bottomless pit.

Ex. 12. 23. 7 And the shapes 2 And he opened

Ez. 9. 4.

of the locusts were the bottomless pit;

i ver. 10. like unto horses preand there arose a

ch. 11. 7.

pared unto battle ; smoke out of the pit, k sbb : 28: and m on their heads as the smoke of a

Is. 2. 19.

were as it were crowns great furnace; and

Je. 8. 3. like gold, - and their the sun and the air 1 Joel 2. 4.

faces were

as the were darkened by

faces of men.

m Na. 3. 17. reason of the smoke

8 And they had

n Da. 7. 8. of the pit.*

hair as the hair of 3 And there came

o Joel 1. 6.

women, and their out of the smoked lo- p Joel 2. 5, teeth were as the

6, 7. tusts upon the earth:

teeth of liops. and unto them was ver. 2- 9 And they had given power, as the * It is sap- breastplates, as

it scorpions of the earth posed that

these verses

were breastplates of have power.

iron; and the sound

predict the 4 And it was com- rise and pro- of their wings was pas manded them f that gress of Mo- the sound of chariots they should not hurt hammed and of many horses runthe grass of the his succes

ning to battle.

sors, as ralearth, neither any

10 And they had

ing over the green thing, neither Arabians or

tails like unto scorany tree; but only Saracens. pions, and there were those men which havel

stings in their tails :


The sixth

trumpet. and 9 their power was

A. D. 96. 17 And thus I saw to hurt men five

the horses in the vimonths.

q ver. 5.

sion, and them that 11 And they had Ep. 2. 2. sat on them, having a king over them, s ver. 1. breastplates of fire, which is : the angel + That is to and of jacinth, and of the bottomless pit, say, a de- brimstone: a and the whose name in the stroyer. heads of the horses Hebrew tongue is

tch. 8. 13.

were as the heads of Abaddon, but in the

lions ; and out of Greek tongue hath his. ch. 16. 12. their mouths issued name + Apollyon.

1 Or, at.

fire and smoke and 12 i One woe is * Ps. 68.17. brimstone.

Da. 7. 10. past; and, behold,

18 By these three there come two woes y Ez. 38. 4. was the third part of more hereafter. z ch.7. 4 men killed, by the

13 And the sixth a 1 Ch. 12. 8. fire, and by the angel sounded, and I Is. 5. 28, smoke, and by the heard a voice from


brimstone, which isthe four horns of the b Is. 9. 15. sued of their golden altar which is c De. 31. 29. months. before God,

d Le. 17, 7.

19 For their power 14 Saying to the De. 32. 17. is in their mouth, and sixth angel which

Ps. 106.37. in their tails : for

1 Co.10.20. the trumpet,

their tails were like Loose the four angels

e Ps. 115. 4.
& 135. 15.


serpents, and which are bound u in Da. 5. 23. had heads, and with the great river Eu. ch. 22. 15. them they do hurt. phrates.*

20 And the rest of 15 And the four

the men which were angels were loosed, rer. 14–

not killed by these which were prepared entered into plagues yet repented fort an hour, and a Persia, and not of the works of day, and a month, the regions their hands, that ihey and a year, for to bordering should not worship slay the third part of on the Ea: devils,de and idols of men,

The eleventh gold, and silver, and 16 And the num-century, es- brass, and stone, and ber of the army y of tablished of wood: which neithe horsemen were four salta- ther


see, nor two hundred thousand nies, or thousand : 2 and I in those

hear, nor walk : kingdoms,

21 Neither repented heard the number of parts. they of their murders, them.

nor f of their sorce604


The little

book. ries, nor of their for- A. D. 96. him that liveth for nication, nor of their

ever and ever, b wlo thefts.

a Ge. 9.11. created heaven, and

17. CHAP. X.

Is. 54. 9.

the things that there. Ez. I. 28.

in are, and the earth, 1 AND I saw ano b ch. 1. 16. and the things that ther mighty angel Da. 10.6. therein are, and the come down from Ma. 17. 2. sea, and the things heaven, clothed with

Ac. 26. 13. which

are therein, a cloud: a and a c ch. 1. 15. that i there should be rainbow was upon his d Ma. 28. 18. time no longer : head, and b his face Ep. 1. 20. 7 But k in the days was as it were the sun,

Pb. 2. 10. Jof the voice of the and c his feet as pil-e ch. S.5. seventh angel, when lars of fire :

f Da. 8. 26. he shall begin to 2 And he had in

& 12. 4. 9. sound, the mystery his hand a little book & Ex. 6. 8. of God should be open :* d and he set

Da. 12. 7. finished, as he hath his right foot upon the ch. 4. 11. declared to his ser

& 14. 7. sea, and his left foot

Ne. 9. 6.

vants the prophets. on the earth,

8 And ! the voice 3 And cried with i ch. 16, 17, which I heard from

Da. 12. 7. a loud voice, as when

heaven spake unto a lion roareth : and ch. 11. 15.

me again, and said, when he had cried, I rer. 4. Go and take the little seven e thunders utom Je. 15. 16. book which is open

Ez. 2. 8, tered their voices.

in the hand of the

& 3. 1,2,3. 4 And when the se

angel which standeth ven thunders had ver. 2

upon the sea and uttered their voices, Several upon the earth. I was about to write : respectable 9 And I went into and I heard a voice interpreters, the angel, and said from heaven saying this little

unto him, give me unto me,

the little book, And those things which ained all he said


me, the seven thunders the follow

Take m it, and eat it uttered, and

the Revela: up; and it shall make them not.

tion; while thy belly bitter, but 5 And the angel others think it shall be in thy which I saw stand it extends mouth sweet as houpon the sea and upon only to the

ney. the earth & lifted up

former part

io And I took the

of the next his hand to heaven,


little book out of the 6 And sware by

angel's hand, and ate

[ Seal up book con

write ing parts of

The two
REV. Xi.

witnesses. it up; • and it was A. D. 96. standing before the

God of the earth. in my mouth sweet

n Ez. 3. 3. as honey : and as

5 And if any man

o Ez. 2. 10. will hurt them, I fire soon as I had eaten

a ch. 21. 15. proceedeth it, o my belly was

out of Ez, 40. 3. bitter.

their mouth, and de

Ze. 2.1. 11 And he said unto

voureth their

eneb Nu. 23. 18. me, Thou must pro

mies: m and if any

Ez. 40. 17. phesy again before

man will hurt them,

+ Gr. he must in this manmany peoples, and

cast out. nations, and tongues, a Ps. 79. 1.

ner be killed. and kings.

6 These n have pow. Lu. 21. 24.

er to shut heaven, CHAP. XI.

e Da. 8. 10. lihat it rain not in the 1 AND there was f ch, 13. 5. days of their prophegiven me

a a reed Or, I will cy: and have power like unto a rod : and give unto my over waters to turn the angel stood, say- nesses that

them to blood, and to ing, b Rise, and mea- they may smite the earth with sure the temple of prophesy. all plagues, as often God, and the altar, 8 ch. 20. 4. as they will and them that wor-b ch. 19. 10. 7. And when they ship therein.

i ch. 12. 6.

shall p have finished 9 But the court k Ps. 52. 8.

their testimony, 9 the which is without the

Je. 11. 16. beast that ascendeth temple + leave out, Ze. 4. 3. out r of the bottom. and measure it not;ı 2 Ki. 1. 10. less pit : shall make for dit is given unto Je. 1. 10. war against them, the Gentiles : and the

& 5. 14. and shall overcome

Ez. 43. 3. holy city shall they

them, and kill them.

Ho. 6. 5. tread e under foot

8 And their dead

m No.16.29. bodies shall lie in the forty and

two months.

n Ja. 5. 16. street of t the great 3 And I will give • Ex. 7. 19. city, which spiritually power unto, my twap Lu. 13.32. is called Sodom and

8 h and q ch. 13. 1. Egypt, u where also th shall prophesych. 9. 2.

our Lord was cruci. a i thousand

two bun-ls Da. 7. 21. fied. dred and threescore Ze. 14. 2. 9 x And they of the days, clothed in sack- ch. 14. 8. people and kindreds cloth:

u He. 13. 12. and tongues and na. 4 These are the ch. 17. 15. tions shall see their two k olive trees, and

bodies three the two candlesticks!

days and an half, y and 606

y Ps.79.2,3. dead

8 2 Ki.2.1.5. and ever,

The seventh
REV, X).

trumpet, shall not suffer their A. D. 96 hold, the third woe dead bodies to be put

cometh quickly.

z cb, 12. 12. in graves.

& 13. 8.

15 Andm the se10 z And they that dwell upon the earth b ch. 16.10.

a Es. 9. 19. venth angel sounded;

and o there were great shall rejoice over

voices in heaven, them, and make

c ver. 9.

saying, • The kingmerry, a and shall d Ez. 37.5.9. doms of this world send gifts one to ano. ch. 12.5: are become the kingther; 'b because these

Is. 14. 13. doms of our Lord, and two prophets tor

f Is. 60. 8. of his Christ; P and

Ac. 1. 9. mented them that

he shall reign for ever dwelt on the earth.

11 ° And after three h oh, 6. 12. 16 And 4 the four days and an half d the i ch. 16. 19. and twenty elders, Spirit of life from God + Gr. names which sat before God entered into them, of men, on their seats, fell and they stood upon

ch. 3. 4.

upon their faces, and their feet; and great k ch. 14.7. worshipped God, fear fell upon them

& 15. 4. Jo. 7. 19.

17 Saying, We give which saw them.

thee thanks, O Lord

I ch.8.13. 12 And they heard

& 3. 12.

Almighty, a great voice from

& 15. 1.

which r art, and wast, heaven saying unto mch. 10,7. and art to come; bethem, Come up hi- n Is. 27. 13. cause thou hast taken ther. And they as


thee thy great

och. 12. 10. cended up to heaven


s and hast inf a cloud: 8 and p Da. 2. 44.

reigned. their enemies beheld 4 ch. 4. 4.

18 t And the na

& 5. S. them.

tions were angry, and

& 19. 4. 13 And the same

roh. 1.4. 8.

thy wrath is come. hour was there a

& 4. 8.

and u the time of great earthquake, & 16.5. the dead, that they and i the tenth part of s ch. 19. 6. should be judged, and the city fell, and in t ver. 2.9. that thou shouldest the earthquake were a ch. 6. 10. give reward unto thy slain 7 of men seven Da. 7.9, 10. ervants the prophets, thousand : and the ch. 19.5. and to the saints, and remnant were af

y ch. 13. 10. theic that fear thy frighted, k and gave & 18. 6. name, small and glory to the God of

1 Or,

great;y and shouldest heaven.


destroy them which 14 | The second

z ch. 15. 5. destroy I the earth. woe is past; and be

19 Aud z the tem

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