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The opening

of the seals. throne and the beasts A. D. 96. thunder, b one of the and the elders : and

four beasts saying,

> Ps. 68. 17. the number of them

Come and see.

Da. 7. 10. was x ten thousand

He. 12. 22.

2 And I saw, and times ten thousand, y ch. 4. II. behold a white and thousands of Ph. 2. 10. horse : d and he that thousands;

a 1 Ch.29.11. sat on him had a bow; 12 Saying with a Ro. 9. 5. and e

a crown was loud voice; y Worthy & 16. 27. given unto him: and is the Lamb that

i Ti. 6. 16. he went forth con

I Pe. 4.11. was slain to receive

& 5. 11.

quering, and to conpower, and riches,and b ch. 6. 16. quer. wisdom and strength, & 7. 10. 3 And when he had and honour, and glo- c ch. 19. 4. opened the second ry, and blessing. dch. 4. 9. seal, f I heard the se.

13 And z every a ch. 5. 5,6. cond beast say, creature which is in bch. 4.7. Come and see. heaven, and on the

c ch. 19.11.

4 & And there went earth, and under the Ze. 6. 3. out another horse that earth, and such as are a Ps. 45. 4, was red: and power

6. LXX. was given in the sea, and all

to bim that are

in them, e ch. 14. 14. that sat thereon to heard I saying,

Ze. 6. 11. take peace from the Blessing,

fch. 4. 7. and ho

earth, and that they nour, and glory, and Ze. 6. 2.

should kill one anopower, be unto him h ch. 4. 7.

ther: and there was that b sitteth upon i Ze. 6. 2.

given unto him a the throne, and unto + The word great sword.* the Lamb for ever chanix sig- 5 And when he had and ever.

nifieth a

opened the third seal, 14 . And the fourtaining ono

measure con

I heard the third beasts said, Amen. wine quart, beast say, Come and And the four and and the see. And I beheld, twenty elders fell twelfth part and lo i a black horse; down and worship

of a quart. and he that sat on ped him d that liveth k cb. 9. 4.

him had a pair of bafor ever and ever.

lances in his hand.

ver. 4CHAP. VI.

* " Extraor

6 And I heard a

dinary mas- voice in the midst of 1 AND I sawsacres took the four beasts say, when the Lamb o- place be- At measure of wheat pened one

of the Iween A D for a penny, and three seals, and I heard, as 138.” Scott. measures of barley it were the noise of

for a penny; and set 598


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The opening

of the seals. thou hurt not the oil A. D. 96. should rest yet for a and the wine.

little I ch. 4. 7.


until 7 And when he had

their fellowservants opened the fourth m Ze. 6. 3.

also and their breseal, 1 I heard the + Or, to him. thren, that should be voice of the fourth n Ez. 14. 21. killed as they were, beast say, Come and o 2 Es. 15.5. should be fulfilled. see.

p Le. 26. 22. 19 And I beheld 8 m And I looked,

9 ch. 8. 3.

when he had opened and behold a pale & 9. 13. the sixth seal, band, horse : and his name & 14. 18. lo, there was a great that sat on him was r ch. 20. 4. earthquake; and the Death, and Hell fol. s ch. 1. 9. sun became black as lowed with him. And t ch. 12. 17. sackcloth of hair, and Power was

given & 19. 10. the moon became as antot them over the 2 Ti, 1.8. blood; fourth part of the u ze. 1. 12. 13 d'Aud the stars earth, n to kill with

x ch. 3. 7.

of heaven fell unto sword, and with hun

y ch. 11. 18.

the earth, even as a ger, and with death,

& 19. 2.

fig tree casteth her and p with the beasts

z ch. 3. 4, 5.

untimely I figs, when of the earth.

& 7. 9. 14. she is shaken of a 9 And when he had

a ch. 14. 13. mighty wind. opened the fifth seal,

He. 11.40.

14 e And the heaven I saw under 9 the alb ch. 16.18. departed as a scrowl tar r the souls of them c Joel 2. 10. when it is rolled tothat were slain - for 31. gether; and f every the word of God, and

& 3. 15.

mountain and island for the testimony

Ma. 24.29.
Ac. 2. 20.

were moved out of which they held :

their places. 10 And they cried a ch.9, 10.

& 9. 1.

15 And the kings with a loud voice,

of the earth, and the saying,, u How long; green figs.

1 Or,

great men, and the O Lord, holy and

e Ps.102.26. rich men, and the true, y dost thou Is. 34. 4.

chief captains, and not judge and avenge He. 1. 12, the mighty men, and our blood on them

13. every bond-man, and that dwell on

every free man,

Je. 3. 23. earth?

themselves & 4. 24.

in the 11 And z white

dens and in the rocks

g Is. 2. 19. robes were given un

of the mountains ;

b ch.9.6. to every one of them;

16 And said to the

Ho. 10. 8. and it was said unto

Lu. 23. 30. mountains and rocks, theni, a that they

Fall on us, and hide

the f ch. 16. 20.

$hid h Ro. 11. 25. were

The number

of the sealed. us from the face of A. D. 96. sand of all the tribes him that sitteth on

of the children of the throne, and from i ch. 16. 14. Israel.

Is. 13. 6. the wrath of the

5 Of the tribe of

Je. 30. 7. Lamb:

Joel 2. 11.

Juda were sealed 17 i For the great Ze. 1. 14. twelve thousand. Of day of his wrath is Ro. 2. 5. the tribe of Reuben come; kand who shall k Ps 76. 7. were sealed twelve be able to stand? & 130. 3. thousand. Of the

Mal. 3. 2. tribe of Gad were CHAP. VII.

a Da. 7. 2. sealed twelve thou. 1 AND after these b eh. 9. 4. sand. things I saw four an-c ch. 6. 6. 6 Of the tribe of gels standing on the & 9. 4. Aser were sealed four corners of the d ch. 14. 1. twelve thousand. Of earth, a holding the Eze. 9. 4. the tribe of Nepthafour winds of the e ch. 22. 4. lim were sealed twelve earth, that the wind f ch. 9. 16. thousand. Of the should not blow on ch. 14. 1. tribe of Manasses the earth, nor on the

sealed twelve sea, nor on any tree. *


ich. 5. 9. 2 And I saw ano

7 Of the tribe of ther angel ascending

Simeon were sealed

Ver. 1from the east, having *This issup- twelve thousand. Of the seal of the living posed to be the tribe of Levi were God : and he cried an emblem Sealed twelve thouwith a loud voice to of the transand. Of the tribe of the four angels, to the Roman

Issachar were sealed whom it was given to empire, and twelve thousand. hurt the earth and of all pati- 8 Of the tribe of the sea,

ons, subse- Zabulon were sealed 3 Saying, . Hurt quent toCon- twelve thousand. Of

stantine's not the earth, neither

accession to

the tribe of Joseph the sea, nor the trees, the imperial were sealed twelve till we have d gealed throne; thousand. Of the tribe the servants of our which was of Benjamin were God in their fore- the more de- sealed twelve thouheads.

lightful, as 4 And I heard the such long- 9 After this I number of them continued beheld, and,

lo, which were sealed : and terrible a great multitudo and there were sealed convalsions which no man could an 6 hundred and tions. Scott. number, i of all naforty and four thou.

tions, and kindreds,

it succeeded sand.

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mch. 5. 13. among them.

The seventh

seal opened. and people and A. D. 96. white in the blood ct tongues, stood before

the Lamb.

k ver, 14. the throne, and be.

ch. 3.5.18.

15 Therefore are fore the Lamb & 4. 4.

they before the throne clothed k with white & 6. 11. of God, and serve robes,* and palms in ich. 19. 1. him day and night in their hands;

Ps. 3. 8. his temple: and he 10 And cried with Is. 43. 11. that sitteth

on the Je. 3. 23. a loud voice, saying,

Ho. 13. 4.

throne shall dwell Salvation to our God which m sitteth upon

16. They shall hunthe throne, and unto n ch. 4. 6.

ger no more, neither the Lamb.'

och. 5. 13, thirst


more ;

14. 11 n And all the

neither u shall the sun

p ver. 9. angels stood round

light on them, nor about the throne, and 9 ch.6.2.

& 17. 6.

any heat. about the elders and

17 For the Lamb

r ch. 1. 5.
the four beasts, and
Is. 1. 18. which is in

midst fell before the throne Ze. 3.3, 4, of the throne x shall on their faces, and

5. feed them, and shall worshipped God,

Ho. 9.14. lead them into living

1 Jno, 1.7. 12 Saying, Amen :

fountains of waters: Blessing, and glory,

s ch. 21. 3.

and y God shall wipe

Is. 4.5, 6.


t Is. 49. 10. away all tears from thanksgiving, and

their eyes.

uch. 21. 4. honour, and power, Ps. 121. 6. and might, be unto

* Ps. 23. 1.

CHAP. VIII. our God for ever and

& 36. 8. ever. Amen.

Jno. 10.11. 1 AND a when he 13 And one of the 14. had opened the seelders answered, say.

y ch. 4. 21. venth seal, there was

Is. 25. 8. ing unto me, What

silence in heaven

a ch. 6. 1. are these which are

b Ma. 18. 10.

about the space of arrayed in p white

Lu. I. 19. half an hour. robes ? and whence


2 b And I saw the came they?

28. seven angels which 14 And I said unto

stood before God;

ver. 9 him, Sir, thou know-*" As per and to them were est. And he said to fectly justis- given seven trumme, 9 These are they ed, and sane- pets. which came out of tified, and 3 And another angreat tribulation, and made happy have r washed their --Scott.

in heaven" gel came and stood

at the altar, having a robes, and made them

golden censer; and Four trumpets

REV. VIII. sounded in order. there was given unto

A. D. 96. the third part of the him much incense, For, add it sea became blood; that he should offer

to the pray

9 P And the third it with d the prayersers.

part of the creatures of all saints upon the d ch. 5.8.

which were in the golden altar which

sea, and had life,

e ch. 6. 9. was before the throne. Ex. 30. 3. died; and the tbird

4 And the smoke f Ps. 141. 2. part of the ships were of the incense, which Lu. 1. 10. destroyed. came with the prayers Or, upon.

10 And the third of the saints, ascend

8 cb. 16. 18. angel sounded, and ed up before God

there fell a great star

h 2 Sa. 22.8. out of the angel's 1 Ki. 19.

from heaven, burnhand.

11. ing as it were a 5 And the angel Ac. 4. 31. lamp, rand it fell took the censer, and i Ez. 38. 22. upon the third part of filled it with fire k ch. 16. 2. the rivers, and upon of the altar, and cast 1 ch. 9. 4. the fountains of wait I into the earth :

Is. 2. 13.


m Je. 51. 25. and & there were

11 And the name

Am. 7. 4. voices, and thunder

of the star is called ings, and lightnings,

n ch. 16. 3. Wormwood : tand the and h an earthquake.

o Ez. 14. 19. third part of the wa6 Aud the seven p ch. 16. 3. ters became worm. angels which had the q ch. 9. 1. wood; and many men seven trumpets pre

Is. 14. 12. died of the waters, pared themselves to r ch. 16. 4. because they were sound.

s Ru. 1. 20. made better. 7 The first angel t Ex. 15. 23. 12 And the fourth sounded, i and there Je. 9. 15. angel sounded, and followed hail and fire & 23. 15. the third part of the

u Is. 13. 10. mingled with blood,

Am. 8. 9.

sun was smitten, and and they were cast

the third part of the

ch. 14. 6. upon k the earth : and

& 19. 17. moon, and the third the third part of

part of the stars; so trees was burnt up, ver. 7-. as the third part of and all green grass thought to

# This is

them was darkened, was burnt up.*

refer to the and the day shone 8 And the second destructive not for a third part of angel sounded, n and wars in the it, and the night as it were a great Roman em- likewise. mountain burning

pire, after

13 And I bebeld, with fire

the death of was cast Constantine, and * heard an angel into the sea : . and

flying through the 602

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