Of keeping God's 1 JOHN III. commandments. 8 p He that com

A. D. 90. we have passed from mitted sin is of the

death unto life, bedevil; for the devil p Ma.13.38.

cause we love the

Jno. S. 44. sinneth from the be

brethren. cHe that ginning. For

this 9 Ge. 3. 15. loveth not his brother

Lu. 10. 18. purpose the Son of


abideth in death. God was manifested, He. 2. 14. 150 Whosoever hatthat 9 he might des- lr ch. 5. 18.

eth his brother is a troy the works of the . I Pe. 1.23. murderer :

and ye devil.

know that e no mur.

t ch. 2. 29. 9 r Whosoever is

derer hath

eternal born of God doth not

uch. 4. 8.

life abiding in him. commit sin ; for his * ch. 1.5.

& 2. 7.
16 f Hereby

perseed remaineth in

ceive we the love of

+ Or, comhim : and he cannot

God, becanse he laid

mandment. sin, because he is

down his life for us : born of God.

y Jno.13.34. and we ought to lay 10 In this the chil. 2 Jno. 5.

down our lives for the dren of God are ina- 2 Ge. 4.4. 8. brethren.

He. 11.4. nifest, and the chil

Jude 11.

17 But & whoso hath dren of the devil :

this world's a Jno.15.18.

good, whosoever t doeth not

2 Ti.3. 12.

and seeth his brother righteousness is not

b ch. 2. 10.

have need, and shutof God, u neither he

teth up his bowels of that loveth not his

ccb.2.9.11. brother.

a Ma.5.21. how h

compassion from him,

dwelleth the 11 For » this is the e Ga. 5. 21. love of God in him!

Re. 21, S. messaget that


18 My little chilheard from the begin. Jno. 3. 16. dren, i let us not love ning, ythat we should

Ep.5.2.25. in word, neither in love one another. 12 Not as a Cain, & De. 15.7. tongue ; but in deed

Lu. 3. 11.

aud in truth. who was of that wick

beh. 4, 20.

19 And hereby we ed one, and slew his

know that we are

i Eze.33.31. brother. And where Ro. 12. 9. of the truth, and shall fore slew he him? Ep. 4. 15. assurer our hearts Because his

own Ja. 2. 15. before him. works were evil, and

1 Pe. 1. 22. 201 For if our heart his brother's righte- k Jno.18.37. condemn us, God is Ous. 1 Gr. greater


our 13 Marvel not, my persuade. heart, and kpoweth brethren, if & the 1 Co.4.4. all things. world hate you, m Job 22. 26. 21 - Beloved, if 14 b We know that

our heart condemn us k the

How to try

the spirits. not, n then have we A. D. 90. that confesseth not confidence toward

that Jesus Christ is God.

n He. 10. 22.

come in the flesh is 22 And o whatso-!o Ps. 34. 15. not of God: and this

Ma. 7. S. ever we ask, we re

Mar. 11.24.

is that spirit of anticeive of him, because Jno. 14.13. christ, whereof ye we keep his com- Ja. 5. 16. have heard that it mandments, P and do p Jno. 8. 29. should come; and those things that are qJno. 6. 29. evenf now already is pleasing in his sight.

Ma. 22. 39.

it in the world. 23 4 And this is his

Jno.13. 34.

4 & Ye are of God, commandment, That Ep. 5. 2. Jlittle

children, and we should believe on 1 Th. 4. 3. have overcome them: the name of his Son

i Pe. 4. 8. because greater is he Jesus Christ, rand s ch. 2. 8. that is in you, than love one another, as t Jno. 14. 23. he h that is in the he gave us command- u Jao. 17.21. world. ment.

Ro. 8. 9. 5 They are of the 24 And the that

world : therefore

a Je. 29. 8. keepeth his


Ma, 24.4. speak they of the mandments u dwell

b1 Th.5.21.

world, and eth in him, and be in Re. 2. 2. world heareth them him. And x hereby . Ma. 24.5. 6 We are of God: we know that he a- Ac. 20. 30. her that knoweth God bideth in us, by the 1 Ti. 4. 1. heareth us; he that Spirit which he hath a 1 Co.12 3. is not of God hear given us.

e 2 Jno. 7. eth not us. Hereby CHAP. IV.

f 2 Th. 2. 7.

know we wthe spirit g ch. 5. 4.

of truth, and the spi1 BELOVED, a be

rit of error.

b Jno.12.31. lieve vot every spirit, 1 Co. 2. 12.

7 n Beloved, let us but b try the spirits Ep. 2. 2. love one another: for whether they are of i Jno. 3. 31. love is of God; and God: because many k Jno. 5. 19. every one that loveth false prophets are

1 Jno. 8. 47.

is born of God, and gone out into the

I Co.14.37.

knoweth God. world.

8 He that loveth 2 Hereby know ye

m Is. 8. 20.


not the Spirit of God: In ch.3. 10. God; for p God is Every d spirit

love. confesseth that Jesus

9 9 In this was ma

p ser. 16. Christ is come in the

nifested the love of flesh is of God.

9 Jno. 3. 16.
Ro. 5. 6.

God toward us, be3 And e every spiri:

cause that God sent

Jno. 14.17. not

that o ch.2 4.


live r ch.5. 11.

Erhortation to 1 JOHN V. brotherly love. his only begotten Son A. D. 90. 17 Herein is + our into the world, that

love made perfect, muight

that f we may have through him.

Jno. 15. 16. boldness in the day 10 Herein is love,

Ro.5.3.10. of judgment : : be

Tit. 3. 4. not s that we loved

cause as he is, so God, but that helt ch. 2. 2.

are we in this world. loved us, and sent u Ma.18. 33. 18 There is no fear his Son t to be the

Joo. 15.12. in love; but perfect

13. propitiation for our

love casteth out fear:

x ver. 20. sins.

because fear hath tor

Jno. 1. 13. 11 Beloved,

i Ti.6.16. ment. He that fearGod so loved us, wely ver. 13.

eth h is not made per. ought also to love ch. 2. 5.fect in love. one another.

z ch. 3. 24.

19 We love him, 12 » No man hath Jno. 14.20. because he first loved seen God at any time. a ch. 1. 1, 2.us. If we love one ano- Jno. 1. 14. 20 i If a man say, ther, God dwelleth in b Jno. 3. 17. I love God, and hatus, and y his love is

eth his brother, he is

och. 5. 1.5. perfected in us.

Ro. 10. 9.

a liar : for he that 13 z Hereby know d ver. S.

loveth not his brother we that we dwell in

whom he hath seen,

e ver. 12. him, and he in us, ch. 3. 24.

how can he love God because he hath given + Gr. love

whom k he hath not us of his Spirit. 14 And å we have rch. 2. 28.

21 And I this comseen and do testify & 3. 19. 21. mandinent have we that the Father sent Ja. 2. 13. from him, I hat he the Son to be the Sa-Ig ch. 3. 3.

who loveth God love viour of the world.

h ver. 12.

his brother also. 15 e Whosoever shall i ch. 2. 4. confess that Jesus is


& 3. 17. the Son of God, God k ver. 12.

1 WHOSOEVER dwelleth in him, and

believetha that bJesus

Ich, 3. 23. he in God.

Ma. 22. 37. is the Christ is born 16 And we have Ino: 13.34. of God: d and every known and believed & 15. 12. one that loveth him the love that God a Jno. 1. 12. that begat loveth him hath to us. d God is b ch. 2. 22. also that is begotten love ; and ehe that & 4. 2. 15. of him. dwelleth in lovec Jno. 1. 13.

2 By this we know dwelleth in God, and a Jno. 15.23. that we love the chilGod in him.

dren of God, when

soith us.


Of love

to God. we love God, and A. D. 99, witness of God is keep his command

e Jno. 14. 15. greater: for this is ments.

21:23. the witness of God 3 e for this is the

& 15. 10.

which he hath testilove of God, that we 2 Jno. 6. fied of his Son. keep his command-f Mi. 6. 8. 10 He that believeth ments: and his com- Ma. 11. 30. on the Son of God mandments are not g ch.3. 9. hath P the witness in grievous.

& 4. 4. himself: he that be4 For & whatsoever

Jno. 16.33.

lieveth not God q hath is born of God * over- ' ch. 4:15; made him a liar ; becometh the world :


cause he believeth and this is the victory

i Jno. 19. 34. not the record that that overcometh the Joo:14.17. God gave of his Son.

& 15. 26. world, even our faith,

11 F And this is the

& 16. 13. 5 Who is he tha: i Ti.3.16. record, that God hath overcometh

1 Jno. 1.).

given to us eternal world, but h he that Re.19. 13. life, and this life is believeth that Jesus m. Jno.10.30. in his Son. is the Son of God!

12 ! He that hath 6 This is he that

Jno. 8. 17.

the Son hath life; came i by water and

o ida, 3. 16,


and he that hath not blood, even Jesus

& 17. 5. the Son of God hath Christ; not by water only, but by water Ga. 4. 6. 13 u These things and blood. And it

q Jne. 3. 33. have I written unto is the Spirit that bear- & 5. 33. you that believe on eth witness, because rch. 2. 25. ihe name of the Son the Spirit is truth. s cb. 4. 9. of God; w that ye

7 For there are three Jno. ). 4. may know that ye that bear record in t Jno. 3. 36. have eternal life, and heaven, the Father, & 5. 24.

that ye may believe the I Word, and the

u Jno.20.31.

on the name of the Holy Ghost: mand wch. 1.1,2. Son of God. these three are one. + Or, con- 14 And this is the

8 And there are cerning him. confidence that we three that bear wit- x ch. 3. 22. have + in him, that, ness in earth, the

Ver. 4- if we ask any thing spirit, and the water, i.e. By the according to his will, and the blood : and Spirit made he heareth us: these three agree in to possess a 15 And if we know one.

new and

that he hear us,

heavenly n2$ If we receiven the

whatsoever we ask, witness of men, the

p Ro. 8. 16. not life.

we know that we


that we

The true God, 1 JOIN V. and eternal life have

the petitions A. D. 90. himself, and that desired of

wicked one toucheth him.

y Job 42. 8.
Ja. 5. 14.

him not. 16 If any man see

Ma. 12. 31.

19 And we know his brother sin a sin

Mar. 3. 29.

that we are of God, which is not unto Lu. 12.10. and e the whole world death, he shall ask, He. 6.4.6. lieth in wickedness. and y he shall give a Je. 7. 16. 20 And we know him life for them that Jno. 17.9. that the Son of God sin not unto death.bch. 3. 4. is come, and fhath There x is a sin upto c oh. 3. 9. given us an underdeath: a I do not 1 Pe. 1. 23. standing, 5 that we say that he shall pray a Ja. 1. 27, may know him that for it.

e Ga. 1. 4. is true, and we are in 17 1 All uprighter Lu. 24. 45. him that is true, even onsness is sin: and

in his g Juo. 17.3.


Jesus there is a sin not

Christ. h This is the

h Jno. 20. 28. upto death.

Ac. 20. 28. true God, i and eter18 We know that Ro, 9, 5.

pal life. whosoever c is born 1 Ti.3. 16. 21 Little children, of God sinneth not;li ver. 11, 12. keep k yourselves but he that is begot kico.10.14. from idols. Amen, ten of God a keepeth

The apostle Joho has been acknowledged as the author of this epistie, by the earliest Christian writers, without any hesitation ; indeed, the similarity of sentiment and expression, as compared with his Gospel history, is a full confirmation of it.

" He also lays down various marks and evidences, by which Christians miglit be distinguisbed, both by themselves and others, from self-deceivers and hypocrites : and, while this epistle differs esceedingly, in style and manner, from those of the other apostles, it perfectly coincides with them in doctrine and praetical instruction."See Scott.

Concerning the time when it was written, and the persons to whom it was addressed, there is great uncertainty. Some believe it tu have been written a little before the destruction of Jerusalem, while others fix the date at A. D. 91 or 92

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