Peter speaketh 2 PETER I.

of his death. things that pertain 1. D. 66. purged a from his old unto life and godli

sins. e Jno. 17. 3.

10 Wherefore the knowledge of him a Th.2.12. rather, brethren, give that d hath called us

2 Th.2.14. diligence • to make tot glory and vir- 2 Ti. 1.9. your calling and electue:

i Pe. 2.9. tion sure : for if ye do 4 e Whereby are

& 3. 9. these things, P ye given unto us exceed. Or, by.

shall never fall: ing great and pre-e 2 Co.7.1.

11 For so an cious promises : that f 2 Co. 3. 18. trance shall be minisby these ye might Ep. 4.24. tered unto you abunbe f partakers of the

He. 12. 10. dantly into the ever

1 Jno. 3. 2. divine nature, 8 hav

lasting kingdom of ing escaped the cor

g ch. 2. 18,

our Lord and Saviour ruption that is in the bch. 3. 18. Jesus Christ, world through lust.

il Pe. 3. 7. 12 Wherefore I 5 And beside this,k Ga. 6. 10. will not be negligent giving h all dili e,

1 Th. 3. 12. to put you always in

& 5. 15. add to your faith vir

1 Jno.4.21.

remembrance of these tue; and to virtue

things, though ye

1 Gr. idle. knowledge;

know them, and be 6 And to know

i Jno. 15. 2. established in the

Tit. 3. 14. ledge temperance ;

present truth.

m 1 Jno. 2.9. and to temperance

13 Yea, I think it patience; and to pa

n Ep. 5. 26. meet, as long as I

He. 9. 14. tience godliness;

am in this tabernacle,

I Jno. 1. 7. 7. And to godliness

tot stir you up by

oljno.3.19. brotherly kindness; and

; kindness charity.

q Ro. 15. 14. 14. Knowing that

Ph. 3.1. 8 For if these things

I Jno. 2.21.

shortly I must put be in


off this my tabernacle, abound, they make

rch. 3. 17.
even as

* our Lord you that ye shall nei

1 Pe. 5.12. Jesus

Cbrist hath ther be I barren' por

s 2 Co.5.1.4. shewed me. unfruitful

in the knowledge

15 Moreover I will tch. 3. 1. of our

endeavour that ye Lord Jesus Christ.

? Ti, 4. 6.

may be able after my 9 But he that lack- Ino. 21.18. decease to have these eth these things mis y ? Co. 1.17. things always in reblind, and cannot see

& 2. 1. 4. afar off, and hath

2 Co. 2. 17.
& 4. 2.

16 For we bave not forgotten that he was

followed y cunniogly 568

k to brotherly p ch. 3. 17. putting you in remem

Jude 5..

Lu. 9. 35. be

heard. a De. 13. 1.

Heresies and 2 PETER II. Salse teachers. devised fables, when A. D. 66. we made known unto

CHAP. II. you the power and z Ma. 17.1.

1 Bu'r a there were coming of our Lord

Mar. 9. 2.

false prophets also

1 Jno. 1. I. Jesus Christ, but

a Ma. 17. 5.

among the people, were z eyewitnesses

Mar. 1. 11.) even as b there shali of his majesty.

false teachers 17 For he received b Ma, 17. 6. among you, who prifrom God the Father honour and glory,

o Jno. 5. 35. Yily shall bring in

damnable heresies,

d Re. 2. 28. when there came & 22, 16.

even c denying the such a voice to him 200. 4.4.6. Lord d that bought from the excellente Ro. 12. 6. them,

e and bring glory, a This is my r 2 Ti. 3. 16. upon

themselves Beloved Son, in whom + Or, at

swift destruction. I ain well pleased.

2 And many shall time.

any 18 And this voice

foHow their I perni

2 Sa. 23. 2. which came from

cious ways; by reaheaven we

son of whom the way when we were with b Ma. 24. n. of truth shall be evil him in

b the holy e Jude 4. spoken of. mount.

d 1 Co. 6. 20. 3 And i through 19 We have also a Ga. 3. 13. covetousness

shall more sure word of

Ep. 1. 7.

they with He. 10. 29.

feigned prophecy; whereunto I Pe. 1. 18. words & make merye do well that ye Re. 5. 9. chandize of

you : take heed, as unto a e Ph. 3. 19. whose h

judgment light that shineth in


now of a long time a dark place, until lascivious lingereth not, and the day dawn, and ways, as their damnation slum. the d day star arise some copies bereth not,

read. in your hearts :

4 For if God spared 20 Knowing

not i the angels k that first, that no pro- : ?Co. 2. 17. sinned, but phecy of the scripture - Jude 4. 15. them down to hell, is of any private in- i Jude 6. and delivered them terpretation.

k Jno. 8, 44.into chains of dark21 For the pro- 1 Jno. 3. 8. ness, to be reserved phecy came not t in 1 Lu. 8. 31. unto judgment; old time by the will Re. 20.2,3. 5 And spared not of man : & but holy m He. 11. 7. the old world, but men of God spake as I Pe. 3. 20. saved m Noah the they were moved by 1Pe. 3. 19. eighth person, a the Holy Ghost.

preacher of righteous

this f Tit. 1. 11.

| cast

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The judgments 2 PETER II.

of G ness, bringing in the A D. 66. against them befa flood upon the world

the Lord. of the ungodly;

och. 3. 6.

12 But these, a 6 And P turning the p Ge. 19. 24. natural brute beast cities of Sodom and

De. 29. 23. made to be taken at

Jude 7. Goirorrha into ashes

destroyed, speak es condemned them with 9 Nu. 26. 10. of the

things an overthrow, 9 mak-r Ge. 19. 16. they understand not ing them an ensams Wi. 19. 17. and shall utterly pe ple unto those that t Ps. 119.139. rish in their own cor after should live un

158. ruption ; godly;

Ez. 9. 4.

i3 b And shall re 7 And - delivered Ps. 34. 17: ceive the reward of

1 Co.10.13. just Lot, vexed * with

unrighteousness, the filthy conversa

- Jude 4.7, they that
8. 10. 16.

count tion of the wicked :

pleasure o to riot in 8 (s For that righte.

+ Or, dominion.

the day time. d Spots ous man dwelling

they are and ble

y Jude 8. among them, in see

mishes, sporting ing and hearing, vex- z Jude 9.

themselves with their ed his righteous soulSome read, own deceivings while from day to day with against


they feast with their unlawful deeds ;) a Je. 12. 3.

you; gu The Lord know

Jude 10.

14 Having eyes full eth how to deliver

b Ph. 3. 19. of adultery, and godly out of

that cannot cease

c Ro. 13. 13. temptations, and to

from sin; beguiling reserve the unjust

d Judo 12.

unstable souls: fan unto the day of judg. • 1 Co.11.20, heart they have exer

. ment to be punished:

cised with covetous 10 But

practices ; cursed

adult ress. them that walk af

children : ter the flesh in the lust Jude 11. 15 Which have forof uncleapness, and & Nu: 22.5. saken the right way, despise tgovernment. and are gone astray.

Jude 11. Presumptuous y are

following the way of they, selfwilled, they ver. 7

Balaam 8 the son of are pot afraid to speak . He labour Bosor, loved the evil of dignities. ed under it

wages of unrighteous11 Whereas , an- as a burden,

ness; gels, which

or against are

16 But was rebuked greater ju power and


for his iniquity: the might, bring not Scott. dumb ass speaking railing accusation

with man's voice for570


chiefly Gr. an

it as an


The last days. bad the madness of A. D. 66. known

it, to turn the prophet:

from the holy com17 h These ale

Jude12,13. mandment delivered wells without water, i Jude 16. unto them. clouds that are car. k ver. 20.

22 But it is hapried with a tempest;

ch. 1. 4. pened unto them acto whom the mist of Ac. 2. 40. (cording to the true darkness is reserved | Or, for a proverb, The dog is for ever.

little, or, a turned to his own 18 For when i they some read.

while, as

vomit again ; and the speak great swelling i Ga. 5. 13.

sow that was washed words of vanity, they 1 Pe. 2. 16. to her wallowing in allure through the

mJno. 8. 31. the mire. lusts of the flesh, Ro. 6. 16. through much wanton- Ma. 12. 45.

CHAP. III. ness, those that kwere Lu. 11. 26. 1 THIS second episclean t escaped from He. 6. 4. tle, beloved, I now them who live in &10.26, 27. write unto you; in error.

o ver. 18.

both which a I stir up 19 While they pro

cb. 1. 4.

your pure minds by mise them lliberty, p ch. 1. 2.

way of remembrance : they themselves are q Lu. 12. 47, 2 That ye may be them servants of cor


mindful of the words

Joo. 9. 41. ruption : for of whom

& 15. 22.

which were spoken a man is overcome,

Pr. 26. 11.

before by the holy of the same is he

a ch. 1. 13. prophets, band of the brought in bondage.

commandment of us 20 For if after they b Jude 17.

the apostles of the have escaped the ! Ti. 4.. Lord and Saviour:

2 Ti. 3. I. pollutions of

Jude 18.

3 Knowing this world p through the

first, that there shall

0 ch. 2. 10. knowledge of the

come in the last days Lord and


. Is. 5. 19.
Je. 17. 15.

scoffers, d walking afJesus Christ, they

Ez. 12. 22 ter their own lusts, are again entangled


4 And saying, therein, and over- Ma. 24.48. Where e is the procome, the latter end La 12.45. mise of his coming ? is worse with them

ver. 22

for since the fathers than the beginning. • Some of fell asleep, all things

21 For q it had been the most ele- continue as they were better for them not gant writers from the beginning to have known the refer to these

of antiquity of the creation. way of righteousness, proverbs.

5 For this they wil. than, after ihey have

lingly are ignorant Christ's coming 2 PETER III. to judgment. of, that fby the word A. D. 66. with fervent heat, the of God the heavens

earth also and the were of old, and the Ge. 1;6.9. works that are there

. earth to standing out

in shall be burned

He, 11. 3. of the water and in

+ Gr.

up. the water:


u Seeing then that 6 h Whereby the

all these things shall world that then was, & Pi24 be dissolved, what being overflowed Col. 1. 17.mapper of

persons with water, perished:

ought ye to be s in all

b Ge. 7. 11. 7 But i the heavens

holy conversation

i ver. 10. and the earth, which

and godliness,

k Ma. 25.41. are now, by the same

12 i Looking for and

2 Th. 1.8. word are kept in

hasting 1

unto tbe 1 Ps. 90. 4. coming of the day of store, reserved unto fire k' against the day - Ho.

10,37. God, wherein the of judgment and per- In Is, 30. 18. heavens being on fire dition of ungodly

1 Pe.3.20. shall u be dissolved,

o Eze.33.11. and men,


elements 8 But, beloved, be p Ro. 2. 4. shall - melt with fernot ignorant of this

1 Ti. 2. 4. vent heat? one thing, that one 9 Ma.24.43,

13 Nevertheless we, day is with the Lord

Re. 3. 3. according to his proas a thousand years, r Ps. 102.26. mise, look for y new and I a thousand

Ma. 24. 35. heavens and a new

Mar. 13.31. years as one day,

He. 1. 11. earth, wherein dwell9 m The Lord is not Re. 20. 11. eth righteousness. slack concerning his s 1 Pe. 1. 15. 14 Wherefore, bepromise, as some men t 1 Co. 1.7.

loved, seeing

that count slackness ; but

Tit. 1. 13. ye look

for such is n longsuffering to

1Or, hasting

things, be diligent us-ward, not willing the coming that any should pe

found of him in rish, but P that all u Ps. 50. 3.

Is. 34. 4.

peace, without spot, should come to re

and blameless.

* Mi. 1. 4. pentance.

15 And account that 10 But a the day of Is. 65. 17. the a longsuffering of the Lord will come

Re. 21, 1. our Lord is salvathief in the

27. zl Co.15.58.

even as our night ; in the which Ph. 1. 10. beloved brother Paul ther heavens shall 1 Th. 3. 13. also according to the pass away with a a Ro. 2. 4. wisdom given into great noise, and the Pe. 3. 20. him hath written unto elements shall melt

you ;

that 2 ye

may be


tion ;

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