The heavenly

inheritance. from the truth, and A. D. cir.€o from the error of bis one convert him;

d R. 11. 14. way I shall save a 20 Let bim know, 1 Co.9.22. soul from death, and that he wbicb con

e Pr. 10. 12.

shall hide a mulu. verteth the sinner

tude of sins. James, the author of this epistle, was the son of Alpheus, and a relation of our Lord : it is generally thought that be resided at Jerosalem ; and at last suffered martyrdom. Doddridge says, "The epistie before us, baving passed througb a severe and accurate scrutiny, appears to have been universally received, and, accordingly, has been transmitted down to the present age, as an authentic part of the orucles of God." The grand doctrines of Christianity are throughout taken for granted ; and it abounds with needful warpings, reproofs, and encouragements. Its date is supposed to be about A. D. 60 or 61.



The First Epistle general of PETER.

A.D.cir. 60.,hathi begotten ns CHAP. I.

again unto a lively 1 PETER, an apos a Jno. 7. 35. hope k by the resurtle of Jesus Christ, to b Ep. 1.4. rection

Jesus the strangers a scal- c Ro. 8. 29. Christ from the tered ihroughout à 21h.2.13. dead, Pontus, Galatia, Cap. e Ho. 10. 22.

4 loan inheritance padocia, Asia, and

incorruptible, and

f Ro. 1. 7. Bithynia,

undefiled, and that 2 b Elect o accord- 8 2 Co. 1. 3.

fadeth not away, Pureing to the foreknow-. Tit. 3.5. served in heaven for ledge of God the Fa-t Gr. much. you, ther, d through sanc- i Jno.3. 3.5. 5 n Who are kept tification of the Spirit,

Ja. I. 19. by the power of God unto obedience and ik 1Co.15.20 through faith poto sprinklinge of the

1 Th.4.14. salvation ready to be blood of Jesus Christ: 1 en. 5. 4.

revealed in the last Grace funto

you, m Col. 1. 5. time and peace, be multi- 2 11. 4. 8.

6 • Wherein ye plied.

10r, for us. greatly rejoice, 36 Blessed be the n Jno.10.28. though now p for a God and Father of Ma. 5. 12. season, if need be, our Lord Jesus Christ, p 2 C0.4. 17. ye 9 are in heaviness which h according to his abundant mercy q Ja. 1. 2.! throngh


temptations :

The joy

of believers. 7 That rthe trial of A.D.cir. 60., ed unto you by them your faith, being

that have preached

r Ja. 1.3.12. much more precious

the gospel unto you

. Job 23, 10. than of gold that pe

Ps. 66. 10.

with the Holy Ghost risheth, though sit Is. 48. 10. sent down from hea. be tried with fire, . Ro.2.7.10. ven; fwhich things might be found unto

u 1 Jno.4.20.

the angels desire to praise and honour and

look into.

Jno.20.29 glory at the appearing

2 Co.5.7.

13 Wherefore & gird of Jesus Christ : He. 11. 1. up the loins of your

8 u Whom having , Ro. 6.22. mind, h be sober, and not seen, ye love; sin

z Ge. 49. 10.

hope t to the end for whom, though now

Da. 2. 44.


grace that is ye see him not, yet Ma. 13. 17. to be brought into believing, ye rejoice 2 Pe. 1. 19. you i at the revelation with joy unspeakable a 2 Pe. 1. 21. of Jesus Christ; and full of glory : b Ps. 22. 6. 14 As obedient

9 Receiving y the Is. 53. 3. children, k not faend of your faith, Lu. 24. 25. shioning yourselves even the salvation of Jno.12.41. according to the for

c Da. 9. 24. mer your souls,

lusts ' in your 10 z Of which sal- a He. 11. 13. ignorance : vation the prophets e Ac. 2. 4. 15 m But as he which have enquired and (Ex. 25. 20. hath called you is searched diligently, Da. 3. 13. holy, so be ye holy who prophesied of the Ep. 3. 10. in all manner of congrace that should come s Lu. 12. 35. versation; upto you:

b Lu. 21. 34. 16 Because 11 Searching what, 1 Th.5.6.8. written, n Be ye hoor what manner of t Gr.

ly; for i am holy. time a the Spirit of perfectly.

17 And it ye call Christ which was in

i Lu. 17. 30.

2 Th. 1.7. on the Father, • who them did siguify,

withont respect of

k Ro. 12. 2. when it testified be

persons judgeth acforehand bthe suffer- 1 Ac. 17.30.


to every ings of Christ, and La 1,74 man's work, P pass

2 Co. 7. 1. the glory that should

the time 2 Pe. 3. 11.

of your follow.

n Le. 11.44 sojourning 1 here in 12 • Unto whom it

o De. 10. 17.

fear: was revealed, that

Ac. 10. 34. 18 Forasmuch as Dold unto themselves, p 2 Co. 7. 1. ye kuow r that ye but unto us they did q He. 11. 13. were not redeemed minister the things, i 1 Co.6. 20. with corruptible which are now report.

things, 28 silver and of u Is. 53.7.


Man redeemed 1 PETER II.

by Christ. gold, from your vain 1. D. cir. 60. and the flower thereof conversation receiv

falleth away:

s Eze. 20.18. ed by tradition from

25 % But the word your fathers;

t Ac. 20. 28. of the Lord endureth

Re. 5. 9. 19 But t with the

for ever.

h And this precious blood

is the word which by

Jno. I. 29. Christ, u as of a lamb

the gospel is preached without blemish and Ro. 3. 25.

Re. 13. 8. unto you. without spot:

CHAP. II. 20. - Who verily Ga. 4. 4. was foreordained be- z Ac. 2. 24. 1 WHEREFORE fore the foundation of a Ma. 29. 18. layinga aside all mathe world, but was b Ac. 15. 9. lice, and all guile, manifest y in these c Ro. 12.9. and hypocrisies, and last times for you,

d Jno. 1. 13. envies, and all evil 21 Who by him Ja. 1. 18. Speakings, do believe in God, I Jno. 3.9.

2 b As newborn that z raised him up + Or, babes, desire the sinfrom the dead, and for that.

e milk of the gave a him glory ; f Ja. 1. 10.

word, that ye may that your faith and & Ps.102.12. grow thereby : hope might be in Lu. 16. 17.

3 If so be ye hare God.

h Jno. 1. 1. tasted d that ihe Lord 22 Seeing ye bhave 1 Jno. 1.1. is gracious. purified your souls a Ho. 12. 1. 4 To whom comi obeying the truth b Ma. 18. 3. ing, as into a living through the Spirit c 1 Co. 3. 2. stone, e disallowed unto unfeigned c love He. 5. 12. indeed of men, but of the brethren, see a Ps. 34.8. chosen of God, and that ye love one ano- He. 6. 5. precious, ther with a pure heart e Ps.118.22.

5 f Ye also, fervently :

Ma. 21. 42. lively stones, I are 23 d Being born a- Ep. 2. 21. built up $ a spiritual

house, li gain, not of corruptior,

an boly ble seed, but of in-be ye built. priesthood, to offer corruptible, by the g He. 3. 6. up i spiritual sacriword of God, which h Is. C1. 6.

fices, acceptable to liveth and abideth for i Ho. 14. 2.

God by Jesus Christ. ever.

6 Wherefore also it

Ro. 12. 1. 24 + For fall flesh He, 13. 15. is contained in the is as grass, and all k Ph. 4. 18. scripture, ' Behold, I the glory of man as I is. 28. 16.

lay in Sion a chief the flower of grass.

Ro 9. 33. corner stone, elect, The grass withereth,

precious :




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duties. that believeth on him A.D.cir. 60. conversation honest shall not be con

+ Or,

among the Gentiles : founded. 7 Unto you there.

that, it whereas they an honour.

m Ps. 118.22. speak against you ag fore which believe he

Ma. 21. 42. evildoers, they nay + precious : but n Is. 8. 14. by your good works, B unto them which be La. 2. 34. which they shall be

disobedient, the • 1 Co. 1. 23. hold, glorify God din stone which the p Ex. 9. 16. the day of visitation, builders disallowed, q De. 10. 15. 13 • Submit yourthe same is made the r Re. 1. 6. selves to every ordi. head of the corner, s I Co. 3.17. nance of man for the 8 n And a stone of t Tit. 2. 14.

Lord's sake: whether stumbling, and a rock

it be to the king, as

1 Or, of offence, o even to them which stumble people.

purchased Supreme ;

14 Or unto goverat the word, being Or,virtues. pors, as unto them disobedient: p where

u Ac. 26. 18. that are sent by him unto also they were

forf the punishment

x Ro. 9. 25. appointed.

y He. 11, 13. the praise of thein

of evildoers, and % for 9 But ye are 9 a chosen generation, z Ro. 13. 14. that do well. ar royal priesthood, a Ja. 4. 1. 15 For so is the an. holy nation, t I a b Ph. 2. 15. will of God, that peculiar people; that +1 Or, with b well doing ye ye should shew forth wherein.

may put to silence the praises of him c Ma. 5. 16. the ignorance of foolwho hath called you d Lu, 19. 44. ish men: out of u darkness into e Ma. 22. 21. 16 i As free, and his marvellous light : f Ro. 13. 4.

pot It using your li10 x Which in time

berty for a cloke of

6 Ro. 13. 3. past were not a peo

maliciousness, but as ple, but are now the h Tit. 2. 8.

the k servants of God. people of God: which i Ga. 5.1.13.

17 'Dŷ Honour all had Dot obtained 11 Gr.

men. m Love the bromercy, but now have having. therhood. n Fear God. obtained mercy.

k 1 Co. 7. 22. Hononr the king. 11 Dearly beloved, 1 Ro. 12. 10. 18 • Servants, be I beseech you y as 69 Or, subject to your masstrangers and pilesteem.

ters with all fear; grims, : abstain from m He. 13. 1. not only to the good Heshly Insts, * whicho Ro. 13. 7. and gentle, but also war against the soul;

to the froward. 12 6 Having your!

19 For this

o Ep. 6. 6.


Admonition 1 PETER III.

to wides. thankworthy, tp if a A.D.cir. 60. but are now returned man for conscience

unto d the Shepherd toward God endure + Or, thank and Bishop of your

. . grief,suffering wrong.

souls. fully.

p Ma. 5. 10.

Ro. 13. 6. CHAP. III. 20 For what q

1 LIKEWISE, a ye glory is it, if, when 9 ch. 3. 14. ye be buffetted for 1 Or, tkank. wives, be in subjecyour faults, ye shall - Ma. 16. 24. tion to your own hustake it patiently? but

Ac. 14.22. bands; that, if any if, when ye do well, s ch. 3. 18. obey, not the word, and suffer for it, ye Some read, they also may with

out the word be take it patiently, this or you. is acceptable with Joo. 13. 15. won by the conversa

Ph.2.5. tion of the wives; God.

1 Jno. 2. 6. 21 For reven here.

28 While they be

u Is. 53. 9. unto were ye called :

hold your cbaste con

Lu. 23. 41. because s Christ also Jno. 8. 46.

versation coupled with suffered Ô for

fear. US, 2 Co.5.21.

3 Whose adorning leaving + us ex- Is. 53. 7. ample, that ye should Ma. 27. 39. let it not be that outfollow his steps:

Jno. 8. 48. ward


of 22 u Who did no

He. 12. 3. plaiting the hair, and sin, neither was guile y Lu. 23. 46. of wearing of gold, found in his mouth: tt Or, or of putting on of 23 : Who, when committed apparel;

bis cause. he was reviled, re

4 But let it be f the

z Is. 53. 4. viled not again ; when

hidden man of the

Ma. 8. 11. he suffered, he threa

He. 9. 28.

heart, in that which iened not; but y Htcom- 11 Or, to.

is not corruptible, mitted himself to him

even the ornament of that judgeth righte- 1 1s. 63.5. spirit, which is in

a Ro. 6. 2.

a meek and quiet ously :

24°2 Who his own • Is. 63. 6. the sight of God of self bare our sins in a Jno. 10. 11. great price. his own body it on Ep. 5. 22. 5 For after this the tree, a that we, b 1 Co. 7.16. manner in the old being dead to sins, . Ma. 18. 15. time the holy women should


unto d ch. 2. 12. also, who trusted in righteousness :

God, adorned them

1 Ti. 2.9. whose stripes ye Tit. 2. 3.

selves, being in subwere healed.

jection upto their own

f Ps. 45. 13. 25 For e ye were as

Ro. 2 79. husbands : sheep going astray;

6 Even as Sara

b by

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