his son


faith without JAMES III. works is dead. eth

against judg-|A. D.cir. 60. he had offered Isaac ment.


the 14 p What doth id p Ma. 7. 26.

altar? profit, my brethren, 9 Job 81. 19.

Lu, 3.11.

22 5 Seest thou how though a man say he

faith wrought with hath faith, and have : 1Jno.3. 18. his works, and by not works! can faith ! Gr. works was faith made save him?

by itself.

perfect? 15 4 If a brother or Some co

23 And the scripsister be naked, and pies read, by

ture was thy works.

fulfilled destitute daily

which saith, y Abrasch. 3. 13.

i Ma. 8. 29. and it was imputed 16 And rone of you

ham believed God,

Mar. 1. 24. say unto them, De- La. 4. 34. unto him for rightepart in peace, be ye Ac. 16. 17. ongness: and he was warmed and filled ;u Ge. 22. 9. called z the Friend of notwithstanding ye

12. God. give them not those Or,

24 Ye see then how things which are

thou seest. that by works a man needful to the body: - He. 11. 17. is justified, and not what doth it profit? y Ge. 15. 6. by faith only.

17 Even so faith, if Ro. 4. 3. 25 Likewise also it hath not works, is

Ga. 3. 6.

was a not Rahab the dead, being alone. 2 2 Ch. 20.7. harlot justified

by 18 Yea, a man may

Is. 41. 8.

works, when she had say, Thou hast faith, a Jos. 2. 1.

received the messenand I have works :

He. 11.31.

gers, and had sent shew me thy faith 1 Or, them


out another without I thy works, ands I will shew thee a Ma. 23. 8.

26 For as the body my faith by my Ro. 2. 20, without the ti spirit is works.

21. dead, so faith without 19 Thou believest 1 Pe. 5. 3. works is dead also. that there is one b Lu. 6. 37, thou

CHAP. III. well : t the devils also judgment. 1 My brethren, abe believe, and tremble. c I K1.8.46. not many masters,

20 But wilt thou 2 Ch.6.36. knowing b that we know, 0 vain man,

Pr. 20. 9. shall receive that faith without

Ec. 7. 20.
1 Jno. 1.8.

greater t condemnaworks is dead?

tion. 21 Was not Abra-la Ps. 34. 13.

2 Forcin many ham our father justi

I Pe. 3. 10. things we offend all, fied by works, uwhen

If d any man offend

way ?


doest 11 Or,

the Excellency of JAMES III.

heavenly wisdom. not in word, • the A.D.cir, 60.

8 But the tongue same is a perfect

e Ma. 12.37.

can no man tame, it man, and able also

is an unruly evil, to bridle the whole Ps. 32. 9. full of deadly poi

Pr. 12. 18. i ody.


Ps, 12. 3. 3 Behold, swe put

& 73, 8, 9.

9 Therewith bless bits in the horses'

we + Or, wood.


even the mouths, that they

Father; and there

i Pr. 16. 27. with curse we men, may obey us; and we turn about their k Ma. 15. .. which m

Mar. 7. 15. after the similitudo

are made whole body, + Behold also the

1 Gr.wheel.

of God.

Gr. ships, which though nature.

10 Out of the same they he so great, and tt Gr. na

mouth proceedeth are driven of fierce ture of man. blessing and cursing, winds, yet are they i Ps. 140. 3. My brethren, these turned about with a

m Ge. 1. 26.

things ought not so very small helm, & 5. I. to be. whithersoever thé 11 Or, hole. 11 Doth a fountain governor listeth. nGa, 6. 4. send forth

at the 5 Even so & the

och. 2. 18.

same ii place sweet tongue

a little

ch. 1. 21. water and bitter? member, and I boast

12 Can the fig tree, eth great things. Be a Ro. 13.13.

my brethren, bear hold, how great + a

r Ro. 2. 17.

olive berries ! either matter a little fire s ch. 1. 17.

a vine, figs? SO

Ph.3. 19. kindleth !

can no fountain both 6 And i the tongue ver. 6

yield salt water and is a fire, a world of


fresh. iniquity : so is the wheel. The 13 . Who is a wise tongue among our mechanism

man and endued with members, that k it of the buman knowledge

among defileth the whole

power of af- you ? let him shew body, and setteth on fecting and out of a good confire the course* of of being af- versation o his works nature; and it is set fected by the with p meekness of fire of hell.

soul, is here wisdom. represented

14 But if ye have of beasts, and of by an allu bitter 9 envying and birds, and of ser-sion to tho strife in your hearts, pents, and of things wheels of a glory r not, and lie in the sea, is tamed. machine act- not against the truth. and hath been tamed

ing on each

15 : This wisdom of H mankind :

descendeth not from


? For every ý kind strikingly

a 1 Pe.2. 11. selves

God resists

the proud. above, but is earth- A.D.cir. 60. ye not that o the ly, + sensual, devil


of the + Or, ish.


world is enmity with 16 For where en-lt 1 Co. 3. 3. God? f whosoever vying and strife is, Ga. 5. 20, therefore will be a there is I confusion 1 Gr.tumult, friend of the world and every evil work. or, unquiet- is the enemy of God. 17 But uthe wisdom ness.

5 Do ye think that that is from above is a 1 Co.2.6,7. the scripture saith in first pure, then peace. Or, with. vain, 8The spirit that able, gentle, and easy out wrang- dwelleth in us lusteth to be entreated, full ling;

to lifenvy?

i Jno.3.18. of mercy and good

6 But he giveth

Pr. ll. 18. fruits, 5 without par

Wheremore grace.

Ho, 10.12. tiality, and without Ma. 5.9.

fore he saith, la God hypocrisy,

tt Or,

resisteth the proud, 18 yAnd the fruit brawlings. but giveth grace unto of righteousness is Or,

the humble. sown in peace of them pleasures.

7 Submit that make peace.


therefore to 09 Or, envy. God. i Resist the CHAP. IV.

b Job 27,9. devil, and he will

o Ps. 66. 18. flee from you. 1 FROM whence 1 Joo.3.22. 8k Draw nigh to come wars and +tfight-tft Or, God, and he will ings

you ?

draw nigh to you. come they not bence, a Ps. 13. 27. Cleansel your hands, even of your I lusts e 1 Jno.2.15. ye sinners; and mputhat a

war in your i Ino. 15.19. rify your hearts, ye members?

8 Pr. 21. 10. doublen minded. 2 Ye lust, and have it Or,

9o Be afflicted, and not : yeşs kill, and de- enviously.

mourn, and weep : sire to have, and can- b 1 Po. 5.5. let your laughter be not obtain ye fight i Ep: 4.27. turned to mourning, and war, yet ye have

1 Pe.6. 9. and your joy to hea. not, because ye ask k 2 Ch. 15.2. viness. not.

1 Is. 1. 16. 10 p Humble your3 b Ye ask, and m1Jno. 3.3. selves in the sight of receive not, c because a ch. 1. 8. the Lord, and he shall ye ask amiss, that ye o Ma. 5. 4. lift you up. may consume it upon

p Job 22. 29.

11 9 Speak not evil your Ilusts.

Ma. 23. 12. one of another, breHd Ye adulterers

q 1 Pe. 2. 1. thren. He that speak and adult resses, knowl

eth evil of his brother,

Human life

is a vapor. and r judgeth his bro-j A.D. cir, 60. rich men, weep and ther, speaketh evil of

howl for your mise

r Ma. 7. 1. the law, and judgeth

ries that shall come the law : but if thou Ma. 10. 28.

upon you. judge the law, thou Ro. 14. 4.

2 Your riches are art not a doer of the Pr. 27. 1. corrupted, and b your

Lu. 12. 18. law, but a judge,

garments are mouth12 There is one law-t Or,

eaten, giver, who is able for it is.

3 Your gold and to save and to de- * Job 7.7.

silver is cankered ;

Ps. 102. 3. stroy:t who art thou

1 Pe. 1. 24.

and the rust of them that judgest ano- i Ino.2.17. shall be a witness a. ther?

y Ac. 18. 21.

gainst you, and shall 13 u Go to now, ye 1 Co. 4. 19. eat your flesh as it that say, To day or & 16. 7.

were fire.

e Ye have to morrow we will go He. 6.3. heaped treasure togeinto such a city, and z 1 Co. 5. 6. ther for the last continue there a year, a Lu. 12, 47.

days. and buy and sell, and Jno.15.22

4 Behold, d the hire get gain :

Ro. 1. 20, of the labourers who 14 Whereas ye kuow

21.32. have

reaped down not what shall be on a Pr. 11. 28. your fields, which is the morrow. For what

Lu. 6. 24. of you kept back by

1 14.0.9. is your life? + x It is

fraud, crieth :

and b ch. 2. 2.

that even a vapour,

the e cries of them

Job 13. 28. appeareth for a little

Ma. 6. 20.

which have reaped time, and then va

are entered into the

o Ro. 2. 5. pisheth away.

ears of the Lord of 15 For that ye oright a Le. 19. 13. sabaoth.

Job 24.10, to say, y If the Lord

57 Ye have lived in

N. will, we shall live, Jer. 22. 13. pleasure on the earth, and do this, or that. Mal. 3.5.

and been wanton ; ye 16 But now ye re- Ec. 34. 21. have nourished your joice in your boast- e De. 24. 15. hearts, as in a day of ings: * all such re-t Job 21. 13. slaughter. joicing is evil.

Aun. 6.14. 6 & Ye have COD17 Therefore a to Lu. 16. 19. demned and killed him that knoweth to

i Ti. 5 6. the just; and he doth do good, and doeth 8 ch. 2. 6.

not resist you. it not, to him it is 1 Or, be long 7 Be patient there

patient, or fore, brethren, unto

suffer with the coming of the CHAP. V. long pa



Behold, the 1 Go A to now, yel =

husbandman waiteth



to patience. for the precious fruit A. D.cir. 60. you afflicted ? let him of the earth, and hath

h De. 11.24.

pray: Is any merry ? long patience for it,

iets him sing psalms. until he receive h the i Ph. 4. 5.

14 Is any sick a.

He. 10. 25. early and


I Pe. 4. 7. mong you? let him rain.

call for the elders of

k c. 4. 11. 8 Be ye also patient;

the church ; and let stablish your hearts:

+ Or, groan, them, pray over him, for i the coming of not.

or, grieve

anointingt him with Lord draweth nigh. 1 Ma. 24. 33. oil in the name of the 9kGrudge not one

Lord :

m Ma. 5. 12. against another, bre

He. 11.35.

15 And the prayer thren, lest ye be con

of faith shall save

n Ps. 94. 12. demned: behold, the Ma. 5. 10, the sick, and the Lord judge Istapdeth' be

shall raise him up;

o Job I. 21. fore the door.

and u if he have com10 . Take, my bre- p Job 42. 10.

mitted sins, they thren, the prophets, Na. 14, 18. shall be forgiven

Ps. 103.8. who have spoken in

him. the name

Ma. 5. 34. of the

16 Confess your Lord, for an examples Ep. 5. 19. faults one to another, of suffering affliction, Col. 3. 16. and pray one for anoand of patience.

t Mar. 6. 13. ther, that ye may be 11 Behold, n we & 16. 18. healed. x The effeccount them happy

a Is. 33. 24. tual fervent prayer which endure. Ye

Ma. 9. 2.

of a righteous man have heard of the x Ge. 20.17. availeth much. patience of Job, and

Nu. II. 2,

17 Elias was a man

De. 9. 18. have seen P the end Jos. 10. 12. subject y to like pasof the Lord ; that 1 Sa.12.18. sions as we are, and the 9 Lord is very 1 Ki. 13.6. he prayed I earnestpitiful, and of tender

2 Ki. 4. 33.dly

that it might mercy. .

Ps. 10. 17.

not rain: а and it

Pr. 15. 29. 12 But above all

not on

the things, my brethren, 1Jn0.3.22. earth by the space swearr not, neither

y Ac. 14. 15. of three years and by heaven, peither by the earth, neither by

z 1 Ki. 17. 1. six months.

18 And bhe prayed any other oath: hut in ore

in prayer.

again, and the hea. let your yea be yea;

a Lu. 4. 25.

ven gave rain, and and your pay, nay;

the earth brought lest ye fall into con

bi Ki.18.42.

forth her fruit. demnation.


c Ma. 18. 15. 19 Brethren, c if 13 Is any among

any of you do err

Jno. 9.31: rained

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