The fruits HEBREWS XI.

of faith. 27 By faith r hel A. D. 64. teousness, 5 obtained forsook Egypt, not

h stopped Ex. 10. 28.

promises, fearing the wrath of

& 13.17,18. the mouths of lions, the king: for he en

s ver. 13.

34 i Quenched the dured, as s seeing him

violence of fire, k es

t Ex. 12. 21. who is invisible.

caped the edge of the 28 Through faith

u Ex. 14. 22.

sword, 'out of weakhet kept the pass

Jos. 6. 20.

Dess were made over, and the sprink- , Jos. 6.23. strong, waxed valing of blood, lest he Ja. 2. 25. liant in fighi, mturned that destroyed the t Or,

to flight the armies of firstborn should touch that were

the aliens.

disobedient. them.

35 n Women z Jos. 1. 1.

re29 By faith u they

ceived their dead passed through the

a Ju. 6. 11.

raised to life again : Red sea as by dryb Ju. 4.6.

and others were otorland : which the c Ja. 13. 24. tured, not accepting Egyptians assaying a Ju. 11. 1. deliverance ; that to do were drowned. e I Sa. 16. 1. they might obtain a

30 By faith the ri Sa. 1.20. better resurrection : walls of Jericho fell

g 2 Sa. 7.11. 36 P And others had down, after they

trial of cruel mock

h Ju. 14. 5. were compassed about 1 Sa.17.34. ings and scourgings, seven days.

Da. 6. 22. yea, moreover 31 By faith y the i Da. 3. 25. bonds and imprisonharlot Rahab perish-k 1 Ki. 19.3. ment: ed not with

37 r They

were that + believed not,

stoned, they m Ju. 15. 8.

were when z she had re

1 Sa. 14.13. sawn asunder, were ceived the spies with

2 Sa. 8. 1. tempted, were slain peace.

1 Ki. 17.22.
with the

sword : 39 And what shall

2 Ki.4.35. theys wandered about I more say? for the . Ac. 22. 25. in t sheepskins and time would fail me

p 2 Mao. 7.1. goatskins; being desto tell of a Gideon,

titute, afflicted, torand of b Barak, and

9 Jer. 20. 2.

mented ;

r 2 Ch.24.21. of Samson, and of

38 (Of whom the

Ao. 7. 58. Jephthae ; d of Da.

& 14. 19.

world was not worvid also, and fSa- s 2 Ki. 1. 8. thy :) they wandered muel, and of the pro

Ma. 3. 4.

in deserts, and in phets :

* Ze. 13. 4. mountains, and u in Who through

n Ki. 18. 4.

dens and caves of the faith subdued king.

& 19.9.

earth. doms, wronght righ

39 And these all,

9 of

them i Ps. 6. 8.


Chastisements HEBREWS XII. are of Go having x obtained a A. D. €4. resisted unto blood good report through

striving against sin. faith, received

* ver. 2. 13. not

5 And ye have for the promise :

+ Or,

gotten the exhorta

foreseen. 40 God having #pro

tion which speaketh vided y some better y ch. 7. 22.

unto you as unto thing for us,

that z ch. 5. 9.

children, i My son, they without

Re. 6. 11. despise not thou the

us shonld not be z made a Col. 3. 8. chastening.

of the 1 Pe. 2. I. perfect.

Lord, nor faint when b1 Co. 9. 24.

thou art rebuked of

Ph. 3. 13.

c Ro. 12. 12.

6 For kwhom the 1 WHEREFORE beginner.

1 Or,

Lord loveth he chas. seeing we also are

d La. 24.26. teneth, and scourgeth compassed about Ph. 2. 8. every son whom he with so great a cloud 1 Pe. 1. 11. receiveth. of witnesses, a let us e Ps. 110.1. 7 1 If ye endure lay aside every I Pe. 3. 22. chastening, God deal. weight, and the sin Ma. 10.24. eth with you as with which doth so easily Jno. 5. 16. sons ; for what son is beset us, and b let us & 15. 20. he whom the father run c with patience & Ga. 6. 9. chasteneth not? the race that is set h 1C0.10.13. 8 But if ye be withbefore us,

i Job 5. 17.


chastisement, 2 Looking unto Je- Pr. 3. 11. whereof m all are parsus the I author and k Ps. 94. 12. takers, then are ye finisher of our faith ; Pr. 3. 12. bastards, and not whod for the joy

Ja. 1. 12.

sops. that was set before

Re. 3. 19.

9 Furthermore we him endured the

I'De. 8. 5.

have had fathers of

2 Sa. 7.14. cross, despising the

Pr. 13. 24.

our flesh which corshame, and e is set

rected us, and we down

I Pe. 5. 9. gave them reverence: hand of the throne of

shall we not much God.

n Nu. 16. 22.
Job 12. 10.

rather be in subjec3ffor consider him

Is. 42. 5. tion unto n the Fa. that endured such Ze. 12. 1. ther of spirits, and contradiction of sin- Or, live? pers against himself, as seemed

10 For they verily lest 5 ye be wearied good, or,

meet to them for a few days chas and faint in your

tened us after their

o Le. 11.44. minds.

1 Po. 1.15. own pleasure ; but he 4 b Ye have pot yet

for our profit, that

at the right Ps. 73. 1.

• 27.

Exhortation HEBREWS XII. to diligence. we might be partakers A. D.64. when he would have of his holiness.

inherited the bless11 Now no chas- p Ja. 3. 18. ing, he was rejected : tening for the present a Job 4.3,4. ford he found 00 seemeth to be joyous,

Is. 35. 3.

place of repentence. but grievous : never- Pr. 4. 26, though he songht theless afterward it

it carefully with yieldeth p the peace-tor, even. tears. able fruit of righte- s Ga. 6. I. 18 For ye are not ousness onto them i Ps. 34 14. comeuuto the mount which are exercised Ro. 12. 15. that might be touchthereby.

2 Ti. 2. 22. ed, and that burned 12 Wherefore 4 lift u Ma. 5. 8.

with fire, nor into up the hands which

2 Co. 7. 1.

blackness, and dark

Ep. 5. 5. hang down, and the

ness, and tempest, feeble knees;

x 2 Co. 6. 1.

19 And the sound 13 r And make y Ga. 5. 4. of a trumpet, and the straight paths for 1.01, voice of words; which your feet, lest that fall from.

voice they thai heard which is lame be z De. 29. 18. intreated f that the turned out of the a Ep.5. 3.

word should not be way ; but let it ra

Col. 3.5. spoken to them any ther be healed.

1 Th. 4. 3.

more : 14 . Follow peace

b Ge, 25. 33.

20 (For they could with all men, and ho- c Ge. 27.34. not endure that which liness, uwithout which a ch. 6. 6. was commanded, no man shall see the Or, way And & if so much as Lord:

to change his a beast touch the 15 * Looking dili- mind.

mountain, it shall be gently , lest any man e Ex. 19. 12. stoned, or thrust fail i of the grace of God; z lest any root

De. 4. 11: through with a dart :
Ro. 6. 16.

21 b And so terrible of bitterness spring- 2 Ti. 1. 7 was the sight, that ing up trouble you, Ex. 20. 19. Moses said, i exand thereby many be De.5.5.25. ceedingly fear and defiled ;

& Ex. 19. 13. quake :) 16 a Lest there be Ex. 19.16.

29 But ye are come any fornicator, or

unto i mount Sion,

i Ga. 4. 26. profane person,

as Re: 3. 12. and k unto the city Esau, b who for one

* Ph. 3. 20.

of the living God, the morsel of meat sold

heavenly Jerusalem,

De. 33. 2. his birthright.

to an innu ye know

Jude 14.

merable company of how that afterward,


Ps. 68. iz. and i

17 For

new I covenant, and 9 ch. 8. 6.

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The superivrity of HEBREWS XIII. thenew Covenant. 23 To the general, A. D. 64.


a kingdom assembly and church

which cannot be of m the firstborn, m Ex. 4:22. moved, let us bave which n are written

Re. 14. 4. grace, whereby we in heaven, and to God the Judge of all." Lu. 10.20. may serve God ac

Re. 13. 8. ceptably with reverand to the spirits of + Or, ence and godly fear: just men P made enrolled. 29 for 2 onr God perfect,

o Ge. 18. 25. is a consuming fire. 24 And to Jesus

p Ph. 3. 12. the q mediator of the


1 Lár a brotherly

* Or, to I the blood of iestament.

love continue. sprinkling, that

2 b Be not forgetfal

Ex. 24. S. Speaketh better things

to entertain stranithan that of Abel.

s Ge. 4. 10.

gers :

for thereby 25 See that yet ch. 2. 2, 3. some have

enter refuse not him that u Es. 19.18. tained angels unaspeaketh. For t if they Hag. 2. 6. wares. escaped not who re

y Ps.102.26.

3. Remember them fused him that spake Ma. 24.35. that are in bonds, as on earth, much more. Or, may be bound with them; shall not we escape, if shaken. and them which snf. we turn away from tt Or, let us fer adversity, as be

that speaketh hold fast. ing yourselves also in from heaven:

z Ex. 24. 17. the body. 26 u Whose voice Is. 66. 15. 4 Marriage is hothen shook the earth:a 1 Jno.3.11. nourable in all, and but now he hath pro- b Ma 25. 35. the bed undefiled : mised, saying, - Yet

o Ge. 18.3. but e whorem:ongers once more I shake

and adulterers God

d Ma. 25. 36. not the earth only,

1 Pe. 3. 8. will judge. but also heaven.

e I Co. 6. 9.

5 Let your conver27 And this word, Ga. 5. 19. sation be without coYet once more, sig- Ep. 5.5. vetousness; and it be nifieth y the remov

Col. 3, 5,6. content with such ing of those things

Re. 22. 15. things as ye have: that are shaken, as Ma. 6. 25. for he hath said, 1 of things that are s Ge. 29.15. will never leave thee, made, that those

De.31.6.9. nor forsake thee. things which cannot

Jos, 1.5.

6 So that we may be shaken may re

Ps. 37. 25. boldly main.

h Ps. 27. 1.

Lord is my helper, 28 Wherefore we re

and I will not fear



b The


i ver. 17.

The offering HEBREWS XIII.

of praise. what man shall do A. D. 64. therefore unto anto me.

without the camp, 7 i Remember them

bearing this reproach. which have the rule

+ Or, are the guides.

14 s For here have over you, who have

we Do

continuing spoken unto you thek ch. 6. 12.

city, but we seek one word of God: kwhose

I Jno. 8.59.
Re. 1.4.

to come. faith follow, consi.

15 By him there

m 1Jno. 4. 1. dering the end of

fore let us offer u the their conversation :

n Ro. 14. 17. sacrifice of praise to 8 Jesus Christ the

Col. 2. 16. God continually, that same yesterday, and

o 1 Co. 9. 13. is, *the fruit of our to day, and for ever. P Ex. 29. 14. lips I giving thanks 9 m Be pot carried

Nu. 19. 3.

to his pame. about with divers and 9 Jno. 19.17. 16 y But to do good strange doctrives

Ac. 7. 58. and to communicate For it is a good thing - 1 Pe. 4.14. forget not: for z with that the heart be es- Mi. 2. 10. such sacrifices God tablished with grace;

Ph. 3. 20. is well pleased. not a with meats,

* Ep.5. 20.
17 a Obey

them which have not pro u Le. 7. 12. that have the rule fited them that have

Ps.50. 14.

over you, and submit been occupied there. * Ho. 14. 2. yourselves : for bthey in.

Gr.confess- watch for your souls, 10 We have an ing to.

as they that must altar, whereof they y Ro. 12. 13. give account, that have no right to eat z 2 C0.9. 12. they may do it with which serve the ta- a Ph. 2. 29. joy, and not with bernacle.

$ Or, guide. grief: for that is un11 For P the bodies

b Eze. 3. 17. profitable for you. of those

Ac. 20. 26.

18 - Pray for us : whose blood

is c Ep. 6. 19. for we trust we have bronght into the

ad good conscience,

d Ac. 23. 1. sanctuary by the

2 Co. 1. 12. in all things willing High Priest for sin, e Phm. 22.

to live honestly. are burned without

f Ro. 15. 33.

19 But I beseech the camp.

you e the rather to do 12 Wherefore Jesus 6 Ac. 2. 24.

Ro. 4. 24. this, that I may be also, that he might 1 Co. 6.14. restored to you the sanctify the people 2 Co. 4. 14. 8ooper. with his own blood, Ga. 1. 1. 20 Now f the God

Col 2. 12. suffered a without the


8 that 1 Th. J.Jo.

peace, gate.

1 Pe. 1.21.

bronght again from 13 Let us go forth

the dead our Lord

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