The sacrifices HEBREWS X.

of the las the sins m of many ;

A. D. 64. and sacrifices for sin and unto them that

thou hast had DO look n for him shall - Ma. 26. 28. pleasure.

Ro. 5. 15. he appear the second

7 Then said I, JO, time without sin unto Ti. 2. 13. I come (in the vo

2 Pe.5. 12. lume of the book it is salvation.

ach. S. 5.

written of me,) to do CHAP. X. & 9. 23.

Col. 2. 17. thy will, o God. 1 For the law hav

8 Above when he

b ch. 9. 11. inga a shadow b of

said, Sacrifice and

c cb. 9. 9. good things to come,

offering and burnt and not the

d ver. 14.

offerings and offering image of the things, + Or, they for sin thou wouldest can never with those would have not, neither hadst sacrifices which they offered, be

pleasure therein ; offered year by year cause, &c.

which are offered by continually make the

the law; comers thereunto .ch. 9. 7. per

9 Then said he, Lo,

Le. 16. 21. fect d.

I come


do thy 2 For then + would f ver. 11. ch: 9. i3. will, o God.

He they not have ceased Mi. 6.6,7. taketh away the first, to be offered ? because

that he may estathat the worshippers

& 50. 8.

blish the second. once purged should Is. 1. 11. 10 h By the which have had no more

Jer. 6. 20. will we are sanctified conscience of sins.

Am. 5. 21, through i the offering 3 e but in those sa

Ma. 1. 20. of the body of Jesus crifices there is a re- Lu. 1. 35. Christ once for all. membrance again Joo. 1. 14. 11 And every Priest made of sins every 1 Or, thou standeth k daily mi. year.

hast fitted nistering and offering 4 For f it is not me. oftentimes the same possible that the b ch. 13. 12. sacrifices, which can

Jno. 17. 19. blood of bulls and of

never take away sins: goats should

i cb. 9. 12. take

12 m But this man, away sins.

k ch. 7. 27. after he had offered 5 Wherefore when

Nu, 28. 3.

one sacrifice for sins, he cometh into the 1 ver. 4.

for ever

sat down world, he saith, & Sa-mch. 1. 3. on the right hand of crifice and offering

Col. 3. 1. God; thou wouldest not,

nch. 1. 13.

13 From henceforth but a body

+ hast

Ps. 110. 1.
Ao. 2. 35.

expecting till his thou prepared me:

1 1 Co.15.25. enemies be made his 6 In burnt offerings


g Ps. 40.6.

that I will 9 Ro. 5. 2.

Exhortation to HEBREWS X. stedfast faith.

14 For by one offer- A. D. 64. from a an evil coning • he hath perfected

o ver. 1.

science, and bour bofor ever them that are

dies washed with sanctified,

p ch.9.10.12. 15 Whereof the

Jer. 31.33, pure water.

23° Let us hold fast Holy Ghost also is a + Some co- the profession of our witness to us : for pies have, faith without waverafter that he had said Then he

ing ; (for d he is faithbefore,

said, And

ful that promised ;) 16 p This is the co

24 And let us convenant

Ep. 2. is. sider one another to make with them after

& 3. 12. provoke unto love and those days, saith the 10r,liberty. io good works : Lord, I will

r ch.9.8.12.

25 e Not forsaking, my laws into their

s Jno. 10.9.

the assembling of hearts, and in their

ourselves together, minds will I write Or,

new made.

as the manner of some them;

is ; but exhorting one 17 And their sinst ch. 9. 3.

another : and f so and iniquities will I u ch. 4. 14.

much the more, as remember no more.

xl Ti. 3. 15.

ye see & the day ap18 Now where re- y ch. 4. 16. proaching, mission of these is, z Ja. 1. 6. 26 Forh if we sin there is no more offer. 1 Jno.3.21. wilfully i after that ing for sin.

a ch. 9. 14. we have received the 19 Having there- Ez. 36. 25. knowledge of the fore, brethren, bold- e ch. 4. 14. truth, there remainness 4 I to enter r into

di Co. 1. 9. eth no more sacrifice the holiest by the 2 Th. 3.3. for sins, blood of Jesus,

e Ac. 2. 42.

27 But a certain 20 By sa new and

f Ro. 13. 11. fearful looking for of living way, which he hath consecrated for 52 Pe. 3. 9. judgment and k fiery

11. indignation,

which us, t through the veil, h Na. 15.30. shall devour the adthat is to say, his i 2 Pe. 2. 20. versaries. fesh;

k Ez. 36. 5.

28 ! He that despised 21 And having uan Ze. 1. 18. Moses' law died withHigh Priest

cut mercy murder the house of God;

m De. 17. 2.

two or three wit22 y Let us draw

6. nesses: a true Ma, 18. 16. 29 n Of how much heart z in full assu- Jno. 8. 17. sorer punishment, rance of faith, having

uch. 2. 3. suppose ye, shall be our hearts sprinkled!

be thought worthy,

over ich 2. 2.

near with

ye hate in


of fanta. who hath trodden un- | A. D. 64. better and an endu: der foot the Son of

ing substance. God, and • hath o I Co.11.29.

35 Cast net away counted the blood of p Ma. 12.31. therefore your cont the covenant, where- 4 De. 32. 35. dence, d which bath with he was sanctior De. 32. 36. great recompense of fied, an upholy thing, Ps. 50. 4. reward. and p hath dope des Lu. 12.5. 36 e For ye have peed spite unto the Spirit t 2 Jno. 8. of patience,

that, of grace?

after ye have done

uch. 6. 4. 30 For we know

the will of God, fye

* Ph. 1. 29. him that hath said,

Col. 2. 1. might

receive the Vengeance I belongeth

y 1 Co. 4. 9. promise. unto me, I will re

z 2 Tb. 2. 14,

37 For 6 yet a little compense, saith the

while, and h he that

a Ph. 1. 7. Lord. And again,

shall come will come, Ther Lord shall

b Ma. 5. 12.

and will not tarry:

Ac. 5. 41. judge his people.

38 Now i the just

# Or, that 31 s It is a fearful

shall live by faith: thing to fall into the yourselves, but if any man dran hands of the living or, for your back, my soul shall God.


have no pleasure in 32 But t call to re-lc Ma. 6. 20. him. membrance the for- a Ma. 6. 12. 39 But we are not mer days, in which,

of them k who draw

e Lu. 21. 19. after u ye were illna

back upto perdition ;

fl Pe. 1. 9. minated, ye endured

bnt of them that I beas great fight of af- * ...83.83. lieve to the saving of flictions ;

the soul. 33 Partly, whilst ye

b Ha. 2.3, 4.

Ro. 1.1. were made y a gazing


Ga. 3. 11, stock both by re.

1 Now faith is the

* 2 Pe. 2. 20. proaches and afflic

substancet of things tions ; and partly,

I Ac. 16. 30.

hoped for the eviwhilst 2 ye became10r.ground, dence a of things not companions of them or, confi


seen. tbat were so used.

2 For b by it the 31 For ye had com.

a Ro. 8. 24.

elders obtained

b rer. 39 passion of me a in my

good report bonds, and b took joy.

ch. 1. 2.

Ge. 1. 1. fully the spoiling of

3. Through faith we

Ps. 33. 6. understand that the your goods, knowing Jno. 1. 3.

worlds were framed in t yourselves that 2 Pe. 3. 5. by the word of God, yee have in heaven a

so that things which 540




The fruits HEBREWS XI.

of farth. are seen

were not, A. D. 64. ham, when he was made of things which

called to go out into do appear.

d Ge. 4. 4. place which he 4 By faith d Abel

1Jno. 3.12

should after receive offered unto God a e ch. 12. 24. for an inheritance, more excellent sacri

Ge. 4. 10.
Ma. 23. 35.

obeyed; and he went fice than Cain, by

out, not knowing which he obtained

Or, is yet whither he went.
witness that he was

spoken of.
f Ge. 5. 22.

9 By faith he so-
righteous, God testi- Ec. 14, 16. journed in the land
fying of his gifts: and
by it he being dead s Ge. 6. 13. of promise, as in a

22. strange country, yet et speaketh. 5 By faith f Enoch

Or, being cles with Isaac and

dwelling' in taberna

wary. was translated that

b 1 Pe. 3. 20.

Jacob, m the heirs he should not see

i Ro. 3. 22.

with him of the same death; and was not

& 4. 13. promise : found, because God Ph. 3. 9. 10 For he looked had translated him:Go.12. 1.4. for n a city which for before his transla- Ac. 7. 2,3, hath foundations, tion he had this tes

4. whose o builder and
timony, that he pleas- 1 Ge. 12. 8. maker is God.
ed God.

& 13. 3. 18.
& 18. 1.9.

11 Through faith 6 But without faith

also p Sara® herself it is impossible to ch. 6. 17. received strength to please him : for her ch. 12. 22. conceive seed, and that cometh to God

& 13. 14.

was a delivered of must believe that he o ch. 3. 4.

a child when she was

Rev. 21.2. is, and that he is a

past age, because she rewarder of them that p Ge. 17, 19. judged him ' faithful

18. diligently seek him.

& 21 2.

who had promised. 7 By faith & Noah,

12 Therefore sprang being warned of God 9 Lu. 1. 36. there even of one,

rch. 10. 23, of things not seen as

and him as good as

Ro. 4. 21. yet, I moved with


t so many as

s Ro. 4. 19. fear, h prepared an

the stars of the sky in

t Ge. 22. 17. ark to the saving of

multitude, and as the

Ro. 4. 18. his house ; by the

sand which

is by 6 Gr. which he condemned


the sea shore induthe world, and be- to faith. merable, came heir of i the

13 These all died

u ver. 39. righteousness which

in 9 faith, u not havx ver. 27.

Jno. 8. 56. ing received the pro8 By faith Abra

mises, but having

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The fruits

of faith, seen them afar off, A. D. 64. blessed Jacob and and were persuaded of

Esau concerning them, and embraced y Ge. 23. 4.

& 47. 9.

things to come. them, and y confessed ICh. 29.15. 21 By faith Jacob, that they were stran. Ps. 39. 12. when he was a dying, gers and pilgrims on

& 119. 19. blessed h both the sons

I Pe. 1. 17. the earth.

of Joseph; and i wor

& 2. 11. 14 For they that say z ch. 13. 14. shipped, leaning upon such thiugs z declare

a Es. 3. 6. the top of his statt. plainly that they seek

15. 22 By faith k Joa country:

Ma. 22.32. seph, when he died, 15 And truly, if Ac. 7. 32. made mention of the they had been mind. b ch. 13. 14. departing of the chil. ful of that country

Ph. 3. 20. dren of Israel; and from whence they c Ge.22. 1.9. gave commandment came out, they might a Ja. 2. 21. concerning his bones. have had opportunity | Or, to.

23 By faith' Moses, to have returned. le Gm. 21. 12. when he was born,

16 But now they Ro. 9. 1. was hid three months desire a better country, f Ro. 4. 17. of his parents, bethat is, an heaverly : 19. 21. cause they saw he was wherefore God is not & Ge. 27. 27. a proper child; and ashamed a to be called

30. they were not afraid their God : for b he h Ge. 48.5; of the king's m com.

. hath prepared for

mandment. them a city.

i Ge. 47. 31.

21 By faith n Moses, 17 By faith Abra-k Ge. 50.24, when he was come to

25. ham, when he was

years, refused to be

Ex. 13. 19. tried, offered


the son

of Isaac: and he that

Pharaoh's daughter;

remembered. had received the pro

25 • Choosing ramises d offered up his 1 Ex. 2. 2.

Ac: 7:20. ther to suffer amic only begotten son,

tion with the people 18 + Of whom it mEx. 1. 16.

of God, than to enjoy was said, • That in Ex. 2. 10. the pleasures of sin

11 Isaac shall thy seed

for a season ; be called :

o Ps. 84. 10.
Ac. 5. 41.
26 Esteeming

p the 19 Accounting that

I Pe. 1. 11. reproach of Christ God f was able to & 4. 14. greater riches than raise him up, even p ch. 13. 13. the treasures in from the dead; from whence also he re- for Christ.

Egypt : for he had 8 Or,

respect unto 9 the received him in a figure.

9 ch. 10. 35. compense of the re. 20 By faith 5 Isaac



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