Priesthood HEBREWS VII.

of Christ. ed tithes in Abra- A. D. 64. ment, but after the ham.

power of an endless 10 for he was yet

5 ver. 18, 19.


ch. 8. 7. in the loins of his fa

Ga. 2. 21. 17 For he testifieth, ther, when Melchise-h Is. II. 1. Thou i art a Priest dec met him.

Ma. 1.3. for ever after the or11 6 If therefore

Lu. 3. 33. der of Melchisedec.

Ro. 1.3. perfection were by

Re. 5. 5.

18 For there is vethe Levitical priest- i ch.5.6. 10. rily a disannulling of hood, (for under it Ps. 110. 4. the commandment the people received K Ro. 8. 3. going before for k the the law,) what further Ga, 4. 9. weakness and unproneed was there that I ch.9. 9. fitableness thereof. another Priest should Ac. 13. 39. 19 For I the law rise after the order of

Ro. 3. 20. made nothing perMelchisedec, and not be called after the or- + Or, but

Ga. 2. 16. fect, t but the bring

ing in of m a better der of Aaron ?

it was the hope did;* by the 12 For the priest-bringing in. which we draw hood being changed,

Ga. 3. 24. nigh unto God. there is made of ne-mch. 6. 18. 20 And inasmuch cessity a change also

& 8.6.

as not without an of the law. nch. 4. 16. oath he was

made 13 For he of whom

Ro. 5. 2.
Ep. 2. 18.

Priest: these things are spo- & 3. 12. 21(For those Priests ken pertajneth to another tribe, of which out swear.

were made I without 1 Or, with

an oath; but this with no man gave attending of an an oath by him that ance at the altar, oath.

said unto him, The 14 For it is evident o Ps. 110, 4. Lord sware and will that h our Lord sprang p eh. 8. 6. not repent, Thou art out of Juda; of which

a Priest for ever after tribe

ver. 19

the order of Melchisenothing concerning Marginal

dec :) priesthood.


22 By

80 much 15 And it is yet far The design of was p Jesus made a more

evident : that after the simili- to introduce surety of a better testude of Melchisedec with all its 23 And they truly there ariseth another hopes ; were many Priests, Priest,

because they were 16 Who is made, aw typified, not suffered to continot after the law of a fulfil. nue by reason

which the

of carnal command

death :

Moses spake See the

the Gospel, tament.

Christ's priesthood HEBREWS VIII. unchanyeable.

24 But this man, be- A. D. 64. Jan High Priest, a who cause he continueth

is set on the right ever, hath + an un- † Or, which hand of the throne of changeable

priest- passeth not the Majesty in the hood.


heavens; 25 Wherefore he is

2 A minister tt of

Or, able also to save evermore.

the b sanctuary, and them I to the utter

true tamost that come unto Ro. 8. 34. bernacle, which the God by him, seeing 1 Ti. 2. 5. Lord pitched, and not he ever liveth q to

1 Jno. 2.1. man. make intercession for rch. 4. 15. 3 For d every High them,

5 Ep. 1. 20. Priest is ordained to 26 For such an & 4. 10. offer gifts and sacriHigh Priest became t Le. 9. 7. fices: wherefore e it us, r who is holy,

& 16.6. u. is of necessity that harmless, undefiled, u Le. 16. 15. this man have someseparate from sinners, 3 Ro. 6. 10 what also to offer. ands made higher

| ch. 5.1, 2.

4 For if he were on than the heavens;

z ch. 2. 10.

earth, he should not 27 Who needeth not & 5. 9.

be a Priest, seing that daily, as those High

there I are Priests Priests, to offer up perfected.

that offer gifts accordsacrifice, ! first for a Ep. 1. 20. ing to the law : his own sins, u and Col. 3. 1.

5 Who serve unto then for the people's : ++ Or, of

the example and for > this he did once, holy thing.. shadowf of heavenly when he offered up b ch.9.8.12. things, as Moses was himself.

24. admonished of God 28 For the law e ch. 9. 11.

when he was about maketh y men High d ch. 5. 1.

to make the tabernaPriests which have

cle: & for, See, saith

. Ep. 5. 2. infirmity; but the

he, that thou make all word of the oath, 31.0p, they things according to which was since the are Prieste. the pattern shewed to

[ch. 9. 23. law, maketh the Son,

Col. 2. 17.

thee in the mount. whó z who is $ conse- g Ex. 25. 40.

6 But nowh hath crated for evermore.

& 26. 30. he obtained more

Nu. 8. 4. excellent ministry, CHAP. VIII. Ac. 7. 44. by how mucb also he

1 Now of the b 2 Co. 3. 6. is the mediator of a things which we have

9. better covenant, spoken this is the testament.

88 Or,

which was established sum: We have such

lupon better promises,


The old covenant HEBREWS IX.

abolished. 7 i For if that first A. D. 64. know me, from the covenant had been

least to the greatest. faultless, then should i ch. 7. 11. 12 For I will be no place have been

18. merciful to their unsought for the second. Jo. 31. 3!, righteousness, o and

8 For finding fault 32, 33, 34. their sins and their with them, he saith, I ch. 10. 16. iniquities will I reBehold, k the days t Gr. give. member no more. come, saith the Lord, 1 Or, upon, 13 p in that he when I will make m Ze. 8. 8. saith, A new covea new covenant with a Is. 54. 13. nant, he hath made the house of Israel Jno. 6. 45. the first old. Now and with the house of 1 Jn0.2.27. that which decayeth Judah:

o ch. 10. 17. and waxeth old is 9 Not according Ro. 11. 27. ready to vanish away. to the covenant that p 2 Co.5. 17.

CHAP. IX. I made with their Or, cerefathers in the day monies. 1 THEN verily the when I took them a Ex. 25. 8. first covenant had also by the hand to lead b Ex. 26. 1. ordinances of divine them out of the land

and service,

а а Ex. 26. 35. of Egypt; because & 40. 4.

worldly sanctuary. they continued not in a Ex. 25. 31.

2b For there was a my covenant, and 1

tabernacle made; the

e Ex. 25. 23. regarded them not,


first, wherein was saith the Lord.

thed candlestick, and

Le. 24,5,6. 10 For this is the t+ Or, holy. shewbread'; which is

the table, and the covenant that I will

fch. 6. 19. make with the house

called Itthe sanctuary.

Ex. 26.31. of Israel after those


3f And after the se. days, saith the Lord; & 40. 3. 21.cond veil, the taberI will + put my laws & Ex. 25. 10. nacle which is called into their mind, and & 26. 33. the Holiest of all; write them I in their

& 40.3. 21. 4 Which had the hearts: and m I will h Ex. 16.33. golden censer, and be to them a God, i No. 17.10. the 6 ark of the coveand the

shall be to k Ex. 25. 16. Dant overlaid round me a people :

21. about with

gold, 11 And in they shall

& 34. 29. wherein

was b the

& 40. 20. not teach every man

De 10.2.5. golden pot that had his neighbour, and

I Ki. 8. 9. mnapna, and i Aaron's every man his bro

21. rod that budded, and ther, saying, Know 2 Ch. 5. 10. the k tables of the the Lord : for all shall

covenant ;

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Inferiority of HEBREWS IX. legal sacrifices

5 And I over it the A. D. 64. them until the time of cherubims of glory

reformation. ahadowing the mercy

1 Ex. 25. 18. 11 But Christ being seat; of which we

Le. 16. 2.
1 Ki.8.6,7

comexan High Priest cannot now speak

of y good things to particularly.

m Nu 28. 3.

Da. 8. 11. come, z by a greater 6 Now when these

and more perfect ta.

Ex. 30. 10. things were thus or.

bernacle, not made dained, m the Priests o ch. 7. 27.

with hands, that is went always into the p ch. 10. 19. to say, not of this first tabernacle, ac- q Jno. 14. 6. building complishing the ser-r Ga. 3. 21. 12 Neither a by the vice of God.

s Le. 11. 2. blood of goats and 7 But into the se-t Nu. 19.7. calves, but b by his cond went the High u Ep. 2. 15.

own blood he entered Priest alonen once Col. 2, 20. in conce into the every year, not with. + Or, rites, holy place, a having out blood, o which he or, ceremo- obtained eternal reoffered for himself, nies. demption for us. and for the errors of x ch. 3. 1. 13 For ife the blood the people :

y ch. 10. 1. of bulls and of goats, 8p The Holy Ghost z ch.8. 2.

and i the ashes of an this signifying, that a ch. 10. 4. heifer spriokling the the way into

b Ac. 20. 28.

unclean, sanctifieth to holiest of all was not 1 Pe. 1. 19. the purifying of the yet inade manifest, Re. 5. 9. flesh : while as the first ta- e Ze. 3. 9.

14 How much more bernacle was

yet a Da. 9. 24. shall the blood of standing :

e Lo. 16. 14. Christ, who through 9 Which was à fi

the eternal Spirit i of

f Nu. 19. 2. gure for the time

fered himself without then present, in which : Re. 1. 5.

spott to God, k purge were offered both h 1 Pe. 3. 18.

your conscience from gifts and sacrifices, i Ep. 2. 5. dead 1 works

mto that r could not make 1 Or, fault. serve the living God! him that did the ser- k ch. 1. 3. 15 n And for this vice perfect, as per- 1 ch. 6.1. cause

he is the me taining to the con- m Lu. 1. 74. diator of the new tes. science ;

ni Ti.2.5. tament, P that by 10 Which stood only

means of death, for in meats and drinks,

och. 8. 6.

the redemption of and + divers washings,

p I Pe. 3. 19.

the transgressions that andu carnal + ordiq ch. 3. 1.

were under the first nances, imposed on


? they 536

to that HEBREWS IX.

of Christ. which are called | A. D. 64. Jand without shedmight receive the

ding of blood is no promise of eternal Or, be

remission. inheritance.

brought in,

23 It was therefore 16 For where a tes-r Ga. 3. 15. necessary that a the tament is, there must s Ex. 24. 6. patterns of things in also of necessity + be 1 Or, the heavens should be the death of the tes- purifed. purified with these ; tator. t Ex. 24. 5. but the

heavenly 17 Forr a testament

Le. 16. 14. things themselves is of force after menu Le. 14. 4.6, with better sacrifices are dead : otherwise 7.49.51,52 than these. it is of no strength Or, purple. 24 For b Christ is at all while the tes- Es. 24. 8. not entered into the tator liveth.

Ma. 26. 28. holy

places made 18 Whereupon nei- y Ex. 29. 12. with hands, which are ther the first testament 36. the figures of the was I dedicated with

Le. 8. 15.


true; but into heaven out hlood,

& 16.14,15, itself, now d to appear 19 For when Moses 16.18, 19. in the presence of had spoken every z Le. 17. 11. God for us : precept to all the

a ch. 8. 5.

25 Nor yet that he people according to B ch. 6. 20. should offer himself the law, t he took the

often, as the High blood of calves and c ch. 8. 2.

Priest entereth into of goats," with water,

d ch, 7.25.
Ro. 8. 34.

the holy place every and scarlet wool,

1 Jno.2.1. year with blood of and hyssop, and

others; sprinkled both the

e ver. 7.

26 For then must he book and all the peo

f ver. 12.
ch. 7. 27.

often have suffered ple,

& 10. 10. since the foundation 20 Saying, - This is i Pe. 3.18. of the world: but now the blood of the tes-g1 Co, 10.11. oncef & in the end tament which God Ga. 4. 4. of the world hath he bath injoined unto Ep. 1. 10.

appeared to put away you.

h Ge. 3. 19. sin by the sacrifice of 21 Moreover y he sprinkled with blood i 2 Co. 5.10.

27 b And as it is both the tabernacle,

Re. 20. 12,

appointed unto men

13. and all the vessels of the ministry.

k Ro. 6. 10. once to die, i but I Pe.3. 18.

after this the judg 22 And almost all

11 Pe. 2. 24. ment: things are by the law

28 So k Christ was purged with blood

1 Jno. 3. 5.

once i offered to bear

Ee. 3. 20. himself.

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