Do. 1. 34. but

De. 1. 34, have

Ro. 11. 20. though


HEBREWS IV. recommended. heart of unbelief, in A. D. 64. being left us of enterdeparting from the

ing into his rest, any living God.

o ver. 6.

of you should seem 13 But exhort ove p ver. 7. to come short of it. another daily, whileq Nu. 14. 2. 2 For unto us was it is called To day;

4. 11. 24. the gospel preached,

30. lest any of you be

as well as unto them: hardened through the 36. 38.

+ the word deceitfulness of sin.

Nu.14. 22.

did not 14 For we are made

& 26. 65. profit

them, I not partakers of Christ, Ps.106.26. being mixed with ito we hold


1 Co.10.5. faith in them that beginning of

Jide 5. our

heard it. confidence stedfast No. 14.30.

3 b For we which unto the end ;

believed do

35. 15 While it is said, t ch. 4.6. enter into rest, as be Top day if ye will a ch. 12. 16. said, cAs I

have hear his voice, harden Pr. 14. 16. sworn my wrath, not your hearts, as in & 28. 14. if they shall enter the provocation.

Je. 32. 40. into my rest: al169 For some, when

the works

1 Co. 10. they had heard, did


were finished from provoke: howbeit not + Gr.

the foundation of the all that came out of the word of

world. Egypt by Moses.


4 For he spake in a 17 But with whom 1 Or, certain place of the was he grieved forty because they seventh day on this years! was it not with were not wise, d And God did them that had sinned. Iunited by

faith to.

rest the seventh day whose r carcases feli

from all his works.

b ch. 3. 14. in the wilderness?

5 And in this place

Is. 28. 12. 18 And to whom Je. 6. 16. again, If they shall sware te that they Ma. 11. 28. enter into my rest. should not enter into Ro. 5. 1. 6 Seeing therefore his rest, but to them och. 3. 11. Jit remainetke that that believed not?

Ps. 95. 11. some


enter 19 . So we see that a Ge. 2. 2. therein, e and they to they could not enter

Ex.20.11. whom it was first

& 31. 17. in because of unbe

preached entered not lief.

e ch. 3. 19.

in because of unbeOr, the

lief: CHAP. IV. Gospel was 1 Let a us therefore ed.

7 (Again, he limit. Arst preach

eth a

certain day, fear, lest, a promisel

saying in David, To

m Ps. 33. 13, and find grace to help

The power of

HEBREWS V. God's word. day, after so long as A. D. 64.

14 Seeing then that time; as it is said,

we have o a great Tof day if ye will f Ps. 95. 7.

High Priest, P that is hear his voice, harden That is,


passed into the heanot your hearts.

vens, Jesus the Son 8 For if + Jesus had keeping of a


of God, 9 let us hold given them rest, then sabbath. fast our profession. would he not after.

8 ch. 3. 12.

15 For r we have ward have spoken of

6 Or, dis

not an High Priest another day.

which cannot

be 9 There remaineth

h Is. 49. 2.

touched with the feeltherefore a frest to Je. 23. 29. ing of our infirmities; the people of God. 2 Co. 10.4. but s was in all points 10 For he that is

i Pe. 1. 23. tempted like as we are, entered into his rest, i Pr. 5. 4.

yett without sin. he also bath ceased k Ep. 6. 17. 16 - Let us therefore from his own works, Re, 2. 16.

come boldly unto the as God did from his.) 1 1 Co.14.21, throne of grace, that 11 Let us Jabour


we may obtain mercy, therefore to enter into

14. that rest, lest anyn Job 26. 6. in time of need. man fall & after the Pr. 15. 11. CHAP. V. same example of

och. 3. 1. 1 For every High unbelief. p ch. 7. 26. Priest taken

from 19 For the word of

q ch. 10. 23. among men a is orGod is b quick, and

ich. 2. 18. dained for men bin powerful, and i shar- Is. 53. 3. things pertaining to per than any k two-s La. 22. 23. God, that he may edged sword, pierct 2 Co. 5. 21. offer both gifts and ing even to the divi. I Pe. 2. 22. sacrifices for sins : ding asonder of soul 1 Jno. 3. 5.

2d Who it can have and spirit, and of the Ep. 2. 18. compassion on the joints and marrow, a ch. 8. 3. ignorant, and on them & id is la discerner of b ch. 2. 17. that are out of the the thoughts and

e ch. 8. 3,4. way ; for that he intents of the heart,

dcb. 2. 18.

himself also is com13m Neither is there

tt Or, can

passed with infirmity. any creature that not manifest in his bear with.

3 And f by reason reasonably

hereof he ought, as for sight: but all things . ch. 7. 28. the people, so also for are naked n and open- f Le. 4. 3.

himself, to offer for ed upto the eyes of

sins. him with whom we

82 Ch.26.18.
Jno. 3. 27.

4 8 And no man have to do.

taketh this honour


of Christ. unto himself, but he A. D. 64. 12 For when for that is called of God,

the time ye ought to as h was Aaron.

b Ex. 29. 1. be teachers, ye have 5 i So also Christ i Jno. 8. 54. need that one teach glorified not himself k Ps. 2. 7. you again which be 1o be made an High 1 Ps. 110. 4. the first principles Priest ; but he that m Ma.26.39. of the oracles of God; said unto him, k Thou

Ps. 22. 1.

and are become such art my Son, to-day

o Ma. 26. 53. as have need of milk, have I begotten thee.


not of strong 6 As he saith also in

+ Or, for his

meat. another place, I Thou

13 For every one art a Priest for ever

p Lu. 22. 43.

that useth milk I is after the order of Mel. 9 ch. 3. 6.

unskilful in the word chisedec.

r Ph. 2. 8.

of righteousness : for 7 Who in the days s ch. 2. 10. he is a a babe. of his flesh, when he t ch. 6. 20. 14 But strong meat had m offered up u Jno. 16. 12. belongeth to them prayers and supplica

2 Pe. 3. 16. that are y of full age, tions with strong - Ma. 13. 15. even those who by crying and tears unto y ch. 6. 1. reason t of use have him o that was able z1 C0.3.1,2. their senses exercised to save him


to b discern both good death, ar.d was heard hath no and evil. in tp that he feared; experience. 8 . Though he were a i Po. 2. 2.

CHAP. VI. a Son, yet learned he

1 $ Or, perfect

THEREFORE obediencer by the

leaving a t the printhings which he suf. It of an ciples of the doctrine fered;


of Christ, let us go on 9 And being made

unto perfection; not

b Is. 7. 15. perfect, he became

laying again the foun. the author of eternal

a Ph. 3. 12. dation of repentance salvation unto

from b dead works, them that obey him;

word of the

and of faith toward 10 Called of God an Christ.

beginning of

God, High Priest after b ch.9. 14.

2. Of the doctrine the order of Melchi. Ac. 19. 4. of baptisms, and of sedec.

laying on of hands,

d Ac. 8. 14. 11 Of whom u we

ande of resurrection have many things to e Ac. 17. 31. of the dead, and of say, and hard to be f Ac. 24. 25. eternal judgment. uttered, seeing ye are & Ac. 18. 21.

3 And this will we dull - of hearing.

Ido, & if God permit.

all'11 Or, the

Exhortation HEBREWS VI. to stedfastness.

4 For b it is impos-, A. D. 64. and labour of love, sible for those i who

which ye have shewed were once enlighten-b ch. 10. 26. toward his name, in ed, and have tasted

Ma. 12.3., that ye have t minisof k the heavenly gift, 2 Pe.2.20, tered to the saints, and I were made par. 21, and do minister. takers of the Holy 1 Jno.5.16. 11 And we deGhost,

i ch, 10. 32. sire that u every one 5 And have tasted k Jno. 4. 10. of you do shew the the good word of & 6. 32.

same diligence s to God, and the powers

Ep. 2, s.

the full assurance of of m the world to I ch. 2. 4. hope unto the end : come,

Ga. 3. 2. 5.

12 That ye be not 6 If they shall fall m ch. 2.5. slothful, but followers away, to renew them n ch, 10.29. of them who through again unto repen- t Or, for. faith and patience tance ; » seeing they o Ps. 65. 10. inherity the promises. crucify to themselves

p Is. 5. 6. 13 For when God the Son of God

made q Pr. 14. 31.

promise to afresh, and put him Ma. 10.42. Abraham, because ne to an open shame. & 25. 40. could swear by no

7 for the earth Jao. 13.20. greater, z he sware by which drinketh in the r Ro. 3. 4. himself, rain that cometh oft 2 Tb.1.6,7.

14 Saying, surely upon it, and bringeth s 1 Th. 1. 3. blessing I will bless forth herbs meet for t Ro. 15. 25. thee, and multiplying them +by whom it is 2 Co. 8. 4. I will multiply thee. dressed, • receiveth

& 9. 1. 12. 2 Ti. 1. 18.

15 And so, after he blessing from God :

had patiently endur8 » But that which a ch.3.6. 14. ed, he obtained the beareth thorns and Col. 2. 2.

promise. briers is rejected, and y ch. 13. 36. 16 For men verily is nigh unto cursing ; 2 Ge. 22. 16, swear by the greater: whose end is to be 17. and a an oath

for burned.

Ps. 105.9.

confirmation 15 Lu. 1. 73.

to 9 But, beloved, we

them an end of all are persuaded better a Ex. 22. 11.

strife. things of you, and b ch. 11. 9.

17 Wherein God, things that accompac Ro. 11. 29. willing more abunny salvation, thought Gr, inter- dantly to shew unto we thus speak, posed him theb heirs of promise

10 4 For God is self by an the o immutability not uprighteous to oath.

of his counsel, I conforget your work

firmed it by an oath: 8 ch. 3. 1.

Priesthood HEBREWS VII. of Melchisedec.

18 That by two A. D. 64. having neither be immutable things, in

d ch. 12, 1.

ginning of days, Dor which it was impos

Col. 1.5.

end of life ;* but made sible for God to lie, 23. 27. like unto the Son of we might have a 1 Ti.1.1. God; abideth a Priest strong consolation, le ch. 9. 7.

continually. who have fled for re

Le. 16. 15.

4 Now consider

Jno. 14.2. fuge to lay bold upon

how great this man the hope à set before fch. 4. 14.

& 8. 1.

was, bunto whom us:

& 9. 24.

even the patriarch 19 Which hope we

Abraham gave the have as an anchor of & 5.6. 10. tenth of the spoils. the soul, both sure & 7. 17. 5 And verily e they and stedfast, e and a Ge. 14. 18. that are of the sons which entereth into t Gr. of Levi, who receive that within the veil; without the office of the priest20 f Whither the pedigree.

hood, have a comforerunner is for usb Go. 14. 20. mandment to take entered, even Jesus, o Nu. 18. 21. tithes of the people made an High Priest 26. according to the law, for ever after the or


that is, of their breder of Melchisedec.


thren, though they

a Ge. 14. 19. come out of the loins CHAP. VII. e Ro. 4. 13. of Abraham: 1 For this a Mel- Ga. 3. 16.

6 But he whose chisedec, king of Sa- I ch. 5. 6.

descent is not countlem, Priest of the

& 6. 20.
ed from

them remost high God, who

ceived tithes of Abra

ver 3 met Abraham return-Or, with ham, d and blessed ing from the slaugh-out any ge- bim that had the ter of the kings, and nealogy or promises, blessed him;

pedigree re- 7 And without all 2 To whom also corded, for

so the word contradiction the less Abraham

a here used,

is blessed of the tenth part of all; first ayevealom better. being by interpreta-ros, signifies; 8 And here

men tion King of Righ-not a person that die

receive teousness, and after who hath no

descent or

tithes; but there he that also King of Sa.


receiveth them, lem, which is, King Bat one

whom it is witnessed of peace;

whose des- that he liveth. 3 Without father, cent is no- 9 And as I may so without

where re

say, Levi also, who without + descent,*

receiveth tithes, pay. 532

f of

mother, corded.

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