Paul's manner 1 THESS. II. of preaching.

5 For hour gospel, A. D. 54. delivered us from came not unto you in

the wrath to come.

b Ma. 16.20. word only, but also

i Co, 2. 4. CHAP. II. in power, and i in

i 2 Co.6.6. the Holy Ghost, k and in much assurance;

k Col. 2. 2: brethren, know our

1 For a yourselves,

3. as I ye know what 1 2 Th. 3. 7.

entrance in unto you, manner of men we

that it was not in

m 1 Co. 4.16. were among you for

vain :

& ll. 1. your sake.

2 But n Ac. 5. 41.

even after 6 And mye became He. 10. 34.

that we had suffered followers of us, and o Ro.10.18. before, and

were of the Lord, having p Ro. 1. 8. shamefully entreated, received the word in 9 ch.2.1.

as ye know, at b Phimuch affliction, with

lippi, cwe were bold

r Ga. 4.8. joy of the Holy Ghost:

in our God d to speak

s Ph. 3. 20. 7 So that ye were Re. 1. 7.

unto you the gospel ensamples to all that

of God e with much

t Ac. 1, 11. believe in Macedonia


1 Ac. 2. 24. and Achaia.

3 For our exhor8 For from 0

* Ma. 3. 7. tation was not of de

you sounded out the word a ch. 1.5.9. ceit, nor of uncleanof the Lord not only b Ac. 16. 22. ness, nor in guile: in Macedonia andcch. 1. 5.

4 But as 5 we were Achaia, but also pin a Ac. 17. 2. allowed of God li to every place your faith e Col. 2. 1. be put in trust with to Godward is spread r 2 Pe. 1.16. the gospel, even so abroad; so that we

g 1 Co. 7. 25.

we speak : i not as peed not to speak

1 Ti. 1.11. pleasing

men, any thing.

h 1 Co. 9. 17.

God, k which trieth 9 For they them- i Ga. 1. 10.

our hearts. selves shew of us

5 For I neither at

k Pr. 17. 3. what a manner of en

Ro. 8. 27.

any time used wo tering in we had nnto

flattering words, as

1 Ac. 20. 33. you, rand how ye

ye know, nor a cloke

m Ro. 1. 9. turned to God from

of covetousness; idols to serve

the n Jno. 5. 41. God m is witness: living and

6 n Nor of men God;

6. sought we glory, nei10 And sto wait

+ Or, used

ther of you, nor yet for his Son from

p 2 Th.3. 8.

of others, when we heaven, u whom he

might have been raised from the dead. 9 1 Co. 9. 1,

2. burdensome, p even Jesus, which

the apostles of Christ.


true o I Co. 9. 4.

9 as


Comfort under 1 THESS. II. persecution. 7 But


were A. D. 54. cause, when ye regentle among you,

ceived the word of even as a nurse cher-1 Co. 2:3 God which ye heard isheth her children:

2 Co. 13. 4.

of us, ye received it

2 Ti. 2. 24. 8 So being affec

not d as the word of

s Ro. I. 11. tionately desirous of

& 15. 29. men, but as it is in you, we were willing

truth, the word of

t2 Co.12.15. to s' have imparted

God, which effectaunto you, not the Ac,20,34. ally 'worketh also in

2 . 3. gospel of God only,

you that believe. but also tour own

x 2 Co.12.13,


14 for ye, brethren, souls, because

became followers e of were dear unto us,

y ch. 1. 5.

the churches of God 9 For ye remem

z 2 Co. 7. 2.

which in Judæa are

2 Tb. 3. 7. ber, brethren, our

in Christ Jesus : for labour and travail :

a Ep. 4. ).

Ph:1:27. yer also have suffor u labouring night Col. 1. 10. fered like things of and day, because b 2 Th.2.14. your own countrywe would not be 2 Ti, 1.9. men, geven as they chargeable unto any c ch. 1. 3.

hare of the Jews : of you, we preached a Ma. 10.40.

15 h Who both killunto you the gospel Ga. 4.14. ed the Lord Jesus, of God

2 Pe. 3. 2. and i their own pro10 y Ye

are wit-je Ga. 1. 22. phets, and have + per. pesses, and God also, f A. 17. 5. secuted us ; and they how z holily and 13. please not God, k and justly and unblame- g He.10. 33. are contrary to all ably we behaved our-h Ac. 2. 23. men : selves among you i Ma. 5. 12.

16 1 Forbidding us that believe :

& 23. 34. to speak to the Gen11 As ye know 37. tiles that they might how we exhorted and La. 13.33. be saved, m to fill up comforted and charg

Ac. 7. 52. their sins alway: for ed every one of you, Or, chased the wrath is come as a father doth his us out.

upon them to the ut. children,

k Es. 3. 8.

termost. 12 a That ye would I Lu. 11. 52. 17 But we, brethwalk worthy of God, Ao. 13. 50. ren, being taken from who b hath called mGe. 15. 16. you for a short time you unto his king

Ma. 23.32. in

presence, not dom and glory.

n Ma. 24. 6. in heart, endeavoured 13 For this cause o 1 Co. 5.3. the more abundantly also thank we God p ch.3. 10. O P see your face withouto ceasing, be

with great desire.

Paul's love to the 1 THESS. III. Thessalonians. 18 Wherefore we A. D. 54.

5 For this cause, would have come unto

when 5 I could no you, even | Paul, 9 Ro. 1. 13. longer forbear, I sent once and again; but r 2.Co.1. 14. to know your faith, Satan 9 hindered us. Ph. 2. 16. lest h by some means

19 For r what is our's Pr. 16.31. the tempter have hope, or joy, or scrown , Or, tempted you,

and of t rejoicing ?

Are glor ying.

ouri our labour be in not even ye in the Co. 15.23. vain, presence of our Lord

Re, 1. 7.

6 kBut now when Jesus Christ tat his

& 22. 12. Timotheus came from

a ver. 5. coming ?

you unto us, and 20 For ye are our

b Ac. 17. 15. brought us good ti. glory and joy.

c Ro. 16. 21. dings of your faith

1 Co.16.10. and charity, and that

2 Co. 1. 19. CIIAP III.

ye have good remem

d Ep. 3. 13. brance of us always, 1 WHEREFORE e Ac. 9. 16. desiring greatly to when a we could no

& 14 22
& 20. 23.

see us, as we also to longer forbear, bwe

& 21. 11.

see you : thought it good to be 1 Co. 4. 9. 7 Therefore, brethleft at Athens alone; 2 Ti.3. 12. ren, m we were com2 And sent Tim

i Pe.2.21. forted over you in otheus, our brother, f Ac. 20. 24. all our affliction and minister of God, g ver. 1. and distress by your and our fellowlab 1 Co.7. 5. faith : bourer in the gospel 2 Co. 11.3. 8 For now we live, of Christ, to establish i Ga. 2. 2. if ye nstand fast in you, and to comfort & 4. 11. the Lord. you concerning your

Ph. 2. 16.

9. For what thanks fajth:

* Ac. 18. 1. can we render to God 3 d That

no man 1 Ph. 1. 8. again for you, for all should be moved by m 2 Co. 1.4. the joy wherewith we these afllictions : for & 7.6,7.13. joy for your sakes yourselves know that a Ph. 4. 1.

before our God; we. are appointed

0 ch.1. 2. 10 P Night and day thereunto. 4 f For verily, when P Ac. 26.7. praying9 exceedingly

2 Ti. 1.3. thatr we might see we were

q Ro. 1. 10. your face, s and might we told you before

& 15. 32.

perfect that which is that we sbould suffer

rch. 2. 17.

lacking in your faith? tribulation; even as

$ 2 Co, 13.9.

11 Now God himit came to pass, and

Col. 4. 12. self and our Father, ye know.

and our Lord Jesus

with you,

our Fa.

o Col. 1. 10. tified.


1 THESS. IV. to godliness. Cbrist, + direct our A. D. 54. vessel in sanctificaway unto you.

tion and honour; 12 And the Lord

+ Or, guide.

5 h Not in the last make u you to in-1 Mar. 1. 3.


concupiscence, crease and abound in u ch. 4. 10. even i as the Genlove x one toward x 2 Pe. 1. 7. tiles k which know another, and toward y I Co. 1.8. not God: all men, even as we

Ph. 1. 10. 6 1 That no man go do toward you:

1 Jno. 3: beyond and defraud 13 To the end he

z Ze. 14.5. his brother it in any may y stablish your Jude 14. matter : because that hearts unblameable 10r, request the Lord mis the in holiness before Or, beseech avenger of all such, God, even

a Ph. 1. 27. as we also have forether, at the coming b ch. 2. 12. warned you and tesof our Lord Jesus Christ z with all his

7 For God hath not

d Ro. 12. 2. saints.

called us unto un

e Ep. 5. 27. cleanness, n but to CHAP. IV.

f 1 Co.6. 15. holiness. 1 FURTHERMORE 8 Ro. 6. 19. 8°He therefore'that then we Ibeseech you, . Col. 3. 5; despiseth, y despisbrethren, and ex- i Ep. 1. 17. eth not

man, but hort you by the Lord k 1 Co. 15. God, P who hath also Jesus, a that as ye 34: given unto us his holy have received of us ye ought to tt Or, op

9 But as touching walk and to please press, or; brotherly love 9 ye God, so ye would 11 Or, in

need not that I write abound more and the matter. unto you:

for rye more.

m 2 Th. 1. 8. yourselves are taught 2 For ye know n Le. 11.44. of God sto love one what commandments we gave you by the

10 And indeed ye

$$ Or, Lord Jesus.

do it toward all the

rejecteth. 3 For this is a the

brethren which are in will of God, even

p I Co. 2. 10.


Macedonia : your sanctification, 9 ch. 5. 1.

we beseech yon, brethat f ye should ab- r Jer. 31. 34. thren, a that ye instain from fornica- s Ma. 22. 39. crease more

and tion:


more; 4 $ That every one u ch. 3, 12.

11 And

that ye of you should know 1 Pe. 4. 15. study to be quiet, how to possess his

and to do your own

1 Lc. 19. 11. Spirit.

how b

o La. 10. 16. another.


Second coming 1 THESS. V.

of Christ. business, and y to A. D. 54. shall be caught up work with your own

together with them hands, as we com- y Ac. 20.35. in the clouds, to manded you ; z Ro. 13. 13. meet the Lord in the

12 z That ye may 2Co.8.21. air: and som shall walk honestly toward + Or,

we ever be with the them that are with of no man. Lord. out, and that ye may a Le. 19. 28. 18

Wherefore have lack of no

De.14.1,2. comfort I one ano

2 Sa. 12. thing.


ther with these words. 13 But I would not have you to be igno

b Ep. 2. 12.

o 1 Co. 15. CHAP. V. rant, brethren, con

13. cerning them which

1 BUT of a the times

di Co. 15. are asleep, that ye

and the seasons, bre

18. sorrow not, a even. 1 Ki. 13, thren, bye have no as others b which 17. need that I write unhave no hope.

f I Co. 15. to you. 14 For if we be. 51.

2 For yourselves lieve that Jesus died 6 Me. 24. 3. know perfectly that and rose again, even

h 1 Co. 15.

the day of the Lord so d them also which


So cometh as a thief sleep in Jesus will i 1 Co. 15. in the night. God bring with him. 23, 52. 3 For when they

15 For this we say k 1 Co. 15. shall say, Peace and unto you by, the 1 Ac. 1. 9.

safety; then d sudden word of the Lord,

Re. 11. 12. destruction cometh that fwe which are

m Jno. 12. 26.

upon them, e as traalive and remain unto

vail upon a woman the coming of the ch.5., 11. with child ; and they Lord shall not pre

1 Or, exhort. shall not escape. vent them which are a Ma. 24. 3.

4 f But



bch. 4.9. thren, are not in dark16 For the Lord C Ma. 24.43. ness, that that day himself shall descend Lu. 12.39. should overtake you

2 Pe. 3. 10. from heaven with a

as a thief. shout, with the voice d Is. 13. 6.

5 Ye are all & the of the archangel, and

Lu. 17. 27. children of light, and with bthe trump of e Je. 13. 21. the children of the God: i and the dead t Ro. 13. 12. day: we are not of the in Christ shall rise

1 Jno. 2.8. night, nor of darkfirst :

8 Ep. 5. 8.

ness, 17 k T'hen we which h Ma. 25.5. 6 b Therefore let are alive and remain

us not sleep, as do

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