19.ceive it.

Christ blesses MATT. XIX. little children.

5 And said, d For A. D. 33. to them, iAll men this cause shall a man

cannot receive this leave father and mo

d Ge. 2. 24.

saying, save they to

Ps. 45. 10. ther, and shall cleave

whom it is given.

Mar. 10.5. to his wife: and ethey


12 For there are twain shall be one Ep. 5. 31. some eunuchs, which flesh ?

e 1 Co. 6.16. were 80 born from 6 Wherefore they & 7. 2. their mother's womb: are no more twain, f ch. 5. 31. and there are some but one flesh. What De. 24. 1. eunuchs, which were therefore God hath

Is. 50. 1. made eunuchs of men:

Jer. 3. 8. joined together, let

and k there be eu

Mar. 10. 4. not man put asunder.

nuchs, which have

sch. 5. 32. 7 They say unto

made themselves ex

Mar.10.11 him, f Why did Mo. Ln. 16. 18. puchs for the kingses then command to 1 Co. 7. 10. dom of heaven's sake. give a writing of di. b Ge. 2, 18. He that is able to revorcement, and to Pr. 21. 9. ceive it, let him reput her away? 8 He saith unto

1 Co. 7. 1.

13 "Then were there

I Ti. 4. 3. them, Moses because

& 5.11.

brought unto him litof the hardness of

il Co. 7. 2.

tle children, that he your hearts suffered 7.9. 17. should put his hands you to put away your k 1 Co.7.32. on them, and pray : wives : but from the *34. and the disciples rebeginning it was not

& 9. 5. 15. buked them. so.

I ch. 18. 2.5. 14 But Jesus said, 9. And I say unto Ge. 48. 1. Suffer little children, you, Whosoever shall

9. 20. and forbid them not,

1 Sa. 1. 24. put away his wife,

Ps. 115. 14.

to come into me: except it be for forni.

Jer. 32. 39. for mof such is the cation, and shall Mar. 10.13. kingdom of heaven. marry another, com- Lu. 18. 15. 15 And he laid his mitteth adultery: and

Ac. 2. 39. hands on them, and whoso marrieth her

1 Co. 7. 14

departed thence. which is put away

mch. 18. 3.

16 - And, behold, doth commit adul

1 Co.14.20
1 Pe.2.1.2.

one came and sa tery.

. Good

unto him, 10 His disciples say

a Mar. 10.12. Master, what good unto him, hIf the case

. La. 10. 25. thing

shall I do, that of the man be so with Jno. 6. 27.11 may have eternal his wife, it is not good to marry.

Ac. 16. 30. 17 And he said un11 But he said un

to him, Why callest

29. life?

The young

i Ti. 6.9. but

MATT. XIX. man answered. thou me good ? there A. D. 33.

24 And again I say is done good but one,

unto you, It is easier that is, God: but if

p Ex. 20. 13.
De. 5. 17.

for a camel to go thou wilt enter into

4 ch. 15. 4.

through the eye of a life, keep the com

r Le. 19. 18.

needle, than for a mandments.

ch. 22. 39.

rich man to enter in18 He saith unto Ro. 13. 9. to the kingdom of him, Which? Jesus Ga. 5. 14. God. said, p Thou shalt do Ja. 2. 8. 25 When his disci. no murder, Thou s ch. 6. 20. ples heard it, they shalt not commit

Lu. 12. 33

were exceedingly

& 16. 9. adultery, Thou shalt

Ac. 2. 45.

amazed, saying, Who not steal. Thou shalt & 4.34, 35. then can be saved ? not bear false witness, 1 Ti.6. 18. 26 But Jesus be

19 9 Honour thy fa- 1 ch. 13. 22. held them, and said ther and thy mother : Mar.10.24. unto them, With men and, Thou shalt love

1 Co. 1.26. this is impossible ; thy neighbouras thy

u with God all self,

a Ge. 18. 14. things are possible.

Job 42, 2. 20 The young man Je. 32. 17. Peter and said unto

27 *Then answered saith unto him, All these things have I Lu. 1. 37. him, Behold, y we kept from my youth & 18. 27. have forsaken all, up : what lack I yet? Mar. 1. 17. and followed thee; 21 Jesus said unto

& 10. 28. what shall we have him, If thou wilt be

Ln, 5. 11. therefore?

& 18. 28. perfect, *go and sell

Phil. 3.8.

28 And Jesus said that thou hast, and

y De. 33. 9.

unto them, Verily I give to the poor, and

ch. 4. 20. say unto you, That thou shalt have trea- Lo. 5. 11. ye which have folsure in heaven : and 2 ch. 20. 21. lowed me, in the recome and follow me. Lu. 22. 28, generation when the

22 But when the 29, 30. Son of man shall sit: young man heard that

1 Co.6.2,3. in the throne of his saying, he went away

Re. 2. 26. glory, zye also shall sorrowful: for he had

a Mar. 10.29.

sit upon twelve

Lu. 18. 29, great possessions. 2 Co. 5. 16.

thrones, judging the 23 Then said Jesus Phil. 3. 8. twelve tribes of Is unto his disciples,

rael.* Verily I say unto you, vor. 28 29 a And every one That ta rich man

* Referring that hath forsaken shall hardly enter in- exaltation

to their final

houses, or brethren, to the kingdom of with Christ. or sisters, or father, heaven.

or mother, or wife, 21. receive.

Parable of

MATT. XX. the labourers. or children, or lands, A. D. 33. and saith unto them, for my name's sake,

Why stand ye here

b ch.8. 11, shall receive an hun- 12. all the day idle ? dredfold, and shall & 20. 16. 7 They say unto inherit everlasting & 21.31,32. him, Because no man life.

Mar. 10.31. hath hired us. He

Lu. 7. 29, 30 b But many that


saith unto them, Go are first shall be last;

& 13. 30. ye also into the vine. and the last shall be & 18.13,14. yard ; and whatsoever first.

Ro. 5. 20, is right, that shall ye CHAP. XX. & 9. 30.33.

8 So when even 1 For the kingdom The Roman was come, the lord of of heaven is like un

eighéh part

the vineyard saith to a man that is an ofar ounce, unto his steward, housholder, * which which after Call the labourers, went out early in the 5s. The oz. is and give them their mo ing to hire la- raven pengo hire, beginning from

half-penny. bourers into his vine

the last unto the

ch. 18. 28. yard.


Or, have 2 And when he had

9 And when they

continued agreed with the la- one hour came that were hired bourers for a + penny only.

about the eleventh a day, he sent them

hour, they received into his vineyard.

every man a penny: 3 And he went out break, ana

• At day- 10 But when the about the third hour,

first came, they sup: and saw others stand-gether with posed that they should ing idle in the market- the morn- have received more ; place,

ing; as the and they likewise re4 And said unto light began ceived every man a them; Go ye also in- its chambers penny. to the vineyard, and in the east, 11 And when they whatsoever is right I so he went had received it, they will give you.

murmured against

ploy labourthey went their way.rs. This was the goodman of the

5 Again he went considered house, out about the sixth by the Jews 12 Saying, These and ninth hour, and and Romans last have wrought

6 And about the hour being hast made them equal eleventh hour he o'clock in unto us, which have went out, and found the morning. borne the burden and hers standing idle,

heat of the day.

ver. I

πρωι, to

And out to em

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Request of

MATT. XX. James and John. 13 But he answer-1 A. D. 33. with her sons, wored one of them, and

shipping him, and

a Ro. 9. 21. said, Friend, I do Ja. 1. 18. desiring

certain thee no wrong: didst

boh. 6. 23

thing of him. not thou agree with De, 15. 9.

21 And he said unme for a penny? Pr. 23 6. to her, What wilt

14 Take that thine o ch. 19. 30. thon ? She saith unto is, and go thy way: Mar. 10.31. him, Grant that these I will give unto this

Lu. 7. 47. my two sons kmay last, even


Ro. 5. 20: sit, the one on thy

& 9. 30, 31. thee.

right hand, and the 154/s it not lawful a ch. 22. 14 other on the left,

in for me to do what I will with mine own?

thy kingdom. . Mar. 10.32.

22 but Jesus an

Lu. 18. 31. bIs thine eye evil, be- Jno. 12.12. swered and said, Ye cause I am good? Ich. 16. 21.

know not what ye ask. 16 cSo the last shall

Are ye able to drink

8 ch. 27. 2. be first, and the first

Mar. 15.1.

of Ithe cup that I last: for many be '16. shall drink of, and to called, but few cho- La. 23. 1. be baptized with mthe sen.

Jno. 18.28. baptism that I am 17 And Jesus go

Ac. 3. 13. baptized with? They ing up to Jerusalem h Mar. 10.35. say unto him, Wo took the twelve disci. i ch. 4. 21. are able. ples apart in the way,

& 27. 56.

23 And he saith and said unto them,

Mar. 15.40. unto them, Ye shall 18 f Behold, we go sh, 19. 29. drink indeed of my op to Jerusalem; and

Lu. 22. 24.

cup, and be baptized the Son of man sball

with the baptism that be betrayed unto the 1 ch. 26.39: I am baptized with :

. Chief Priests and

Jer. 25. 15.

but to sit on my right unto the Scriber, and Mar. 14.36. hand, and on my left, they shall condemn La. 22. 42. is not mine to give, him to death,

'Joo. 18.11. but it shall be given 19 &And shall deli-m Mar.10.39. to them for whom it ver him to the Gen

La. 12.50. is prepared of my tiles to mock, and to - Ac. 12, 2. Father.

Ro. 8. 17. scourge, and to cru

2 Co. 1. 7.

24 PAnd when the cify him: and the

Re. 1. 9.

ten heard it, they third day he shall

o ch. 25. 34. were moved with in. rise again.

dignation against the 20 b Then came to p Mar. 10.41

Lu. 22. 24,

two brethren. him the mother of


25 But Jesus called Zebedee's i children

Ithem unto him, and

Gentiles exercise do Pe. 5.3. and said, What will

The blind

MATT. XXI. men healed. said, Ye know that, A. D. 33. still, and called them, the princes of the

Mar. 10.43. ye that I shall do onminion over them, La. 14. 7. to you? and they that are Jno. 18. 36. 33 They say unto great exercise autho- r ch. 23. 11. him, Lord, that our rity upon them.

Mar. 9.35. eyes may be opened. 26 But qit shall not

& 10. 43.

34 So Jesus had be so among you:

sch. 18. 4.

compassion on them, but rwhosoever will t Jno. 13.4. and touched their be great among you, u Ph. 2.7. eyes : and immediatelet him be your mi- . Lu. 22. 27. ly their eyes received pister;

Jno. 13.14. sight, and they fol27 SẢnd whosoever

Phil. 2. 4. lowed him. will be chief among

He. 5. 8.

Job 33. 24. CHAP. XXI. you, let him be your Ps. 49. 7. servant:

Is. 53. 10. 1 AND awhen they 28 Even as u the Da. 9. 24. drew nigh unto JeruSon of man came not

26. salem, and were come

Jno. 10.15. to be ministered un- & 11.51,52. to * Bethphage,b unto to, but to minister, Ro. 3. 24. the mount of Olives, and y to give his life Gal. 3. 13. then sent Jesus two a ransom z for many.

Eph. 1. 7. disciples, 29 a And as they

1 Ti. 2. 6.
Tit. 2. 14.

2 Saying unto them, departed from Jeri.

1 Pe. 1. 19.

Go into the village cho, a great multitude

Re. 5. 9.

over against you, followed him.

z ch. 26:28. and straightway ye 30 And, b behold, Ro. 5. 15. shall find an ass tied, two blind men sitting

19. and a colt with her : by the way side,

He. 9. 28. loose them, and bring when they heard that a Mar. 10.46. them unto me. Jesus passed by, cri

Lu. 18. 35. 3 And if any man ed out, saying, Have 6 ch. 9. 27. say ought unto you, mercy on us, O Lord, a Mar. 11. 1. ye shall say, thou Son of David. Lu. 19. 29. Lord hath need of

31 And the multi-b Ze. 14. 4. them; and straighttude rebuked them, Is. 62. 11. way he will send because they should Ze. 9. 9. them. hold their

peace :
Jny. 12.15.

4 All this was done, but they cried the ver. 1- that it might be fulmore, saying, Have 1. Mark and filled which was spomercy on us, O Lord,


ken by the prophet, thou Son of David.

and Bethany, saying, 12 And Jesus stood

3. Tell ye



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