the + Or,

Paul's joy that

PHIL. 1. Christ is preached. 12 But I would ye A. D. 64. salvation y through should understand,

your prayer, and the brethren, that

supply of z the Spirit things which happened for Christ. of Jesus Christ, unto me have fallen t ch. 4. 22.

20 According to my out rather unto the Or, ce- earnest a expectation furtherance of the sar's court. and my hope, that gospel ;

Or, to all in b nothing I shall 13 So'that my bonds others. be ashamed, but that int Christ are mani- u ch. 2. 3. with all boldness, fest tin all I the x ver. 7.

as always, $0 now palace, and in all y 2 Co.1,11. also Christ shall be other places ; z Ro. 8. 9. magnified in

my 14 And many of the

Ga. 4.6. body, whether it be brethren in the Lord,

i Pe.1.11. by life, or by death. waxing confident by a Ro. 8. 19.

21 For to me to i my bonds, are much b Ro. 5.5. live is Christ, and to more bold to speak c Ep. 6.19, die is gain. the word without


22 But if I live in fear.

d 2 Co. 5. 8. the flesh, this is the 15 Some indeed. Lu. 2. 29. fruit of my labour: preach Christ even

2 Ti. 4.6. yet what I shall of envy and u strife ; fch. 2. 24. choose I wot not. and some also of 8 2 Co. 1.14.

23 For d I am in a good will:

& 5. 12. strait betwixt two, 16 The one preach

having a desire to Christ of contention,

Ver. 23

depart, and to be not sincerely, sup- renders

• Doddridge with Christ; which posing to add afflic- How man- is far better tion to my bonds: λον κρείσσον,

24 Nevertheless to 17 But the other of better be- abide in the flesh is love, knowing that i yond all es- more needful for you. am set for the de pression ;

and observes,

25 And having this fence of the gospel. that the a- confidence, I know

18 What then? not- postle seems that I shall abide withstanding, every to labour for and continue with way, whether in pre- using the

you all for your furtence, or in truth, highest su

therance and joy of Christ is preached ; perlative

faith; and I therein do re which it is 26 That S your rejoice, yea, and will perhaps pom joicing may be more rejoice.

sible to form abundant in Jesus

Christ for me by my

guage. this shall turn to my

coming to you again.

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19 For I know that in any lan

Col. 1. 10. mind.

Christ equal

with God. 27 Only h let your A. D.64.

same love, being of conversation be as it

one accord, of one becometh the gospel

b Ep. 4.1. of Christ : that whe

1 Th.2. 12. 3 Let nothing be ther I come and see i ch. 4. 1. done through strife or you, or else be ab.lk 100. 1.10. yainglory ; but fin sent, I may hear of 1 Jude 3.

lowliness of mind let your affairs, i that ye

each esteem in 2 Th. 1.5.

other stand fast in one spi


than themrit, . with one mind

n Ro. 8, 17.
2 Ti.2.11.

selves. striving together for

45 Look not every the faith of the gos

o Ac. 5. 41.

man on his own pel;

p Ep. 2. S.

things, but every man 28 And in nothing 4 Col. 2. 1.

also on the things of terrified by your ad r Ac. 16. 19. others. versaries : m which is a 2 Co.13.14. 5 h Let this mind to them an evident b Col. 3. 12. be in you, which was token of perdition, Jno. 3. 29. also in Christ Jesus : but n to you of salva-a i Pe. 3. 8.

6 Who, i being in tion, and that of

e Ja. 3. 14.

the form of God, God.

fi Pe. 5. 5.

thought k it not rob29 For unto you oit

g 1 Co.10.24.

bery to be equal with is given in the behalf

God : of Christ, P not only

b Ma. 11. 29.

7 ! But made himto believe on him, i He. 1: 3;

self of no reputation, but also to suffer for

k Jno. 5. 18.

and took upon him his sake:

IPs. 22. 6.

the form mof a ser

Is. 53.3. 30 4 Having the

vant, and n was made

m Is. 42. 1. same conflict r which

Ze. 3. S.

in the likeness of ye saw in me, and

Ma. 20.29.men: now hear to be in n Jno. 1. 14. 8 And being found me.

Ro. 1. 3. in fashion as a man, CHAP. II.

+ Or, habit. he humbled himself, o Ma. 26. 39. and

• became obe1 If there be there- Joo. 10.18. dient unto death, fore any consolation p Jno. 17. 1. even the death of the in Christ, if any com- Ac. 2. 33.

cross. fort of love, a if any

He. 2. 9. 9 Wherefore God fellowship of the Spi- 4 Ep. 1. 20. also p hath highly rit, if any b bowels

He. 1. 4.

exalted him, and and mercies,

r Is. 45. 23. 2° Fulfil

Ma. 28. 18. given ? him a name ye my

which is above every

Ro. 14. II. joy, that ye be like

Re. 5. 13. name: minded, having the

10 - That at the Paul commendeth PHIL. II.

Timothy. name of Jesus every A. D. 64.

17 Yea, and if I knee should bow, of Jno. 13. 13. be offered upon the things in heaven, and Ac. 2. 36. sacrifice hand service things in earth, and Ro. 14. 9. of your faith, il joy, things under the

1 Co. 8. 6. and rejoice with you earth;

tcb. 1. 6. all. 11 And that every u Ep. 6. 5. 18 For the same tongue should

con- 1 2 Co. 3. 6. cause also do ye joy, fess that Jesus Christ He. 13. 21. and rejoice with me. is Lord, to the glory , 1C0.10.10.

19 ++ But I trust in of God the Father. 1 Pe. 4. 9. the

Lord Jesus to 12 Wherefore, my z Ro, 14.1. send kTimotheus beloved, t as ye have + Or,sincere. shortly unto

you, always obeyed, not

that I also may be of

a Ma. 5. 45. as in my presence

Ep. 5. 1. good comfort, when only, but now much b 1 Pe.2. 12. I know your state. more in my absence,

20 For I have no work out your own 10r,shine ye. who will naturally

c De. 32. 5.

man 1 likeminded, salvation with a fear and trembling.

a Ma. 5. 14.
Ep. 5. 8.

care for your state. 13 For it is God

21 For all m seek which worketh in you 1 Th. 2. 19.

not the both to will and to

things wbich are Je

(Ga. 2. 2. do of his good plea

1 Th. 3.5. sus Christ's. sure.

22 But ye know 14 Do all things. Gr. poured that, as a son with

82 Ti. 4.6.

the proof of him, without y ings and a disputings:

b Ro. 15. 16.

the father, he hath 15 That ye may be 1 2 Co. 7. 4. served with me in blameless and tharm. Col. 1. 24. the gospel. less, a the sons of tt Or,

23 Him therefore I God, without rebuke, moreover. hope to send present. in b the midst of a k Ro. 16. 21. ly, so soon as I shall crooked and perverse

1 Th 3.2.

see how it will go

I Ps. 55. 13. nation, among whom

with me. yed shine as lights unto me.

11 Or, so dear

24 But I trust in in the world;

the Lord that I also 16 Holding forth

m 1 Co.10.24.
2 Ti. 4.10.

myself shall come the word of life; that .ico. 4.17. shortly. I may rejoice in the 1 Ti. 1.2 25 Yet I suppose it day of Christ, that li 2 Ti. 1. 2. Decessary to send to have not run in vain,

och. 1. 25.

you p Epaphroditus,

Phm. 2. neither laboured in

p ch. 4. 18. my brother, and com vain.

panion in labour, and

o 2 Co. 1. 14. their own,



The true


circumcision, fellowsoldier 9, rbut A. D. 64. not grievous, but for your messenger, and

you it is safe. hes that ministered 9 Phm. 2. 2 b Beware of dogs, to my wants. r 2 Co. 8. 23. beware

of 26 t For he longed s 2 Co. 11. 9. workers, a beware of after you all, and was t ch. 1. 3. the concision, full of heaviness, be- + Or, honour

3 For we are the cause

that ye had such. circumcision, fwhich heard that he had u 1 Co.16.18. worship God in the been sick.

1 Th.5.12. spirit, and 6 rejoice 27 For indeed he i Ti.5. 17. in Christ Jesus, and was sick nigh unto 1 1 Co.16.17. have no confidence in death: but God had a 200. 13.11. the flesh. mercy on him; and 1 Th.5. 16. 4 Though h I might pot on him only, but b Is. 56, 10. also have confidence on me also, lest I Ga. 5. 15. in the flesh. If any should have sorrow o 2 Co.11.13. other man thinketh upon sorrow. d Ro. 2.28. that he hath whereof 28 I sent him there.

Ga. 5. 2.

he might trust in the fore the more care-l. De. 10,16. flesh, I more : fully, that, when ye

Jer. 4.4.

5 i Circumcised the see him again, ye

Ro. 2. 29. eighth day, k of the may rejoice, and that

Col. 2, 11. stock of Israel, lof I may be the less * Jmo. 4. 23. the tribe of Benja

Ro.7. 6 sorrowful.

min, man Hebrew of

g Ga. 6. 14. 29 Receive him

the Hebrews;

as therefore in the Lord - 2 Co.11.18. touching the law, na with all gladness;

i Ge. 17. 12. Pharisee ; and to hold such in k 2C0.11.22.

6 •'Concerning reputation:

1 Ro. 11. 1. zeal, P persecuting 30 Because for the m 2C0.11.22. the church; I touchwork of Christ hen Ac. 23. 6. ing the righteousness was nigh unto death, o Ac. 22. 3. Which is in the law, not regarding his Ga. 1. 13.

blameless.r life, to supply your p Ac. 8. 3.

7 But s what things lack of service toward

were gain to me,

q Ro. 10. 5. those I counted loss me.

r Lu. 1. 6.

for Christ. CHAP. III.

s Ma. 13. 44.

8 Yea doubtless, 1 FINALLY, my t Is. 53. 11. and I count all things brethren, a rejoice in

Jer. 9. 23. but loss t for the ex

Jno. 17. 3. the Lord. To write

1 Co. 2. 2: cellency of the know. the same things to

Col. 2. 2. ledge of Christ Jesus you, to me indeed is

my Lord : for whom

Ga. 2. 16. sus.

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Lu. 9. 62. you.

Paul's desire

PHIL. III. to win Christ. I have suffered the, A. D. 64. 14 I press toward loss of all things, and

the mark for the prize do count them but u Ro.10 3.5. uf fthe high calling dung, that I may * Ro. 1. 17. of God in Christ Jewin Christ,

9 And be found y Ro. 6.3, 4. 15 Let us therefore, in him, not having

2 Co.4.10. as many as be 5 permine nown righte- i Pe.4.13: fect, h be thus mind. ousness, which is of 2 Ac. 26.7.

ed: and if in any the law, but I that which is through the b Ho. 12. 23. reveal even this uuto

1 Ti. 6. 12. thing ye be otherwise

minded, God shall faith of Christ, the

c Ps. 45. 10. righteousness which is of God by faith : 2 Co. 5. 16. 16 Nevertheless,

10 That I may a 1 Co.9.24 whereto we have al. know him, and the He. 6. 1. ready attained, i let power of his resur- . 2 Ti.4.7, 5. us walk k by the same rection, and y the fel- He. 12. 1. rule, I let us mind the lowship of his suffer- f He. 3. 1. same thing. ings, being made g 1 Co. 2. 6. 17 Brethren, m be conformable unto his Ga. 5. 10. followers together of death ;

i Ro. 12. 16. me, and mark them 11 If by any means k Ga. 6. 16. have us for an en

which walk so as nye I might i attain unto

I ch. 2. 2. the resurrection of

sample. the dead.

m I Co.4.16.

18 (For many walk,

1 Th. 1. 6. 12 Not as though I

of whom I have told

nl Pe. 5. 3. had already a attain

you often, and now

o Ga. 1. 7. ed, either were al

tell you even weep

p 2 Co.11.15. ready b perfect: but

2 Pe. 2. 1.

ing, that they are the I follow after, if that

enemies of the cross I may apprehend that 9 Ro: 16. 18. of Christ : for which also I am Tit, 1. 11.

19 p Whose end is apprehended of Christ Ho. 4. 7.

destruction, whose Jesus.

2C0.11.12. God is their belly, 13 Brethren, I count Ga. 6. 13. and r whose glory is not myself to have's Ro. 8. 5. in their shame, s who apprehended: but this t Ep.2.6.19. mind earthly things.) one thing I do, for- Col.3. 1.3. 20 For tour congetting those things Ac. 1. 11. versation is in heawhich

behind, and d reaching forth

* 1 Co. 1.7. ven ; u from whence

i Tb. 1. 10. also we look for the unto those things

Tit. 2. 13. Saviour, the Lord Jewhich are before,

sus Christ :


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