Love, the fulfilling GAL. V.

of the law. Christ neither cir-1 A. D. 58. Jis fulfilled in one cumcision availeth

word, even in this; any thing, nor un- i 1 Th. 1. 3. Thon b shalt love thy circumcision; but


neighbour as thyself. faith i which worketh k 1Co. 9. 24. 15 But if ye bite by love.

I ch. 3. 1. and devour one ano7 Ye k did runt Or, who ther, take heed that well ; It who

did did drive

ye be not consumed hinder you that ye you back? one of another. should not obey the mch. 1. 6. 16 This I say then, truth ?

11 Co. 5.6. Walk c in the Spirit, 8 This persuasion

& 15. 33. and I ye shall not fulcometh not of him • 2 Co.2. 3. fil the lust of the that m calleth you.

& 8. 22. flesh. 9 A little leaven p ch. I. 7.

17 for a the flesh leaveneth the whole q 2 Co. 10.6. lusteth against the lump.

rch. 6. 12. Spirit, and the Spirit 10. I have confi- s 1 Co.15.30. against the

flesh : dence in you through ti co. 1. 23. and these are contrathe

Lord, that ye will be none other

u Jos. 7. 25. ry the one to the

1 Co.5.13. Other : e so that ye wise minded : but

x Ac.15.1, 2.

cannot do the things he p that troubleth


y I Pe. 2.16. ye would. you I shall bear his

2 Pe.2.19.

18 But fif ye 'be judgment, whosoever

Jade 4.

led of the Spirit, ye he be.

zl Co. 9. 19. are

not under the 11 And I, breth

a Ma, 7.12. ren, if ! yet preach & 22. 40.


& the circumcision, why Ja. 2. 8. works of the flesh are do I yet suffer perse- b Le. 19. 18, manifest, which are cution ? then is the Ma. 22.39 these; Adultery, foroffence of the cross Ro. 13. 8. nication,


c Ro, 6, 12. ness, lasciviousness, 12 I would they & 8. 1. 4.

20 Idolatry, witchwere

& 13. 14.
even cut off
I Pe. 2.11.

hatred, vari

craft, which I trouble you.

ance, emulations, 13 For, brethren,

1 Or, fulfil not.

wrath, strife, sediye have been called

tions, heresies,

d Ro. 7. 23.

21 Envyings, mur.

& 8. 6, 7. use y not liberty for

ders, drunkenness, occasion to the . Ro. 7. 13. revellings, and such flesh, but z by love f Ro. 6. 14, like : of the which I serve one another. & Ja. 3. 14. tell you before, as I 14 For a all the law

have also told you in





• have P Ro. 8. 4.

25 p If we live in although.

The fruits

GAL. VI. of the Spirit. time past, that h they) A. D. 58. jis nothing, he deceivwhich do such things 67 Co. 6.9.

eth himself. shall not inherit the

4 But i let every

Re. 22. 15. kingdom of God.

i Jno. 15. 2. man prove his own 22 But i the fruit

k Col. 3. 12.

work, and then shall of the Spirit is love,

Ja, 3, 17.

he have rejoicing in joy, peace, longsuf

1 Ro. 15. 14.

himself alone, and fering, k gentleness,

not k in another.

ml Co. 13.7. goodness, I m faith,

5 For every man 23 Meekness, tem-n 1 Ti. 1.9. shall bear his own perance : against : 1 Pe.2.11 burden. such there is no law. Or 6 m Let him that is 24 And they that


taught in the word are Christ's


unto crucified the flesh 9 Pb. 2. 3. him that teacheth in with the affections : Ja. 6. 19. all good things.

t Or, and lusts.

7 Be not deceiv

ed; God is not mock

b 1 Co.2.15. the Spirit, let us also

ed: for p whatsoever walk in the Spirit.

cl Co. 4.21.
2 Ti. 2. 25.

a man soweth, that 26 9 Let us not be di Co. 7.5. shall he also reap. desirous of vain glo

8 4 For he that sow.

o Ro. 15. 1. ry, provoking one i Tb.5.14. eth to his flesh shall another, envying one Ino. 13. 14. of the flesh reap coranother

1 Jao.4.21, ruption ; but he that

8 Ro. 12. 3. soweth to the Spirit CHAP. VÍ. 6 2 Co.3.5. shall of the Spirit

reap life everlasting. 1 BRETHREN, *t if

i 1Co.11.28.
k Lu. 18.11.

9 Aud let us pot a man be overtaken i 1Co. 3. 8. be weary in well doin a fault, ye bwhich

m Ro, 15. 27.

ing: for in due sea. are spiritual, restore

son we shall reap, if

a 1 Co. 6.9. such an one o in the

we faint not.

o Job 13. 9. spirit of meekness;

10 As we have considering thyself, p La. 16.25. therefore opportunity, lest d thou also be 9 Job 4.8. let u us do good unto tempted.

Pr. u. i8. all men, especially un 2 • Bear ye one ano: ico.15.58. to them who are of ther's burdens, and

s Ma. 24. 13.

the s houshold of 80 fulfil fthe law of

faith. Christ.

t Jno. 9. 4.
u Tit. 3. 8.

11 Ye


how 3 For & if a man think himself to be

1 Ep. 2. 19. large a letter I have
He. 3. 6.

unto you something, when h he

with mine own hand. circum-f Ps. 125. 5.

Par plories

in the Cross. 12 Ag many as, A. D. 58. Jesus neither circumdesire to make a fair

cision availeth shew

any in the flesh,

y ch.2. 3. 14.

thing, nor uncircumthey y constrain you

2 Pb. 3. 18. cision, but e a new to be circumcised : a ch. 5. 11. creature. only: lest they should Þ Ph.3.3.7. 16 And as many suffer a persecution + Or,

as walk & according for the cross of Christ. whereby.

c ch. 2. 20. to this rule, peace be 13 For neither they Ro. 6. 6.

on them, and mercy, themselves who are a 100.7.19. and upon h the Israel circumcised keep the Col. 3. 11. of God. law; but desire to o 2 C0.5.17.

17 From hencehave you

forth let no man cised, that they may

trouble me: for il glory in your fesh.

8 Pb. 3. 16. bear in my body the 14 b But God for- 5 ch.3.7.9. marks of the Lord bid thai I should glo

& 4. 12. ry, save in the cross

& 9. 6. 8. 18 Brethren, k the of our Lord Jesus Ph. 3. 3. grace of our Lord JeChrist, by whom i 2 Co. 1.5. sus Christ be with the world is c cruci

& 4. 10.
Col. 1. 24. Unto the

your spirit. Amen. fied unto me, and I k 2 Ti, 4. 22.

Galaunto the world,

Phm. 25.

tians written from 15 For din Christ

Rome. It is probable that the Gospel was first introduced into Galatia by St. Paul, about A. D. 63; (see Acts uvi. 6.) be planted several churches there, which are called in the inscription-the churches of Galatia. As to the time when this Epistle was written, it is most reasonable to conclude that Paul wrote it before his second journey to Galatia, (see Acts xviii. 23.) and consequently not later than A.D.56.

Ro. 2. 29. Jesus.


The Epistle of PAUL the Apostle 10 the


CHAP. I. A. D. 64. to the faithful in 1 PAUL, an apos

Christ Jesus : tle of Jesus Christ 2 Co. 1. 1.

2 Grace be to you, by & the will of God, 6 Ro. 1.7.

and peace, from God to b the saints which i Gal. 1.3. our Father, and from are at Ephesus, candi

the Lord Jesus Christ. 465

2 H

The eraltation EPHES. I.

of Christ. 3. Blessed be the A. D. 64. Thath purposed in himGod and Father of

self: our Lord

Jesus e I Pe. 1. 3. 10 That in the disChrist,

who hath + Or, things. pensation of the fulblessed us with all f I Pe. 2. 9. ness of times he spiritual blessings in g 1 Pe.J. 20. might gather toge. heavenly + places in ń Lu. 1.75. ther in one u all Christ :

Col. 1. 22. things in Christ, both 4 According as fhei Ro. 8. 29. which are in theahath chosen us in

k Joo. 1. 12. ven, and which are him s before the foun

on earth; even in

I Ma. 1. 26. dation of the world, Lu. 12. 32.


: that we should h be

11 » In whom also

mn Ro. 3. 24. holy and without

we have obtained an blame before him in

n Ma. 3. 17.

inheritance, y being love :

o 1 Pe. 1. 18. predestinated accord: 5 i Having predes. p Ro. 2. 4. ing to ? the purpose of tinated us unto k the

Ph. 4. 19.

him who worketh all adoption of children 9 Ro. 16. 25. things after the counby "Jesus Christ to r 2 Ti. 1. 9. sel of his own will: himself, according s Ga. 4.'4. 12 a That we should to the good pleasure

He. 1. 2. be to the praise of of his will,

1 Pe. 1. 20.

his glory, 5 who first 6 To the praise of t 1 Co. 3. 22. trusted 5 in Christ. the glory of his a Ph. 2. 9. 13 In whom ye al. grace, ni wherein he 1 Gr. the so trusted, after that hath made us accept-heavens. ye heard the word ed in n the beloved. 1 Ac. 20. 32. of truth, the gospel 7 o In whom we

Ja. 2. 5. of your salvation : have

1 Pe. 1. 4. redemption

in whom also after through his blood. y ver. 5.

that ye believed, dye the forgiveness

of z Is. 46. 10.

were sealed with that sins, according to a 2 Th.2.13. holy Spirit of prothe p riches of his b Ja. 1. 18. mise, grace ;

Or, hoped

14 e Which is the 8 Wherein he hath

c Jno. 1. 17. earnest of our inheabounded toward us

ritance funtil the re

d 2 Ce. 1. 22. in all wisdom and

demption of the

e 2 Co. 5. 5. prudence;


posses9 q Having made Lu. 21. 28. sion, hunto the praise known unto us the 6 Ac. 20. 28. of his glory. mystery of his will. h 1 Pe. 2. 9. 15 Wherefore I alaccording to his good i Col. 1. so, i after I heard of pleasure which he

your faith in the Lord that ye

The apostle's EPHES. II.

prayer. Jesus, and love unto A. D. 64. in that which is to all the saints,

come: 16 k Cease not to k Ro. 1. 9. 22 And hath put give thanks for you, 1 Jno. 20. 17. all things under his making mention of m Col. 1. 9. feet, and gave him you in my prayers ; + Or, for the to be the head over 17 That I the God acknowledg- all



the of our Lord Jesus ment. Church,

Col. 2. 2. Christ, the Father of

23 : Which is his glory,'m may give un- Ac. 26. 18. body, a the fulness of to you the spirit of o ch.2. 12. him b that filleth all wisdom and revela- p ver. 11.

in all. tion in the know- q Col. 1. 29. ledge of him :


1 Gr. of the 18 . The eyes of might of his 1 AND a you hath your understanding power. he quickened, b who being enlightened ; - Ac. 2. 24. were dead in tres

may know s Ps. 110. 1. passes and sins; what is the hope of

He. 1. 3. 2 c Wherein in his calling, and what t Ph. 2.9,10. time past ye walked the riches of the glo

Col. 2. 10. according

to the ry of his pinherit- Ro. 8. 38. course of this world, ance in the saints,

Col. 1. 16. according


d the 19 And what is the < Ps. 8. 6. prince of the power exceeding greatness

Ma. 28. 18. of the air, the spirit of his power to us

Ho. 2. 8. that now worketh in ward who believe, y Col. 1. 18. The e children of disoaccording 4 to the z Ro. 12. 5. bedience: working 1 of his a Col. 2. 10.

Among whom mighty power,

b 1 Co. 12.6. also we all had our 20 Which he a Jno. 5. 24. conversation in times wrought in Christ, b ch. 4. 18. past in the lusts of when he raised him

o 1 Jn0.5.19. our flesh, fulfilling from the dead, and

the desires of the

d ch. 6. 12. set him at his own

flesh and of the mind;

e Col. 3. 6. right hand in the hea

and h were by navenly places,

fi Pe. 4. 3. ture the children of 21 Far above all & Gal. 5. 16. wrath, even as 0principality; u and 6 Gr. the thers. power, and might, wills. 4 But God, who and dominion, and ! Ps. 51. 5. is rich in mercy, for every name that is i Ro. 10. 12. his great love wherenamed, not only in k Ro.5. 6.8. with he loved us, this world, but also

5 Even when we

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