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by faith. shall flesh bel A. D.58. dently set forth, crujustified.

cified among you?

e IJno. 3.8. 17 But if, while we

2 This only would seek to be justified f Ro. 8. 2.

I learn of you, Reby Christ, we our & RO, 8. 14. ceived ye c the Spirit

& 7. 4. . selves also are found

hy the works of the sinners,e is therefore - Ro. 6. 11. law, d or by the hear Christ the minister of

1 'Th. 5.10. ing of faith? sin? God forbid. He. 9. 14. 3 Are ye so fool

18 For if I build i Pe. 4.2. ish? e having begun again

the things i Ro. 6.6. in the Spirit, are ye which I destroyed, I k 2C0.5.15. now made perfect by make myself a trans- 1 Th. 5.10.]the f flesh ? gressor.

1 Pe. 4. 2.

4 & Have ye suffered 19 For I fthrough 1 Ep. 5. 2. so + many things in the law &am dead to

Tit. 2. 14. vain? if it be yet in the law, that I might He. 7, 11. vain.

Ro. 11. 6. live hunto God.

5 He therefore h that 20 I am icrucified a ch.5.7.


to you with Christ : never

b ch. 2. 14. the Spirit, and worktheless I live; yet c Ac. 2. 38. eth miracles among not I, but Christ liv. & 8. 15.

you, doeth he it by

& 10. 47. eth in me: and the

the works of the law,

& 15. 8. life which I now live Ep. 1. 13. or by the hearing of in the flesh k I live Heb. 6. 4. faith? by the faith of the a Ro. 10. 16. 6 Even as i AbraSon of God, I who e ch. 4. 9. ham believed God, loved me, and gave f He. 7. 16. and it was I account himself for me. 8 He. 10.35. ed to him for righte

21 I do not frus- 2 Jno. S. ousness. trate the grace of + Or, 7 Know ye thereGod : for m if righte- so great. fore that k they which ousness come by the h 2 Co. 3. 8. are of faith, the same law, then Christ is i Gen, 16.6. are the children of dead in vain.

Ro. 4. 3.9. Abraham.

21, 22. 8 And the scripCHAP. III.

da. 2. 23. ture, foreseeing that 1



God would justify latians, a who hath Jno. 8.39. the heathen through bewitched you, that Ro. 4. 11. faith, preached be ye should not obey 1 Ro. 9. 17. fore the gospel unto theb truth, before

Abraham, whose

saying, m Ge. 12. 3. eyes

Ac. 3. 35. Inm thee shall ali Christ hath been evi.

nations be blessed.


2 C0.5.21. And to


Covenant-promises GAL. III. to Abraham's seed, 9 So

then they A. D. 58. it be but a man's tco which be of faith are blessed with faithful

n De. 27.26.

venant, yet if it be

confirmed, no Jer. 11. 3.

man Abraham.'.

disannulleth, or add10 For as many as

och. 2. 16.

eth thereto. are of the works of p Hab. 2. 4.

16 Now z to Abra

Ro. 1. 17. the law are under the He. 10. 38. ham and his

seed curse : for it is writ

were the promises ten, Cursed is eve

q Ro. 4. 4,5.

made. He saith not,

r Le. 18. 5. ry one that continu.

Ro. 10. 5.

And to seeds, as of eth not in all things which are written in

many; but as of one, Ro. 8. 3.

thy seed, the book of the law

t De. 21.23. which is a Christ. to do them.

17 And this I say, 11 But o that no

a Ro. 4. 9.


that the covenant man is justified by 1 Is. 32. 15. that was confirmed the law in the sight & 44. 3. before of God in of God, it is evident: Je. 31. 33. Christ,

the for, pThe just shall

Eze.11. 10. which b was four hunlive by faith.

Jno. 7. 39: dred and thirty years 12 And the law is Ac. 2. 33. after, cannot disannot of faith : but,, He. 9. 17. nul, that it should Ther man that doeth 1 or,

make the promise of them shall live in testament.

none effect. them.

z Go. 12. 3.

18 For if d the in13 . Christ hath re

7. heritance be of the deemed us from the a 1 Co.12.12. law, . it is no more of curse of the law, be- b Ex. 12. 40, promise: but God ing made a curse for 41. gave it to Abraham us: for it is written, . Ro. 4. 13, by promise. Cursed t is every one a Ro. 8. 17.

19 Wherefore then that hangeth on a

serveth the law ? f It tree :

. Ro. 4. 14. was added because 14 a That the bless- Jno.15.22. of transgressions, till of Abraham

1 Ti, 1.9.

seed should might come on the

come to whom the Gentiles through Je- & ver. 16.

pro was made ; sus Christ ; that we b Ac. 7. 53.

He. 2. 2.

and it was bordained might receive the

i B2019.

by angels in the hand promise of the Spirit' 30.21.17. ofi a mediator. through faith,

1 Ti. 2. 5. 20 Now a mediator 15 Brethren, 1

+ Ro. 3. 29, is not a mediator of speak after the man

30. one, but God is ner of men ; y Though


Ro. 4. 15. the 8




of believers. 21 Is the law then A. D. 68. male por female : for against the promises

ye are all xode in of God? God forbid : 1 ch. 2. 21. Christ Jesus. forl if there had been m ver. 8. 29 And y if ye be a law given whicho Ro. 3. 9. Christ's, then are ye could have given life, 23. Abraham's seed, and verily righteousness o Ro. 4. 16. heirs z according to should have been by p Ma. 5. 17. the promise. the law.

q Ac. 13. 39. 29 But mthe scrip


Jno. 1. 12. ture hath concluded

1 Jno. 3. 1.

I Now I say, That all r under sin, that

the heir, as long as he

• Ro. 6. 3. the promise by faith

is a child, differeth of Jesus Christ might

t Ro. 13. 14,

nothing, from a serbe given to them u Ro. 10, 12. vant, though he be

1 that believe.

lord of all;

Col. 3. 11. 23 But before faith

2 But is under tu

I Jno. 10.16. came, we were kept^& 17. 20. tors

and governo under the law, shut

until the time ap

y Ge. 21.10. up unto the faith

Ro. 9. 7.

pointed of the father. which should after- He. 11. 18.

3 Even so wards he revealed. 2 Ro. 8. 19. when we were chil?

24 Wherefore p the Ep. 3. 6. dren, & were in bonlaw was our school & Col. 2. 8. dage under the tele. master to bring us un

20. ments of the world : to Christ, that we He. 9. 10. 4 But bwhen the might be justified by t Or,

fulness of the time faith.

rudiments. was come, God sent 95 But after that b Mar. 1. 15. forth his Son, cmade faith is come, we are

Ep. 1. 10. of a woman, emade no longer under a cJno. 1. 14. under the law, schoolmaster.

d Is. 7. 14. 5fTo redeem them 26 For ye rare all Ma. 1. 23. that were under the the children of God La. 1. 31. law, 8 that we might by faith in Christ Je- Ma. 5. 17. receive the adoption

Lu. 2. 27. of sons. sus.

27 For as many of Ma. 20.28. 6 And because ye you

He. 9. 12. as have been

Ep. 1. 7.

are sons, God hath baptized into Christ

i Pe. 1.18. sent forth b the Spirit havet put on Christ.

of his Son into your 28 u There is neither

8 Jno. 1.12. Jew nor Greek, there h Ro. 5. 6.

Ep. 1: 6. hearts, crying, Abba,

Father. is neither bond nor

& 8. 15.

7 Wherefore thou free, there is neither e lart no more a servant,

Christ hath freed GAL. IV. us from the law. but a son ; i and if al A.D. 58. you record, that, if it son, then an heir of

had been possible, ye God through Christ. i Ro. 8. 16. would have plucked

8 Howbeit then, k Ep. 2. 12. out your own eyes, when k ye knew not

i Th. 4.5. and have given them God, 'ye did service i Ro. 1. 25. to me. unto them which by m1 Co. 8. 3. 16 Am I therefore pature are no gods.

2Ti. 2. 19. become your enemy, 9 But now, mafter - Col. 2. 20 because I tell you that ye have known t Or, back. the truth? God,' or rather are o Ro. 8. 3. 17 They zealously known of God, o how He. 7.18. affect you, but not turn yet again to the 1 Or, rudi- well;


they weak and beggarly menis.

would exclude Ht you, elements, whereunto Ver. 3.

that ye might affect ye desire again to be p Ro. 14. 5. them. in bondage ?

Col. 2. 16.

18 But it is good 10 p Ye observe I Th.3.5. to be zealously affectdays, and months, - 2 Co. 2. 5. ed always in a good and times, and years. . 1 Co. 2. 3. thing, and not only

11 I am afraid of 2 Co. 11. when I am present you, lest I

have bestowed upon you

& 12. 7. 9.

19 My little chil labour in vain. ch. 1. 6. dren, of whom I tra

12 Brethren, I be- u 2 Sa.19.27. vail'in birth again seech you, be as I

Ze. 12.8.

until Christ be form

Mal. 2. 7. am; for I am as ye

ed in you, are: ' ye have not in Ma. 10.40.

20 I desire to be

Lu. 10. 16. jared me at all.

with you 13 Ye know how

now, and to change through infirmity of Or. What my voice; for if I the flesh | preached was then? stand in 'doubt of the gospel unto you ych. 2.15.14. you. att the first.

21 Tell me, ye that

z Ro. 10. 2. 14 And my temptation which was in tt Or, us.

1 Co.11.2. desire to be under the

law, do ye not hear my flesh ye despised

the law ? not, nor

22 For it is written, but received me u as 11 Or, I am that Abraham had an angel of God, se perplexed two sons, bthe one ven as Christ Jesus,

for you. by a bondmaid, c the 15 Where is then b Ge. 16.15. other by a freewothe blessedness yee Ge. 21. 2. man. spake of? for I bear

23 But he who was

30. with you.

Jno. 13.20. present

rejected : Ja. I. 18.

He. 12. 22. free.

The liberty


of the yospel. of the bond woman A. D. 58. 30

Nevertheless was d born after the

what saith m the flesh ; e but he of the a Ro.9.7,8. scripture ? » Cast out freewoman was by e Ge. 18, 10, the bond woman and promise.

He. 11.11. her son: for the son 24 Which things + Or, testa- of the bondwoman are an allegory : for ments. shall not be heir with these are the two i Gr. Sina. the son of the freecovenants; † the one e De. 33. 2. woman. from the mount i fsi. Or, is in 31 So then, brethnai, which gendereth the same

ren, we are not chil. to bondage, which is rank with.

dren of the bondwoAgar

& Is. 2.2.


p but of the 25 For this Agar is mount Sinai in Arah Is. 54. 1. bia, and answereth i ch. 3. 29.

CHAP. V. to Jerusalem which Ac. 3. 25.

1 STAND fast therenow is, and is in

Ro. 9. 8.

fore in the liberty bondage with her Ge. 21. 9. wherewith Christ hath children.

1 ch.5. 11. made us free, and be 26 But & Jerusalem

& 6. 12.

not entangled again which is above is mch. 3. 8. with

b the yoke of free, which is the n Ge. 21. 10. bondage. mother of us all. o Jno. 8. 35. 2 Behold, I Panl

27 For it is writ- peh. 5.1.13. say unto you, that ten, b Rejoice, thou Jno. 8. 36. if ye be circumbarren that bearest a Jno. 8.32. cised, Christ shall not; break forth and Ro. 6. 18. profit you nothing. thou that tra

1 Pe. 2.16. 3 For I testify availest not: for the bch. 2. 4. gain to every man desolate hath many

& 4. 9. that is circumcised,

Ac. 15. 10. more children than

that d he is a debtor she which hath an • Ac. 15. 1. to do the whole law.

& 16.3. husband.

4 e Christ is become 28 Now we, breth- d ch. 3. 10. of no effect unto you, ren, as Isaac was, e ch. 2. 21, whosoever of you are are i the children of

Ro. 9, 31. justified by the law; promise.

f He. 12. 15. yef are fallen from 29 But as then k he & Ro. 8. 24.grace. that was born after

2 Ti. 4. 8.

5 For we through the flesh persecuted h ch. 3. 28. the Spirit & wait for him that was born af.

& 6. 15.
1 Co. 7. 19.

the hope of righteouster the Spirit, leven

Col. 3. 11. ness by faith. so it is now

6 Forb in Jesus 462


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